The Credit-money system:


Decentralisation is Victory:

Look around and awakened people will be able to see that almost everything is changing, either at their own level or in the world at large. All is going to happen in cycles. The time for positive global change has started. The Great EU-Experiment has, once again, failed, as it should. The future will be bright, and decentralised.

The current form of “globalism,” the biggest consolidation of power the world has ever seen, is anything but free. Far from opening up markets and promoting free trade for all, globalism has centralised the world’s decision-making into a few hands.

The decision of the British people to opt for decentralisation came as a victory. The more decentralised matters are, the better are the prospects for liberty.


Have ordinary people around the world reached the point where real questions about self-determination have become too acute to ignore any longer? For certain, many people are awakening and are hanging their handcuffs on the wall.


Globalism was never liberalism, nor was it ever intended to be. At its core, globalism has always meant rule by dictatorial elites under the guise of mass-democracy. It has always been distinctly anti-democratic and anti-freedom. Become familiar with the tricks of politicians to get you there where they want to have you.

Watch this short video to take a look behind the curtains.



Globalisation is worldwide tyranny:

Globalisation is not, as its supporters claim it to be – simply the inevitable outcome of modern technology applied to communication, trade, and travel. It is not the world getting smaller. In truth, it is an ideology and worldview that can only be imposed by tyrannical means.


“Globalisation has made the financial elite, who donate to politicians, very, very wealthy … but it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache,” Trump told his supporters.


You have been robbed and bamboozled:

There is no need for poverty. No need for war. No need for debt. No need for foreclosures. No need for disease. Not even any need for unhappiness or bad teeth or hunger. None of it. You don’t have to be poor or in debt. You’ve been robbed. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to be unhealthy. You’ve been poisoned. Deliberately. For profit. You don’t have to be unemployed. You’ve been hung out to dry, because the Slave Masters could force some other poor blighters in Asia to work for less.

Not only have you been robbed, you have been fleeced in a fully deliberate and intentional way, by an automated and institutionalised process that has been completely described, trademarked, and patented, as being the “material” that works your whole life, your substance, your life cycle, your energy, your education, everything is patented by the cabal.

It is all lined out in embarrassing detail, exactly how they process you as raw material being fed into their machine from the moment you are born until the moment you die, and how they benefit themselves from every aspect of everything you need and everything you do and everything you achieve at every point in between. They have even set it up to profit themselves from life insurance policies they take out on you, and from your estate, perpetually, even after you die. It is all registered in plain view, on the public records of the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


No overpopulation:

There is no overpopulation, but rather just greedy and self-centred corporations, politicians and evil bankers that have herded the populations into megacities for money because they have made life dependant on them. Imaginary fiat coins and paper or plastic Credit Cards that are worthless are now shifting into a fully electronic currency in the form of numbers on a screen that the bankers control.

Resources are not limited but have rather been hijacked and abused, as has technological advancement like free energy, that could reduce the dependency on many natural resources. There’s much more land that is untouched/unoccupied than that that has been developed and occupied, so don’t even dare go down the path of so-called overpopulation! The whole global population of 7 billion can live on a piece of land the size of Texas, with for each family a garden to grow their own food! It’s a myth, a globalist myth pushed and propagated by the MSM.

The globalists, via their banks and puppet governments that they control by using bribes paid from their worthless money, have nothing in mind but control over, and enslavement of, all the people of the earth!



Ludwig von Mises understood that self-determination is the fundamental goal of liberty, of real liberalism. It’s true that libertarians ought not to concern themselves with “national sovereignty” in the political sense, because governments are not sovereign kings and should never be treated as worthy of determining the course of our lives. But it is also true that the more the link is reduced between an individual and the body purporting to govern him, the less control and more self-determination that individual has.


If it were in any way possible to grant this right of self-determination to every individual person, it would have to be done. 


Brexit was a referendum on nationhood, which is a step away from globalism and closer to individual self-determination.


Brexit is a contagious political disease. The first domino has fallen. There will be more. In response to this status quo-shattering event, campaigns were put together for Italxit, Frexit, Spexit, NExit, Grexit, Hungexit, Chechout, and more centrifugal political movements will follow. Apparently, Turkey’s Erdogan has recently changed sides away from the Khazarians into Putin’s Russia camp, by offering logistical assistance to fight ISIS with Russia.


Voters in Italy’s two wealthiest northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto have voted in referendums for greater autonomy from Rome, in which the positive outcome could fan regional tensions in Europe at a time when neighbouring Spain is cracking down to prevent Catalonia from breaking away.


