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Body of Extraterrestrial Woman found on Moon

Reportedly, the crew of Apollo 20 found the body of an alien woman on the moon. She was named Mona Lisa.


One of the most controversial conspiracy theories is described by the Apollo 20 mission who found very strange things on the other side of the moon. Disturbing images of a spaceship and the body of a woman found there have been preserved from this mission. It is sold as a hoax, but the kernel of truth is too big to accept.


In 1972, NASA ended the Apollo programme. The official explanation was


“cutbacks due to need for money elsewhere and loss of public interest”.


But not everyone was convinced that this was the real the reason. The last mission to the moon and back was Apollo 17. However, NASA planned three more missions, Apollo 18, Apollo 19 and Apollo 20. According to conspiracy theorists, the Apollo missions discovered ancient man-made structures on the moon and wanted to investigate them without the public’s knowledge.


Apollo 20 is considered one of the most controversial UFO cover-ups in modern history. Many insiders believe the space programme continued in secret and that Apollo 18 and 19 found evidence of alien presence on the moon, including more Apollo 19 was lost in a catastrophic collision.


Although Apollo 20 was also difficult, these managed to detect alien technology and also found a humanoid woman in a state between life and death, but not really alive.


Images of an alien woman that will give you chills

Controversial footage of the Apollo 20 Expedition and the investigation into the recovered body of the alien woman. Further, an alien wreck at least 1 million years old was found on the moon.


In 2007, several videos of William Rutledge were posted on YouTube. William claims to have been one of the Apollo 20 astronauts and that the authentic footage was taken during his mission.


The footage shows a cigar-shaped UFO seen by the Apollo 20 astronauts. The grainy videos were apparently shot on 16mm film and show the interior of the Apollo 20 command module and images of what looks like the architecture of a long-abandoned lunar city.





Initially, the videos showed little detail, to the point of long-abandoned structures on the moon. The footage showed an alien-looking woman in a giant crashed spaceship.


Interestingly, this time YouTube strangely does not bother with these images, which would normally be removed. This is the conclusion of experts who investigated these images. Often the original URL disappears. So, really something is going on that the elites don’t want us to see. If it was fake, why were the images not censored?


Fortunately, Italian researcher Luca Scantamburla was able to contact William Rutledge to get more information from him.


When asked how he got to NASA, Rutledge replied:


“NASA didn’t hire me, the USAF (U.S. Air Force) did. I worked on studying foreign technology, only Russian. I studied the N1 project, the AJAX aircraft project and the MIG Foxbat 25. I had some skills to use computer navigation and volunteered for the MOL-Gemini project.


The USAF later called me up because I was selected for Apollo 20. I was one of the few pilots who did not believe in God, which has changed since 1990, but in 1976 that was an important criterion. I had no status as a NASA astronaut. The fact that I did not believe in God made the decision positive to send me with them. That’s all.”


Rutledge said the Apollo 14 mission flew over the moon’s south polar region and observed numerous abandoned spacecraft and cities made up of tall structures. Apollo 20 landed near Delporte Crater and was tasked with investigating a cigar-shaped mothership that had been abandoned for 1.5 million years.


According to Rutledge, Apollo 20 was launched in 1976 and was the result of a joint US-Soviet collaboration.


“I don’t know how, but the Soviets were aware of the presence of a ship on the other side of the moon,” he says. In July 1959, Lunar 15 crashed into the moon just south of the alien ship’s bow. Lunar 15 was a probe similar to Ranger or Lunar Orbiter.”


“They provided accurate maps of the area. The command centre was in the Urals, in the city of Sverdlovsk. The head of the programme was Professor Valentin Alexeyev, who later became president of the Ural Academy of Sciences.


“Leonov (Alexei Leonov, Soviet cosmonaut) was chosen firstly because of his popularity with the Communist Party leadership and secondly because he had participated in the Apollo-Soyuz mission.”


After a successful but not entirely uneventful launch, the Apollo 20 crew headed for their destination on the far side of the moon, a small area in the Delporte-Izsak region, near the Tsiolkovsky crater. They wanted to investigate the huge object seen by the Apollo 15 mission and were surprised to discover that it was a giant ancient alien craft, about 2.5 kilometres long. Not far from it was another, smaller vessel and beyond that something that looked like a very old city.


