The Yellow Vest Movement

The Destruction of Western Civilisation

Brexit is Inevitable

Our Liberation from the EU-World Prison

Changing the Monetary Guard


Anti-EU forces

The unelected puppets in Brussels have every reason to be concerned about their future. The Anti-EU forces are expected to greatly expand their grip. With Donald Trump as US President, the pro-European Muslim integration forces are facing big problems. While trying to hold Eurosceptics at bay and with Europeans having had enough of being the slaves of Brussels, the establishment forces have to shift their policies towards national interests, a lesser role for the EU and its supranational structures. People are unhappy; more than unhappy, they are angry. They are demonstrating against Angela Merkel’s immigration policy, while the peaceful protesters are violently oppressed by police forces. Europe has become a highly authoritarian state of spineless cabal vassals.


Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria and Moldavia all voted for leaders who are against Merkel’s immigrant policy, called for the lifting of the sanctions and for improving relations with Russia. Western big business has started to re-invest in Russia. They would never risk doing this if they were uncertain their investments would pay off.


EU a sinking ship

Europeans can’t seem to imagine a libertarian alternative of private charities, limited government, minimal taxes, an unregulated economy, intellectual and psychological freedoms. This is another reason the EU-Continent is a sinking ship.

The average person is not even aware that the country known as Italy today was only created in 1861, as a consolidation of many completely independent and very different entities that had been separate states since the collapse of the Roman Empire.


Germany was only unified in 1871, out of scores of principalities, dukedoms, baronies, and so on. Both of the above mentioned unifications were very bad ideas; World Wars 1 and 2 are just the tip of the iceberg of a long list of reasons why that’s true.


There are over 200 nation-states in the world. The Globalist “elite,” the Deep State, and organisations like the EU in Brussels, would like to see a much smaller number of more powerful states, steadily moving forward towards a one-world government that they control.


But the actual trend, emanating from the spirit of the people, is in the opposite direction. The trend is the disintegration of nation-states everywhere. There are separatist movements in big Western European countries, like the Basques and Catalans in Spain. And the Scots from the United Kingdom, who wish they weren’t quite so united with the UK. There are many separatist movements, rarely reported in the mass media, truly dozens of secession movements throughout Europe and indeed, around the globe.


The Destruction of Western Civilisation

The breakup of the EU and the end of the Euro is just a matter of time and it could happen a lot faster than anyone expects. The EU is already dying financially, with all the debt bankrupting governments, businesses and individuals. It is sinking economically, weighted down with oppressive regulations and taxation. It also is being strangled demographically, with birth rates far below replacement levels, except among African and Muslim immigrants, who are not integrating and causing excessive tensions and apprehension among the Europeans. The main reason for the social stress being that millions of migrants seem to expect free food, shelter, clothing, money, the rape of women, and hanging around in coffee houses all day long to complain.


The EU has long been a hotbed of religious, ethnic and racial wars. The Soros NGO-subsidised migration of Muslims and Africans into the EU is going to be one of the biggest problems for the next generation. It’s a sure thing that not just millions, but tens of millions of “feet people” and “boat people” are going to try to overrun Europe. If they are accepted and resettled, it will destroy what’s left of Western Civilisation. If it is prevented, it could result in millions of deaths, and be quite a scandal. It is not known how this will end, but it’s going to be a big, ugly catastrophe.


The Euro is doomed. It will reach its intrinsic value of zero. The euro will likely cease to exist by the end of the decade, most likely sooner than later. The best alternative for the protection of your euro-wealth, of course, is precious metals; gold and silver.


Draghi, who deserves the same fate bestowed on Hillary Clinton, is incompetent, and is acting in a completely predictable manner. It is important to minimise the quantity of your euro’s as much as possible, and to make a plan to get all out as quickly as possible when necessary.


It is likely to get a lot worse. Rising interest rates, influenced by the stress in the debt markets and the imminent breakdown of the bond market, and higher real unemployment that will result in major problems in the global financial system, will be countered with massive money printing, which will lead to substantially higher levels of debt, as well as a vicious debt-cycle without an exit.


The Yellow vest movement

European business has lost all confidence in the Brussels EU Administration’s feeble and generally untrustworthy words. Many breached their longstanding contracts with Iran, after the unsigned, crooked Iranian Nuclear Deal was not “renewed”, because of feared repercussions from Washington DC and the lack of trust in Brussels’ protection. Case in point is the French-British petrol giant Total, which shifted its supply source from Iran to Russia, against Washington’s explicit wishes. However, the damage has been done. The EU-vassals are slowly committing suicide.


More than half of the Europeans want to get out of the maze of Brussels. That’s why the ‘Yellow Vest” protesters are now up in arms and protesting everywhere in France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, with every week more countries following suit. It is being called the new French revolution, and this time, it is Global.


The latest in a series of US attacks on German businesses are the recent threats to German corporations with sanctions if they work on Nord Stream 2, the 1,200 km pipeline to double the capacity of Russian gas being brought to Europe, scheduled for completion by the end of this year.


