The biggest threat to your financial well-being:


The Awakened require Change:

There is a strong consciousness current under the populace that doesn’t trust the authorities anymore. They want a more radical change then has ever been promised. The continued debasement of the currencies will guarantee a higher gold and silver price, in addition to which, the failure of the paper gold market could happen at any time. When this happens there will be no physical gold available at any price until equilibrium is reached in the physical market.


Japan is totally bankrupt, China has a major debt problem and the European banking system is unlikely to awakening-for-changesurvive in its present form. What started with Brexit is likely to continue with Italexit and spread as a contagion to other European countries. This tsunami is accumulating its force. Like in the US, many Europeans are tired of an elite in Brussels ruling over 500 million people with little understanding of the resentment that this unaccountable and unelected elite is causing.


The fake money system has given the world two things that it lacked beforehand: huge demand coming from credit-rich U.S. consumers, and a huge supply of capital, coming from the same source. – The financial industry created this bubble by lending the Central Banks’ fake money. Money that no one ever earned or saved, to people who had no business borrowing it, so they could buy overpriced houses they couldn’t afford. Then, after the inevitable blow-up, insiders bought the homes that had been heavily discounted by the blow-up they had helped to cause.


Nevertheless, the fix was triggered. Central Banks brought forth several rounds of QE-financing, quashed interest rates, keeping them down until the sector was fully reflated. To put this in perspective: The Case-Shiller Home Price Indices show home prices went up about 30% over the last six years.


financial-repressionFinancial repression:

What is happening now is the complete opposite of a free market. Global debt has grown over ten times in 25 years and interest rates are at zero percent or negative. This is financial repression or manipulation of a degree never seen in world history. It totally destroys free market forces and it therefore sows the seeds of the coming financial Armageddon.


The amount of government debt and liabilities in the world is in the hundreds of trillions and growing rapidly, even with interest rates essentially at zero percent with future generations not being able, neither willing, nor obliged to repay this debt. All this debt should be defaulted on; to punish the people mindless enough, or unethical enough, to lend governments the money they’ve used to take these destructive actions.


If they are not brought to justice, governments will stubbornly keep propping up the house of cards, and building it higher, pushing the devastating consequences further into the future with compound interest. In the meanwhile Central Banks would be forced to print more, to keep the system from collapsing. This would send the value of paper currencies much lower; eventually accelerating their descent toward their intrinsic value of zero and finally ending the ability of governments to steal from the people. 


Central banksters cause economic distortions:

Essentially, central bankers are the primary cause of most of the harmful distortions in the economy. The unlimited money printing, interest rate manipulation, the boom/bust cycle, propping up “too big to fail” institutions with bailout funds, the War on Cash, cronyism in the financial industry and negative interest rates, to name a few. Central bankers are the biggest threat to people’s financial well-being. They are playing with fire, deliberately creating currency catastrophes. Unfortunately, most people have no idea what is really going on and will not know what to do when their currency collapses. Many that are however waking up to a rigged system, are unfortunately unaware of how to prepare themselves.


Whenever natural laws of supply and demand are interfered with, it always has severe consequences. One thing is for sure, the current financial system will not survive because it is based on principles which are not sustainable. In such a system, there is no sound money. What is also certain is that gold and silver, the only real money, will continue to reflect the mismanagement of the world economy as all currencies finish their move to zero in the near future.


Central Banksters have been seeking tight control over markets so they can force their ongoing influence on markets through their interventions, but central banks cannot control markets forever. – Markets are always bigger than any central bank or even a group of central banks acting together. This already played out in 2008 when various markets unravelled for months leading to the Lehman collapse and the subsequent upheaval. Expect this time around for the action to start after the inauguration on 20th of January next. Expect the big winner to be the precious metals.


Return of the Gold Standard:

The Western central bank franchise system is totally broken, totally insolvent, and totally corrupt. It beckons the return-of-the-gold-standardreturn of the Gold Standard, as that would be the only way to solve the long-term economic problems with a return to honest money. – The entire financial system is built upon a debt-based monetary system. The debt saturation process has run its full course. Central banksters have been covering all sovereign debt for the last five years, having brought their balance sheets to ruins.


Gold, in essence, does not appreciate in value. It performs the function that money should. It represents a stable value just as it has for thousands of years. Remember; Money should maintain its value over time.


