From Eugenics into Genocide

Wi-Fi wavelength is the same as human vibrational brain levels

Your cell-phone is a weapon of mass destruction

GMO and EMF pollution rendering the planet inhospitable to human life

Life on Earth threatened by Global 5G satellite microwaving

Wake Up Everybody – 5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event



Altering living matter to obtain full-spectrum Control

At this point in time, many people think 5G will bring our society more prosperity through faster and better data transmission and communication. As is often the case; what is sold to us as true, is in actual fact a Grand Deception, which is most certainly the case with 5G. It is in actual fact a stealth technology that almost certainly will turn out to be the end game for humanity. It will make us perpetually visible to invisible masters, while simultaneously cooking and frying our cells to the very core. It is an extinction event, specifically developed for eugenics, similar to the better known genetic engineering of plants and animals with the altering of DNA through GMO-food. People, animals, fish, insects and plants are hereby cross-contaminated through the consumption and absorption of genetically modified species. Not without reason have these engineered products earned the title ‘Frankenstein Food’.


In the case of 5G though, a different level of Frankenstein products has been developed for their own special set of devastating consequences for all life on this planet: 5G is listed as part of the greater family of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). This synthetic form of pulsed electricity sprung into existence as a military/secret service weaponry development, using microwave frequencies to penetrate buildings to spy on adversaries.


Both GMO’s and EMF’s come from the same stable and are being used as calculated and ‘intentional’ weapons of biological destabilisation and destruction. There is no chance that (EMF) technologies capable of such drastic alteration to the genome and responsible for the annihilation of life on Earth, would have been commercialised simply to provide people with convenient pocket-sized wireless communication tools.


GMO and 5G share the same basic goal to alter living matter to such an extent as to be able to exert 100% control over it. In the case of GMO, for example, genetically altering the DNA of maize, soy, cotton or a tomato, so that they can be continually sprayed with the toxic herbicide glyphosate – better known as Roundup – and remain unaffected – while the weeds around them shrivel to the ground and die.


Genetically Modified Food is a major part of the secret agenda to destroy our health and those in the shadows assisting and complicit with the demonic biotech cabal, most notoriously the Dark Monsanto, know exactly what they are doing and why. Monsanto is the company that told the world that PCBs, DDT, and Agent Orange – all lethal – are safe.

Big biotech is already devastating the genetic foundations of nature and people, and their target is to do it all across the planet. There has been some resistance in the EU, but finally, in secret, the EU has given the all clear for GM food, because the same families that control Big-Pharma and all the others, control the EU too.


From Eugenics into Genocide

In human terms, this technique is called eugenics. EMF’s such as 5G, are introduced with the same basic premise, but move from eugenics into genocide. The microwave pulses emitted by EMF’s already formed the foundation of 2G, 3G, 4G telecommunications and of Wi-Fi. Scientists now have irrefutable evidence that these pulses – resonances – alter and distort the cellular composition and DNA of living matter.


But 5G differs from its predecessors and is far more lethal, as it shortens the resonance spaces substantially into millimetre pulses and raises the output by a factor of at least one hundred; standing within the range can be compared to being enclosed in an activated microwave oven.


Wi-Fi wavelength is almost exactly the same as human vibrational brain levels

Wi-Fi and cell phone tower microwave transmissions are non-targeted, they are delivered as ‘broad spectrum’ waves. Similar to the agrichemical herbicides that kill every living plant, these waves hit most soil organisms too. These are blanket attacks on nature and man. Wi-Fi has been tuned to wavelengths almost identical to the natural vibrational levels emitted and received by the human brain.


The operators of these wavelengths can exert a direct controlling influence over the thought and behavioural patterns of those in the line of fire; and these days, that is all of us. Unfortunately, people are not fully aware that this is happening to them.


Wi-Fi and electromagnetic microwaves were developed as secretive weapons of war in the 1950’s. ‘Silent weapons for quiet wars’ as their promoters described them, in the course of military defence programs secretively rolled-out during the cold war period of the stand-off between Russia and the USA.