In France, the Yellow Vests have been protesting since mid-November 2018 and up to now, they have endured 12 consecutive weekends of protests against Merkel’s slave dictator Macron, with his blatant arrogance for his citizenry. The Yellow Vests and over 80% of the French population want nothing less than Macron’s resignation.


The number of Protesters are consistently and largely under-reported by the French media, as well as most of the world’s Fake Mainstream Media. Most reporting on the various protests worldwide are kept at a bare minimum, with the emphasis invariably being placed on the number of protesters having been arrested, harmed or even killed. This is all done by design to sow despondence in the hearts of people contemplating joining the protests. One could look at this from a different viewpoint, namely; the media’s frenetic abstinence from reporting the truth on protests this widespread, while thousands of people are joining in this fight for our liberty, is a sure sign of their utter desperation. This should serve as encouragement to persist. This grassroots movement is unstoppable. To give an example of their fear of the power of the masses, to find out what transpires in the French yellow vest protests, one is forced to follow the RT-news crew where one can learn more about their ongoing efforts in detail. The official French figure of protesters are 50,000 countrywide, when in reality this figure is at least three to four times higher. They massage the numbers so that people believe that the Yellow Vest movement is diminishing, which it is not. Government-hired thugs cause violence, giving the police the green light to intervene with tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. The riot police even shot a Yellow-vest protester in the Head from behind, proving they are carrying loaded, automatic weapons. In confirmation, President Macron is sending an increasing number of armed police to the streets to fight against the Yellow-vests.


RT reports: On Macron’s orders, the police are becoming more violent, using military suppression to control protesting French civilians. Thousands have been arrested, and hundreds injured by police brutality. Nevertheless, the movement is gaining massive public support and the ‘Yellow Vest” idea is spreading throughout Europe and the globe at large, which is not being reported on in the MSM



Polls show that over 80% of the French people back the Yellow Vest-movement and their idea of a Citizen Initiated Referendum (RIC), under which citizens could propose their own laws that would then be voted on by the general public. The RIC could effectively bypass the French Parliament and even the EU and would be enshrined in the French Constitution. A similar law exists since 1848 in Switzerland and is regularly applied by Swiss citizens. It is a tool to Direct Democracy and any country calling itself a “democracy”, should include this in its Constitution.


Brexit is inevitable

With respect to the ever-growing, louder debacle regarding BREXIT, nobody knows what Britain’s future is going to be. Propaganda and counter-propaganda is destined to further confuse the people. Thousands are taking to the streets of London, organised by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity, calling for general elections to replace Theresa May and her failing Tory Government. Out of solidarity, they are joined by numerous French Yellow Vests. Meanwhile, many of the UK protesters also wear the highly-conspicuous yellow vests.


Brexit is inevitable and is also irreversible as the Queen officially signed the bill last year under Earth Alliance demands for GESARA compliance. Queen Elizabeth II has signed the official EU Withdrawal Bill into law, which will make Brexit irreversible and an ‘Act of Parliament’. This massive blow will completely derail George Soros’ campaign for a second referendum.


There is even a (Soros paid) movement of pro-EU-protesters, who demonstrate for the outcome of “remaining” in the EU, organised by Soros-funded members of the European Parliament.


For weeks, the Yellow Vest movement has spread across the globe. In Belgium and The Netherlands protests have been growing with the public’s discontent stemming from a similar disgruntlement – public discontent over austerity, EU-dictatorship over Belgian and Dutch sovereignty. – The Central Bank is scaring the people by maintaining that Brexit will be worse, with empty shelves in the shops and severe poverty. Think mirror, as it is always the opposite of what they say. Britain will prosper once freed from the EU-prison. And that will be an example for all other nations, that want to and are going to leave the EU.


The coalition of the 5-Star Movement in Italy and its smaller, right-wing brother, Lega Norte, is pulled to the far right by Lega’s Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister. Anti-immigration, Mr. Salvini is clearly calling the shots – and his alliance is firing strongly against Brussels and with good reason, as Brussels is attempting to impose rules on Italy’s budget, while the same rules do not apply equally to all EU member states. For example, Macron, France’s Rothschild implant, has special privileges as far as budget overrun margins are concerned. Mr. Salvini’s anti-Brussels, anti-EU stance is no secret, and he has a lot of Italians behind him. A soon to manifest anti-EU Italian Yellow Vest movement is a real possibility.


The EU-empire’s vassal castle is crumbling

The former Soviet satellites, Hungary and Poland, have also turned against Brussels as they don’t appreciate the interference with their anti-immigration policy, and in Poland the interference regarding a controversial overhaul of the Judiciary system. Discontent in Poland, as in Hungary of the public at large remains strong. Migration and the Judiciary are only the visible, false pretexts; the legendary tip of the iceberg. The truth is on a deeper level, much deeper. These countries are both reminded of what they considered the Soviet Union’s handcuffs. “Freedom” will not be dictated by Brussels.


