Wealth Plundering

Economic terror:

There are evil forces in our world that will do what they can to destroy you and your family in order to build globalism. From the Brussels bombings to the Panama Papers to the ongoing Syrian massacres and turmoil in the Middle East and the refugee crises, it has been all planned long ago.


Financial BombshellMost people have a hard time with that insight. It’s very difficult to live with the idea that our governments are the hired puppets of the elite controllers of Western society that are actively trying to kill you and destroy our society.


Economic terror continues to rock the West; the claim is to fighting our way out of a recession. But it’s not a recession it is a depression that is with us since 2008. Economic collapse can no longer be staved off by easy money. Given central banksters rhetoric about the coming “recovery” one might expect that our governments would at least be fighting their way out of the worst woes of debt.


Because the debt is completely out of control. No country can balance its budget nor want to. While politicians don’t seem concerned by their impossibility-to-control debt, those who are not directly involved with the process can see where it’s heading to, understanding the catastrophe looming in the western societies that afflicted Zimbabwe, Argentina and now Venezuela.


There is nothing undertaken to stop the process. The faster the West enters bankruptcy, with or without world war, the sooner the elites will be able to force a new more globalized monetary system onto the world.


For individuals, the simplest way out of this economic trap is gold and silver. This is the reason why this aspect so vigorously and frequently is repeated on this site, motivating every sensible thinking individual to take action to protect themselves by buying precious metals. Gold and silver offer the best solvency and safety you can have long-term.


New plan to steal your wealth:

The global financial elite launch new plan to steal your wealth without plainly telling you what they’re doing. They use language that only they understand and a few people more that are trained to grasp the meaning. They usually are hiding their plans in plain sight.


Wealth TheftHere is the next plan: The global elite signed the Paris Climate Agreement on April 22, empathically called “Earth Day.” Its stated purpose is to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius. In pursuance thereof, it demands a drastic reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Some scientists argue it could require zero emissions sometime between 2030–2050. This “climate agreement” is going under a false flag. It is less a climate agreement than an elite’s argument that they can use to advance agenda 2030. And no one will suspect it.


On April 25, it was announced: “How to Finance Global Reflation.” Be assured that already long before the world’s central banksters clearly have brewed a medicine inadequate to its purpose. Money printing, quantitative easing, zero and negative interest rates – none of it’s revived the failing global economy. And now they’re panicking as officially ‘recession’ looms once again. The solution?


Massive global spending to combat “climate change” — a page straight from the Keynesian book of virtues. Global in other words “helicopter money”. And to the tune of many trillions. As is stated:


Investment in global public goods – namely, the infrastructure needed to meet the needs of the developing world and to mitigate climate change – could spur global reflation. An estimated $6 trillion in infrastructure investment will be needed annually over the next 15 years just to address global warming. Moreover, the G-20 has estimated that an additional $7.1 trillion in annual investment by the nine top economies, will be needed to sustain moderate global growth.


This time the Khazarian controlled IMF would run the show, through the issuance of special drawing rights (SDRs):


With the U.S., the issuer of the world’s pre-eminent reserve currency, unwilling or unable to provide the liquidity needed to close the infrastructure investment gap, a new supplementary reserve currency should be instituted.


Central banks, in order to generate resources, would expand their balance sheets by investing through the IMF in the form of increased SDRs… They can be invested as such in the World Bank and other multilateral development banks, which can decide which global public goods deserve the resources… In this way, global public goods can be not only funded; they can also propel global recovery.


There it is – global economic recovery courtesy of the IMF – through a “supplementary reserve currency.” And saving the planet into the bargain! – Is global warming even real? Will this scheme accomplish a thing? No matter. It’s just an argument for the sake of printing more money.


Could global warming be just the vehicle the elites are riding to their agenda 2030?


It’s the biggest scam of all. Central banks invest in a new world money issued by the IMF called special drawing rights, or SDRs. Then the IMF, the World Bank and others take this money and invest in climate change, infrastructure and other projects they choose.


Soon this new money sloshing around causes inflation and wipes out the real value of existing government debt and in the process your savings. The elites fund their pet projects, government debt melts away and you pay the bill. Best of all from the elite’s perspective, almost no one understands what’s happening, because the method is highly technical.


