Money system deliberately destroyed

How this monetary system works

A Society is as sound as its currency

The Solution is simple – Public Awareness

Knowledge is Power



Our time is worth no more today than half a century ago

The average working-class person has made zero wage gains in his entire 48-year period in the labour market, since the new fiat currency was introduced in 1971. It is known that real hourly wages are no higher than they were in the mid-’70s. Then again, the figures indicate that the period of zero growth reaches back to 1971. As the fraudulently precise figures of the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) show annual real wage gains of 0.01%. That’s one-hundredth of a percent! In other words, Nothing.


That makes this a fact of non-progress which we should be concerned about. Most people have only one commodity, which is their time. They sell it by the hour, by the week, or month. The figures show that their time is worth no more today than it was nearly half a century ago.


Don’t hold your breath lest this be proven false. How could this be possible? How could centuries of progress, from the depths of the Middle Ages to the era of the Nixon administration, suddenly come to an end, just when things seemed most promising?


Today, there are far more people with PhDs, more engineers, more people with a master’s degree, more patents, more technology, and more well-educated people all over the world; striving, straining, and stressing out over how to make their time more valuable. How could our progress have failed so spectacularly?


The same Vehicle

But it’s even worse than the numbers suggest. Firstly, the given numbers are averages. So, the high wages of the few pull up the average low wages of the many. Secondly, instead of looking at the money, with the phony statistical adjustments, it is more correct to look at the time.


In 1971, one could buy a new middle-class utility vehicle (UV) for $2,500. At the $4 per hour loan, it took 625 hours to buy that car. Today’s comparable models cost $30,000, and the average hourly wage is $26. Now, the average wage-earner has to work for 1,154 hours to pay for his middle-class UV. Putting it another way; it takes him almost twice as much of his time to pay for his car.


But wait, says the central banker. The car today is not the same as the one from 1971. Technology has improved. This new one has GPS, Bluetooth, and seat warmers. Therefore, you are getting twice as much in value. Indeed, technology has improved. But the car is not twice as good as it was back then. While the fundamental task of the car is still the same. In both cases it moves you and your stuff from A to B, with or without the luxury extra’s. The simple fact is; you need this UV car; which costs now $30,000.


Financial nonsense system

Thirdly, since the central banks have discouraged savings, with their artificially low interest rates, as well as the general increase in the cost of living, the buyer is not likely to have $30,000 on hand. So, he is forced to borrow. A loan, with interest, that then becomes part of the financialised economy, to be sliced and diced, leveraged, and hypothecated, until the money shufflers earn more on the loan than the car manufacturer did on the automobile.

So, the not too wealthy working man is not only forced to sell twice as much of his time to buy a car, his time has now become an asset “underlying” not only car manufacturers, but also the banksters. And here’s the weak link in the entire senseless and distorted financial system: all this is spawned into existence on a limited asset of declining value.


The finance industry loans to the working man at 5.5%. On a loan of $30,000 for a car, this gives the lender a gross profit of $5,290. This leaves the poor man paying $490 a month – equal to 19 hours of work – for six years. Altogether, the fellow would be forced to work for 1,356 hours over a six-year period to get, more or less, the same automobile he would have been able to purchase for 625 hours of his time in 1971.


The same with Housing

The same calculation mutatis mutandis can be applied to housing. The average man paid about $24,000 for the average house in 1971. Today, he pays $371,000. Priced in time, the house cost 6,000 hours in 1971 and 14,269 hours today.


Is that progress? Not in most people’s imagination. Time is Life. It is the only commodity most people have. It takes more than seven years of work for the average person to buy the average house today – four years more than it took in 1971.



So, what happened? The simple answer: Thanks to the strive for globalisation and the WTO, a huge supply of time flooded the market. Approximately one billion people from China, India, and Southeast Asia are willing to work for $1 to $5 a day and they have entered the world economy. Consequently, this competition has lowered the gross value of time.


And all this has set the stage for President Donald J. Trump, who argues that the US needs to “build a wall” and start implementing tariffs to keep these people and their products out. In all honesty, it is not that simple. You don’t get richer by shutting out people who can produce goods faster, cheaper, or better than you can. You get richer by doing what you do better, and then trading that for something which someone else does better.


Also, cheap foreign labour should have pushed down the cost of goods and services imported from overseas. Even as his own wages did not increase, the average working man should have seen an increase in his real standard of living. Adjusted for inflation; real wages should have gone up.


