The Vatican is the sole owner of all western corporate countries:


The Jesuits are the real spiritual potentates:

Throughout history, the Satanic Luciferian Jesuit Order has been tied together with war and genocide, being formally removed from many countries, including France and England, but still widely present in Spain and Italy. – Researchers claim the Jesuits are the real spiritual potentates of the New World Order. Their choice for President is Paul Ryan, which is why they demanded he became inserted as Speaker of the House in October of 2015 by the Pope, as the Vatican was the sole owner of the United States of America, Inc., which defaulted on it’s credit facility – the Federal Reserve Bank – in December of 2012, and came out of international bankruptcy in August of 2015.


All nation corporations are created by the Roman Curia; it is no problem to trace this back to the Pope. At the
same time; virtually all governments and their agencies, in the world are corporations and are tied to and ultimately under the control of the Holy See. Pope Francis a Jesuit, and selected by the cabal, as Roman Pontiff and leader of the Holy See, basically owns and operates worldwide all these “governments” and their sub-corporations. The Pope is the CEO in charge of this whole bloody mess.


The Queen of England, the Pope, the Lord Mayor of London, and the banks, with sitting governments, and a great many other parties amongst others; CIA, Mossad, MI6, are responsible for today’s terror acts and criminality. – This criminal wrong-doing has to be exposed to the entire world meaning all of you, otherwise nothing is going to change for the better. The cabal are Hard-core Luciferian Globalists, and head-on against the Nationalists, like Trump promotes.


Most of taxpayers’ money is not for the benefit of the citizens and their country as is told, but used to pay the interest over the loans provided by Central Banks, and goes directly into the vaults of the Vatican Bank. All the stolen gold by the cabal has been transferred to planet Venus for storage. The good guys are now taking measures to bring this stolen gold back to Earth, to be implemented worldwide in the soon to be realised gold standard.


All this together, really must become a “Wake up call to Hell!” Because these cabal forces are Hell, guided by Satan from the planet Saturn. Now these bad guys have arrived at your door step, sweeping you out of your house, by using deceit to defraud you, out of your land and your homes, and even taking away your children. These shadowy criminals have grown so fat and bold that they are ready to kill you off by the billions, and bring Nazi Germany to life on your soil.


The Cabal’s Achilles heel:

But the cabal has an Achilles heel too, like Achilles himself, located at the bottom of their pyramid structure. There lives 99% of the population, and only because of the sheer number this group represents, they have a tremendous power. The cabal is desperate to keep these masses under their control to prevent them from ‘waking up’.


The cabal strengthen and decrease this danger for them, by fragmenting and dividing the 99%-group amongst each other. This fragmentation of the population is achieved by creating fictitious groups and send the perception thereof that these groups consider each other as enemies and to feel threatened by each other.


This is typically the Problem – Reaction – Solution control mechanism. They expect the population will then automatically ask for protection and therefore give the ruler a greater say in the assumption to be protected by their government that is controlled by the rulers. That comes at the expense of people’s freedom, but in favour of their power. In order to achieve this goal, they spy on the public with every piece of technology available, they control the flow of information to being able to influence and determine peoples’ perception.


Importantly; they keep the population as poor as possible, to divert their attention that totally is absorbed by work, money queries, and their fight for survival. The fruits of the labour of the population may in any circumstance not end up in the hands of the people themselves, as that would lead to financial, physical and mental freedom. As that freedom would reduce the fictive need for leadership and thus undermine the legitimacy of their leadership.


The population constantly must have to work much harder than actually is needed. This, of course, also will produce much more than is needed. So, this extra production is rapidly destroyed, through war and higher taxes.


The latest Eugenic weapon:

For the purpose of mass killing billions of people, they have developed their latest Eugenic weapon; the 5G revolution, creating an entirely new era of harm from ultra-high microwave frequency radiation. The 5G-network will use higher frequency bands than previously thought possible, which are untested frequencies in the range from 24 to 100GHz, or even more. New antennas infrastructure is needed with amplified signals, for a massive deployment of these dangerous transmitters around the country, making sure to affecting everyone.



Catholic priests:

Most people know that Catholic priests are supposed to be celibate, but most people also know that this is often not the case. But what some priests in Italy have been involved in is shaking the Vatican to the core.


Sexual immorality appears to be running rampant among the clergy, and this is particularly true among the priests that are gay. The following comes from an outstanding article that was published by Vanity Fair:


At the Vatican, a significant number of gay prelates and other gay clerics are in positions of great authority They may not act as a collective but are aware of one another’s existence. And they inhabit a secretive netherworld, because homosexuality is officially condemned. Though the number of gay priests in general, and specifically among the Curia in Rome, is unknown, the proportion is much higher than in the general population. Between 20 and 60 percent of all Catholic priests are gay, according to one estimate cited by Donald B. Cozzens in his well-regarded book: The Changing Face of the Priesthood.



Another scandal in the Catholic Church that is making headlines lately comes out of Ireland. Authorities say that they have discovered the “remains of babies” in the sewers of a home for unwed mothers that the Catholic Church was operating. One historian believes that 800 children may have died there…

In times of great darkness, light is needed more than ever, but often there is a great price to be paid for being a light.


