Pan-European Union

The End of Sovereignty

The EU is a Totalitarian Monster

The Reform that will make a huge difference

EU Parliament is a complete Farce

Assange, Brexit, QFS, GCR, EU-elections and Notre Dame Fire



The United States of Europe

The EU is a major example of what is called the post-industrial, post-democratic society in which unelected bureaucrats, technocrats, and ‘experts’ dictate to an oppressed human society. This can be witnessed and is prevalent every day.


The giant deception of the century is the establishment of a totalitarian bureaucratic Super State called the European Union, which was planned and concocted in today’s form over 60 years ago. It started with a ‘free trade area’ and morphed into todays’ centrally dictated Super State, where the line has been crossed in the direction of fascism and communism.


The plan from its very inception, has always been to make the European Union what it is today and keep it there until it reaches the point where there is no going back. That moment has almost arrived, with proposals for yet further centralisation of power that will obliterate what is left of our freedoms, which is not much anymore with regard to all national sovereignties within in the EU. This is right in line with the Archontic bloodline goal to persistently centralise power, and incessantly expand control over the masses, globally.


The original plan for a centrally-controlled fascist/communist United States of Europe goes back centuries, and was already on the wish list of the Knights Templar in 1129, long before the public had ever heard of it. The leading players behind the imposition of the European Union are the Illuminati, with the House of Rothschild and their secret society of Rothschild Zionists. The constantly expanding Archon bloodline influence over humanity requires the ultimate, absolute centralisation of power and the plan is to accomplish this goal at all costs.


The inner circle of Archon Bloodline Elites comes together at a single ‘Bilderberg’ table to dictate what steps must be taken all over the world. This is the reason for the incessant centralisation of power in all areas of our lives, as can be witnessed in their European Union Project – with similar ones planned around the globe – the food chain, biotechnology, energy supplies, medicine, media, military (NATO) and so on. Power is concentrated into the hands of a few people and big corporations under the meme of ‘globalisation’.



All human life as we know it today, has fallen prey to a gigantic, mind-controlled program which directs the global population step-by-step into the proverbial Orwellian nightmare. They will stop at nothing until their goal is reached and we find ourselves as a global society, at the point of no-return, where the elites plan to take us. This is all laid out in detail in the book Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. This book lays out the covert plan to lead us into The New World Order. Mind-control and emotional manipulation techniques are widely employed to take us there. Everyone should use their logic and discernment to see through the lies and deceit.



Pan-European Union

The Pan-European Union is in line with the Archon Rothschilds and the Archon Habsburgs who ruled the Holy Roman Empire in Europe for centuries – more accurately described as the Archon Empire. Otto van Habsburg later became President of the Pan European Union. The name European Union, right from the start was the term that was used for more than 60 years in reference to today’s EU-super-state. Among the major funders for the European Union was Rothschild Zionist and Rothschild subordinate, Max Warburg.


The European Union was a vital goal in the Archon agenda for global control. Max Warburg became the banker for Hitler and was director of IG Farben – the Rothschild creation that brought Hitler to power and ran the concentration camp at Auschwitz.

His brother Paul Warburg was the driving force in the creation of – for the people catastrophic – the Federal Reserve in 1913, which has hijacked the economy for the Rothschilds and is presently guzzling up the entrails. Max Warburg was also an acknowledged funder of Vladimir Lenin, Trotsky, and the Russian Revolution on behalf of the Rothschilds.


The End of Sovereignty

The plan has always been to erode all sovereignty piece by piece. Don’t think there was no conspiracy – it was planned far in advance.


The fishing industry has been all but destroyed by agreements and EU fishing quotas were specifically designed and implemented to make full-time fishing financially impossible. Sir Crispin Tickle, a negotiator for the UK, has admitted that the Government covered up the full implications of membership and he said that the unspoken rule was ‘Don’t talk about this publicly’. They were all lying from the start, but then that is what Archons do – they lie and deceive. Archon deceivers and inverters can be noted, such as Blair, Cameron, Bush, Obama, the Clintons, Merkel, Sarkozy, Hollande, Macron, Rajoy, Rutte, Draghi, Junker ad infinitum.


Former UK Prime Minister Heath was asked in a BBC interview a decade later if he had known all along that Britain was signing up to a federal European state. He replied: ‘Yes, Of course.’


Similarly, their plan was to destroy the coal industry as per the European blueprint along with the trade union movement, which for all its faults, brought together large numbers of people in common cause and blocked a full-blown divide and rule strategy.


