Unknown Makes Unbeloved

In this series of historical research, the culture of our ancestors is revealed step by step; they possessed a wide knowledge of the universe; had various skills that  are unknown to us today, but were fortunately preserved somewhere; our ancestors were many times more advanced than we are today.  Think about that.

A commenter wrote; Your high-quality posts help raise my consciousness to a higher level. Indeed; many of you have arrived at the V-junction. To the right, a wide road leads to a deep, dark abyss. To the left, a narrow, long and difficult road leads upwards to the Light and Love. The choice is yours!



Four human races, each with different skin colours

The first settlers gave our planet its name – Midgard. The term used today – “Earth” is just a synonym for the word “planet”. Our sun then had the name “Jarilo”.


The white race, the yellow-faced people, were allies in the confrontation with the aliens. They were allowed to settle on Earth Midgard and were assigned a place in the southeast, near the rising of the Jarilo-Sun.


The name Arimia, was the modern name for China. Another Earth ally, the red-skinned people of the Land of the Fire Serpent, were assigned a place on a large island in the Atlantic Ocean. This island was called “Antlan”, the Land of Ants.


The ancient Greeks called it Atlantis. According to ancient sources, after the destruction of Atlantis 13,000 years ago, the righteous people with red skin were transported from there to the American continent in vajtmaras (boats). Thus red-skinned people appeared in the Americas, bringing not only signs of mixing with the white race, but also the culture they had adopted from them.


The Da’Aryans rescued part of humanity from the black race who died in various places in countries through dark wastelands, destroyed by aliens, as a result of the Great Asa, namely the cosmic war.


They resettled on the African continent and in India, which corresponded to climatical conditions these people were used to.


They also rescued some blacks from destruction on a planet that lay between Mars and Jupiter, from where the asteroid belt was later formed. Thus, a humane community of four races emerged on our planet. All the above races, though differing in skin colour, share the same genotype.


The enemies of the current white and other races on Midgard Earth are emissaries from the so-called Hell World, i.e. hostile civilisations from the periphery of the galaxy, which secretly penetrated Midgard Earth, leaving the territory of their abode undefined.


Our ancient ancestors called them “Invaders” and referred to the site of their primary habitat as Hell. As ancient documents indicate, these hostile creatures had a distinct genotype, they were originally bisexual (hermaphrodite), so they could be either female or male, and changed their sexual orientation depending on the phase of the moon.


Their skin colour was dark grey and the colour of their pupil eyes was black or other colours combined with black. The colour of their hair was black with a blood-red tint or completely red. Their height did not exceed 150 cm and because of the colour of their skin and lack of spirituality, our ancestors called them “Grey”.


Over time, these aliens intermingled genetically with the worst apostates of the human race. So, although they gradually lost their outward signs of bisexuality, their evolution led to a rather large layer of individuals with genetic and sexual abnormalities.


The humans on Midgard Earth were not unaffected by their more evolved and “richer” relatives from the nearest star worlds. These offered them support in their evolution. One of these curators and a true historical figure was Perun of Urai-Earth, located in the constellation Eagle.


When he visited our planet for the third time 40,000 years ago, he imparted knowledge to people and warned them of impending dangers and upcoming events, which lay in the future for more than 40,000 years. Our ancestors recorded this knowledge in the X’Aryan runes, the nine books, of the “Santii Veda Perun”.


These writings, along with other ancient documents, form the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, some of which were brought to India during two Aryan campaigns in 2692 and 2006 BC.


Perun had a son Tarchus and a daughter Tara. After the migration of people across Asia, Tara oversaw the area from the Urals to the Ch’Aryan Sea – Lake Baikal – and Tarch the area from the Ch’Aryan Sea to the Great (Pacific) Ocean.


This whole area was called the land of Tarch and Tara, which was later changed by descendants to Tartary and even later to the Russian Republic.


