Mass Media controls your Mind


A True and honest media is a dream:

The mainstream mass media, is focusing their news programmes and lacking narratives with transparency on negative stories on fires, wrecks, murder, mayhem, third-party scandals, and not to forget; bashing Russia with flame and blame, intentionally creating fear, distrust and conflict. The question is; Is there any good news? Yes, there is. But the mainstream media isn’t used to having their spin questioned – especially by the president. Since Donald Trump was elected, the aggressive media attacks against the administration have served as undeniable proof that the news is biased and unfairly controlled.

The editorial board destroys any illusion that the mainstream media has remained impartial. This is an outright dream. These are the people pulling the strings that everyday decide which story to run, when and where. They edit the context and content of every story coming out of their newsroom. They decide, which story is front page, and throw away any idea they don’t like. It’s hard to imagine for honest journalists trying to work in that kind of environment.


On the other hand; Fake news, it seems, is what people want. Because News is seen as a form of entertainment. They want entertainment that makes them feel smart, heroic, and honourable. This is the stimulus; people want lies! They don’t want to feel uncomfortable, inadequate, or stupid. So the last thing they want, is any serious contemplation or real insight.


The truth is too difficult to accept and too bitter to swallow. People seem to want news that goes down smoothly, and makes them feel taller and slimmer. The farther away from the hard facts – as in first-hand experience – the falser the news becomes. The news you read in the newspaper, usually takes place far away, based on motives you can’t understand, built on compounded fantasies, myths, and delusions. This is clearly shown by looking, for example, at the economic news. They propagate that the economy is doing great, while median income and the standard of living are declining, people are suffering under austerity measures, and can hardly can get by on two or three-part-time jobs, while being forced to pay more for most things.


What if a brave young reporter had a hot lead on a Trump story that could shake things up, and make the president look good to readers? Does one risk their job by speaking out, or does the reporter cave in to their bosses’ unfair pressure and kill the story? This isn’t new, of course. The fascist-leftist spinning machine has been at work for decades. Only now, it has grown so out-of-control, it’s almost comical in its obviousness.


Nowadays, the only way to advance in the mainstream media is to push leftist views, instead of the truth. In the past ten years, liberal media sources have seen a sharp decline in distribution. People simply aren’t subscribing or reading anymore. As a result, advertising revenue and growth have both dried up. But the old guard – the big bosses with fat salaries, great pensions and thirty years of experience – haven’t left yet, while refusing to adapt to the market.



Mass Media controls people’s minds:

The mass media is controlled by only a handful of multinational corporations. Insightful journalism is continuously impeded, while secretive operations disregard the freedom of information Act. The purpose of this law is to declassify governmental documents. It also is the subject of an ongoing conflict between government officials and news organisations, as well as private citizens.


It is especially troubling that media ownership is so concentrated when considered that more than 98% of people in the West have a television. Of this 98%; 82% watch primetime TV, and 71% watch cable programs every week. Additionally, 84% listen to the radio regularly, while 79% are newspaper readers. Nearly half of these people have access to the Internet, whilst certain demographic groups reach 70%. These totals suggest that most westerners spend an excessive amount of time staring at a screen, which in itself is bad enough. But when realised that everything these people see and hear comes from a mere five major media outlets, the threat of potential propagandising and mind control becomes absolutely clear.


If people would know just how deeply they have been programmed and mind controlled, straight up truth could prove to be far too disruptive, negatively impacting too many. Contemplate the starting of a transition for humanity into a sovereign consciousness, by inserting Trump into a leadership position, in which he can stir the pot with the mix of some bold-faced lies and hard truths, scaring everyone awake with a nonsensical missile strike on an abandoned airfield, coordinated as a reverse false flag operation in which the Chinese, Russians and Syrians are all involved on behalf of the WDS. They apparently feel this action will do the mass awakening trick. For people that are already awake, it’s very bad and awkward watching all this deceit playing out, both malevolent and benevolent. But for the ones that are still asleep, as most are, this will possibly be eye opening.


There is no substitute for free and unfettered news gathering. Journalists are not cops nor are they public relations agents. They are reporters, for them there are no substitutes. One of the largest problems affecting freedom of the press is the corporatisation of the media, which dilutes news content in order to make it more appealing to larger audiences, in line with the instruction from the Deep State cabal. Corporate media giants are silencing conflicting voices to the spoon-fed narrative, abandoning quality journalism and eliminating local content. Society is in desperate need of better media.


