The Eurosceptics vie for Power


Financial structure irreparably weakened:

The shockwaves caused by the fall of Italy’s unelected Prime Minister Renzi and his government, are the biggest in the EU to date, because it paves the way for the election of the Five Star Movement (M5S) government that has promised to leave the Euro. This will result in a “world of distress” in the Italian banking system, and will financial-structure-badly-weakenedspeed up the re-introduction of the Italian Lira.


Never before in modern history has the global financial structure been so irreparably weakened, so totally corrupted, so thoroughly undermined by control mechanisms, so intensely defended by manipulation, sanctions and even war. The entire global financial system will erupt like a debt volcano, with several epicentres, most of which are located in the West. The big Western banks are all tied to each other. The bankster cabal believed that the interconnectedness within their banking structures would make them all immune to failure risk. The reality is however, that the failure of any one major bank guarantees the systemic breakdown of all of them. When the collapse occurs, the only appropriate solution will finally be implemented, the solution they have avoided for eight full years following the 2008 crisis. The gold standard will be installed.


EU in great trouble:

The EU is in major trouble both politically and financially. The global economy and financial system is totally interconnected and a problem in a country like Italy will have repercussions around the world. Since the whole system is corrupted by manipulation in every single market, the collapse of this system will be a blessing, paving the way to replace an irretrievably broken system.


There is no chance for the world to grow healthy before the current financial system has been wiped off the face of the earth. As paper money dies, protecting your assets is now more vital than at any time in history. All assets within the financial system will implode, apart from hard tangible assets like gold and silver. The collapse of paper currencies and the financial system will make gold and silver extremely desirable and valuable.


eu-in-great-troubleThe artificial paper gold market has been corrupted and manipulated daily by central banks and bullion banks. For the time being, this group has managed to keep gold far below the real price that physical gold otherwise would fetch.


The Brexit vote, in which Britain decided to divorce from the EU, started the breakup of the artificial construct of 500 million people being ruled by an unelected and unaccountable elite in Brussels. Worse still, is the artificial euro paper currency, used by 19 out of the 28 EU countries.


All fiat paper currencies are by definition artificial, and eventually become worthless. But to have one currency for 19 countries with different cultures, different growth rates and productivity and vastly different inflation rates is a total disaster. Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and many more EU countries are totally bankrupt. These countries have been forced to use a currency which has made them completely uncompetitive and unable to export or function. At the same time, Germany has benefitted from a weak Euro, which has made their export industries very successful. This has however resulted in misery for the Italians and consequently they have voted their puppet Prime Minister Renzi and his government out of office.


The Eurosceptic:

New elections are to be held to form a new government that the comedian Beppe Grillo with his five-star movement would comfortably win. His party supports anti-globalism, anti-establishment, anti-immigration and anti-EU. His radical political group, The Five Star Movement (M5S) could soon take control of Italy. Like many Italians, the movement blames Italy’s economic problems on the EU. It wants to get rid of the euro and bring back the lira, Italy’s old currency, if it takes control of Italy’s government. The movement could rise to power as early as next spring and that would have serious repercussions for the rest of Europe.


In a matter of months after taking power, they can hold a new referendum on whether Italy should dump the euro and go back to the lira. If that happens, Italians will likely vote to leave. Without Italy, the euro currency would likely disintegrate, and with it the whole European Union would start to dissolve.


euroscepticFrance is another country to keep a close eye on with the upcoming presidential election in spring. There’s a good chance the French will vote for radical change, just like the Italians did. There’s a chance that Marine Le Pen, leader of the Eurosceptic National Front party, will do better than many expect. After more than a decade of disappointments under presidents François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, French voters are screaming for change.


Many other EU-countries already have Eurosceptic governments like Hungary, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia. In Holland the Party for Freedom, which is anti-EU, is also well placed and in Germany there will also be elections in 2017, in autumn. There is strong opposition to Merkel due to her pro-sanctions stance against Russia, and the major immigration problems that Germany is now suffering, both of her making.


Angela Merkel’s true bloodline:

Merkel apparently faces little opposition within her own CDU party. Furthermore, Germany’s left is weak, fractured, and heavily caught up in the debate over how compassionate the country can and ought to be regarding the on-going influx of migrants or refugees, of which some have links to Islamic radical groups.


The only “outsider” in Germany is the AfD-party. It is headed by the dynamic Ms. Frauke Petry, a far right anti-immigrant political group, the members of which are yet to be elected and will most likely enter the Bundestag for the very first time since the Second World War. Merkel may have to strengthen the reign of power in 2017, as a result. If she becomes chancellor for another term next year, then her “dictatorship” will almost certainly be assured, finally permitting her to show off her dictatorship skills inherited from her father, Adolf Hitler. Like her father, Angela Merkel is a direct Rothschild bloodline family member.