Another global reserve currency:

A nation with a reserve currency must run massive trade deficits to sustain global trade. The trouble is those massive deficits will ultimately bankrupt the issuing nation. So it must either choose to serve the world, or itself. – The IMF faces not such constraint, because it isn’t a country. Hence the SDR solution for global growth through unlimited spending and printing.

SDR global reserve currencyNow the U.S. owns the reserve currency and consequently has to run trade deficits, in order to supply these dollars to financing world trade. That created their appetite for imports financed by printed dollars. – Problem solved the world got dollars and global trade flourished. However, running deficits long enough, will end in bankruptcy. Any reserve system based on a local currency would eventually collapse because there would either be too many of them or not enough gold at ‘fixed’ prices to keep the game going. This paradox between deficits and confidence eventually is unsustainable.


The US dollar reserve system broke down in the 1970s. The solution applied was to abolish the dollar-gold peg in 1971, and demonetise gold in 1974.


In 1969 at the time forward looking, the IMF’s Special Drawing Right, SDR were invented. The SDR was a new kind of world money printed by the IMF. The idea was that it could be used as a reserve currency side by side with the US dollar. This meant that if the U.S. cured its trade deficit, and supplied fewer dollars to the world, any shortfall in reserves could be made up by printing SDRs.


In fact, SDRs were printed and handed out repeatedly during the dollar crisis from 1969–1980. But in the 1970s the illegal petrodollar was invented with the help of Henry Kissinger, in collaboration with the king of Saudi Arabia and some private cabal banksters.


Under the petrodollar system, U.S. interest rates would be high enough to make it without gold an attractive reserve asset, this time actually with oil backing. Under the condition Saudi Arabia kept oil priced in dollars. This “petrodollar deal” meant that countries that wanted to buy oil, needed dollars to pay for it whether they liked the dollar or not.


So US dollars were used to buy U.S. exports like aircraft, heavy equipment and agricultural produce. The game continued this time without gold. This new Age of King Dollar lasted from 1980–2010. Still, all was based on confidence in the dollar.


The U.S. continued to run large trade deficits. World trade lived on dollar reserves with China leading the way. – But this game ended in 2010 with the start of the currency war in the aftermath of the Panic of 2008. Trading partners again were competing for position as they did in the early 1970s. A new systemic collapse is imminent.


Impossible situation:

The weak dollar of 2011 was designed to stimulate U.S. growth and to keep the world from sinking into a new depression. It worked for a short while, but the tables turned as most world debt was dominated in USD and had to be repaid in USD, causing the US dollar to strengthen again, while the euro and yen weakened. That gave Japan and Europe some relief, but it came at the expense of the U.S., where growth had slowed down again.


EinsteinAn alternative solution would have been a new gold standard to solve the currency war problem, but that would require a gold price of $10,000 per ounce in order to be non-deflationary. No central bankster in the world wants that, because it limits their ability to print money and losing the ability to acting as world’s central economic planners.


But in 1969 already an alternative was created, the SDR from the IMF another Khazarian entity.


Now two problems were solved at once, as the reserve currency issuer has to run trade deficits, and ending up being broke. But SDRs are issued by the IMF. The IMF is not a country and does not have a trade deficit. In theory, the IMF can print SDRs forever and never go broke. The SDRs just go round and round among the IMF members in a closed circuit.


Individuals won’t have SDRs. Only countries will have them in their reserves. These puppet countries have no desire to break the new SDR system, because they’re all in it together. And as such the Khazarians have created a new lease on time to continue to plunder the wealth and money of citizens, who remain the losers as before, as their local currency is inflated for THEFT.


Once again that is why it is important to be protected by precious metals and other hard assets, but sadly most people will be caught unaware, like the Greeks who lined up at empty ATMs.


This SDR system is so little understood that people won’t know where the inflation is coming from. Elected officials will blame the IMF, but the IMF is unaccountable. That’s the beauty of SDRs, debt problems are inflated away and no one is accountable.


Ex CIA agent explains how to delete the elite!

The Federal Reserve is broken. People need to understand what is going on. There is no lack of solutions. There also is no lack of money. What is lacking is the popular political will to exercise our God given right to be in charge. Your government is corrupt, stupid and they are stupid deliberately. Politics is so dirty it is not worth the time for everybody that has got a brain. People with a soul have to come back in the business to managing itself. Be aware we have to do the change ourselves! Central banks are an evil. Central banks are in the business to destroying the people for their own profit. Don’t try to repair the system create a new system that replaces it. Don’t waste your time on government because it is going away anyway.