But that didn’t happen either, because something else was going on; The proverbial Swamp was growing. The economy was becoming less productive and more “financialised”; full of parasites, cronies, zombies, pawns, lackeys and financial hustlers.


The insiders and the rich navigated through the Swamp and continued to make money. But the typical working individuals, the outsiders, went down in the Central Bank’s Main Street economy.


Now, it may be clear why central bankers were forced to inflate the world’s money supply at an unprecedented pace. Never before since the entire world’s monetary system became completely unhinged from both gold and real interest rates, has so much money been created out of thin air. Monetary theorists believe these manipulations will deliver the benefits of free markets; wealth, abundance, and a multitude of other advantages – without any of the costs in savings, investment, labour, and real interest compensation. Nonsense of course.


Money system deliberately destroyed

The world’s money system is being deliberately destroyed, and so too are the monetary signals that guide the markets, which in a free market are supposed to represent the supply and demand decisions of billions of people. Accordingly, all signals have become totally fake, phony and false.


Despite frequent denials, these distortions in the markets are the result of intentional manipulations of currency values around the world by central bankers, crafted in response to the demand for competing export opportunities, easy money and cheaper credit by governments. The world has been indoctrinated into believing that fiat paper money is the symbol of wealth, and can deliver all the benefits of the free market. This isn’t true.


The central truth of economics is based on scarcity. There can never be enough of anything to satisfy everyone. The central truth of politics is patronage: promising to give everything to everyone. Paper money is the bridge between economics and politics.


The huge sums of money being printed in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. are hindering any chance for “market-determined” exchange rates. All governments worldwide have a debt burden so high they only can hope to inflate their way out, which won’t be possible either. The whole world is in the midst of global currency wars. It has become a madman’s currency race to the bottom.


The fabric of society is being destroyed

Across Europe, greed and corruption is destroying the fabric of society. Whether it is political, financial, corporate, match-fixing in European football or widespread political bribery in Spain.


The ‘privileged’ have been plundering the nations’ wealth for too long. Politicians, bankers and corporate bosses have lost all credibility and trust and are so utterly rotten to the core, that there has to be a total change of both the people in charge and the system itself.


All the money stolen by the banksters and politicians should be returned; their fiscal protective shield of amnesty should be abolished. Politicians and bankers must be convicted of fraud or illegal activities and should face prison sentences. All that is being purported to the public are great lies. This will hopefully prove to have been the final delusion of modern times. Watching this tragedy unfold is alarming, regarding both those involved in pushing this mass-deception, as well as the painful awakening process of the masses living in blissful ignorance.


Even the stimulus programs as also the global warming nonsense are all lies; unnecessarily increasing taxes to further rob people of their money and curb their freedoms. Governments act like the convicted hedge-fund scammer Bernie Madoff with his Ponzi swindling scheme; he too used fresh money to create the illusion of returns for existing clients. There is no way for governments to comply with their commitments without continuously increasing payroll taxes and inflating the money supply.


Serial Liars

Many of our world leaders do what they do best, they Lie. They are serial liars. They support wealth and power and are beholden to powerful moneyed interests. They are guided by instructions of the Elite. They sponsor popular sentiments by saying: “It’s time to distribute the wealth to all around the world and time to have more freedom.” This is claptrap and plain socialism! Socialism and individual freedom cannot seem to go together. Socialism is in fact a major threat to freedom. As Tocqueville maintained; There is “an irreconcilable conflict between democracy and socialism.” Government cannot guarantee any benefit or service without first taking it from someone else. That’s why the promise of socialism is merely the promise of plunder. The nation as a whole cannot become wealthy through the plunder of its own citizens.


The Rothschilds own almost all Central Banks in the world, the shareholders are private banks also owned by the Rothschilds and their bankster cronies, while Governments don’t own any of these shares.


How, this monetary system works

Here is how the system works: When the government is short of funds, the Treasury issues bonds and delivers them to bond dealers, which auction them off. When the Central Banks want to “expand the money supply” -creating more money-, they step in and buy bonds from these dealers with newly issued paper currency acquired for the cost of writing them into an account on a computer screen. These manoeuvres are called “open market operations” because the Central Bank buys the bonds on the “open market” from the bond dealers. The bonds then become the “reserves” that the banking establishment uses to back its loans. In another sleight of hand –skilful deception- known as “fractional reserve” lending, the same reserves are lent many times over, further expanding the money supply, generating interest for the banks with each loan.

