Greece shows what is in store for all Europeans;


The Greek Drama will be our Drama.


Mass Slaughter:

The Greeks are being slaughtered right in front of our eyes and nobody says a word about it! Their Government, and soon also openly your Government, allows the slaughter because it doesn’t concern them. They are blinded by the false glamour of the euro and the feeling of being part of the ‘elite class’ of the noble European cabal puppets.


The Greek government is literally letting their country bleed to death, morally, socially and psychologically. Medical care is no longer available or privatised and unaffordable. Pensions have been reduced; more precisely slashed by over 50%. Hordes of people live on food hand-outs. Most social services, including education have been sold out, privatised.

Take note because this is the future for all Europeans.


The IMF, European Central Bank, and the European Commission, a mere bunch of unelected corrupt puppets, are deciding the fate of the Greek people and soon most Europeans including you, entailing accepting and carrying the brunt of the fake debt.



European Commission sells out:

In September 2016, the unelected European Commission sent Greece a Brussels-drafted legislation of over 2,000 pages, in English, to be ratified by the Greek Parliament within a few days otherwise punitive measures would follow.


Brussels didn’t even bother translating this unreadable legalistic heap of paper into Greek, nor did they allow the Parliament enough time to read, digest and debate the new fiscal legislations. Most parliamentarians could not read them, either because of the language or due to the imposed time limit. The Parliament ratified the legislation anyway.


Under this new law, Greece is transferring all public assets, including public infrastructure, airports, ports even public beaches, natural resources, etc., unconditionally, for 99 years, to the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) which is free to sell, i.e.: privatise them at fire sale prices to the elites – supposedly to pay back the fake Greek debt.


Lost legislative power:

With this legislation, the Greek Parliament has annulled itself. It is no longer allowed to pass any budget or fiscal (tax) legislation. Everything is decided in Brussels in connivance with the IMF and the ECB. The last time a similar situation occurred was in 1933, when the German “Reichstag” – Parliament – transferred all of its legislative power to Chancellor Adolf Hitler.


Apart from the fact that the debt doesn’t in essence exist, the alternative, namely debt relief, was not even allowed to happen, although initially the IMF had recommended debt relief, as being the only way-out. Germany’s Merkel, with no show of mercy announced the final pillage of Greece, requesting Greece to surrender their gold, utilities and real estate to the ESM – largely managed by Germany.

The untold story of the Greek “bailouts” is that it wasn’t a “bailout” at all — it was an auction of Greek assets. Real, tangible things with real, tangible value were seized in exchange for pieces of paper that guarantee Athens will be chained to Berlin and Brussels for the foreseeable future.


The debt problem continues to erode the European Union from within – it is already impossible to hide, and the proverbial Greek Tragedy is growing.


For the next ‘bailout’ amount, Greece has nothing left to surrender, which subsequently means more new debt. The question is; In exchange for what? – Evidently, higher interest rates, a higher debt service, in other words interest and debt amortisation – and an even bleaker outlook, or alternatively the best option; getting out of this imposed EU-fascism process bent on killing all nations.


Argentina’s rampant Inflation is the next item on the menu:

For the sake of completeness; see here a real live experience about what is next on the menu for Europeans: The vaults of Argentina’s lenders are overflowing with banknotes. The amount of pesos in circulation is so huge that banks are obligated to pay security firms to guard them; they in addition are now running out of space. Around a third of Argentina’s economy is cash-based, with high demand for small denomination notes. What’s more, the problem of storing cash is becoming more acute in a country that registered 40% inflation in 2016. Inflation has made it the most expensive country on the American continent, illustrated by the price of a cup of coffee in central Buenos Aires: 100 pesos, worth $6.3 at the official rate.



Final pillage:

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced the final pillage of Greece, as she said, “Berlin’s stance on Greece’s bailout program remains unchanged”, after she met with IMF chief Christine Lagarde, last month.


As this gives a very grim outlook, the question arises; How much longer can Greeks hold out without fatal effects? – Two years ago, rural Greeks survived austerity by gardening, and bartering – subsisting on very little – but many of them only had a few months left of survival. What happened to these people, and what happens now? Other EU member states probably do not want to be reminded or to have a close look into Greece’s looming economic and social crisis.


