Fake-Money Lending is the Clue:



The appeal of communism was that it could make people materially better off. Without the costs of advertising, competition, errors, unneeded luxuries, and private gadgets, the economy would supposedly be able to produce goods and services more efficiently. It would be like a machine, they thought. Watchful, expert, and public-minded technocrats could rationalise output, making it work more efficiently. But in the end, it didn’t work out.


Without honest price signals to guide them, and no need to satisfy customers with decent products and services, the central planners made one mess after another. Every deal was a losing deal. It only benefited the elites, while it left the people poorer. And after a few decades, the whole economy had become a disaster: Real output was so low and of such poor quality that the elites had run out of valuables to steal.


After 70 years of communism in the Soviet Union and 30 years in China, governments decided to abandon this illusion, and restore private property.


Private property:

What are the common examples of private property? Families own property, cars, a few appliances, jewellery, and some financial assets. Even in the Soviet Union and in China, families kept some personal possessions. However, financial assets and real estate were taken away. Could that happen in the west? It would appear to be even worse as it is already happening now, because fake money lending is being used by the elites, to get their hands on other people’s property.


The Swindle:

How does this swindle work? To show you how easily it is done, consider the following analogy:


“You leave your car at a parking garage. You get a claim ticket. That is a form of money. It is not real wealth, but it represents real wealth – your car. Now, imagine that the parking lot prints up extra claim tickets.”


It increases the ‘money supply.’ It may even have a temporary boost to the economy, as people think they are richer and better able to spend. In this analogy, several people may think they own your car.


“Of course, there’s only one car there. But the people in the financial industry who print the claim tickets can use them to take your car away from you.”


Subsequently, they can use the same system to take your house, your stocks, and your bonds. This would be a hidden revolution. Private property would largely disappear. It would become the property of the Deep State elite who control the system. – And who would complain?


Wealth theft:

Central banks and sovereign wealth funds are already buying bonds and stocks, in the trillions with fake money. According to Bloomberg, Japan’s central bank is now a top-10 holder of 90% of the stocks in the Nikkei 225.


Under its QE program, the Bank of Japan is buying 6 trillion yens ($53 billion) worth of stock market ETFs a year. Since they are driving in other people’s cars, they can go as far as they want. No need to worry about price. Or return on investment. Or risk management.


The authorities in the U.S. have created roughly $3 trillion out of thin air since 2008, which continues to be rolled over on the balance sheet as bonds. Many of the other central banks in the world have done the same, and in the aggregate more than 10 trillion has been fabricated, and this figure is continuing to rise.


Are stocks too expensive? Are companies mismanaged? Is the stock market going up or down? It doesn’t matter when central banks are buying with free money. When the next financial crisis comes, they will buy stocks and bonds on an even larger scale.


No act of Parliament or Congress is needed. No debate. Not even a presidential approval. Central Banks will claim that it is necessary to “protect the economy.” They will say they are “saving jobs.” – But what really happens is the removal of wealth out-of private hands into the greedy hands of central banksters and their cronies.


Fake-Money Lending:

And what about real estate? Most real estate is already owned by the banks through mortgages. These are all easy targets for confiscation.

So, the finance sector already has a claim on your house as most houses are bought with mortgage financing. Banks lend people the same fake money that the Central Banks use to buy stocks. They create deposits out of thin air when they make a loan, using nothing more than keystrokes on a computer. – They never earned the money. But you have to borrow it from the bank, to buy the house, and then pay back the bank with interest. And if you don’t pay, the bank takes the house and sells it to someone else.


Years ago, people would celebrate when they paid off their mortgages. Finally, they owned their home free and clear. These days people are taught to manage their credit, and refinance, because mortgage rates are so low.


The majority of homeowners never own their home. They simply rent them from banks, paying their entire lives for a roof over their heads. And here is another swindle: People also pay property tax and other taxes. Most pay as much in taxes as they would pay in rent some years ago.


Even people’s cars are now often leased or financed. In actual fact in the unlawful admiralty law system, implemented by the cabal; the owned cars and houses, are not even people’s property. Most are no more property than a rented property. These, too, belong to the banks – the finance arm of the secret Rothschild Deep State.



