Knowledge is People’s Power


Many people cannot fathom the depth and importance of the changes that has been set in motion last April 30th in the White House. As Neil Keenan on May 5th announced “a historical change has happened, with developments too important that must be published the sooner the better”. As was accomplished on this site last week Thursday in the comment boxes.


News-Bulletin1The CEO, of the corporation called ‘UNITER STATES’, President Barack Obama told the Washington Press Corps at the White House correspondent dinner, April 30th that the end of the republic, – he must have meant US INC. – has never looked better. And, that “it was an honour to be at my last White House Correspondent Dinner”.


A plan was announced on May 6th for a peaceful transition of power.



The plan is to keep Obama as a façade of the regime, and use him till the transition is completed to the next President of the “original republic of the United States of America”, the land that belongs to the people of America. However, Obama doesn’t live anymore in the White House, while the powers that direct him are changed.


Documents of the secret society ‘Scull and Bones’ will be released in June next that expose the Bushes, the Clintons, John Kerry, and many other cabal Satanist members. This is a clear sign that the Khazarians have lost at the highest level of the US power structure.


As this change influences the whole of world society, and hundreds of thousands of measures have to be remedied, one can imagine that this will be a process for the long-haul that cannot be changed overnight.


But in the coming month and years people certainly will notice the changes. Everyone awake can and should contribute in this process, by first uniting in small action groups to mark the real puppets in each country that have to become arrested by the new upcoming administration. Further to prepare new popular candidates to take over the system to establish a people’s management.


It is essential and rather important to maintain for the time being the existing financial structure, because a breakdown would cause chaos, and famine as no food can be supplied to super markets.


A revaluation and backing by assets of all paper currencies will take place. To assure public’s confidence in the new monetary system, all currencies will be backed either by gold, silver, or other hard assets.


Be assured that from now on we the people can and should be required to work to our total freedom of our sovereign nations and personal liberty. Many, many issues if not all have got to be corrected. The list would be to long for this bulletin, but most of us awake immediately will recognize those as being important.


When more details emerge further updates will be made, in order to keep the public posted. Be happy that the first step is made and that we the people now have the chance to contribute in the process of this historical world change. Remember planet Earth belongs to us the people, and not the Khazarian cabal anymore!


Follow this unique change in world history, told by Neil Keenan.