Prime Minister Margret Thatcher appointed her friend Lord Victor Rothschild in 1975 as her ‘security advisor’ and she selected her members of cabinet carefully, on the grounds of personality, ease of manipulation, and almost certainly a bloodline connection to the Archons. She went to great lengths to cause the collapse of the British manufacturing, coal, and steel industries.


Interestingly, Thatcher’s reputation was that she was vehemently opposed to the increasing power of the Rothschild European Community, while her policies brought about the very changes that had already been agreed on at the time of Edward Heath, the former Prime Minister, when he negotiated the blueprint to dismantle Britain’s industry base in favour of the finance and service industries.


Thatcher did exactly that which was required by the Rothschilds, with her financial free for all, her so called ‘Big Bang’ deregulation of the City of London financial centre, which opened the door to parasites like the Rothschild-controlled Goldman Sachs and the global economic system. The Big Bang was a significant reform that cemented the City of London’s status as Europe’s biggest financial centre.


The EU is a Totalitarian Monster

The single European Act, which brought down the trade barriers across Europe, and the Maastricht Treaty for the European Union, fundamentally eroded national sovereignty, so the word ‘Economic’ could be dropped and the term morphed into the ‘European Community’, before it was later further transformed into ‘The European Union’. This was followed by the creation of a European Central bank and a single currency.


The concept of Europe with centralised control, administered by a European Central Bank, a single currency, a regional administration, common labour laws, transport, and industrial policies, is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis had planned for Europe.


The engineered economic implosion of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain has created a massive problem in desperate need of a solution and what is now being proposed is to obliterate what is left of an already dwindling national sovereignty to ‘fix’ the problem that these very people created from the start. It is the well-known Problem-Reaction-Solution strategy, leading to another giant accomplishment on the road to the Totalitarian State of Europe.


The euro was never meant to be an end in itself. The ultimate plan is for a single global currency, the SDR. The euro was the Trojan horse, to eliminate all the individual currencies that existed before and symbolised National Sovereignty. The plan is to eventually trash the euro – and the US Dollar and to move to the global SDR-currency with all the inherent implications of total global control.


The euro crisis was manufactured as an excuse – as Monet said in 1960s – to draft new proposals for further EU-centralisation and integration, in collaboration with two other Rothschild placemen, Mario Draghi, and Jean Claude Junker.


The Europhile single currency mania was sold to us as a promise to a prosperous future. Brussels’ hype has instead delivered a festering economic disaster. Mediterranean citizens are frustrated with their economic bulimia: crazed austerity measures complemented by spendthrift governments. With remarkable timing, as EU-nations are obliged to belt-tighten, the EU in Brussels decides to expand its contentious spending budget by billions more every year. Absolutely ridiculous!


It shows the EU’s incompetence of a self-indulged, arrogant caste that believes they know better how to spend other people’s money than the overtaxed citizens themselves. Their fiscal mismanagement has resulted in the EU racking up unpaid bills of tens of billions of euros. Even, the EU’s own auditors remain spectacularly unimpressed by the lack of sound financial controls. They have failed to sign off any EU-accounts for the past 23 years. This underpins the sheer irresponsibility of their dysfunctional apparatus, and the rampant incompetence that clearly are the seeds for the haughty EU’s demise.


The blatant fact is not the incompetence that has brought the EU to its economic knees and the imposed economic policies that force countries facing catastrophes to be bailed out by contributions from other countries. If the problem were only incompetence, the task would be far more straightforward and would focus on replacing the incompetent with the competent. It is not as simple as that. They are very competent at following an agenda of calculated incompetence with the aim of creating an enormous problem in search of a covert, pre-designed solution. It is a conspiracy to turn Europe into a Totalitarian State. The EU has become a MONSTER.


‘Boosting the economy’ is more about the further centralisation of power, while ‘free-trade’ is used to justify the global standardisation of laws, regulations, economics, law enforcement and the military in precisely the same way as is evident now in the EU.


These are all major steps towards the creation of a one world government, army, and all the rest. All these people are liars and deceivers, which, as is widely known, is all that Archons know how to do.


The public sentiment is generally quite negative with the introduction of a vast array of puzzling buzzwords like “spread”, “fiscal compact” and “master parameters”. And these parameters have formed a metaphoric cage in which our taxation system is trapped. As it turns out, our political processes, as well as our financial system are inside this trap, and if we fail to break free of it, there can be no hope for the better. This type of economy is completely misplaced, and not only in Italy – it isn’t good for Europe, nor for the rest of the world.



