It is time, to realise that just ten generations ago, humanity was much more advanced than we are today! This startling conclusion is based on architectural facts that show shocking evidence by mediocre quality of today’s constructions.


Our Fatherland History is Falsified

The rise of the human race and the Hyperboreans

Evolutionary Success


Our Fatherland History is Falsified

It is now well known that we live in a fake manipulated 3D world, where nothing is reality. Looking back into the true history of humanity on planet Earth, tells us more and shows clearly, how and where today’s humanity has landed. Assume that all history of today is deception and cast a glance into the past at what really happened. From this this perspective, it becomes clear where and what we really are.


Our generation decides the future of humanity on planet Earth. Nothing is what it seems, everything is a lie or deception. Uncovering the truth about our world’s past; teaches us, good and evil; We humans today live in a unique period in history because we are witnessing the end of global oppression and the debt-based money system. We are forerunners who want a better world for ourselves and future generations.


An amazing future is real and already underway. Expect; Free Energy, Natural Cures for Recovery, Interstellar Travel, Time Travel, gold-backed money system, the end of scams, and chronic diseases, to name a few.


Less than 500 years ago, Tartaria was the goliath of technologically superior beings living on planet Earth. Before our generations of deliberately simplified souls, by switching off all but two strands of our DNA.


The “Great Mudslide” was responsible for wiping out brilliant architectures of imposing structures on our planet to bury them under a gigantic layer of mud, only remnants of which remained visible here and there. The technological innovations used then are, for now, phantoms on the horizon for us. Compare old architectures like Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris or the Dom tower in Utrecht with the tacky block boxes made of glass, steel and concrete of today. Then, that clearly proves the decline of our current culture and civilisation!


The territory of today’s Ukraine partially overlapped the territory of Khazaria, the homeland of the Khazars or Khazarian -nep-Jews to which the Bauer branch, later called Rothschild also belonged.


The Khazars are purely evil in character. Originally descended from the Anunnaki, they came from planet Nibiru and landed in Summer, from where they migrated north. They have always been a curious race of thieves, swindlers and murderers characterised by extraordinary cruelty and sexual perversions. They never obeyed either laws or rules. They were masters of deception.


The Silk Road from China passed through this area over which the Khazars collected tolls, murdered merchants and usurped their identity. All the surrounding peoples hated them because they worshipped Baal (Moloch), to whom they offered child sacrifices. In short, they threw children into the flames and expected eternal wealth from Baal in return.


According to Wikipedia and popular belief, the Great Wall of China was built by the Chinese during the Min Dynasty 1386-1644 in northern China. But old postcards, some produced by a German publisher, suggest that the wall in question was still valid as a Tartar wall until the 14th century! It is often pointed out that these are pictures of another ancient wall, which simply bears the generic name Tatar Wall.


Thus, no one knows why or how the Great Wall was built in China or for what purpose. The Mongol and Chinese Tartars were enemies, but the Great Wall was easy to climb and penetrate, so the argument that it was built for defence is not what we have been taught as truth.


Marco Polo wrote a long and detailed account of Asia in the 13th and 14th centuries and not once did he mention the Great Wall.  This wall was not shown on any map before the end of the 17th century!


Most of the wall construction took place in the 18th century and was built to get ahead of the Chinese invasion from Tartary. The openings in the wall are on the northern side facing the former Tatars and not on the side facing southern China. In other words, it should be called the Great Wall of Tartary.  However, the “official story” is that the wall was built for defensive purposes by the Chinese.


The rise of the human race and the Hyperboreans

The Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived in the far north of the known world, today called the North Pole.


Despite their location in a currently cold part of the world, the Hyperboreans were believed to inhabit a sunny, temperate and divinely blessed land. In many versions of the story, they lived north of the Riphaean Mountains, which protected them from the effects of cold winds. The oldest myths portray them as Apollo’s favourites. Some ancient Greek writers regarded the Hyperboreans as the mythical founders of Apollo’s shrines at Delos and Delphi.


There are ancient texts which have been blocked because the Deep State puppets want to keep the official acceptance of multiple power structures on planet Earth secret, due to the state of humanity’s consciousness.


Some texts are engraved on golden tablets and speak of the origins of the Praslovans, or Old Prussians. According to these sources, four peoples of the white race from another solar system gradually settled in the northern part of planet Earth more than 100 to 500 thousand years ago.


The area where they physically settled was today’s North Pole. This area then had a warm climate and was not covered in ice. Earth’s geography was also different because the sea level was lower. Earth’s territory at the then North Pole was given to these 4 nations by higher Cosmic Beings.