We always knew that great persecution of true believers was coming, and now Christians are actually being put in prison in the western world for simply sharing the gospel publicly.


Whistle blowers are a danger for governments, but a protection for people’s freedom!


Against peace:

Netanyahu is fundamentally against peace; his dark nobility mandate is to expand Israeli’s territory beyond Israel’s existing boarders, which means war with its surrounding population, that is either Arab or Muslim. – Sadly, this is not the opinion of most Israeli citizens.

Yet only with the backing the US Congress, President, and Military does Netanyahu hold onto power, as well as give him the political courage to attempt such grossly illegal settlement expansions into occupied Palestine, as also the attempt of covert military operations in Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Jordan and Iran, known as ISIS or DAAESH.

This is why the Israeli’s AIPAC lobby exerts such pressure/influence upon the US Congress; without the threat of political suicide against Senators, Congressmen, Presidents and Supreme Court Judges, they would cease to exist as the primary leader in Middle Eastern affairs.



Counter weight:

But in the Middle East; Iran holds now a stronger position due to its alliance with China, Russia and India, who defeated the United States of America, Inc. through a currency war which began in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. However, this fight actually goes back to 1871 when Eastern European dark nobility set out to control 100% of the world’s affairs via political and military treachery and deceit without limitation.

The Jesuits were a big part of this plan. As were the Saudi’s, the American Neo-cons, the European Union, and the Bush controlled CIA, with the help of Mossad, and MI6. You meanwhile may get the picture of the hierarchical structure? The cabal is absolute at the top of all formal governments leadership organisations, agencies and think tanks. And they still aren’t able to control the world.



Is the cabal on the way out?

The cabal even had three war strategies that ended in the Middle East, and included an all out war between the Christians, Muslims and Hebrews, which ultimately gave absolute power to Israel under the auspice of a New One World Religion, thus creating the infamous One World Order.
But it didn’t happen. As humanity and some benevolent friends the ‘white heads’ stepped in and reversed the curse, thus altering human history. Great! So what is next?  – Trump, has already signed his resignation letter, as he, under pressure from the New York Jewish mob, wasn’t allowed to sign with General Dunford the RV-agreement, as the Chinese Elders had conditioned; necessary to implement the gold standard. His upcoming departure, also will force Netanyahu in Israel, and Poroshenko in Ukraine to resign. The negative press has created a common yet irreversible political momentum in all three countries.


Many may do remember; Trump’s first order of business was to drain the swamp; “What happened to that?” – It is not going to happen. As it only is something he could do right at the beginning, if the entire nation was behind him. Because for such an operation you have to move fast, in keeping the momentum and the insiders off-balance. To speaking on TV directly to the people about things that really matter, – similar to de Gaulle’s famous 1961 speech. He explained the threat of a coup from retired generals to the country, and appealed to the French public to help him to protect France. He saved his country and the traitors were arrested. The coup was over.


“Team Trump might have pulled off a similar feat in January or February. But the opportunity for real change was squandered, assuming they even wanted to do such a thing, which might be unlikely, knowing meanwhile more about on going background manipulations.



Honesty deserves to report that Trump good actions undertakes. He belongs to the Knight of Templar clan that generally are people friendly, contrary the Rothschild cabal who are Draconians and belong to the Khazarian Mafia clan the Satan worshippers. For now, Russia, China and the restored US-Republic control Trump. He cannot leave the Presidency until after the RV starts and completes, which is expected sometime this summer if everything properly syncs up politically.


The upcoming change:

Anyone yet unwilling to accept the speeding changes, in reality that Trump’s, Netanyahu’s and Poroshenko’s resignations is being tied together, has either their head buried so deep in the mass media sand that they cannot open their eyes, or they choose to cling to outdated cultural and political constructs about how the world once worked, versus how it is now going to be.


The Chinese Elders the owners of the gold that backs the new financial system, simply waited till the hardest core Zionists accepted the new financial system, till they eventually had no other option left. They required complete peace and prosperity everywhere in the world, including in Israel, Palestine and Ukraine.


It will become a free world with a free market, in which everyone lives in peace, may use his/her own free will, and has the right of free choices, which has nothing to do with current events or reality.


Same can be said for those who deny the GCR/RV as the only pathway/solution for insurmountable global debt relief and sustainable trade and currency parity moving forward. – Trade in virtually hard currencies, there is no other option left for the world. RV is required as soon as possible, the alternative will be a complete break-down and chaos.


Now, the Middle East dilemma has been solved; the people of the world can move forward, as the horrific usury and austerity period in human history is becoming history.

In fact, the New Powers to Be – NPTB, are promoting our future quite obvious, anyone paying even the least bit of attention will have noticed that a cataclysmic shift of reality and power is taking place right now, that is moving from West to East, which will most certainly include the announcement of a global gold standard being implemented, an international VAT tax, and global currencies reset, as President Donald J. Trump recently announced in a speech, when he openly spoke of a “level playing field coming very soon” which is related to global trade and currency parity.


Trump was chosen by Freemasons, Illuminati, and Jews Zionists:

As their third option to deceive people.


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