Be clearly informed about the Financial Crisis:


True Economics:

It is amazing that people do not have much interest in economic matters that direct the course of literally everything in their lives. As an example, stories that are related to “True Economics,” receive fewer visits or recommendations, with even fewer content related comments. The comment box serves readers to broaden their understanding on particular subjects, people can communicate with one another, or put forward questions, to deepen their understanding and acquire insights on daily occurrences. As an example: When ENRON was exposed with its double bookkeeping by an internal whistle-blower, for many years that made headlines, and eventually executives went to jail. So individuals that had saved some of their well-earned money on hidden accounts, were heavily fined, and even faced jail terms! But when your government does the same, no one wakes-up!


Why is a presumed free-people so willing to submit and subject themselves to a bunch of crooked bankers who create money out of nothing, charging interest on it, with just the stroke of a pencil, or the push on a keyboard, making an entry on their balance sheet with nothing to back it up?  This path only leads to fascism and socialism under oligarchic control by an elitist dictatorship.


People complain about this and that, that they consider unjust, unfair, unwarranted, undeserved. They moan about brutalities, about crime, about war. Is nobody interested in the whole truth of our reality? Can’t people see that most of the problems that exist in the world stem from the control of money? Does nobody get it or are they really just plain stupid like sheep?


Herd instinct:

By definition, people have a herd instinct and mentality. They want to follow their leader of the pack, without considering whether their leader is the best trained or most knowledgeable. But this is inherent to the working of a democracy. It is the majority that counts and not the enlightened few. As Churchill once said ‘democracy is the worst form of government, but there is no better’. But he purposely didn’t mention Anarchy, which is the very best form of government, entailing self-governance.


History, including current events, shows that worldwide the globalists’ political movement is headed for one geopolitical global government and economy created by the world’s banking elite on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia. It is quite possible that this will be achieved within the next several years due to the current worldwide economic crisis propelling it.


Savings built up by consumers:

Up until 2008, the economy was in continuous expansion. At first, there was a healthy expansion. Consumers had built up savings during and after WWII. They were ready to get back to work in the consumer economy and spend their money. In that period the USA was world’s leading lender, leading exporter, and leading in manufacturing, in short leading in everything.


From net creditor to net debtor:

By the ’70s, under the Nixon administration the gold backing for the dollar, the world’s reserve currency, was abolished. During the 1980s, the US turned from a net creditor into a net debtor to the rest of the world. By the 1990s, consumers were spending more than they earned on things they didn’t need, and stopped saving completely at the turn of the century. Consumers became dependant on the savings of the people in Japan and China. This created a consumption economy with a flood of credit that in turn gave rise to the climate and general acceptance of living beyond one’s means.


During the credit based expansion period from 1980 – 2005, once a recessionary phase occurred, the central banks tried to stimulate consumer spending accordingly with unabated further economic expansion by making even more credit available. Consumers became addicted to the accumulation of an ever-increasing debt. As a result, the financial industry expanded in an incredible manner, culminating in the financial crisis of 2008.


Without improvements, people’s well being is in danger:

The economy, at least for the foreseeable future, will not expand. Growth is probably off the cards in every sector. The world has entered into an era of unsustainability instead of growth. Without any improvement on people’s well being, without the necessary changes for better living conditions, one thing is for sure, the future economy will be totally different from what people have been used to.


The only way out of this economic prison is for people to realise that fiat currency is not wealth, and to work towards creating true wealth that exists within the intrinsic fruits of products and services and people’s labour. True economic freedom will require the rejection of the credit/debt model of society promoted by the banking elite.


All people should take to heart, the paramount necessity to create together a better financial world and thus a society for ourselves, but more importantly, for all generations to come, our children, grandchildren etc. Furthermore, people who have cash to spare, should buy gold and silver as a hedge against the tremendous inflation that we will endure as a society, resulting from the implementation of the wrong medicine for so many years, the huge amount of ‘fiat’ liquidity spent on bailouts, granted to cronies and so on.


Fundamental solution required:

All people should realise that the fundamental solution to our economic ills, is the creation of a debt-free society based on human resources, not through the exploitation of natural resources, or debt-slave resources. All governmental bureaucrats, are brainless maniacs. As well as all elected officials, media/journalists and so-called think tanks of the world, that can’t even begin to fathom where to start.


Amazingly people in general are docile because they think they want to be controlled. Like children, they need to be told how, when, where, who and what, regarding every aspect of their lives. They are so quick and willing to surrender all their freedom, wealth; including personal wealth, state and national sovereignty, just so they don’t have to think, act, or take responsibility for their own lives, or that of their family and neighbours, let alone their nation.


Growth industries in this new environment will include teaching the new generations on food preservation; animal farming; weaving; knitting; agribusiness; etc. These ‘forgotten’ skills will make a remarkable comeback!


Global economic crisis:  A blessing in disguise?

Could this current global economic crisis be a blessing in disguise; a return to a simpler period in time when people cared for and had time for each other? Could we be rewarded through our suffering during this crisis with a world where can live in hope and without world war? Rather than waiting for a miracle to happen, take action yourself by motivating others to do same, cooperating together for this simple improvement of society. Don’t wait until others step forward hoping they will do it. Be cognisant of the fact that nothing will change without individual commitment. Change of attitude is the first step.


There are still some people around that have a lot of common sense and are fortunate enough to have been bestowed with brilliant brains. If most people in charge were gifted in this way, the world would not have been in such dire straits as it is today. This crisis is being orchestrated by the Deep State – the banking cartel, and if no sensible people with brains stand up and take charge, implementing sensible measures to drastically change course, then we will soon be living in a world experiencing de-humanisation and total enslavement.


People are not honest with themselves, like politicians that are dishonest to their electorate. Wake up and let it be known; Society is controlled by the Deep State, through a bunch of political puppets instructed to execute and partake in boondoggles.


Back to square One:

Let’s hope that this crisis will bring many back to basics, averting the outlook described, which is pure fascism, oligarchy, and which would eventually lead to world dictatorship. Be warned, there is a severe risk that this could happen, rather sooner than later.


People on the dole do have to become inventive in employing skills. If together we are successful, the new upcoming society will be blessed, once people learn to accept and understand how to survive and care for themselves, their family, friends and neighbours. Concurrently, the new economic environment will be focussed on sustainability and improving the quality of life. With a bit of luck and dedication, people will discover hope and faith again.

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