It bore the name “Moon City” and was referred to as Station 1, but it actually turned out to be space junk, full of scrap metal, gold parts and only one structure seemed to have remained intact. We called it the Cathedral.


“We took pictures of pieces of metal, each part marked with calligraphy, exposed to the sun. The city seemed as old as the ship, but it is a very small place. In the rover’s video, the telephoto lens makes the artefacts look bigger.”


Their next target was an abandoned spaceship;


“We entered a large spaceship, also triangular. The main conclusions of the survey were: that it was a mother ship, very old, that had cruised through the universe at least a billion years ago.


Inside the engine compartment, many biological remains of vegetation, in strange triangular rocks had been found, emitting ‘tears’ of yellow liquid with strange properties, with signs of normal aliens.


We found the remains of small bodies (10.16 cm long) that lived and died in a network of glass tubes throughout the ship, but the most important discovery was two humanoid bodies, one of which was intact.” Attached to the spacecraft’s controls, it had several tubes leading into the body and was covered in a waxy substance.


The intact humanoid body was named Mona Lisa and Rutledge described it as being in a state of suspended animation, neither dead nor alive. The alien woman was transferred to the lunar module for initial examination.


“Mona Lisa? I don’t remember who called her that, Leonov or me – she was an intact EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity). Humanoid, female, 165 centimetres long. Genital, hairless, with six fingers on her limbs.


Her probable function on the ship was perhaps pilot. She had pilot equipment on her fingers and eyes. She was unclothed. We had to cut the two cables attached to her nose. However, she had no nostrils. Leonov removed the device from her eyes.


Drops of blood or other biological fluids came out of her mouth, nose, eyes and some parts of her body, which immediately froze. Other parts of her body were in unusually good condition, her hair was preserved and her skin was protected by a thin transparent layer.


As we later reported to Mission Control, her condition seemed neither dead, nor alive. We had no medical training or experience, but Leonov and I remembered a test: we attached our biological equipment to the EBE and to the telemetry that Mission Control medics received the result was positive. – Telemetry is a technology that allows remote measurement and transmission of data.


But that is another story. Some parts may seem implausible now, why I prefer to tell the whole story when more videos are online.


Also found on the ship was the body of another EBE who had apparently died long ago:


“We also found the other body, it had been destroyed, but we took its head on board. The colour of his skin was blue-grey, pastel blue. The skin had some strange details above the eyes and there was a band around the front of the head with nothing written on it.”


Rutledge did not talk about their return to Earth or what happened to EBE, or Mona Lisa, afterwards.


“She is on Earth and she is not dead!” he told Italian researcher Scantamburla.


Asked if he was worried that his statements might have repercussions, Rutledge replied:


“I am a whistle-blower. What can NASA or the USAF do to me now? Blocking me or suing me would be an admission of the truth of my statement. They can only call it a hoax and fiction.”


Other sources on this event claim that in fact, the other man’s entire body was also recovered from the ship, not just his head. But he was certainly already dead. It is suspected that the woman was revived and is still being kept in hiding somewhere. Only an autopsy had been performed on the man.


William Rutledge is now 78 years old and currently lives in Rwanda. Because of his age, he said he no longer felt threatened by the vow of secrecy he had taken at the time of the mission. He also said it is not up to NASA or anyone else to keep things of this magnitude secret from the rest of the world.


There have of course been attempts to classify this story as a hoax and conspiracy theory, mostly based on, for example, the idea that the names mentioned by the insider are non-existent persons, moreover, from other sources, large companies have been known to make their employees disappear by removing and firing them to avoid trouble and then claim that no one with that name has ever worked for them.


Or, the counter-evidence proves that some of the images are photomontages. But the problem is that we already know from other sources that NASA retroactively censors and edits its own images to then pass them off as original.


Many of the rebuttals made if not all are simply unsubstantiated conjectures and claims without any evidence, which is why such information is not worth passing on.


Finding out the truth on the internet is basically impossible. However, if you are still interested in disproving this theory, watch this videos (English) and study the pictures..