The millennia-old world of the Illuminati is falling apart. The Brexit vote is a visible example of what is occurring around the world. The establishment has been stumbling in secret, in their constructs of agreements and organisations, while preparing the world for their New World Order.


Now, small has become beautiful again; smaller governments and smaller societies are being given a new chance. And that’s a very good thing, as more localised democracy, or Anarchy, for the better is becoming possible everywhere, contrary to the rule via centralised financial elites. More referendums and defections from the EU is certainly coming from surging populist parties, both on the left and the right across the continent.


The real threat:

The real threat to the markets is more basic and wider spread, more dangerous, and completely unavoidable. It is hidden in plain sight – it is in the central banks’ fiat money system. The symbolic role of Central Bankers hides probably more than it reveals, as it is not only the printing of ‘easy money’. If this were true, there would be far more money circulating, and higher consumer prices. When the Fed went to a paper only system in 1971, a clever change was made. Their new system was totally fraudulent and absolutely ruinous, just like their old money-printing scheme. But the fraud takes much longer to uncover, and the devastation is only obvious at the end, when it blows up!


Unlimited Credit:

Instead of printing money itself, the Fed allows banks to create an almost unlimited amount of credit, provided that certain capital requirements are met.

Contrary to popular belief, banks don’t act as “warehouses” – by taking in deposits and then lending them out again. Instead, banks create new money deposits when they make a loan. All it takes is a few strokes on a keyboard, and account balances – along with the money supply – to go up.

At first, this new credit-money acts much like printing-press money: It gives people money to spend that nobody ever earned. Everybody is happy. But by creating more and more paper money, the fraud is soon obvious. Prices rise. People realize that they have increasingly less purchasing power than they had before.

In the meantime, businesses and consumers all make bad decisions, based on the apparent increase in “demand.” After a while, all these mistakes have to be flushed out, in a recession or a depression by creative destruction. It will take time before a new economic model takes shape.


Problem Postponed:

By setting up this credit-money system, on the other hand, the feds avoided that problem, or at least, postponed it. Between 1980 and 2016, for example, the US and similarly the EU spent in the order of 32 trillion each in net, excess credit. That’s credit and debt above and beyond the historic relationship between GDP and debt.

That, too, should have increased consumer prices dramatically, but the Japanese, and then the Chinese, were making things much cheaper. This offset consumer price increases, and more importantly, much of the increase in credit-money went directly into Wall Street, instead of the Main Street economy.


The Credit-money system:

In a credit-money system, the sectors of the economy that are most creditworthy get most of the new money; the rich, Big business, and Government.

Prices rise. But these are the kind of prices people want to go up. Prices of Homes, businesses, commercial real estate, collectibles – talk about inflation; these prices went through the roof.

Everything that could be financialised – priced and traded – became incredibly expensive. But the price of labour was stagnant. – The Rich got Richer, the middleclass and the rest got poorer. This video explains it all.


The US-Dollar (USD) also known as the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) was never collateralised by gold or asset-backed by any other commodity. It went into circulation in 1933. In other words, the US has been technically bankrupt since 1933.

The USD-FRN ended on Oct. 1 2017, and because the notes had no value they began taking them out of circulation by burning them. On Oct. 13 2017 the Federal Reserve began issuing the gold/asset backed USN in $100 and $50 denominations. Other denominations were to follow.


On Oct. 15 2017 the Elite met in England and reset the monetary system. Some of the attendees were the Queen of England and overseers of the Asian and Middle Eastern financial systems. This meeting was also held to retire the British Monarchy out of control of the Cabal.


The plan was, that the Chinese would gold-back their Yuan on or around Oct. 18 2017, or at least before the end of this year, 2017, which is to be introduced as being the dollar’s rival. They need to earn the trust of the international markets. That might take a period of about a month.

Mr. Zhou Xiaochuan, head of the People’s Bank of China, one of the smartest policymakers in the world, is getting ready to unleash China’s plan for a gold-centric monetary system. This will be a game-changer for the global monetary system and it will also unleash the price of gold.


China’s plan is to peg oil to the Yuan through crude oil futures contracts – with agreements to sell a specific commodity at a specific price and date. The country says its Petro-Yuan, which some are predicting will be launched before the end of the year, will be fully convertible into gold on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.


This has become necessary, because many banks are financially in a dire state, these banks are with one hundred percent certainty, vulnerable. Read the details in this report.


