Translated and edited by Peter B. Meyer – Jan 8, 2024




Mythology is a genre of folklore or theology consisting mainly of stories that play a fundamental role in a society, such as base stories or origin myths. For historians, philosophers or theologians, this is very different from using “myth”, which simply means something that is not true. Instead, the truth value of a myth is not a defining criterion.

Many societies group their myths, legends and history together, viewing myths and legends as true accounts of their distant past.

The immortal magician Rodamir: the man found in a sarcophagus has come back to life after 850 years in hibernation to help humanity, according to his own words.

A classified find, this time of a man, said to be the prince of Iran or also known as the magician Rodamir. Information about him is abundant on the internet and the information that can be traced usually refers to the testimony and research of academic V. A. Chudinov, one of those scientists who fundamentally change the official worldview.


Valery Alekseevich Chudinov is a professor at the Cultural History Department of the State Academy of Slavic Cultures, a doctor of Philosophical Sciences and a candidate in Physical and Mathematical Sciences. He is the only person in the world who has deciphered the Slavic pre-Cyr-phonic script – the Runic phonetic alphabet.


By deciphering more than 2,000 inscriptions, he found evidence for the presence of Slavic culture in the area from Portugal to Trans-Oral Arkaim, from the Neolithic to the mid-17th century – some 7,000 years. On this basis, he believes that Proto-Slavic is one of the oldest languages in the world and one of the pillars of all languages in general.


So what was it like with the magician Rodamir?

Chudinov says that in the spring of 2008 he was asked to decipher unknown inscriptions in a kind of sarcophagus. He received only a few photos and later an amateur video, without specifying where and when the discovery had been made.


Only in the course of further research did he gradually find out: that somewhere – presumably in Iran – during construction work, a spacious chamber, possibly a tomb, had been discovered which, it turned out later, was part of a vast urban complex buried not only by soil but also by time.


The tomb contained three sarcophagi and one of them contained the fully preserved body of a sturdy white man (neither Indian nor Arab) who appeared to be sleeping. As was later discovered, the man was in an An-abiotic state and was apparently protected by some kind of frequency barrier, as it is said that the first two people who entered the tomb with impure intentions died on the spot, the third has since been in a coma.


Chudinov did not specify in his story what and how happened to the body, and probably had no further information. He only stated, and the attached video shows, that several apparently gold objects were still in the sarcophagus. The second sarcophagus contained five gold books and an old map of the Russian state. He was not allowed to study these pieces.


His task was only to decipher the inscriptions on the sleeping man’s golden headdress and the inscriptions on all three sarcophagi.


Based on the inscriptions, he also determined the age of the sleeping man – 850 years. On the golden headdress, he found ancient inscriptions that he translated as the sleeping man’s name and position: ЯРА ХРАМА МАГ, which can be translated as “sorcerer of the temple of the god Jara”,  elsewhere ЯРА МИМ = reaper of Jara (which was mistranslated as Jaromir), and also a note: МАСКА РОДА = reaper of the god Rod in anabiotic state.


You may have heard of Chambo lama Itigel, who “died” in meditation in the late 1920s. However, he told his disciples at the time that he would return. When he was taken out of the cedar coffin 30 years later, his body was perfectly preserved.


It was restored and the coffin was reopened 75 years after his “death”, as Itigelov had wished. He now sits (still in lotus position) in a glass temple vitrine where the monks of the monastery visit and communicate with him telepathically.


His hands are reportedly warm and some claim to have seen him open his eyes.


You may also have heard of the mysterious Tibetan caves, where for countless thousands of years representatives of every race that has ever lived on earth have sat motionless in meditation. They reside there in a state the locals call samâdhi, as a gene pool of humanity in case the planet needs to be recreated.


At the same time, their ancient, extremely advanced souls keep the Earth at a higher energy level, namely a higher frequency, and thus significantly influence our destinies.


Photos taken a year later (2009) clearly show that Rodamir’s beard and hair have grown considerably, the skin has become supple and the hair on his chest has started to grow. Clearly, by this time, the An abiotic state had slowly transitioned into an awakening.


According to Chudinov’s statement, at that time there was also telepathic contact with Rodamir, in which he confirmed his name. He informed that he was waiting to be awakened to help humanity solve the great problems that lay ahead.


Rodamir gradually came back to life and Chudinov stated that it was known to him that he was already moving and talking and was currently in an Islamic country. However, further information, evidence, photos are missing as always


Rodamir’s soft fat bag can be pinched – he is clearly in perfect condition


Professor Chudinov was initially under an obligation of silence, although he himself received no communications other than photographic material. However, after two years, when the aforementioned video circulated on the internet, the ban became irrelevant and passed; He reported on Rodamir on his blog.


Interestingly, immediately after this publication, another video with a similar title appeared on the internet, but showing a very different body, whose age was estimated to be as much as 12,000 years.


Chudinov could not determine who it was or why it was listed under the same name and speculated that it was either the contents of a third sarcophagus or an artificial object intended to deter thieves from robbing it.


However, subsequent internet discussion expressed the opinion that it was a hoax and that the mummy (?) came from a lesser-known museum. However, why this video was posted on the internet in the immediate aftermath of Professor Chudinov’s publication of the information, we can only speculate with a smile….


Similar artefacts were always bought for unimaginably high sums by high-ranking rabbis or representatives of the Catholic Church, and the true information about these finds never came to light.


The photos and video posted here were reportedly seen by accident by a rabbi of the State of Israel. The next day, he brought $50 million in cash (!) with the caveat that he only needed to see the location of the sarcophagi….


When he did not comply, a certain representative of the Israeli army threatened a rocket attack on the cemetery if the finds were not sold to Israel. Why so much interest in obtaining and then hiding this find?


What was so irritating about proof of the Slavs’ glorious past in the form of a sleeping ancient Russian eater? – In conclusion; fortunately, they did not find out where to send the bomb.

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