The Central Banks generate profits for their shareholders. “The interest on the bonds acquired with the newly issued Central Bank Notes, pays for the central Bank’s operating expenses, plus a guaranteed 6% return to its shareholders. A mere 6% a year may not be considered a profit in the world of Wall Street high finance, but most businesses that manage to cover all their expenses and give their shareholders a guaranteed 6% return are considered For-profit Corporations.”


In addition to this guaranteed 6%, the banks will now be getting interest payments on their “reserves”- reserves which ultimately come from the taxpayers. The basic reserve requirement set by the Federal Reserve is 10%. This 10% held in “reserve” can be fanned into ten times that sum in loans; that means $10,000 in reserves becomes $100,000 in loans.


A Society is as sound as its currency

In other words, via the Government, taxpayers pay for the interest to the banks so they can retain the reserves to accumulate interest on ten times that sum in loans. Plainly expressed; the banks ‘earn’ these returns over the back of taxpayers. With these manipulations, the ECB ‘earned’ -according to their own statements – nearly 1 billion euros over the year 2012.


The whole system has become rife with corruption. It degrades the very concept of money. This relates to why kids don’t save coins in piggy banks anymore — it’s because they’re no longer coins with value; they’re just tokens that are constantly depreciating and essentially worthless. All of society is about as sound as its currency.


The Solution is simple

If the Central Banks were actually a governmental agency, the governments could issue the country’s legal tender directly, avoiding unnecessary interest-bearing debts to private middlemen who created the money out of thin air themselves. It could lend the full faith and credit of the country to state and local governments interest-free, cutting the cost of running expenses in half, restoring the thriving local economies of earlier decades.


All our action should be based on logical thinking. We have to rebuild everything in our society. To begin with; changing today’s central bank economy into a peoples’ economy, where the people are in control of the government. This is part of the Q-PLAN that was devised many years before Trump was elected. In this Mega-PLAN, the Chinese, Russia and many individuals and organisations are involved.


The Federal Reserve Central Bank is now under Trump’s control. There will be no recession in 2020. President Trump will be re-elected. Once everything is put in place, only then will the hammer fall. In the second term of his Presidency, the economy will improve. The Deep State will not be able to compete in the 2020 election. The PLAN is an incredible, Master-Minded, military-planned operation at its very best. People will soon have money backed by real assets; money with real purchasing power that will go much further than today’s fiat money.


Even in Europe Matteo Salvini, the outspoken head of the anti-immigrant League party, in Italy said the Central Bank of Italy and Consob, the country’s stock market regulator, should be “reduced to zero, in other words eliminated, and that the “fraudsters” who inflicted losses on Italian savers should “end up in prison for a long time.”


Public Awareness

One thing is of enormous importance; at all costs, we the people must make absolutely sure that never, ever, a Central Bank is able to come back. This will not happen immediately, but much later. In the future, there could be a chance that we, as a people, may have to face an ordeal like this again. There will always be crooks around that will try to come back and do their grab for power. Because of this real possibility, we, the people must be fully educated about all the ‘in and outs’ that have happened in the past pertaining to this. We do have the obligation to educate ourselves, our children and their children about the evils of Central Banks, and the criminal Deep State practices.


It really is important to muster sufficient knowledge and have understanding about this money swindle that has only been allowed to go on for centuries because of our ignorance.


Once it is clearly understood how these manipulations have been so successful, it will be time to come into action, to participate in the rebuilding of our own society. We must prevent such a blatant swindle from ever happening again in the future. We must take advantage of the vast and thorough research that has been done over the last decennia to uncover this fraud and the many other swindles that have taken place over the centuries. Every responsible adult has the obligation to participate in the reconstruction process of society by addressing all these criminal activities that have been going on for far too long. Become knowledgeable and never forget; Easy money printing made politicians and people in charge corrupt.


People are encouraged to read and study the instructive guide, especially compiled for this very purpose; part One and part Two of the thoroughly researched book, The Great Awakening, with many detailed cases in point and solutions that are complimented with countless links for individual in-depth research. All this information is important and necessary to fully grasp, in order to structure and implement the effective, necessary changes. Only then can we guarantee the total destruction of these criminal malpractices and prevent them from ever resurfacing, and being freed of corruption.



Knowledge is Power