Few people realise that their currency they call money has nothing to do with money at all. All paper currencies are temporary and return to their intrinsic value of zero. This is because reckless governments cling to power by printing or borrowing endless amounts of fiat money in the hope that they will placate the people and buy votes. Fiat money, as the name indicates, can never be real money. It is issued by decree and is not backed by anything but debt and liabilities.


Simple Solution:

The simplest solution would be to get rid of all central banks immediately, because central banks are the main reason why money never remains money but always returns to just the value of the paper it is printed on.


The world is in a monetary environment that’s paving the way for gold to eventually backstop currencies across the globe. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, Yuan, all paper currencies are in deep trouble.


The official monetary policy has only succeeded in preventing the failures of almost all big Western banks. These banks are all insolvent, and mostly supported by drug money laundering in the hundreds of billions.


The Eastern super-powers are leading a campaign to put aside the US$-based financial system, isolating it and side lining it, while arranging a new system. The Gold-based system will be complete with its currency, sovereign debt securities, transfer systems, global offices, and debt rating agencies, perhaps even debit cards. The East strives to install the Gold Standard as the remedy to the ongoing global financial crisis while the West has intentionally made no movement toward solution.


The installation of the Gold Standard will render almost all US$- and euro-based debt securities toxic paper. QE may have bought time for the TBTF-banks, but it simultaneously guaranteed the death blow to the economy, and the default of most of the debt. No semblance of a return to normalcy could ever be reached in the current system . This is why the Khazarians are vigorously pursuing war, with only one objective: to retain power.


Humanity in Control of its own future:

With humanity in control of its own financial future, i.e. in control of the process of creating and distributing money, trillions of dollars could be made available to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months, not decades.humanity-in-control


Trump advisers are already telling China that the US is considering joining the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Chinese government sources say. The US is also negotiating a deal to trade Chinese military gold stashes for hard currency.


Trump has steadily become a clear and imminent danger to the cabal, as he could not be bought or compromised by them, and he was willing to stand in front of everyone on the planet and say so. In essence, he is the first non-cabal-controlled President since JFK.


The Flations are coming:

If not implement a gold-backed money system shortly; preferably starting in 2017, the flations – deflation, inflation, stagflation, and eventually hyperinflation will arrive. They will start slowly and then accelerate very quickly, lasting until the printed money finally becomes totally worthless. Hyperinflation affects mainly goods and services. In real terms, all the assets that have been financed by the credit bubble will deflate.


Simultaneously debt will implode leading to banks defaulting. Then hyperinflation will turn into a total flationsdeflationary implosion with all prices going down together with the money supply. This will be a truly devastating period for the world as for a period of time there will be no money and most people will have to revert to bartering, or community currencies.


During the hyperinflationary period, gold will reach unimaginable levels in paper money terms like during the Weimar republic: When hyperinflation ends and the deflationary implosion starts, gold will fall from the dizzy highs. But since there is likely to be an extended period without any paper currency in many countries, gold and silver will be the only real money and will therefore reach extremely high values in relation to the rapidly falling prices. To put this into perspective: Today in Venezuela’s era of hyperinflation; a one-ounce silver coin buys three months of food for a family of four.


Gold and silver are the best way to preserve wealth and to insure against the coming collapse of paper currencies as well as the financial system. If gold reaches $10,000, without hyperinflation, that would mean a silver price of $665 to $1,000. These are perhaps price levels that sound totally unrealistic with silver currently at $16, but are very likely to be achieved. Silver in particular is interesting because of its scarcity.


All the gold that has been produced is still around in one form or another. This is not the case with silver. There are no significant silver stocks anywhere in the world. Almost 60% of the silver produced is consumed, the rest goes to silverware, jewellery and investment. In general, with the exception of Mexico, central banks hold no silver stockpiles. The annual global silver production is 27,000 tons, which at $17 only equals $15 billion. The annual gold mine production is hundreds of times larger.


enslaved-by-central-banksThe Federal Reserve Is Sabotaging the Economy In Order to Stop Trump

The Federal Reserve Bank is presently taking care of the insiders. The owners are the brains behind the free trade agreements and the profits that come from the uncontrolled illegal immigration. Because Trump has promised to reverse these nation-killing policies, Trump has become public enemy #1.  And now, the Fed is destroying what’s left of the American economy. They do the utmost to keep the populace enslaved till the very bitter end.