The National Debt story is a Criminal Scam


Why banks put people into debt:

No one is immune to debt, and the majority of us are in some form of financial debt. Not having enough money, and especially being in debt, causes serious physical and mental distress. This is why banks put people into debt, while a world without any debt is possible. The world’s central banks have the sovereign power of control over almost any government.


Central banks create a nation’s official money, called legal tender, or Promissory Notes, better known as fiat money without intrinsic value, only backed by faith but not by gold or silver, then they loan it out to the nation’s government, where the people pay back the government’s debt via income tax on wages, as well as the interest the government incurs when it borrows the money from the central bank. – The scam starts with the fact that governments can issue this money interest free themselves, as it should be.

The government’s debt is then expanded through fractional reserve expansion by commercial banks through loans to the public with further interest. Central banks need to keep creating more money since extra money is needed to pay back all this interest, which is deliberately not created, thus the money to pay for this interest does not exist. This causes inflation, as the value of each individual bank note decreases, while prices go up, forcing people to work even more hours – not just to pay all the interest back, but also to buy the things they could afford before. Since inflation results in increased prices, in a free market the value of precious metals would also increase, as its purchasing power would be maintained. Higher prices generate higher taxes, offering governments one more way to profit from currency debasement.



The elite are the richest 1%, and they own more than the remaining 99% put together, while 8 people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the entire world’s population. This demonstrates that the aim of the world’s wealthiest and most secretive individuals – the Satanic Khazarian Mafia that compose the Deep State, has never been to create stability, and to end poverty, but rather to control governments and monopolise hunger, deciding who eats and who does not. The fact is; the central banking elite can only rule over people as long we allow them to do so.


How the Scam functions:

By design, every government runs on debt money, accumulating more debt every day, which is called “National Debt”. This debt is composed of Promissory Notes, I.O.U.’s, or legal tender and common fiat money, all fraudulently administrated in the criminal government bookkeeping systems.


When someone pays you with a debt note or certificate, namely an I.O.U; synonymous with today’s fiat money, and you accept this debt as payment, a credit is created for this person and a debt is accrued for you. You never get paid for anything until you “pass the buck on” to someone else by using this debt instrument as a means to receive something of real intrinsic value in return.


Think about it in another way; every time a debt is created, a credit of equal amount is created as well. The debt and credit naturally cancel each other out. There cannot be X-Trillion dollars of “National Debt” created without the existence of an equal X-Trillion of “National Credit”.


Fraud and Theft on an unimaginable scale:

Governments have been very reckless. They have borrowed and borrowed and avoided paying their debts, by squandering money like a drunken sailor for decades, and in the process, they have accrued Trillions of National Debt for themselves.


Governments as a whole, meanwhile, have been very careful and diligent and have accrued no equal debts so

Cyber Theft

that a X-Trillion-dollar National Credit, and a great deal more, has accrued on the people’s side of the ledger. It’s time to start with accurate bookkeeping and zero out the “National Debt” against the “National Credit”. It should be a routine process akin to balancing a check book, but instead, it has been made into an excuse for fraud and theft on an unimaginable scale.


It also is time that the majority of members of Parliament and Congress are sacked, sent home in dishonour, and held responsible for their gross lack of oversight, accountability, honesty, and competence.


Most of these politicians have no idea how the government is supposed to work, or fit within the framework as a whole. They have no clear knowledge of how the government’s bookkeeping and accounting system is supposed to work, and besides knowing how to “appropriate” money for every unauthorized and questionable purpose in the western world, they have no idea where the so-called money comes from, how it is created, or anything else about it. After all, Parliament or Congress, has the singular task of holding the purse-strings, which they have very unmistakeably failed to do.


Unqualified Politicians:

Political parties supporting such appallingly, unqualified candidates for office, should be universally despised as significantly worse than useless and self-indulged. The whole idea of “political parties” is a European concept, being initiated and promoted by the Deep State corporations that provide stipulated services to the public under contract.


None of the familiar political parties have anything to do with the actual unlawful government, except that the Incorporated Nations have been criminally mismanaged by them and have been allowed to run rampant over the people of all nations. Political puppets are hired to serve and polarise different political party platforms, which serve special-interest agendas instead of being in service to the people.


National Debt:

New elections for Public Offices should be held, within the broader framework of the people’s Government, and new restrictions and requirements should be imposed upon those offices and processes of the Government that affect all citizens.


Something to take into consideration:  If someone starts talking about the “National Debt”, simply inquire – “What National Debt?” – All outstanding debts should be on the shoulders of the Deep State and the nation Corporations founded by them.


The continuing decline in currency’s purchasing power:

The 47-year old experiment with fiat currency has unfolded exactly as followers of the Austrian school of Economics predicted: a continuing decline in the currency’s purchasing power, accompanied by a decline in the standard of living of middle- and working-class people; a series of central bank and Federal Reserve-created booms followed by increasingly severe busts, and an explosive growth in government spending. Government policies are of course behind much of the increase in income inequality.


Central Banks are creating the Economic meltdown:

Since the 2008 Fed-created economic meltdown, more people have become aware of the central banks’ culpability for the economic problems across the globe. This growing anti-central bank sentiment is one of the key factors behind the liberty movement’s growth, and it represents the most serious challenge to the Central Banks legitimacy in their entire history.


This movement has turned “Audit the Fed” and all other central banks too, into a major issue that is now closer than ever to being signed into law. Audit the Fed is not the only focus of the growing anti-government movement.


For example, several nation states are officially defining gold, silver, and other precious metals as legal tender. They also exempt transactions in precious metals from state capital gains taxes, thus ensuring that people are not punished by the taxman for rejecting fiat central bank notes in favor of gold or silver. Mexico is considering monetizing silver in tandem with the peso, a very clever and interesting proposition.


“The idea is not to go back to a silver standard, but to create a parallel currency which would be a monetised silver coin.  It would not bear a stamped value.  It would be a plain silver coin with a quoted value given to it.  This value would be adjusted upwards with a fall in the value of the peso or a rise in the price of silver.”