These 4 nations were the “Ch Aryans”, “Da Aryans”, “Svatorus” and “Rassens”. This area consisted of four natural parts. See the attached map by Gerard Mercator from the year 1595, which he copied from the inner wall of one of the pyramids.


The map shows the Arctic as it was before the Flood and was called “Hyperborea”, which is the most commonly used name for this original area. Praslovian sources call this area Daaria, an area given as a gift to the Praslovans by avant-garde aliens.


The landmass called Midgard was chosen as the site of their settlement on Earth, called DaÁrija by the star travellers, or a gift from the Aryan Council, the Gift of the Gods.


This continent was located at the Earth’s north pole. Many authors refer to this land as: Daaria, Ariana (Oriana), Hyperborea. Some settlers remained on Midgard and never returned to their home planet because they loved planet Earth.


At that time, no other population was present, only animals and plants. The people who stayed on Midgard Earth were called ASES – sons or daughters of God. So the Ases were gods who lived on Earth. Some of the settlers remembered their ancient true name and called themselves “the grandchildren of the Dazhd-God,” the descendants of those tribes who lived under the emission of another solar system, the Dazhd-God Sun.


In time, the people who lived on Earth -Midgard- were called the Great Race or Rasichi, and those in their distant homeland called Ingard, were called the Old Race. Thus began, according to ancient texts, the development of the Great Race of the Slavic-Aryan tribes.


According to ancient texts, Midgard-Earth was first inhabited in large numbers some 460,000 years ago as a result of a “joint operation” of 4 groups of civilisations from different planets of the Sacred Race, each of which was at about the same, very high, evolutionary level of development.


These four civilisations inhabited Earth and began on a galactic-scale, genetic experiments based on the assumption that the blending of all human genetic potential over thousands of generations would lead to the discovery of new high-quality human abilities and this would give the Milky Way’s creative force a powerful and decisive weapon in their age-old battle with the parasitic dark powers.


To avoid disturbing the ecological balance of Earth, only the continent at the North Pole was populated, which was then an uninhabited area called Da’Aria or Daaria Hyperborea.


Evolutionary Success

The key to humanity’s evolutionary success lay in the unique characteristics of Earth and its surrounding space, which was further enhanced by the action of other measures implemented by the three installed moons, all of which were of artificial origin: the Moon, Lelya and Fatta. A special “psi generator” was also installed in the Earth’s interior, described as the major source of life.


These measures accelerated human evolution, and contributed greatly to humanity’s accelerated spiritual development, which over time actually yielded results.


Planet Earth initially had two moons – the current moon with an orbital period of 29.3 days and the moon Lelya with an orbital period of 7 days, from which the seven-day week on Earth was apparently derived.


About 143,000 years ago, the moon Fatta was transferred from the destroyed planet Dei to an orbit around our Earth and then placed between the orbits of the Moon and Lelya. Its orbital period around Earth was 13 days. For half a million years, the experiment proceeded without major problems as the Dark Power’s greatest secret.


About 155,000 years ago, the Dark Power found out about Midgard-land and decided to take it over.


To do so, they built a secret base on the moon Lelya, from where they planned to attack Earth. When preparations for the invasion reached a critical point, White Hierarch Tarch Perunovich was forced to take drastic countermeasures and destroyed the moon Lelya and the Dark Power base with advanced weapons.


Their planned attack was foiled, but with drastic consequences. Fragments of Lelya struck Earth and caused a planetary catastrophe that resulted in the sinking of the continent of Da’Aria, forcing our ancestors to evacuate to what is now Western Siberia.


Here, for thousands of years, the first Slavic-Aryan state formation, or State, emerged. Later, about 13,000 years ago, Moon Fatta was also destroyed for similar reasons, through super-powerful weapons by Earthlings. That again led to global catastrophes and humanity’s return to the Stone Age.


The cosmic experiment, prior to this event, proceeded smoothly and, over hundreds of thousands of years, successfully accumulated great genetic potential stored in the genes of the current “Svati Rasa” people.


This genetic potential, however, in varying degrees, is present in each of us and it is this divine inheritance that today tries with all its might to destroy the dark parasitic powers present here on Earth that through vaccinations has altered the DNA of today’s human beings, and also explains their immense hatred of all Slavic nations with Russia in particular, which is the cradle of “Slavism” and where the greatest concentration of this gene is located.


Stay tuned to be continued.