Your cell-phone is a weapon of mass destruction

Scientific minds engaged in a single-pointed deliverance of a weapons system, do not concern themselves with the affect that their products have on human, animal and plant life. They accept lucrative contracts which are designed to keep them quiet, while superpower government defence agencies elicit increasingly more ‘effective’ technologies to maintain their dominance over the people of the world.


So, next time you press your cell-phone firmly to your ear, remember, it’s a weapon of mass destruction and not a harmless toy or convenient utility.


Like GM foods and all mono-culturally cultivated foods, mass-produced foods, fast foods- and processed, supermarket foods are all treated with agrichemical pesticides, known for their toxic biological impacts; including malignant neuro-degenerative, reproductive, carcinogenic, respiratory and metabolic disorders. These pesticides wreak havoc for all life on the planet


And if that isn’t bad enough, they also sterilise the living matter of soil, rendering it predominantly lifeless. Wi-Fi and 5G do their life-exterminating sterilisation from above.


“During the coming two years (2019/2020), the proposed 5G roll-out is to include the launching of 20,000 satellites of which the multi-targeting antennae – known as ‘phased arrays’ – will steadily irradiate ‘every square cm of the planet’, with electromagnetic microwaves beamed to the planet from the edge of space, all to provide industrial countries a lag-free internet,” or so the story goes.


Just 27 minutes a day of cell phone exposure leads to a 40% chance of developing cancer. Children absorb 60% more radiation than adults, and because the blood-brain barrier only hardens after 20 years, the brains of children are highly susceptible.


The effect of 2 minutes on a cell phone lasts for 2 hours. The neurological disturbances involved mean it can take up to 6 weeks for brain patterns to return to normal for people using cell phones regularly. There are in excess of 64 peer-reviewed papers linking cell phone use to cancer. Russian research has revealed high rates of miscarriages and stillborn babies resulting from mothers who use cell phones during pregnancy. Dr. Sharon Goldberg, an internal medicine physician & professor gives her testimony regarding 5G technology dangers, specifically involving electromagnetic radiation. She says: “Wireless radiation has biological effects. Period.”


5G is a new technology currently being steamrolled out or alternatively going through the early stages of implementation in many areas. It will bring wireless data and internet connections to the world. But, recent research has shown great cause for concern with regards to our electromagnetic radiation exposure. Not just 5G, but all sources of this radiation that surround us are harmful, from our wireless devices, our wireless routers, cell phone towers, Bluetooth and more.


Research has also shown that the same frequencies used by the Department of Defence in crowd control weapons actually form the foundation of the 5G network. Not only that, there is evidence showing strong links to cancer, brain abnormalities, and a number of other health problems related to these new technologies.


And to underline the 5G deception, here the story from Denville, California: During a recent city council meeting the Mayor of Danville, admitted that the council had “lost control” of the 5G rollout to the federal government and Big Wireless.


On March 6, the Danville Town Council voted four to one to block a permit for an upcoming small cell wireless installation by Verizon. During the meeting, Danville Mayor Robert Storer stated that the vote was an effort to stand up to the federal government and telecommunications companies, like Verizon.


The Town Council’s decision to deny the land use-permit for the 5G-cell tower opens the town to possible lawsuits from Verizon. According to FCC’s regulations, local governing bodies are not allowed to consider health risks when making decisions about 5G installations. With other words; federal government and its partners in Big Wireless have seized local control of communities. It is time for the citizenry to take Yellow Vest action.


These health concerns are exactly why this technology is completely banned in hospitals, nurseries and elementary schools across several countries in Europe, for example, France, Germany, and Spain.


Wi-Fi is a weapon of war. It should never have been invented, let alone used, even for military purposes. It is now almost impossible to go anywhere where it is not active. The frequencies to be used in the present 5G roll-out involve a further drastic raising of transmission levels.


A group of French cattle farmers is suing the state over the mysterious death of hundreds of cows, which they believe are the victims of harmful electromagnetic fields. Local vets are at a loss to explain the deaths.