AfD-Party members have already called for a referendum on whether to leave the euro; for the expulsion of Allied troops which have been stationed in Germany since 1945; and for school curriculums that focus more on “positive, identity-uplifting” events in German history and less on Nazi crimes. Most contentious of all was the declaration “Islam does not belong in Germany.”


Populist political parties are also becoming more popular in Spain and the Netherlands and are already in power in Hungary and Poland, but the far-right resurgence in Germany is particularly alarming, both because of its history – the post-war constitution was designed to curb populist influence – and because of its dominant position on the continent. “It’s my hope that the future will bring a Chancellor named Petry,” the leader of Austria’s Freedom Party said recently. The AfD is the most successful far-right phenomenon in Germany since the Second World War.


The trend has changed:

It is clear, the trend has changed; Europeans are now turning against the establishment. The financial system is trend-changedbroken; in Germany, Deutsche Bank and the Commerzbank are insolvent; DB alone has €75 or more billion in derivatives and both banks are in deep financial trouble. In Italy, the entire banking system is insolvent. It is not just Italy’s oldest bank Monte dei Paschi, which is virtually bankrupt, but impaired loans for all Italian banks are at a level of at least €400 billion. That is approximately 20% of the value of the entire Italian banking system. Monte dei Paschi is desperately trying to raise €5 billion, and UniCredit, Italy’s largest bank, needs €13 billion.


In the USA, Trump is likely to reap the rewards of being the president who reverses American decline, instead of using the presidency to augment his personal fortune. Therefore, there is some hope for change occurring from the top down, rather than relying on all pressure for change to originate from the streets of bloody revolutions. So let’s give the Trump administration a chance. People can turn on him if it becomes evident that he is selling them out.



Recapitulating; a severe crisis in the Italian banking system is looming. The banking system is insolvent. Shares of most Italian banks have plummeted more than 50% so far this year.


Together, Italian banks hold €400 billion-plus worth of loans that are 90 days overdue and unlikely to be repaid in full. That’s a staggering figure. These nonperforming loans (NPLs) account for more than 18% of all outstanding bank loans in Italy. They add up to over 20% of the total Italian GDP.


To put this into perspective: In France 5% of all outstanding loans are nonperforming.

In the US, 2%. In the UK, a mere 1.5%. Italy’s NPLs are an enormous problem. Behind the scenes, European central bankers are preparing for a major crisis – all while promising the public that “everything is under control.”  – Don’t believe them! – They know for certain how bad the situation is, and how unsolvable the problem is. That’s why they urgently passed new bail-in laws earlier this year.


The Italian government is in an unenviable dilemma. It can stall the inevitable crash and save the banks through a bail-in, or it can let the whole house of cards come crashing down. Either choice is political suicide; the proverbial Catch-22. The collapse of Italy’s banking system appears imminent, in the coming weeks.

The impending failure of Italy’s third-largest bank, Banco Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS), will likely be the spark that sets it off.


Many failures can and will happen. The following is an incomplete overview of the ones that will most presumably trigger the imminent collapse of the global financial system:


  • Italian bank collapse, and exit from Common Euro Currency;
  • Contagion in Europe in the Southern nations;
  • European Sovereign Bond Carnage;
  • Deutsche Bank failure;
  • Interest rate hike;
  • US-Dollar rejection in trade payments;
  • US-Treasury Bond complex bust with derivatives;
  • Gold Market Arbitrage Breakdown;
  • Gold-backed currency announced in the East;
  • Saudi’s acceptance of RMB for Chinese oil sales.


More Awakening:

In conclusion: People are awakening, and becoming aware of the many cracks in the system, and are realising more-awakeningthat the world is changing. They are getting the picture of what is happening, and why. They want to be truthfully informed and prepared. They want the freedom to make educated choices, instead of being told what to do by the establishment and its puppets in government, with a mainstream media that lies and deceives constantly. Finally, they are discovering that they have been intentionally led into this terrible crisis, which will steer them into the elites’ New World Order.


The Dominoes keep falling:

Renzi, Hollande, Sarkozy, are down; Xi, Putin, Abe, and Merkel are targeted;

falling_dominoesDespite strenuous efforts by the Rothschilds and the bloodline families, the Khazarian mafia dominoes keep falling one by one. The resignations or announced resignations of Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, French President Francois Hollande, European Parliament President Martin Shultz, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, and the defeat of the Khazarian drug dealing gangster Nicolas Sarkozy are some of the latest falling dominoes.


There is now a major campaign unfolding to remove remaining senior Rothschild agents like the so-called “Vladimir Putin” of Russia (according secret sources died the real Putin long ago), Chinese strongman Xi Jinxing, Japanese slave, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Hitler daughter, Angela Merkel in Germany, according to multiple sources in China, Russia, the US, Japan, Germany and elsewhere.