Our ancestors were visited by many other “gods” who oversaw their clans with which they were genetically linked. Thereafter, however, these official visits were restricted while much later, shortly after 2012, human Exterrestrial encounters were again “reported” on Earth.


Ancient Slavic calendar (7529 years)

The empire of the Slavic race was the part called the White Water, namely the vast area between the Urals and Lake Baikal including all of Siberia with the central city of Omsk. This area has a very long history and mastered very advanced sciences and cultures.


Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in the world (by volume) and the deepest lake in the world. It is somewhat crescent-shaped and is located in southern Siberia in Russia.

“Lake Baikal is also the oldest lake in the world. It is home to about 1,700 to 1,800 endemic plant and animal species,” says Jennifer Castner of the Pacific Environment Russia programme. Moreover, thanks to the lake’s depth, it contains 20 per cent of all the world’s freshwater,.


The inhabitants of this area formed a tightly knit powerful but just Slavic nation. They were friendly to all people of good will, but tough and firm against enemies of their homeland and family. They protected the weak and helpless in society and fought slavery.


They had ethical and moral principles that was called ‘clan’. The word law originated from this community. The scope of laws was derived from the level of power structure because laws had variable moral value.


As a result, world laws always held less weight for them than their own, called Kony. It was in this Christ-like spirit that our ancestors lived and acted. They were guided primarily by their own conscience. That is why conquerors with lesser conscience, hated them intensely, because they could never control and subdue them.


Previous to 7529, before the ancient Slavic calendar was inaugurated in the Star Temple to commemorate the sealing of peace. Thanks to the victory of our Slavic ancestors over the bloodthirsty power of the dragon, an unbreakable peace treaty was signed that year between Arimia (China) and Asia (Daaria, Hyperborea).


321 years ago, in 7208, Czar Peter the First, abolished the “Old Slavic Calendar” and ordered everyone to switch to the new, Western European calendar, which dated from the supposed birth of Jesus.


Similarly, New Year’s Day was the astronomical solstice, so in 7.208 celebrating the New Year, on 1 January 1700, the calendar was changed, to which everyone dutifully agreed! As a result, with the blink of an eye, 5508 years of rich Slavic history had disappeared, including the making of the Peace in the Star Temple!


The fate of every ancient believer of the Vedic faith and with Slavic ancestry was marked by suffering and pain! Entire families of beautiful, strong, sensitive and intelligent people were exterminated, they disappeared without a trace and their homes were burnt down.


Yet many personalities, or guardians, still exist, who care about preserving the knowledge of their ancestors. They live mainly in the territory of the Tomsk region, the Krasnodar region, on the Angara, with the Ob and Yenisei rivers.


Remnants of the old Slavic-Aryan civilisation and the Great Rassenia, are still preserved in these areas. This is the area to which our ancestors moved from Hyperborea after it was flooded.


It was an area called Arya, Whitewater, Tartary, Tarch-Tartary, named after the gods Tarchus and Tara, who were the protectors of our ancestors. This was the homeland of our Slavic ancestors and here people lived in Truth, as brothers and sisters.


This Golden Age of humanity, has been remembered by many peoples: Slavs, Indians, Persians, and preserved in the writings of Sumerians and ancient Greece.


The civilisations of Russian lands, as Whitewater, Assia, Rassenia, Tartaria are portrayed and mentioned in many Indian, Chinese, Persian, Arab, Byzantine and Russian sources.


Even now, a not-too-large group of Slavic antiquarians live in this territory, who managed to know the culture of their ancestors; they possessed wide knowledge of the Universe while various skills have been preserved from times long gone. A dark period of humanity, under the name ‘the Night of Svarog’.


Not many possessors of this ancient information remain, but they hold tightly to each other and preserve the “fire” of this knowledge in places of “Slavic Gods” with optimism that their knowledge will allow the Slavic-Aryan state to be reborn again. Because, the mighty spirit of fraternal Hyperborei still lives on in all awake Slavic hearts.  – Please spread the word!!!

To be continued in part 4


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