Stéphane Le Béchec, 51, a Breton farmer in Allneuc, has lost 200 cows who died of unknown causes in the past three years and is closing his business.

He has identified several potentially harmful sources, including a transformer, mobile transmission towers and wind farms whose electric currents he says blight his land. “I noted that the voltmeter reacted strongly when I stuck it in the ground or in water,” he told Le Parisien.`

He has filed a legal complaint against “persons unknown” with the local prosecutor.


GMO and EMF pollution rendering planet Earth inhospitable to humanity

Both GMO and 5G are eugenic while GMO is the practice of corporate agriculture under the auspices of such firms as Monsanto, Bayer Cargill, and 5G for all Mobile phone and Internet providers. Many have military origins and war-related agendas. Contemplate; the war on nature is at a minimum, as devastating to the future of the planet as the war on humanity.


Both GMO’s and EMF’s are destructive weapons which will render the planet inhospitable to humanity and devoid of the natural diversity of flora and fauna, essential to the health and welfare of us all. This will ultimately terraform this planet into a place only suited to those who feel no empathy, no compassion and no sense of belonging.


The Psychopathic Deep State players are engaged in a psychological war on our minds, with the goal of blocking humanity from developing our creative essence and spiritual aspirations. If these unique gifts were to be fully blocked successfully, their robotic, AI-infected, substitute-humans, entirely devoid of free will and emotion, would populate the planet as ultimate slaves.


It is important to be aware that inhuman minds are behind inhuman technologies. Just think of the tens of thousands who have suffered a cruel fate under the commercial, evil behaviour of Monsanto over the past decades; with its asbestos, agent orange and aspartame – well before toxic GM soya beans ever saw the light of day.


Monsanto’s marriage to the ex-Nazi Bayer corporation, reveals their common, fascistic ideologies.  These same ideologies fuel the ambitions of politicians, media tycoons, bankers, corporate executives, technocrats and the cabal-puppets in general who rule the world today.


Life on Earth threatened by Global 5G Microwaving Satellites

The proposed exercise of 20,000 5G Global Microwaving Satellites, which threatens all life on Earth, goes even further than that. It is a blatant display of the cold and calculated totalitarianism on the part of the Deep State players. It reveals, in many respects, ambitions that are a mirror-image of the corporate GMO gene splicer’s stated intention of dominating all planetary agriculture.


But 5G – Wi-Fi exponents have their mind set on controlling the input and output of ‘the internet of things’ – thereby designing and controlling the matrix of all daily life.


Google, Facebook and other social media operatives are diligently at work to accomplish this agenda. To date, many have contributed to the achievement of this sinister operation-shy of recognising the dark-side agenda that underpins these operations. But the time is near when a critical mass of individuals will realise that the sinister manipulation of planet Earth and its inhabitants, by a tiny Archon bloodline descendant corporate cabal, would never have been possible without the tacit complicity of around 95% of humanity. Look carefully and you will find your own contribution in there too.


The effects of Human exposure to electromagnetic fields is not a new problem. However, the rapid and uncontrolled increase of electrical energy usage in the 20th century, coupled with the progress in the field of electronics, telecommunication, IT and satellite navigation is cause for concern and necessitates our scrutiny and judgement.  Diagnostic and industrial devices have been invented and brought to us, not only to analyse the dangers to civilisation, but also to come out with methods to screen the electromagnetic radiation.


An alarming American publication by S. Milham, titled Medical Hypotheses, maintains that ‘electromagnetic smog’ is the cause of many of the illnesses suffered in our civilisation today, such as circulation diseases, cancer, and diabetes and it affects us much more than the often-blamed modifications in our lifestyle.


There is ample historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic of “diseases of our civilisation” The negative impact that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has on a human body is the fact that it interferes with its basic vital functions. The electrical currents in the human body support the normal vital functions. The nerve signals are based on electric impulses; many biochemical processes, such as digestion or brain activity are the result of a myriad of electric processes. It should not come as a surprise then, that the long-term exposure to electric fields, however weak they may be, can make us feel unwell.


