Easier to Deceive than to Convince

Easier to Deceive than to Convince


Easier to Deceive than to Convince

Negative-minded beings have no compassion and love. They worship Satan instead of God. These beings have no respect for planet Earth, and even less for life on it. They are evil ET races including, among others, the Anunnaki, Draco and Grays who have been terrorising our planet for 500,000 years. And, that is now under control after well-intentioned ET beings have in recent years landed on this planet and are flying through our skies in large numbers.


In a negative world, it is easier to deceive people than to convince them that they have been deceived. – Mark Twain


It is important to provide a version of the truth that reflects the new reality and is plausible to the logical and emotional mind. In today’s 3D-version of the truth, much has been distorted by withholding crucial knowledge. This creates only a limited reality with little depth.


Extraterrestrials exist in their worlds just as we do in our world on Earth. But they are many times more advanced and extremely well-developed, awe-inspiringly superior to us. You need not fear them, they have never harmed anyone.


No matter what story the mainstream media and our governments try to teach us. Extraterrestrials exist and they are peaceful beings. Their civilisation is based on love and honesty, compassion, empathy, integrity, wisdom and spirituality.


They will not oppress, attack or threaten any country or race. However, there are Alien races that are not benevolent or neutral. These have been active on our planet for many hundreds of thousands of years. They have taken possession of our planet to mine gold and have enslaved the human race to do the mining and work for them.


These are negative beings, devoid of compassion and emotion. They are Luciferians who worship Satan instead of God. These beings have no respect for our planet and even less for life on Earth. They are evil ET races including the Dracos and Greys who oppress and terrorise us humans. That is why well-meaning ET beings have come to our rescue by flying through our skies in large numbers.


They have been here for many years and their numbers are growing daily. They have come to raise human consciousness, to guide and awaken humanity. They can make their spaceships visible or invisible as they choose.


Humanity on Earth is going through an unprecedented shift in frequency, and resonance. Exterrestrials are here to assist us worldwide with the transition to higher ascension. It is a Spiritual evolution leading to the liberation of humanity. This is a process like no other event so far in history that has taken place in the universe.


It is necessary to know that these outer worlds visitors are our brothers and sisters of the stars, our family of Light. Family always comes when you need them most. It cannot be emphasised enough that these are very loving and peaceful beings, very spiritual coming from extremely advanced worlds. They are groups from different star constellations working together to help earthly humanity. They are united as a group in the Galactic Federation.


The Galactic Federation consists mainly of the following five Star Nations; Pleiadeans, Andromedines, Serians, Arcturians and Lyrans. These are all highly developed spiritual beings from different planets who work together as the Family of Light.


All these groups have close ties with planet Earth and have therefore heard our call for liberation from our tyrants and oppressors. Therefore, they have decided to step forward to watch over the evolution of planet Earth and its peoples.


The Galactic Federation sent a message to humanity:


“Whenever you need us, you can call on us by using your intention and free will. We are here with you. We love you. We are your family of Light.”


You didn’t think the world would go on forever with slavery and oppression, did you? A new 5D-earth is in the making now. Welcome to the Age of Light. The final breakthrough will begin around the 25th of June next, stay tuned!


Our exterrestrial observer Michael Love is following those events from close-by. And reports what is going on at this very moment.



The event 2023Emerging UFO/ET Disclosure

* a special Earth Alliance Space briefing to the Starseeds of Earth *


By Michael Love


Begin transmission…



Great one,

Over the past 48 hours, the Earth Alliance has witnessed a significant increase in high-level internal discussions on a global scale, pointing towards an imminent disclosure of the UFO/ET phenomenon to the world.


As extraordinary as this may sound, we assure you with the utmost certainty that an authentic and verifiable scenario is currently unfolding, involving many reputable groups and individuals who are authorised to reveal this information to the world.


Since this disclosure became known yesterday morning, it has already generated a noticeable increase in worldwide searches on the internet related to the subject of disclosure.


For nearly a century, the knowledge that humanity is not alone in the universe has been unfairly concealed by those in power on Earth. Even some of the world’s most influential figures, including national leaders, have been denied access to these highly secret projects to avoid disclosure.


However, there has been a noticeable shift in this paradigm of secrecy. Governments, including the US Congress, are now actively engaged in public discussions about the possible implications of this long-awaited disclosure.


Concrete actions are being taken and hearings are scheduled to address the magnitude of this matter head-on. This time, the full truth will be revealed publicly and will change humanity in a profound and positive way.


It is important to stress that the truth about the UFO/ET phenomenon is not coming out at this time because of a sudden change in the heart of some elite beings, nor is it part of a deceptive false flag operation aimed at harming humanity. Such deceptive tactics no longer find fertile ground on our planet now that higher frequencies are penetrating the Earth’s atmosphere.


This profound revelation is only taking place because the ongoing influx of powerful and high vibrating resonant Light has reached unprecedented levels on Earth, propelling humanity towards a more rapid awakening. What was once hidden in darkness is now being revealed, unveiling the true essence of all things.


This moment in history is extraordinary because it marks the beginning of humanity’s long-awaited great ascension event. It heralds a conscious evolutionary leap in the liberation of our planet, ushering in a new golden age.


According to recent information from the Earth Alliance, a comprehensive 90-day plan was launched on 6/06/2023, with the main objective of fully revealing the UFO/ET phenomenon to the public through mainstream channels.


The implications of this disclosure are truly awe-inspiring, especially considering the advanced technology coming from crashed alien spacecraft. It is believed that this amazing technology exceeds humanity’s current mental capabilities by more than 1,000 years. After this revelation, humanity will enter an era of profound transformation and growth.


A crucial question arises: is humanity really prepared to hear and deal with this amazing revelation? The Pleiadians affirm, “the resounding answer is yes!”.


They simply say,


“it is the appropriate time for this to happen, and humanity is ready to integrate this cosmic knowledge!”


It is in man’s nature to seek honesty and truthfulness, and as the collective consciousness expands and many individuals awaken, there is a growing realisation that the time for truth and revelation has finally arrived.


What we know for sure is that you will witness truly amazing events in the coming weeks and months. We encourage you to do your own research on the 2023 UFO/ET revelation and follow its unfolding.


Spread the good news around the world!

Take good care of yourselves in this transformative time.


God-speed, ~ Michael and the Pleiadians


Meeting with Spiritual Leaders

That is going to be a big day as ETs arrive