The Solution

First remove the treacherous toxic corporate dictatorial relationship of cosseted big government politicians and large multinationals that spend fortunes lobbying the Brussels machine. The EU-system has failed to deliver the requirement for dynamic growth: it should be a simple, lightly regulated free-trade zone, nothing more, and nothing less. However, it turns out that free trade is stifled from the top down by large multinationals, that eventually will drive Europe backwards to a new dark age while Asia leaps forward.


Thereafter, the solution is as simple as it is radical; a change from the existing, privately managed debt-based monetary system into debt-free, gold-backed money, issued by the people through their own elected government.


Let the TBTF banks – Too Big to Fail – go bust, no rescue whatsoever. People’s Governments must control the quantity of money and NOT private bankers, that with their control over money, initiate booms and busts for personal gain.


Banks should only be allowed to lend the money they have in the bank, and for extra money they should have to compete on the open market. Banks should be required to maintain 100% reserves, the present ‘fractional reserve’ policies should be abolished.


The example of Iceland should be followed that has the oldest Parliament in the world, over 1000-years old. They have battled out their problems of the past with the support of 93% of the population and in a follow-up referendum, 70% opposed joining the EU. They really have achieved what we in the EU should follow.


The Reform that will make a huge difference

Today, in our crazy monetary system, the government has to borrow our money into existence and then pay interest on it. This is what they term the National Debt. All our money is created out of debt. Politicians who focus on reducing the National Debt, as the answer to our present crisis predicament, probably don’t know what the National Debt really is. Reducing the National Debt would mean reducing our money – and there’s already too little of that.


Furthermore, the future is not with big multinational organisations – the future lies with small- and medium sized- businesses, and co-operatives. If Europe is to recover its lost economic prestige, it must acknowledge the failure of corporate socialism and move forward. Growth and innovation must be encouraged from the bottom up. That probably means dismantling the EU to return to a simple, free-trade zone, empowering individual creative enterprises.


Given how adamantly the EU forces others to install ‘democracy’ and ‘European standards’ of human rights, it is a spectacle of breath-taking hubris hypocrisy to see how poorly Brussels is treating its own citizens in this ongoing economic disaster. Europe’s tragic lost decade remains on track to deliver its citizenry poverty, rather than prosperity.


The EU is contributing to yet another nightmare facet of its economic history, which is the Neo-Colonial-Financialization Mode into which Europe has been thrust. This involves the single currency mania with the promise of a prosperous future. As could have been expected; this Brussels’ hype has instead delivered a festering economic disaster. Mediterranean citizens are frustrated with their economic bulimia: crazed austerity measures, complemented by spendthrift governments. With remarkable timing, as EU-nations are forced to belt-tighten, the EU in Brussels has decided to expand its contentious budget by billions more every year.


EU Parliament is a complete Farce

The following facts should wake up every European:

  1. No representation of European values
  2. Resistance is not accepted
  3. Alternative viewpoints are not approved of
  4. An immensely large budget is employed for the creation of fake propaganda news
  5. The EU is ruled by a gang of unelected, dangerous, socio-communist radicals


The EU is not a legitimate organisation and, the European parliament is not a real parliament, that represents the people. It is simply an advisory body with little to no influence on executive powers. Only the European Commission (EC) has the power of execution. The EU-parliamentarians cannot create legislation, only the EC can do that.


The EC is a selected, unelected group of individuals that don’t need the support of parliamentarians, nor of the people in their home countries. It is true that the European Council consists of elected members, one from each country within the EU, but there are two problems. The first is that council members are bound by the oath of office to represent the general interest of the EU State as whole, rather than those of their home country. The second is that the EU is a separate entity that doesn’t need the support of the people.


The EU rules over people, without the people’s consent, ignoring the will of the people, which is not democracy. Subsequently, each council-member has to swear loyalty to an organisation that undermines democracy. So, by design, the EU cannot represent the will of the European people as it proceeds to oppose the will of the people. Consequently, the EU doesn’t represent European values, and it does not accept resistance either.


Just like the Soviet Union, the EU wants to weaken the influence of the people, and are forcibly making every member state multi-cultural to achieve this goal. This is the true reason of the orchestrated influx of Muslim immigrants. Poland and Hungary don’t agree with this sinister plan; while the EU proceeds to force these countries to become multi-cultural. This stands in stark contrast to the right to self-determination. It is sinister and abhorrent.


The EU-parliamentarians have been brainwashed with the concept: ‘The EU is good and people who don’t agree with this are all hopeless populists driven by xenophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, fascism, fake news, intolerance and Putin.” This video sums it all up and shows how stupid these parliamentarians think and talk. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so dreadful.



