Turning Bad into Good


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Community currencies is the answer:

When the Deep State by mouth of our governments, considers such a radical and extreme measure as banning cash, it shows it is desperate. This is not a move they would consider if they were confident in keeping control over the financial system and the economy. The result of this action will be counterproductive to them, and a blessing for the population.


All today’s “money” represents debt: fiat money comes into existence as the counterpart to the creation of a credit. Ridiculously, legal tender laws force people to use this counterfeited money, created by Central Banks that oblige the use of Central Banks Notes for payment.


So, if these same authorities now ban cash payment, a decentralisation of the “money-monopoly” will spawn the use of commodities like gold, silver, bitcoin, etc. These commodities are the answer to the disintegrating community-currencieseconomy and they will make the outcome of a cashless society uncertain, and will eventually make this action; this war on cash, completely obsolete. Community currencies, and different kinds of bitcoin technologies make cash and banks obsolete. The question arises; Why do people need banks when they can trade gold and silver coins with each other, and instantly know what they’re worth?

Exactly, community currency is the answer and the solution, instead of restricting the money options that people can use. As is the case with bartering; everyone should be free to use any kind of exchange to represent money that they deem desirable. In other words, the people can and need to get rid of the ridiculous legal tender laws that force them to use Federal Reserve and Central Banks Notes.


In 1876 the Silver Commission of the US Monetary Commission, defined the noble functions of money correctly:


“Money is the great instrument of association, the very fibre of social organism, the vitalising force of industry, the protoplasm of civilisation, and as essential to its existence as oxygen is to animal life, without money civilisation could not have had a beginning; with a diminishing supply it must languish, and, unless relieved, perish.”


So, alternative forms of money in everyday use, is what people need. This could mean gold and silver, or a mix between a crypto currency and any commodity currency. This will make big banks like Deutsche Bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, ABN-Amro, ING., Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Chase, HSBC, etc. obsolete and out-dated.


Innovative new methods of transfer payment systems have been introduced, attacking the legitimacy of the banking system even further. One of these methods is a recently introduced platform that makes saving, earning, and spending gold as easy as using cash or bank deposits. In many instances, such as cross-border payments, it is said to be easier and cheaper to use than the existing system involving for example payment by credit card.



The recent development involving the banning of cash is actually a wonderful blessing because at this point, all the TBTF-banks are simply adjuncts of the government, and vice versa. These banks are not products of the free market. They are tools for crony capitalism and economic fascism. So anything that results in the collapse of these banks or doing away with them is a much better bet. Stop using your bank account immediately where possible, and start with the use of alternative community currencies.

The Credit Bubble


Let us take the power away from governments. We, the people, must destroy their monopoly on money, which is possible by massive opting out of the banking system and into alternative currencies. This will result in bank and government power being reduced. This is more than likely the single most important change you can make, let’s do it immediately.



The Financial system; Exploiter of the people:

exploitationThroughout the Western world the financial system has become an exploiter of the people and a deadweight loss on economies. The TBTF-banks are too powerful and the greed, fraud, and self-serving behaviour of Western financial systems, aided and subsidised by governments, could be leading to such a complete breakdown of economic life that the idea of a private financial system will become as unacceptable to the people as Nazism.


In times of economic turmoil The Golden Rule is: Those that have the gold, rule. – In this new cashless society, financial and governmental institutions – not We the People as it should be – reign and control digital/paperless cash. The options of turning a cashless society into people’s advantage are unlimited, as long the people themselves do it, and not someone else.


People should see the ban on cash as an unintentional gift from the elitists.  – The “shock and awe” price-hits when the Comex opens almost every day are designed to discourage gold and silver buyers. In truth it reflects the increasing degree of desperation and increasing levels of “stress” concerning the ability of the west to keep supplying gold to fulfil eastern demand. Trying to quash India’s demand is the easiest route in this dilemma, the Indian Government being a lapdog of the west. Ragurham Rajan, the former head of India’s Central Bank; the Royal Bank of India, was recently appointed Vice Chairman of the BIS.


sheeple-cashlesslaveryThe ban on cash will fail:

As the ban on cash is bound to fail, count on a rebound in the price of gold and silver that will likely give rise to its own shock and awe to fight the deep state. The Totalitarian movement toward a “cashless” monetary system, makes accumulating gold and silver the best way to strike back.


We learn from history that eventually the pendulum will change direction and swing the other way, meanwhile the number of Khazarian casualties is growing by the day. The list is long and distinguished and perhaps the biggest losers are the US crime families Clinton and Bush.