The world is changing fast, and many people, at least in the developed world, are starting to see through corporate- owned mainstream media. Television is specialised in ‘faking’ and lying about major global events on multiple occasions, meanwhile some media-employees are leaving their jobs and are telling the truth about what and who dominates a large portion of mainstream media.


The future for the media:

The future media, will be organised by private citizens who, making use of cell-phone cameras and the internet, take it upon themselves to find and report news, reporting on what people do, and what has happened. – If they have studied a specific profession and have become interested in the issues involved, they can actively search for, collect, and read numerous cases from others, on the same or related subjects, comparing different points of view and insights, all the while fact-checking. Sources should be scrutinised and then they could blog or write an article on the subject, eventually participating in the media debate, etc.


A few conscious individuals believe that the world is undergoing an exciting, but uncomfortable change, that may be unsettling, but the current advances in technology and environmentalism, and the soon to be released thousands of patents that have been hidden by the cabal, will eventually lead to a brighter and more harmonious future, that comes with free energy, and engines that run on water. More specifically, technologies are to be released that are so advanced compared to what is currently known. People will be totally amazed when these are revealed and implemented.

Time, to listen to the conspiracy theorists:

But the public must be cautious and patient. We have been deceived for far too long by the cabal plutocrats who dominate finance, corporate life and the mass media. For many years now and from all different angles, awakened and conscious people have been warning of a coming New World Order, which entails socialist globalisation desired by the cabal. Together with their puppets, centred in the various secret societies of satanic Luciferianism, this is the agenda they are pursuing.


In a world of ignorance, apathy, gross contradiction, cognitive dissonance and denial, what will it take for the masses to wake up? Granted, they have been deceived, but living in zombie-like trances, they lack responsibility towards themselves and their fellow humans: It’s therefore no surprise to see them buy into the cabal’s chutzpah and blindly give their consent to the ruling elite’s agenda, not knowing about the underlying hidden, dark and destructive concealed motives.


A major objective of the cabal’s agenda is; the dehumanisation of the masses on many levels through manipulation, keeping people in the dark about what must be done to prevent the disastrous consequences. They may have heard about untested vaccines, GMO, and toxic food, corporate drug companies influencing government policies, totalitarian martial law, like in France, and the ever-increasing restrictions on liberties. But people are unfortunately lacking the interest and motivation to come into action against these atrocities. – This could be easily stopped through our mass refusal to co-operate, in the awareness of their disempowering and destructive secret motives.


Without a doubt, we have reached the point in time when the common public should listen to the ‘conspiracy theorists’ and the youthful activists. Why should people believe the same officials that have made false statements and allegations over and over again, coercing us into making wrong choices? Why should people listen to anything these institutions say?


Individual freedom:

If people are again to experience the individual freedom and capitalist initiatives that once brought prosperity to the middleclass and beyond, as well as social success, it is obvious that something must change. Simply bouncing back and forth between different administrations that actually are in essence the same; controlled by the deep state’s hidden government, and the globalists from the shadows, will not bring any improvement in the standard of living of ordinary people.


When people awaken en masse, and ally with the Eastern gnostic bloodline nobility, then the 13 Khazarian Archon bloodline families that comprise the Deep State, resp. the dark nobility, will soon be out of oxygen everywhere on planet Earth. – Once the Central Banks are abolished, and all currencies are backed by gold or silver, they won’t have the money to create wars. They’ll lose their power structure, their agencies, allies, and weapons of mass destruction, resulting in game over for them.


What will remain, is their final public surrender announced by Donald Trump, which will bring down Netanyahu in Israel, and Poroshenko in the Ukraine, solve the 9/11, MH 17 downing, and all other false flag operations. It will also guarantee Marine Le Pen wins the French elections, that will bring down Merkel in Germany, end the European Union, and give rise to the default of the Euro.


People unite:

People must unite, against their domestic fascist government, the most formidable enemy is the one that controls every nation’s government, the financial system, the educational system, the health system, and even citizens’ lifestyle. The force in numbers of the enemy is negligible, while we, the people have an impressive majority; provided many of us are awake and conscious. It is time for all individual citizens to become proactive!


If the people in this world of violence do not unite for the important purpose of destroying the Deep State with their murderous terrorist attacks, and drug organisations, we are lost. The cabal will not go away without a fight, but will rise in strength and will use force to suppress us even more. People must unite, like an army that quickly diffuses their killers by mobilising their own rescue from a pending threat. People’s shear numbers and faith could free us all and we could experience a world of peace, prosperity, being able to take care of ourselves without intervention.



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