Fraudulent bank regulations are shrinking your Bank Account:


The Truth about Banking:

Your financial privacy is the key to your freedom. Banks that were trusted to safeguard and protect our deposits and bank accounts have become the riskiest places to store your money. First Cyprus, and later the whole EU has taken measures to ensure; if banks fail, bank accounts are on the hook to help assist with “bail-ins” which has been tacitly embraced. Moreover, a new political structure has been put in place to tax bank accounts, which has swiftly been copied by all other tax-hungry welfare states.

Like many modern taxes, this tax on bank accounts is being propagated as a tax on the banks, not on individual customers. Its cost, however, will be passed on to depositors in the form of higher fees or lower interest paid on their accounts.

The tax on bank deposits is projected from its start to raise around $500 million each year, purportedly to be used in a “Financial Stabilization Fund” to help protect banks from collapse in future financial crises. Is it a wonder why so many people are turning to smarter, safer, and more secure ways of storing their money?


Since when have the people been told anything truthfully? Be on your guard with your exchanges and your bank accounts.


The value of the euro:

The more money the ECB prints, the more it will destroy the value of the euro. Sadly, the ECB can’t just turn off QE. Like the U.S., Europe’s economy is hooked on easy money. Reuters reported:


“Weaning markets off easy monetary policy will be a delicate exercise for the ECB, and we think the bank is unlikely to remove its stimulus until inflation is solidly on track to 2 percent,” Andrew Bosomworth noted, managing director and portfolio manager at PIMCO.


So the ECB has painted itself into a corner: An exit from the QE policy is becoming more and more difficult, as the consequences could potentially be disastrous.


This implies; the EU is marching to its own death. At best, it will be a case of plodding forth, struggling from one crisis to the next. It is difficult to forecast how long this will continue, but it cannot go on indefinitely. Governments will pile up more debt – and then one day, the EU-house of cards will collapse.

It is impossible to predict when the euro will implode. But, it could happen sooner than most people think. – Doug Casey recently explained why:


It is the beginning of the end. The inevitable has now become the imminent. Britain has always been perhaps the most different culture of all of those in the European Union. They entered reluctantly and late, and never seriously considered losing the pound for the euro.


And then there are other countries wanting to leave the EU. The next to leave may be one or more of the following: The Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy. All Italian banks are totally and utterly bankrupt at this moment in time, and so are banks in France and Germany.


For now, the EU’s economic future is deeply dependent on these upcoming elections, each one of of them will threaten the euro and the Union’s future, while GDP will continue to drag along at current rates.


Who’s going to make it better? Is the rest of the European Union going to contribute hundreds of billions of euros to make the average depositor in these banks well again? Don’t count on it. There’s a greater probability that these countries are going to get rid of the euro and leave the EU.


If it happens that one or more of these countries leave the EU, the fallout could be far worse than what was seen with Brexit. Unlike Britain, all the above-mentioned countries actually use the euro. An exit of any one of them could pave the way for the other EU-countries to follow and exit the EU too.


This is something people need to prepare for, no matter where they live. The first thing to do is to own physical gold and silver. If the euro starts plunging, Europeans will seek safe havens. Many of these people will want to park money in gold and or silver, outside of the banks. This will cause precious metal prices to skyrocket. Just look at what gold did in Britain after Brexit.


Europe’s Banks next Global Worry:

After two years of absence, the euro crisis is back on track, however this time it is even bigger. The countries looking for an exit have multiplied as France and Italy now join Greece and Portugal as probable exit candidates. Investors fear forecasters might get it wrong again after last year’s surprise victory of US President Donald Trump and Brexit. Marine Le Pen’s presidential win in France may be less likely, but don’t disregard her tremendous force of followers.


A majority in the Netherlands’ Parliament voted in favor of ‘asking’ the government’s top advisory body to examine if a single currency works. European banks have printed in the trillions of euros to keep the system afloat; only being restricted on the basis of risk-weighted assets. – It is reported: One in four investors believes a euro break-up is looming. 


“European banks have ‘assets’ of about 330% of their country’s GDP, compared to US banking assets, which are at about 50%.”


On average the European Banks make use of a thirty times leverage, that’s to say for every 1€ on the books, they have lent 30€, which implies that if they lose 3.3% on their loans, all their capital would be wiped out. Large banks in the U.S. were “too big to fail” and consequently bailed out with taxpayer dollars, but in Europe the situation is different.


Regulators in the UK allowed a 20:1 leverage on a regular basis. It is now about 40:1. Assets of UK banks are about five times the size of the UK GDP, compared to the US asset ratio to GDP of just twice the size.


To explain it simply: The UK has banking assets which are five times as large as the annual domestic output of the country. They also have a housing bubble. They have their own bailouts to deal with, which are massive and will potentially grow much larger. But at least they have their own central bank and government that can try to fix the problems.