Assange, Brexit, QFS, GCR, EU-elections and Notre Dame Fire

An angry British electorate is frustrated, annoyed and ashamed at how the Theresa May government and parliament have surrendered to the EU on Brexit and are now further coping with their government’s handling of the detainment of Assange at the behest of the U.S.


There is a myriad of angles on Assange’s expulsion and arrest, significant herein is to not overlook the timing of this event. The optics are important. Look at May’s Brexit betrayal. On March 29th Brexit was a legal actuality. By implication “the City of London is no longer the financial capital of the cabal,” which was confirmed by British Intelligence.


The City of London Banks have also been purged, due to Brexit per British Law on 29th of March last. This was also the date when Russia and China came online with their Quantum Financial System (QFS), alongside their CIPS system as an alternative to the cabal’s SWIFT system. This implies that the Cabal, Rothschild-owned system became defunct, the moment the QFS took over.

Now, Banks that are declared Basil 3 or Basil 4-compliant across the globe, are able to participate in the Global Currency Reset (GCR). The banks of these countries are now owned by the sovereign countries they serve.


The Rothschild-owned and controlled Central Bank system, stemming from the 1800’s, The City of London and the Vatican Bank, are all no longer under cabal control. These are now under the control of the different sovereign countries and have all made the transition into the gold/asset-backed Quantum Financial System.


Nigel Farage’s new Brexit party has become something very interesting as it relates to the upcoming European Parliament elections. In 2014, UKIP won the EU elections in the U.K. That victory set them on the path of the initiation of change. Then there’s the army of up to 50 Brexiteers attacking the EU at work, which the EU can no longer afford to put up with, while this EU opposition is steadfastly growing and the Brexiteers have formed an alliance with Matteo Salvini’s growing “League of Leagues”.


If Farage’s party repeats its historic victory, which is very likely, then the number of people in the Eurosceptic bloc in the next European Parliament could have obtained a majority by the time they convene in July. The numbers for traditional parties are usually low in EU-Parliament elections, as local populations use them as informal referenda on their national government’s performance.


So, parties like Lega in Italy, National Rally in France, AfD in Germany and the Brexit party in the U.K. could outperform their allocated poll numbers substantially. And this could push the Eurosceptic alliance to numbers large enough to prevent a coalition made up of the old guard, at which point everything about the EU will most certainly change. However, the EU’s problems are much bigger than merely political. They are economic too, as the largest contributor, the German economy, is falling off a cliff.


And as Brexit no longer dominates the news cycle for the next couple of months, the focus can shift back to the basics, like the fact that two of the biggest banks in Germany are in dire need of a bailout, because a merger will not solve anything. It only gets economically worse from here, while the markets remain incredibly fragile.


With Italy moving to take control of its gold reserves and moving away from the clutches of the ECB, the next big fight for the EU will be in the midst of the clowns in Brussels. Since opposition to the disastrous EU-Project keep multiplying, this could become a great spectacle, involving the dismantling of the unelected Rothschild paedophiles gang in Brussels!


The Notre Dame Cathedral fire was a “Kristallnacht” type of false flag event, similar to when the Nazis ignited the 1930’s Reichstag fire in Berlin and blamed the communists to win the election. This time, activated to benefiting Macron by getting rid of the yellow vest protests. And to stay ahead of the WikiLeaks dump resulting from the arrest of Assange, which has triggered the “dead hand” data dump and will lead to further deeply scandalous revelations about the Catholic Church in relation to Satanism, paedophilia, and financial crime.


The Notre Dame Cathedral Fire is a False Flag, initiated with the complicity of Pope Francis, and supported by Macron, Merkel, and May, who are Satanists, with the objective of saving the EU and the Central Banks.


In the meantime, the Earth Alliance have successfully brought the Rothschild’s fiat debt-based financial system into an unstable condition. When the implosion occurs, the quantum financial system (QFS) will be made operational.


Initiating the transition to a GESARA-compliant world could begin soon. Including, among other things, the provision of a universal income for the population in all countries. The required funds for this come from various world trusts set up by the Earth Alliance. Our dark age is almost over when humanity is about to enter a truly golden age.


Other sources claim, the declassification will be the event that will cause the implosion, and initiate the take down of the Deep State in the US and the EU.

The EU is expected to collapse in the wake of the financial system implosion. Requiring all EU nations to return to their own gold-backed currencies.


Stay tuned there will be more to follow.