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Our true history tells all about our future, when this series of ‘historical research’ is understood, more people will be open to it. From then on, historiography will be popular, widely known, studied and taught in schools, universities and scientific institutions. Take advantage to start now, to gain knowledge and understanding essential for transition to the 5D world.  – Please spread the word!


Conscience and Awareness

For whom and with what mission did Jesus come to earth? Jesus tells us clearly: “I am sent for the lost sheep of the house of Israel – the Semites”. So He was not sent to the Slavs and Aryans, nor did He send anyone to them.


The reason is to be found in the fifth chapter of the Gospel, the Apocrypha of Andrew, where Andrew asks Jesus to which nations they should go to spread His teachings.


Andrew asks Jesus which nations they should go to in order to spread His teachings.


Christ sends them to the peoples of the south and west and specifically admonishes them not to go to the Samaritans who live in the north, for they do not know the sin of the house of Israel.


The term Samaritans is derived from the words “Samians, Aryans” and is more commonly known as a word – Samaritans, i.e. members of the white race, scrupulously hidden in the “official” Bible texts.


The instruction to Christ made perfect sense because people of the white Aryan-Slavic race were already born with Consciousness and therefore it was not necessary for them to receive the Spirit in order for their Consciousness to be born.


The Bible describes the origin of the Semites. Each race has totally different cultural roots in origin. In the case of the Slavic White Race, the basis of the Slavic-Aryan Vedas and their divine, “extraterrestrial origins,” or the earlier settlement of Hyperborea through the White Race.


In the case of the Semitic race, however, the origin is derived and described differently in the Book of Genesis (2:7) and the following is written about the origin:


“God formed man from the clay of the earth and breathed life into his nostrils, and so he became a living soul.”


Thus the first element, the soul, was obtained. Genesis (3:21) and continues:


“God made for the man and his wife a garment of skin and clothed them with it.”


And that is all. It is the soul and the body, nothing more. A being that has only a soul and a body is not fully developed. All beings of ‘worlds of Light’ are born with another element, which is Consciousness.


Any being that has Consciousness is able to distinguish between good and bad. For a being without Consciousness, this ability is unknown and replaces it with a decision-making process that only distinguishes between what is advantageous or disadvantageous.


But what is advantageous can also mean cruelty and suffering for other beings, however, this dimension of the predatory being is totally incomprehensible to individuals without Consciousness.


The concept of good and evil is replaced in low-vibration beings by the factor of personal ‘benefit’ or ‘harm’, regardless of the impact on nature, or whatever harm their actions may cause to those affected.


Significantly, especially in Slavic languages, the words Consciousness and Awareness clearly distinguish them as two very different capacities. This clear separation is totally lost in the English language, for example, as the term “conscience” encompasses both meanings.


This makes it clear which language is older. The language that can distinguish and define both terms or the language that merely conflates them. This is how deliberate ambiguity is created, which is one of the tools in the manipulation of humanity by the Dark Powers, achieved through the degeneration of language.


In this sense, English, unlike Slavic languages, is a much rougher, more primitive language, further leading humanity away from their natural and sensitive humanity. By “cutting up” the flowery and content-rich language, which carries the message of the Light of Knowledge, and gradually turning it into a language that is austere, grey and philosophically empty.


The ultimate goal of the Dark Powers is a computerised language, a language of zeros and ones, which relegates man to a robot as a completely inhuman object.


Our Spirit is the conscience to listen to and respect

The Dark Powers undertake everything to ensure that the connection with our spirit is not established. That this connection is permanently broken, or the signal flowing to us is as weak as possible.


This cosmic parasite deliberately tries to damage our DNA which serves as a receiving antenna for the higher consciousness. This is why the “Dark Powers” promote in every possible way the calcification of our pineal gland through fluoride in drinking water, 5G networks, chemtrails, hidden toxins in food, promoting excessive mobile phone use, etc.


This undermines our natural creative mind and overwhelms us with inaccurate, useless and false information. This process has now infected the entire media sphere through toxic information and advertisements.


Meaningless goals are imposed on us. Poverty and scarcity control us. This situation forces us to focus our attention on existential problems and distracts us from waking up, thinking critically and seeing things happening around us and putting them in real context.


When people are connected to their Spirit, to their higher consciousness, and would connect with it, they act according to their Conscience. As if by magic, their whole life is suddenly transformed, acquiring its true meaning.


Recognising this is the only way to escape from the grey 3D reality and be “reborn” into a world of higher evolutionary level.


The change in such a personality is enormous. Out of the shell of a vain, narrow-minded, materialistic and selfish individual suddenly emerges a self-aware, magnanimous personality that acts according to its conscience and not for its own benefit.


The Great Awakening

The third ‘Dimensional Reality’ of today, is not real. In fact, today’s reality is this consciousness trap. Who and what we really are is still hidden from us.


Our spiritual nature is our only true form. And that, above all, is also the power of secret  societies to make us forget, and therefore to be able to hold us captive. If people don’t  know the past, they are trapped and see only the illusion that is not real.


This has no bearing on reality or truth, it is a manipulated agglomeration of lies, an untrue deceptive illusion. Only when one becomes aware of this fact has the Great Awakening begun. To learn more about the real past, read the earlier informative Research articles in this series and also on Atlantis and Tartaria on this site.


The various episodes about human history on Earth have come about through succession of alien and extra-terrestrial colonies that exerted their territorial and cultural influence on planet Earth. In historical reality lie the answers to questions often asked ‘who we are’, ‘where we came from’ and ‘how we evolved’ to become the beings we are today.


The origins of our lives go back much further in time, than is commonly known – and still less known, as the episodes of human history. Acts of heroism begin beyond the borders of this planet and originate in star kingdoms, galactic federations, and extraterrestrial civilisations such as those of Tartaria, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and even older civilisations recently discovered, among others.


In the near future, many people will be convinced, once they have read and understood this explanation of our history. Remember; the currently known historiography is dictated by the elites and bankers, who are anything but historians.


It may take some time because the language of an awakened consciousness is not understood by sleeping minds living under the collective MSM hypnosis. This science is understandable only to awakened souls.


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