Deep State:

The Deep State society is aided by fake money. The capital, or to be more precise; money out of thin air, is fraudulent, and is provided to the elites at preferential rates by the banking cartel. This leads to a whole host of fraudulent transactions, and many losing schemes, as assets are removed into greedy cabal hands.


The public has to borrow money at twice the interest rates of the elites in business, finance, and government. Why? The risk is lower for crony institutions. If they get into trouble, even with their favourable lending rates – they are bailed out. If the man in the street is unable to pay his mortgage, he loses his property.


This unfairness is at the heart of today’s economic system. It is also a major source of the discontentment felt by the masses, although this is not fully understood by the masses.


Fraudulent System:

The system is fraudulent by design. The average earner receives less earned income today than ten years ago. This should have been the greatest, most successful period in human history. Why are wages going down?


They say; because of globalisation, regulation, China, automation, inequality, financialization. But the real answer is: because the money system is counterfeit. It benefits the elites and Wall Street but not the rest of us. And without disconnecting the central banks and Wall Street, and without a return to honest money – means allowing this Deep State cabal to steal even more from the citizens of the world.


The Crimes:

What are their crimes? Breach of contract? Theft? Fraud? Counterfeiting? – Weren’t they the ones who began the practice of printing up Federal Reserve Notes by the trillions – and passing them off as real money? And have they not breached the promise of the U.S. government to settle its debts in gold? And did they not set in motion a pattern of robbery – stealing away the value of every dollar-based asset in the entire world?


Imagine an investor who bought a 30-year U.S. Treasury bond in 1970. Does he not have the right to expect to receive a dollar back for every dollar lent? And shouldn’t he rightfully expect that each of those dollars to be received – in the year 2000 – be worth about as much as those he had given up in 1970? Printing up trillions of dollars’ worth of new money is bound to have an effect. Better stated it is inflation that is “Robbing people Blind!”


The Consensus:

The Deep State, a.k.a. the US empire is deeply in debt and running on fake money. The economy is saddled up with too many insiders, rewarding their elite crony friends.


The whole world has been purposely engulfed in the stranglehold of debt with debt-based currencies against which every asset is valued. It is this ‘debt-based’ phenomenon that will be the core issue in the currency crisis now unfolding globally. If Trump continues to be the wrecking ball that he needs to be to “tear down this corporate wall,” erected by Obama and his criminal “elite family members”, – the permanent crony-zombie complex – the Bush’s and Clintons, then the corporate take-over of our society might have a chance to change for the better and the republic of America will be restored, as will also be the case for all other incorporated nations.



Many consider the existence of “Rothschild-style” central banks to be a myth, but look closely, you will find that of the 180 or so central banks of sovereign nations, most endured a war, or an economic crash just before joining the international banking community with their central bank linked to the International Monetary Fund, owned by the Rothschilds.


War seems to result in compliance with international central banking. The seven countries Clinton, Bush, and Obama bombed where some of the last nations on earth to establish central banks.


The American public supposedly owe the US Fed over $20 trillion, and counting, as does the rest of the world with a grand total of over 50 trillion. This can never be repaid, and each time the respective Governments print trillions in fiat money, the people subsequently owe even more money to a “Rothschild style” rip-off, usury banking scheme.


Dear readers, this is our road to serfdom, as F.A. Hayek wrote in his book, written in the 1940s. The whole intention of today’s money system is the complete enslavement of humanity through debt.


Ii is important that everyone takes note of this fact, and gets mobilised to sweep out the existing banking system, together with the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.


One of the best kept secrets in the world:

This is a beautifully concise presentation about the fraud being perpetuated by the private banks against Canadians. The same truth applies for every other central bank in any nation. People has been so stupidly trusting the banking system for so many years in the face of such obvious self-service and evil, it is really stunning.

9/11 is the Key:

Based on the #lies of known liars that we NOW KNOW #lied about #WMD in #Iraq and took us into this state of #Perpetual #War that we find ourselves in.
If 911 is #exposed for what it is, a hugely grotesque #lie, then there is #NO reason to be sending #troops into any other places. The same #liars that were behind this lie are the same #liars that are behind the #lies about other #terrorist#like #ISIS#ISLS#Wakeup #911WasAnInsideJob#Investigate911 #Building What #WTC7