Too big to be saved:

In the EU it is another story: The European Central Bank, as yet, is not allowed to step in, as with the FED in the US, to save individual banks. Moreover, it would prove to be a great dilemma, why the choice may be made to save a Spanish bank and not an Austrian bank.


Austrian and Swiss banks have made large loans to Eastern Europe, in Euros and Swiss francs, and are going to suffer large losses, far more than 3%, which would wipe out their capital, while bank assets in Austria are 4 times GDP. This situation is similar for Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden and Ireland. All these countries, although relatively small, nevertheless have banks that are too big to be saved.


These immense credit problems of the Euro zone banks stem from the emerging markets and Spain’s huge housing bubble, the sum of these pending catastrophes is causing a severe global risk, and is an open invitation for much worse to come.


To put the dynamics into perspective: US bank-assets are only twice US GDP, Switzerland and Ireland are over 7 times, the UK over 5, and the Euro zone as a whole at 4 times.



EU-banks are already stumbling from losses from US subprime-related problems. On top of that they now have to deal with even deeper losses from their own lending portfolios. If the losses were just 5% of the portfolio, which is an optimistic assumption, it would be 20% of Euro-zone GDP. But each country is responsible for its own banks. While it is thought that Germany will be able to handle its own problems, the prognosis for Sweden, Austria, Italy, Spain and others is far from optimistic. Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Ireland are flat-out bankrupt, continuing to accumulate massive deficits, as they don’t have central banks to monetize their debt. For example, 5% loan losses in Ireland would equal 40% of GDP.


Trillions are required:

The upward equivalent of € 5 trillion is required for the mentioned Euro-zone countries compared with $2 trillion for the U.S. Where does Europe find 5 trillion euros?


This European banking crisis, now on the horizon, has the potential to have more severe consequences than the subprime loans had. The world is depending on European banks for much of the lending that has allowed for much of the growth and development to date. Like their US counterparts, European banks are going to reduce their loan portfolios, called deleveraging, which won’t be fun at all.


Who is in control?

Simply put, the bankers control the government. The tax money collected from the citizens goes directly to the privately owned Federal Reserve and all their respective central banks. This is how it actually plays out: The central Bank loans money to the government, and buys the debt. These central banks do not really have the money, so when they need it, they just print more. The money that they print is not worth anything because there is nothing backing it. Only gold backed money under a “Gold Standard” is able to determine a true value of a currency.


Whenever someone hears the term, “Federal Reserve,” they assume that it is a government agency, which controls the finances of the government. Not so fast, the Federal Reserve is not Federal, not even a bank, and has no reserves. It is actually privately owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia with the inclusion of almost all banking interests. Governments cannot control the banks because the bankers control the governments.


A big fish cabal-puppet goes to jail?

Rodrigo Rato, who headed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 2004 to 2007, has been found guilty of misappropriation of funds in a high-profile court case that rocked Spain, coming at a time of one of the country’s toughest economic crises.


Rato, also a former finance minister with Spain’s ruling Popular Party (PP) and a former Caja Madrid bank chairman, is one of 65 officials found guilty of their use of ‘black’ complimentary credit cards, which were handed out to dozens of officials at two struggling banks.




The Deep State is Dying: – Clif High

Some people are going to loose their money, when regional banks collapse, not all at once but in different stages all around the world. There might be some small good banks left standing.


One of the biggest fears for the power elite is the brewing scandal involving sex trafficking, some of which include children. High contends, “It is, at this stage, the lynchpin for the power elite that are currently in place”


High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March. High says that Trump has basically caught a wave of change and “Trump is a very good surfer.”  High says don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office.  High says, “The Trump rally, in terms of his popularity, will keep rising.


3 Things TRUMP Must Do To Slay The DEEP STATE — Harley Schlanger

The ongoing WAR in government which has revealed the deep state forces opposed to President Donald Trump, and Marie Le Pen.



The reason why the Globalists hate Donald Trump:

It is the divide that rules the world. Two main parties wrestle with each other ostensibly to determine which of the two groups will get to be in charge. They fight each other, until an outsider ‘an infidel’ shows up between them, one who is not one of their own. Then they will join forces vehemently to fight the outsider out, because he could just win, as happened last November with Donald Trump’s victory. And now, the globalists run the risk that their beans of the New World Order have been spilled, since President Trump is a nationalist, and he plans to return the world to We the People. The bottom line is that Trump scares the Establishment to death, because he is not one of them, he is the Islamic equivalent of an Infidel.

The EU-zone has no such infidel outsider; however, with the upcoming elections in The Netherlands, France, Germany, and likely Italy is strategically voting for Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Frauke Petry, and Beppe Grillo the very best alternative to leaving the EU-prison. Even if the candidate isn’t your personal favour, it is the only option left that can make the big change, Europeans urgently need.


The War on Reality: How the globalists occupy your mind…