During the last three decades, the interest in the negative biological impact of electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields has grown among scientists and international organisations like the World Health Organisation and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection, pertaining to the need for screening.


But that is possibly a sham, for the ‘welfare state’ is obviously unsustainable. If the masses are allowed to live, they like nowadays Yellow Vest movement will eventually overthrow governments that fail to keep their entitlement promises.


The answer to all this? – Is the introduction of 5G as weapon of mass destruction that kills off 90% of the human population. Taken together, people who are dead no longer receive government “benefits.” That’s how genocide becomes a matter of public policy to secure the Deep State’s survival.


Many of us don’t yet realise that governments have made too many entitlement promises that simply cannot financially be met if human beings are allowed to survive. Exterminating 90% of the population is now deemed a necessary step to keeping the system financially solvent by means of wiping out trillions in financial obligations such as retirement pensions, healthcare and social security.


EMF Mind Control Weapons

The most powerful form of dictatorship and control is the one you cannot see and are not aware of. People are given the illusion of freedom by being allowed to vote every four years or so, while behind the scenes, the same few are in control no matter which party of government is officially voted into office. The aim of the few – aka The Deep State – is to establish a global fascist/communist dictatorship, while the masses are fooled into believing that they control the government, which is a blatant lie.


Electromagnetic Frequency Waves – EMF’s – are Mind Control Weapons as Dr. Patrick Flanagan explains. Mind Control by Cell Phone, Mass Mind Control Through Network Television ~ Are Your Thoughts Your Own?


“If we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is then possible to control and regulate the masses according to our will, without their knowledge. In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by a relatively small number of individuals, who understands the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the levers which control the public mind.”



Wake Up Everybody5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event

Agenda 21 will impose upon the drastically reduced world population, a global feudal-fascist state with ‘ONE’ World Government, World Religion, World Army, World Central Bank, World Currency and a micro-chipped population for optimal control. – In short, they plan to kill 90% of the world’s population in order to control all aspects of human life and thus rule over everyone, everywhere from the cradle to the grave.


Research everything while we can still join forces to overthrow these Criminal Deep State Mafioso that control every government in the world, as all people are governed by corrupt politicians, most, if not all of them being bought and paid for puppets. They have literally sold their souls to the devil and they know they won’t survive if they don’t obey their dark orders.


Not only the monetary system, but the entire geopolitical system has been corrupted to the core. We will very soon have no freedom anymore, unless we wake up and join forces. We are currently enslaved through the monetary system, the tax system and through the usurpation of our birth certificates. People have become assets, to be exploited for the acquisition of financial gains for the cabal. Our tax money is deposited in the Deep State controlled Vatican bank. In the meantime, things are getting worse by the day. The point of no return is rapidly approaching and soon it could be too late.


If you do nothing, you deserve what’s coming to you.    


In a dystopian world, our global fascist/communist rulers would decide what we should eat; even if we are permitted to eat; and what you eat would invariably be full of chemical cocktails beyond anything imaginable today, so as to control the masses mentally, emotionally and physically. The water supply would also be drugged to a tee, so that people would end up apathetically ‘loving their servitude’ as Aldous Huxley wrote in his book the Brave New World.


If whether you ate, would depend on whether you were a good little mindless slave or not. No acquiescence, no food, and no water – the supply and distribution of food would be monitored so that no-one could give food to a fugitive of the system, as Dr Day put it in his lecture in 1969.


A disastrous future prospect for all of us, but – for not too long – the power is still with the people, if only we were to come together in mutual support of one another and if only international publicity and response to this would steadily lead to opposing and rejecting these Sinister Frankenstein technologies relating our food and means of communication.


In your own interest, please SHARE this information as widely as you feel inspired to do; use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats, health practitioners, local and federal government agencies and more than anything else; your family, friends and neighbours.

Now that you know what this 5G-technology really is and how it was conceived and where it is intended to take the people and the planet at large, let us draw the line here together; with the full fire of consciousness. Let’s Wake Up!


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