Our Liberation from the EU-World Prison

Governments talk endlessly about ‘Freedom’ and the ‘Free World’, all the while they are covertly selling us a prison without the bars. What they are trying to sell to us is nonsense of course, but we, the people are being forced and coerced to believe it, for fear of us ultimately realising that in truth, we are living in a prison controlled by the few.


The most powerful form of dictatorship and control is the one you cannot see and are not aware of. As the saying of Johann von Goethe goes “None are more hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” People are given the illusion of freedom by being allowed to vote, but behind the scenes, the same few are in control whichever party of government is officially voted into office. Democracy is supposed to be rule by the majority, which is a tyranny in itself, but it is not even that. It is the dictatorship by the few, hiding behind the smoke screen of a ‘free and open society’.


The hidden hand pulls the strings of those who appear to be in charge, making decisions. The whole idea is to deceive the people into believing that they are free when they are fundamentally controlled. Nobody rebels about not being free when they believe that they are free. If you are in a cell and you can’t see the bars, you think you are free to leave, until one day, you try that is, which most people never do. Now with Brexit, we are discovering that the Brits’ three-year-old referendum is being boycotted by Brussels on behalf of the Central Banks. The curtain of the puppet masters has been drawn slightly and the true state of our non-existent democracy is being revealed. The masses are slowly waking up to the reality of our imprisonment.


If there is no Brexit deal and Britain leaves the EU, it would greatly prosper. The cabal knows full well that every country would do much better without a Central Bank, and that is why they are so worried, meaning Brexit must be averted at all costs. Once one country shows they are doing better, all the other countries will want to follow.


In short; the Liberation of the People of the World is all about removing the cabal criminals and getting them out of the system. Everything is related through a gigantic web of treason, paedophilia, financial corruption, and widespread criminality, facilitated through infiltration on every level and in all systems of society.


It is worth researching how much has already been accomplished in just two years of Trump in office. Remember, Trump and the patriots cannot bring too much attention to their plans. The Q-movement was devised and introduced to prepare the people. If they reveal more, then the enemy will know what the plans are too. By the same token, they don’t want to panic the people, which is why they are very careful about how to proceed. One cautious step at the time.


Changing of the Monetary Guard

Today’s Central Bank economy enslaves the people, which is why the transition into a people’s economy is already in progress, making sure we get rid of everything implemented by the old cabal guard.


Remember; President Trump has taken over the cabal’s magic wand, which leaves Central Banksters worrying about their independence. They are nervous about what is coming next as they are not anymore in the driver’s seat.

Trump Team knows the monetary system is breaking down. One can see it happening in real time in the housing market, as prices are falling. There will be a transition from old into new, from fiat Central Bank notes into sovereign gold backed monies.


President Trump and his Alliance are applying the Central Banks’ playbook against them. The CB-illusion is ending. New bilateral trade deals are being made, instead of cabal-WTO-deals. These trade deals will better withstand the transition, while Trump is using the CB-plan to his advantage, for the good of the people. The CB-plan was to move the whole monetary system into the new SDR-global-currency, issued by the IMF, a new fiat currency that they would be able to control; a total scam.


In the meantime, many countries are moving away from the CB fiat debt dollar note in a synchronised fashion, with the knowledge that the C-Banks were preparing for an event which would thrust China into the seat of the next powerhouse, rendering the US the greatest loser. As each country has the Deep State deeply entrenched in their money system; Trump Team must destroy the entire Rothschild CB monetary system worldwide by using gold in their move away from fiat currencies.


It is certain, there will be no continuation of the CB-plan, it is dead in the water. Many countries are taking on more gold, freeing themselves from their Central bank. They know that Gold is a confidence builder. Once every country moves away from fiat money by using their own currency, backed by gold, silver or other hard assets, they will not need a Central Bank any longer.


China, Russia, India, Iran, as well as the US and countless others would be able to do it straight away. Gold will eventually destroy the private Rothschild CB-system worldwide. If major countries make this move in a synchronised way, the value of the gold will wipe out all the debt. Q has also stated that gold is going to destroy the Central Banks.


All this is of great importance, which is why everybody should become informed about what is changing, what is wrong and how it should or will be addressed. Every awakened person who wants to join in this transition battle, by taking part in the process of breaking free from our prison and slavery, is encouraged to support President Trump, the Alliance team and the patriots worldwide. Join the Q-movement in the crusade for the liberation of planet Earth from the globalists.


To better understand and learn what is truly going on in our world today, my book THE GREAT AWAKENING is an instructive guide, with countless links for individual, in-depth research. This book has been purposely written as a crucial reinforcement guide for our liberation process, while it may certainly also prove to be very helpful for later cross-references. The book covers a multitude of facets of today’s corrupt world, and offers a vast array of solutions for the necessary changes that will be needed and implemented.

To be continued, stay tuned.