Grocery shelves were being stripped bare of staple cooking goods, and pharmacies ran out of crucial medicines.

The cities are feeling the effects of economic turmoil, more than their rural counterparts. This could be in part because of self-sufficing tactics like keeping animals and starting gardens as soon as the economic tide started to turn for the worst.


One man has 10 goats, some hens and a vegetable patch. He expects this will help them survive 2-3 months as he is feeding extended family too. It is now common for whole families to live off a retiree’s pension since so many adults have not been able to find work. The Greek villagers are generous with family and friends alike.


While the Greek austerity street clashes of thousands of angry people have faded out of our consciousness for awhile; they recently protested against the new tax hikes that strip them of the remaining money they were left with to live from.



People of Greece – and all of you Wake up.

Take things into your own hands! Don’t believe your politicians, your media, your government! Get out of this criminal organisation called the European Union, and this fraudulent western monetary system that is strangling you to death. Take back your sovereignty, your own currency. Default on your debt – the Khazarian banking cartel can do nothing about it.


Run your country, as Iceland did, with your own public banks, and your own money, gradually but surely rebuilding the destroyed economy. Debt repayment is negotiable, or even not necessary! As recently has been shown in the case of Argentina, they were able to settle with debtors. Even Germany renegotiated its foreign debt in 1952 – see London Agreement of German External Debt.


 WWII reparation payments:

It is interesting to note that Germany, the leader of this economic massacre of Greece, owes Greece huge WWII reparation payments.


On 8 February 2015, PM Tsipras requested Germany to pay up her full reparation debt to Greece of an equivalent of 279 billion euros, in today’s terms.


Germany replied in April 2015 that the reparation issue was resolved in 1990 – which, of course, wasn’t. It cannot be ignored that much of the German pressure on Greece today is a means of deviating the world’s attention from the reparation debt Germany owes to Greece.


People of Greece, be aware of what is going on. Do not accept what your government, Brussels and the troika are doing to you and your country. To the contrary, request the full reparation payment from Germany – and follow Brexit by demanding Grexit, as a fully legitimate follow-up to your July 2015 overwhelming NO vote to more austerity-imposing troika ‘rescue’ packages.


If you break free, you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel — a light that has been blacked-out for too long by Germany and the gangsters of the troika and your own government.


The awakening:

An awakening has undoubtedly been unfolding in recent years, and many more people are becoming aware of just how deeply controlled our lives are, however, at the same time, the matrix itself is evolving, and the programs and plots in place to clamp down on our conscious development are growing more restrictive with each passing year.


“The plan to capture the conscious and subconscious minds of the masses, and mold them into robotic, obedient and impressionable commodities is nearly complete, and it is up to you to free your own mind and wake up before it is too late.”


Be aware; This crisis is no one’s fault, it is manufactured by the European elite, the FED-led Goldman Sachs and other bank institutions of this world. – Mario Draghi who runs the European Central Bank, a former Goldman Sachs executive – is the one who de facto runs the European economy. The whole story about the debt crisis is an outrageous lie! Bailouts are manufactured to enable the elite to plunder countries, lining their pockets.


What the Khazarians in Washington and by extension Brussels want, is compliant nations that will never ever question their role in NATO, never question the EU, never question the shackles to the euro, and never question the US access to the Mediterranean Sea – that is rich in deep off-shore minerals and hydrocarbons.


In particular, this applies also to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Their governments have already been changed by Khazarian interference to right-wing neoliberal compliant stooges.


This is the Stockholm syndrome at its worst. Submissive to our hangman, until death do us part. And death in the form of total destruction, total pillage, total slavery, is not far away.



To all Europeans; get your sovereignty back, your own currency – and be unshackled from the dictate of Brussels – and start afresh – as the noble and wise rise to the occasion and elect and appoint their own Democratic government. Surely, there are sufficient visionaries and wise men to reshape Democracy to serve the people as was originally intended whereby each nation or conglomerate would be governed by the people themselves. Small is beautiful while big is dangerous. We must return to the tribal structure, where everyone knows one and other.


Putin LEFT The New World Order Government


Euphemism by George Carlin

In an age when torture has become “enhanced interrogation techniques”; when the rich are “job creators”; when murdered children are “collateral damage”…