The real Motivation is Government-control of Everyone

The Electric Shock

Diesel engines emit 20% less CO2

Conclusion; EV’s are politicised, not Green

Electric Vehicles: Government Subsidised Disaster


EV are a giant con operation and the biggest scam of our lifetime

A study directed by Christopher Buchal of the University of Cologne, recently published by Cesifo Institute in Munich, concludes that electric vehicles (EV) have “significantly higher CO2 emissions than diesel cars.” That is due to the large amount of energy used in the mining and processing of lithium, cobalt, and manganese, which are critical raw materials for the production of electric car batteries.


So, electric vehicles will not help cut CO2 emissions over the coming years, as the introduction of electric vehicles does not, in fact, lead to a reduction in CO2 -emissions from road traffic. Natural gas combustion engines are the ideal technology to exploit for the transition to vehicles which in the future, may be powered by hydrogen, “green” methane, or perhaps even alternative forms of suppressed, wireless free energy technology.


A battery pack for the Tesla Model 3, pollutes the climate with 11 to 15 tonnes of CO2. Each battery pack has a lifespan of approximately ten years, or total mileage of 94,000. That works out to emit 73 to 98 grams of CO2 per kilometre, or 116 to 156 grams of CO2 per mile, Buchal said. Add to this the CO2 emissions of the electricity from power plants that power such vehicles and the actual Tesla emissions could be between 156 to 180 grams of CO2 per kilometre, or 249 and 289 grams of CO2 per mile.


A battery pack costs the EV-owner over € 10.000, excluding the expenses for the recycling of the old pack. The pollution caused by these batteries is overwhelming. Think about how you are not even permitted to put tiny Li batteries in the garbage because of the extremely high toxicity. Where will all the defunct batteries go, added to the fact that they only last 10 years. Subsequently, one has to fork out $12,000 to buy a replacement, and how much does it cost you to dispose of the battery? EV is a giant con operation, just another Ponzi scheme for more debt-creation. As the banks decided to issue debt to fund this whole scheme!


In their study, the authors criticise the fact that EU legislation allows electric vehicles to be included in calculations for fleet emissions with a value of “zero” CO2 emissions. This suggests that electric vehicles do not generate any such emissions. The reality is that, in addition to the CO2 emissions generated in the production of electric vehicles, almost all EU countries generate significant CO2 emissions from charging the vehicles’ batteries using their national energy production mixes.


The authors also made a critical analysis of the discussion about electric cars in Germany, which centres around battery-operated vehicles, while other technologies also offer great potential: hydrogen-powered electric vehicles or vehicles with combustion engines powered by green methane, for instance. “Methane technology is ideal for the transition from natural gas vehicles with conventional engines to engines that will one day run on methane from CO2-free energy sources. This being the case, the German federal government should treat all technologies equally and promote hydrogen and methane solutions as well,” emphasises Professor Sinn.


For true emission reductions, researchers concluded the study by saying that methane-powered gasoline engines or hydrogen motors could cut CO2 emissions by a third and possibly eliminate the need for diesel motors altogether.


Global warming has been the biggest scam ever. Particularly when taking into account all the money that has been wasted on research at universities; wasted on corporate “green” incentives. Useless windmills that cost more to take down after they prematurely wear out, than it costs to put up in the first place, etc. What an utter shame with the paltry power supplied, the noise pollution and wasted landscapes.


Nowadays there is more Arctic/Antarctic ice than ever, more polar bears than ever, no ocean-level rise whatsoever. Nothing predicted 20-25 years ago has come true. Nothing. Conclusion; the plan to save the world with electric cars is the biggest scam of our lifetime. The scam is intricately entwined with the Greater Agenda 2030 of the elites to slowly rob us of our freedoms, including the freedom to move around as we choose. Electric cars are only the beginning of their sinister plan. What will surely follow in the future will be freshly obtained “scientific data,” proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we must give up our rights to vehicles completely, in order to save the planet.


The real Motivation is the goal of Government to control Everyone

The sinister catch to this scam is that Self-driving, electrically-powered cars must always be connected to a network. Tesla’s EVs connect to a network over the 4G Grid today, which will become 5G wireless networks later this year. And remember: 5G is a microwave radiation technology being deployed as depopulation warfare, full spectrum dominance and absolute human control.


The government will know the location of every self-driving car at all times. And with the right authority, a self-driving car could be rerouted to a government’s location of choice at any time. For example, what if someone suspected of a crime was trying to “drive” out of state? The local government could simply reroute the car to the nearest police station.


And there’s something else very sinister behind all this: Consider Waymo, a self-driving technology development company, that belongs to Google’s parent company. Google’s motivation is simple: It wants to collect as much data as possible about consumers and sell that data to whomever will pay for it.