Preparing People for the New World Order:

new-world-orderThe Agenda 21 picture isn’t pretty. Already visible is a nationwide, heavy-handed,

Government influenced school system, sprinkled with an obsession with social media that has created a generation of reactionary, thoughtless and mindless potential followers of socialism and entitlement zombies. The once open-mindedness in universities has been overtaken by an undercurrent of social engineering known as brain washing.


The cabal’s control of the pharmaceutical industry has certainly paid off with the increased vaccination schedule and the introduction of prescription drugs for our children to correct “behavioral” issues, arguably resulting from these very vaccines, according to a multitude of independent studies! This group is also the product of the participation trophy, rather than getting recognised for accomplishment and outstanding achievement, they receive hardware for simply all being the same. The result is a generation of dumbed-down, paranoid and out of touch youngsters who cannot reason, use common sense, or apply critical thinking to the simplest of issues.


Anti-EU forces:

Brussels has each and every reason to be concerned about its future. Anti-EU forces are expected to greatly expand their positions. With Donald Trump as US President, the pro-European integration forces face big problems. While trying to hold Eurosceptics at bay, Europeans having had enough of being slaves of Brussels, the establishment forces have to shift their policies towards national interests, a lesser role for the EU and its supranational structures.


Bulgaria and Moldavia voted for leaders who called for lifting the sanctions and improving the relations with Russia. Western big business has started to re-invest in Russia. They would never risk doing this while uncertain the investments will pay off.



The myth of an enemy:

myth-of-the-enemyThe Khazarians know that the myth of the “enemy” is always a hit with the masses. Politicians love it too. It encourages taxpayers to turn over more of their wages – for their own protection, of course. It invites citizens to give up their liberties – in this time of grave danger! It also activates the population to think and act with a single mind, united to meet the common foe, under the brave and unflinching leadership of our patriotic politicians.


And misfortune to the person who resists. He is “soft” on our enemies or labeled an outright traitor. Apparently, terrorists – particularly foreign-born terrorists – pose a substantial threat.


There are always people who are willing to use violence in pursuit of political ends. After all, that’s the name of the game. Violence is what politics is all about. If no violence were involved, it would be no different from the rest of life – with its ‘give and take’, its persuasion, bargaining, negotiating, and its civilised commerce.


What about all those millions of terrorists who want to attack us? Are these foreigners really worth worrying about? Turns out, people should not be so worried:


“The chance of being killed in a terrorist attack committed by a foreigner is about 1 in 3.6 million per year. And the numbers are skewed by one outlier event – 9/11. That single attack accounts for 98.6% of all the people killed on U.S. soil by foreign-born terrorists in the past 41 years.”


Worry about terrorists? It’s hard to believe there aren’t greater threats lurking somewhere else. Security is the core service offered by the Deep State. It comes in many different forms – but all bought with someone else’s money, and worse still; people’s freedom.


Unnecessary Protection:

People are protected from drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. They are forced to wear seat belts. There are building inspectors, food inspectors, luggage inspections, smoke detectors, fire alarms. They are checked at the airport with the most sophisticated health-harming scanners.


This extra security is generally well received by the public. Businesses want protection from the business cycle. the-more-you-knowEstablished big companies want protection from independent entrepreneurs and capitalism. Investors want protection from bear markets. Cronies want protection from competition. Zombies want protection from failure. Everybody wants protection from disease, cold, hunger and seemingly, from climate change.


Arguably, extremist Muslims want protection from the modern world and people in the west now rate Muslim terrorists as the next thing they want protection from. Protecting has become a major theme of the presidential election, even though the country faces no significant threats. Most likely, if U.S. forces withdrew from the Middle East, the threat to the homeland would evaporate completely.


But America is now an empire. And the Deep State is fundamentally a protection racket. Like the Mafia, it does not provide services directly. It organises them, like a pimp organises an underage girl getting to your hotel room. The pimp gets the money. The poor, exploited girl provides the services. And like the Mafia, the Deep State “offers” protection that is impossible to refuse. You pay whether you want it or not.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Awakened on this site.


The Lie We Live:

If everyone in the world would take heed of every word in this video and then act on their feelings, the world would change overnight. – Each day we wake up in the same room, following the same path to live the same day as yesterday. Yet there was a time when each day was a new adventure. Along the way something changed. Before, our days were timeless, now our days are scheduled. Is this what it means to be grownup, to be free? Are we truly free? Food, water and land, the very elements we need to survive are owned by corporations.