  1. Among all Eurozone banks, about 44% are in the danger zone, rated D+ or lower.
  2. Even if all of the stronger Eurozone banks are included in the mix, the average rating for all the Eurozone banks together is stilla wobbly C-, just one notch away from the danger zone.
  3. The Eurozone has four of the six largest and most vulnerable banks in the world. Only two are in other regions of the world — one in India and one in Brazil.
  4. Italy’s banking industry is in the worst shape of all. Among the ten large Italian banks covered, nine are in the danger zone with Dand E  Only one is outside the danger zone — and just by a hair, with a C-.
  5. It’s no coincidence that Italy also happens to be the country with the two largestweak banks in the world:
  • UniCreditwith $924.5 billion in assets, rated D+, and
  • Intesa Sanpaolowith $791 billion in assets, also rated a D+
  1. But in the land of banking woes, Italy is certainly not alone. Greece has two banks in the danger zone, Portugal two, and Spain has three.

Today, all major countries in the world (except China) are in this danger zone, making it increasingly difficult for governments to bail out banks in trouble. The best countries are:


  • Poland, where the government debts are 54.5% of GDP.
  • The Netherlands’ debts are 62.3%.
  • Germany with — 68.3%


The monetary system wasn’t set up for the common man, but to help the rich get richer. And now it is known that the Khazarians control the U.S. government, the Central Banking and financial systems, no one seems to care!!!

Because voters are dumbed down and have become numb. This is their system at work!


The banks are allowed to create money. They lend it to consumers until the household sector can’t take anymore. That happened in 2008, and now it is happening again. Then they lend to corporations and the government. One by one, each sector takes on too much debt and ceases to be creditworthy. Finally, only government can borrow, because it is the only sector that can print money!


Recession Warning:

If only the central banks had handed out paper money, prices would have gone up. But even in a recession, or a debt-deflation, the cash would still be there, but printing-press money raises prices permanently.

However, a credit-money system is very different. Every new unit that comes into the system is also a new unit of debt.

Now, consumers, businesses, and government all carry with them about $60 trillion in debt. It slows them down. It depresses economic growth. Ultimately, a company’s earnings potential and stock market equity provide the collateral for its debt. When the stock market falls, lenders disappear. Then, the debt market tightens and the market explodes.


And most important in a credit money system is the fact that all is subject to the trend of the credit cycle. Now, the present credit cycle trend has turned into reverse mode; Governments cannot borrow and print money with impunity as they were used to. They are now entering an era where they have to pay the price for their orgy of debts and money printing. That’s why the ECB, the BoJ, and the Fed announced that they are slowing down the presses, because the credit cycle trend has forced them to switch into reverse. So, the ECB is forced to reduce their purchasing of debt from 80 to 40 billion per month. Count, with the decline of the Euro.


Economies collapse when debt-service costs grow faster than incomes for a long period of time – around 50 years or more. These aren’t normal default cycles. These are far different, as debt fuels upheavals, because debt builds on top of mountains of other debt. Once debt-service costs start growing faster than the economy, then the total debt accumulated is never reduced. Sooner or later, debt begins to grow exponentially, far faster than income. And then it simply can’t be managed. And that is when the trend of the credit-cycle turns into reverse, and crisis hits.


Debt reversals are characterised by the inability of the debt burden to be reduced in ‘normal’ ways. In a normal cycle, deleveraging reduces debt burdens. And that happens through some combination of reduced spending by paying off debt, or defaults where assets are redistributed among creditors, and increases to the money supply, to prevent a deflationary spiral. But once a situation as this arrives, as is the case today, ‘normal’ measures don’t work anymore. For example, austerity causes a big reduction in economic growth, spending slows and the economy declines faster than debt can be reduced. Debt begins to weigh heavier and heavier across society. It leads to despair. To depression. To violence, and eventually to revolution.


Debt is just the other side of the credit coin. As debt goes bad, credit disappears. And then the system that created so much credit-money will go into reverse, destroying the nation’s money supply.

The money supply – actually, the supply of accessible credit – will shrink suddenly and dramatically. And what should have been a minor, routine pullback in the economy will become a globally catastrophic panic.

WAKE UP folks, before it is too late! By participating in this money system, you are building your own prison, without realising it!


The Lie We Live

Exposing the truth about our world. Be happy and enjoy your live, ever after! For better or worse our generation will determine the future on Earth.

People are living in a unique period of time, witnessing the end of the global monetary system. Don’t have confidence in today’s criminal system!

We want a better world for future generations.