The official budget amounts to one-third of gross income:


Selectively created operating budget:

Every government, nation, state, province, county, and major metropolitan city, holds two sets of accounting books. One – the budget – is commonly available and tracks each governmental entity’s costs and tax revenue. The budget is the financial record that’s seen by the public and used by the politicians to justify new governmental expenditure and higher taxes.


However, the little known Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs), represent the real income and expenditure accounting. Thousands of these CAFRs are completed each year by national and local governments, but only rarely does the public get a view of them. This second set of books – the CAFR – is the true accounting, which is virtually unknown to the public, but consists of the real record of total governmental income.


The budget gives an accurate account of the government’s costs, but only the CAFR is the accounting Bible for all governments. It shows the total gross income, investment structure, that comes from sources like taxes on gasoline, alcohol and tobacco that generate revenue being exempt from scrutiny by Parliament. It also accounts for the general purpose operating budget, while the selectively created operating budget usually amounts to one-third of the gross income and is where 100 percent of tax income is shown.


True Accounting:

The remaining two-thirds of the gross income is shown only in the CAFR report and is derived from return on investments and enterprise operations of which said enterprise operations will have their own investments and CAFR or Annual Financial Report listing, and have their own investments and gross income separate from the local government they are under. In this way many games are played, to hide this income money. One must understand that the total of aggregate cumulative income is multiplied many times over, through the different levels of income money!


Cooking the books:

The tax cuts and CAFR hidden assets are explained through a simplified metaphor:


Let’s have a look at a symbolic henhouse;


The foxes have been writing the laws on how many chickens they can eat from the henhouse. At first, out of our 3.000 chickens, the foxes are given 100 chickens per year. They have eaten them but then said they needed an additional 200. So they are given an additional 200. They have eaten these too but then said they needed another 400. Then they are given 400 chickens, but now the people are complaining, saying enough is enough. So the foxes said they needed 440, by justifying 440 chickens with any logic they have available, but realising the taxpayers were complaining about giving them 100, then 200, then 400, they, in their wisdom, started to put 150 chickens aside each year in their own hen house, held by them and undisclosed to the people. Well, after many years, the foxes have, in their own hen house collected 6.500 chickens, – in other words; the total available revenue that is not tied in directly with the publicly known operating budget – as they meanwhile continue to collect the by now 510 chickens – which is the disclosed operating budget – the foxes start crying to the public, saying they are barely getting by on the 510, but since the people complained about 510, the foxes will cut back the an annual take to 490 at great sacrifice to themselves.


Under this method of cooking the books, government entities, at every level, can collect much more money than is reflected in the publicly available budget. It is obvious that the inside players’ crucial role to ensure success was to make sure the people did not review, understand, or comprehend their financial game plan as it grew.


Syndicated media:

To be able to pull this off, government required the full cooperation of the syndicated media, organised education, and the political parties. It is clear they got it, and got it due to the money involved. If these minions cooperated, they were on an easy highway to wealth. If they did not, they were marginalised, or even worse killed.


How to correct this theft?

To expose this covert government theft, citizens must first learn how much money their local government is hiding. Make sure all facts are acquired by carefully looking at, reviewing, and examining the local government CAFRs. Avoidance or refusal by the respective governments to comply with such an investigation, is in plain language treason and financial fraud by intentional non-disclosure of the worst kind. If all the people would start to look, it is quite likely that there will be a few sharp, clever individuals around that can take the corrective measures necessary to reverse the game back into one that benefits and is controlled by the people.


The arrangement:

Analysing their tools; Obama’s approval of the vehicle for this worldwide large scale fraudulency, is the Financial Stability Board, FSB, which he signed at the 2009, G-20 meeting in London, to be added to the Bretton Woods Agreement that was approved by 44 allied nations in July 1944, which connects the FSB to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS). – This particular move must be scrutinized very carefully.


The FSB should have been approved by congress and not by Obama, being subject to oversight by elected officials of the countries involved. Don’t be surprised if these people involved don’t know what you’re talking about. Politely, yet firmly insist they find out and take action.


It’s a global world today, and a body that oversees the smooth flow and interchange of currencies and other financial instruments, such as the FSB is said to be needed in today’s world. If this is indeed so, such an organisation cannot be controlled by international bankers who are not answerable to the citizens of the countries in which they operate. – Central Bankers should not be making decisions about international finance without oversight and a system of checks and balances that are reflective of people’s elected government.


Even worse, but for the sake of good order; Within the FSB, operates the Plunge Protection Team, PPT, that intervenes in markets with tax money from the Treasury, to manipulate the markets with their intervention, as their Babylonian money-magic tricks manipulate the stock market higher and precious metal prices downward.


The Secrets of the Plunge Protection Team:

Many people wonder what they should think of the recent volatility in the stock markets; the true criminals emerging being ‘The Plunge Protection Team (PPT)’ established in 1988 under Ronald Reagan by signing Executive Order 12631, allegedly to prevent another 1987 ‘Black Monday’ through authorised manipulation of the markets. The PPT has the entire U.S. Treasury at their disposal to manipulate the markets through DERIVATIVES – future options – using public owned assets behind the Treasury to rig the prices of commodities such as gold, silver, currencies, stocks, etc.


In this manner paper stocks rise, while precious metals and oil drop in value, an indication that the PPT is rigging: They buy metals futures – derivatives – in great amounts, creating loses in silver and gold indexes by purchasing at the taxpayer’s expense large gambling bets – derivatives – against true value of intrinsic metals.


These gambling interventions by the PPT have constantly pushed down the market successfully, despite the inflated financial realities that resulted. The purchase of these gambling derivatives at such a great loss (at the expense of the taxpayer) has transformed each market crisis into a rally, meanwhile further inflating the highly overvalued market indexes. This is the reason that major banks are holding Trillions of gambling derivatives on their books, as these are used to rig the markets.


They rig the value of precious metals to discourage investors from purchasing gold and silver instead of Treasury Bonds. This is the way; they plug the ‘pinched hole’ of the financial bubble, to stop the bursting. – The PPT cannot continue to spend what it doesn’t have. The pension funds they are ‘borrowing’ from are almost exhausted. So get yourself some gold and silver, it will buy you necessities to survive in the coming collapse, while paper fiat currencies will be useful to heat your home.


Sooner rather than later these market ‘fixes’ will no longer prevent the bubble from bursting. This is called the creation of growth and prosperity as governments and the media want us to believe, but nonetheless financial bubbles are on the brink of explosion. At least now it is widely understood who created all this misery, it is your own government with the ‘trusted’ bank institutions. – Nowadays keen-market observers notice greater instability in the markets, meaning the PPT is running out of options.


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