Google is spending much time and money on research and development on autonomous driving technology, so that it can license that technology to car manufacturers. In exchange, it will be able to retain and sell the data that it collects. Think about it before getting into an EV, it comes straight out the Orwellian caboose.


The Electric Shock

The laws of thermodynamics say: Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it simply changes form. The electricity used to power a car has to come from somewhere, at present, in the majority of cases, it still comes from coal-fired power plants.


Every time energy changes its form, as in the case of battery power, energy is lost due to inefficiencies of the system by friction, heat loss, drag, etc.  Simply put, not all of the available energy stored in a battery, will be available for its intended purpose; Some, if not most, is lost to these inefficiencies.


The real, -non-political- solution for greener cars is readily available: For transportation only high quantities of energy accumulated per unit, end up being economically and practically acceptable for use in vehicles.


As laid out above, energy from electricity does not meet these conditions. Wind-power, solar etc. are not practical. Ethanol has a lower energy output per unit and requires a special, more expensive adaption to engines. The only energy source that meets the above criteria, is the internal combustion diesel engine that gets about 30% more mileage out of every litre than gasoline, and those savings are prevalent in all the different kinds of driving conditions, with a refuel range of over 1’000KM or 600 miles. What’s more, people who worry about global warming, prefer diesel, because it emits up to 20% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than other kinds of fuel.


Diesel engines emit 20% less CO2

This has been common knowledge to insiders for a long time. Diesel engines are not harmful to the environment! They don’t shorten the lifespan of people; it even extends the lifespan of citizens living in so-called seriously affected cities. Electric cars are more harmful. Just another grandiose lie that will meet the truth.


The tale of Media Fear-Mongering: The global warming story is a cautionary tale of how media-concocted fears have become the defining ideas of an entire generation. The whole global warming saga has become a religion and people who disagree are called lunatics.


It is said that Global warming could come from a gas called nitrous oxide (N2O):

Additionally, the International Council for Science (ICSU) in Paris, a federation of scientific associations from around the world, has issued a report concluding that most analyses made, have underestimated the substantial effects to global warming of a gas called nitrous oxide (N2O) by a factor of between three and five.


Although N2O is not common in the Earth’s atmosphere, it is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 and it hangs around much longer. But now it appears that this conclusion may be premature. For a rather long time, people living in the two cities on the planet with the highest NO2 concentration, namely Stuttgart and München live longer. Research has shown that in Stuttgart, the NO2 leader in 2018, residents can look forward to almost one and a half year longer lifespan than other people in Germany. The people living in Munich, blessed with the top NO2 value in 2017, even live a good two years longer than the German average.


There is apparently a clear link between NO2 exposure and public health and research has shown that the more and the denser the car traffic, the longer people seem to live. In short: nitrogen oxides are extending lives.


Whether the EU will introduce a long-overdue diesel duty, or at least a nitric oxide quota in the near future, based on these ground-breaking findings, cannot be predicted. However, we have a pretty good idea of how eco-activists will react if the NO2 limits are finally revealed as being purely fictional numbers.


Conclusion; EV’s are politicised and not Green

Electric cars are too expensive and bad, if not far worse for the environment than is purported by mainstream science. The electric green car is being politicised, presented and pushed as being a viable alternative to our present forms of transport. But it is also being politicised by idealists who do not know anything about the technical background on this subject. They are running with un-researched talking points and do not understand the faulty science.


Electricity is more often than not generated from coal, which qua CO2 emission is as bad or even worse than the CO2 gasses released by gasoline or diesel engines. Additionally, the manufacturing of batteries and the disposal of these batteries, that have an average lifetime of 10 years, are bad for the environment too. Not to mention the extra weight that has to be tossed around. While the average driving range on a fully loaded battery is approx., 300 KM or about 200 miles, and fast charge-infrastructure to provide a 60-70% top-up which takes more time than it takes to fill-up a tank with petrol, will require a new roll out of a network for fast electric vehicle filling stations. This must be rolled out on a grand scale, with the range between each station of 150 KM or 100miles. Frequent refilling is inconvenient on a long journey, when one must stop approximately every 1,5 hours for a refill.


Don’t believe that oil companies will closing their retail fill-up stations just to convert to an electric grid repository? Another obstacle has an even more difficult problem that no one wants to admit. Just how will the added demand for electricity be generated? If we must believe the pie in the sky environmentalists, they think that plugging into the grid is like charging their smartphone. Be assured; Electric cars aren’t going to take over.


Electric Vehicles a Government Subsidised Disaster

The use of electric battery propulsion, will not be the namesakes for EV personal transport. Government subsidies may be the Achilles heel of the car industry, but reliance on mobile electric fuel and battery storage, ignores the perspective that the petroleum oligarchy will just sit on their reserves and watch the long lines of extension cords plug into these high tech, costly, trendy go-carts.


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