Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed

The Old Frequency becomes Unbearable



Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed

The Anunnaki lowered the Earth’s frequency and its polarisation from positive to negative, meant for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better the rest can be controlled and manipulated.


The debt-based money system puts people in debt and makes them debt slaves. Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doomsayers, when the opposite is true, they are the real truth-seekers and proclaimers.


To turn positive into negative, humanity is thoroughly brainwashed. And allowing the sheep to live in a world of illusion. A world where democracy is proclaimed as freedom, when in reality it is dictatorship where 51% rule the remaining 49%. Therefore, anarchy was turned into revolt, when it is actually self-government!


The sooner humanity becomes aware of the blatant lies and deceit, the better it will be for everyone. Don’t be timid; let it be a challenge for you to be allowed to help us reach our maximum potential.


Our world is filled with a great deal of filth, lies, deception, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, falsified images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.


In the final phase of the current 3D cycle on Earth, those who have awakened have the task of informing the human race about all the criminal actions of the Deep State Cabal. And, to show the crimes committed by them against humanity, which is becoming more noticeable by the day.


These are serious crimes against humanity committed by the highest Cabal echelon within the Inter Galactic Community. They operate behind the scenes on Earth and ignore all natural laws. Humanity must understand that these laws are and have been repeatedly violated, which has serious consequences.


Needless victims are those queuing up for a free vaccination against a pandemic that does not exist, despite numerous warnings by reliable and knowledgeable sources about the dangers of these vaccines to humans and their true intent.


The victims are those who have been made mentally ill through brainwashing in the MSM. No new beginning can be built with such people, why two-thirds of humanity on earth will disappear into exile. This observation is the result of analyses of the many pathological lies by authorities.


No new world can be built with zombies. The stupidity and obtuseness in governments balance this out. If it were not so sad, one could laugh oneself to death at the idiocies proclaimed. The wait is for the awakening of the masses, with or without brain damage from Covid injections. Most may not wake up until their own children die from the poison syringes, or there is nothing left to eat. Either way the big end is near!


The planetary transition from 3D to 5D requires raising the Earth’s frequency, within which the sleeping sheep people cannot sustain themselves. In fact, nothing can stop a Planetary Transition, it is part of the universal evolution of Worlds.


The energetic adjustment, mainly for the physical body, is being made step by step to slowly raise the Earth frequency from 7.8 to 40Hz. Being able to make the transition from 3D to 5D. Many souls have already made a plan for incarnation now. Others have chosen not to go through this process, they dis-incarnating before the transition from 3D to 5D.


Only a third of the population has decided to leave material life to participate in this transformation. They are now experiencing the energy phenomenon of the frequency shift.


Returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi, posts more about this frequency shift below.





I don’t need to say much here as it only takes a little reflection and each of you can understand why there is so much discomfort in these times. A mixture of strange and not always understood sensations follow each other daily. The seesaw has never moved as much as it does now. Although most of you are able to reach higher frequencies, it is still difficult to hold the higher vibrations for longer once your consciousness is expanded enough.


We repeat the information that now two Timelines are leading the end of the Planetary Transition. One will follow with the frequency of the New Earth, and the other will take with it all the souls who still prefer to maintain the frequency of the Third Dimension.


The New Earth will house all the souls who are already raising their frequency, as they begin to leave the vibration of the Old Earth and will increasingly be able to accept the higher vibration consistent with a World of Regeneration. This process is what defines ascension, as discussed earlier here. And the timeline that takes souls there is increasingly moving away from the timeline that goes in the opposite direction.


Souls attuned to the Timeline leading them to another Planet of Trials and Reconciliations also feel the shock caused by the difference in frequency between the two.


The Light already felt on the other Timeline still blinds the eyes of those who have not tuned in, because they still prefer the darkness of their consciousness.


Many people wonder why it is so difficult to live together these days. This has also been discussed here before in texts from 2016 and 2017. What determines which Timeline each person will follow is their own frequency, in other words, the ethical and moral state of their conscience. There can be no mistake in this choice.


Although the two Timelines are going in opposite directions, they have left the same point and it will be some time before they finally break apart. Since the frequencies are also opposite, friction exists due to interaction between the two. However, once they are a certain distance apart, the electromagnetic field in one will stop interacting with the other.


This necessary distance does not take much time, although, as mentioned earlier, there are souls that are still at the starting point, and therefore intermingled with each other. There are also souls at the front of each Line, no longer interacting through their vibrational fields. This explains why so many people are no longer part of your lives.


Remember that many new people are also appearing in your lives. They naturally come together because of their affinity through frequencies. Later, no souls will be around you with other frequencies. When everyone is on their own train, the interference between the two fields reported here will cease.


Until then, others will still be in this vibrational battle. This is why you feel uncomfortable in the presence of certain people in your life, or even if you don’t live with them, yet their actions somehow affect you.

In fact, for those who are on the New Frequency, it becomes increasingly unbearable to live with vibrations of the other -old – Timeline that is now moving away.


You must understand that in the same way, souls going in the opposite direction to the New Earth cannot tolerate the higher energies emanating from those who are ascending. It has been said here many times that those who enjoy shadows cannot bear the Light. And when you intensify your Light, you clearly cause discomfort for them. So we can observe that the discomfort is felt on both sides.


This justifies the intolerance that seems to increase every day. Living with certain people or certain situations can cause confrontations that were so common recently. Those who will stay longer in the worlds of trials and reconciliations are not yet aware of all this and cannot understand what is happening. But you, who are on the frequency leading to the New Earth, already have the consciousness to at least comprehend this whole change.


And because of your understanding, more action is also required of you, especially in terms of tolerance and acceptance of this necessary reality, for the sake of soul exchange in this Planetary School. If you do not understand this, you will end up delaying your departure on this Train to the Fifth Dimension. Every time you argue or cling to situations with those who are still vibrating at the old frequency, you will stay longer on the boarding platform and cooperate with the opposite energy field from your own.


No one benefits from this delay. So seize this moment and stop wasting precious time. Free yourself from ties and old beliefs. Realise that not everyone in your life is getting on the same train as you.


Understand that whether in the distant future or not, a reunion may come between the souls who have been here, but that the separation of the wheat from the chaff is a necessary condition to close the great Planetary Cycle.


Understanding, accepting and letting go is the recommended strategy now. It is always your choice to stay longer or shorter in this uncomfortable zone.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



It’s already happening, but no one sees it!

The year 2024 marks a turning point in our collective evolution, as we find ourselves on the brink of a profound shift in consciousness. This shift, often referred to as the “New Earth”, is a concept deeply rooted in the teachings of the late Dolores Cannon, a renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist. Through her pioneering work in hypnotherapy and regression, Dolores Cannon revealed the idea that our world is now undergoing a profound shift in consciousness.