Tell lies instead of truths

Major revelations coming

Humane Misery


Tell lies instead of truths

Civilisation, the product of thousands of years of effort, is hanging by a thread. Degeneration can be observed everywhere. As the world sinks into tyranny, the question is; will peoples defend their freedom and their souls, or will they sink into tyranny, which has raised its ugly and all-destroying head in ferocity?


Formed by secretive Luciferians, on their way to the new world order, they want to take control of all nations, the whole world. Their influence infiltrated in every aspect in our society, from products we buy in the supermarket to topics in the news networks. The oppressors are now causing the biggest financial catastrophe in human history to implement their new world order planned centuries ago.


The world is changing rapidly, and many people are starting to see through the media. Television specialises in “faking” and lying about major world events on multiple occasions. Dr Udo Ulfkotte, eventually a whistle-blower, was a top German journalist for more than two decades who was forced to publish the work of intelligence agents under his own name, and instructed that if he did not comply he would lose his job. He was eventually killed in a car accident.


Major revelations to come

More major revelations about endemic professional corruption in healthcare are expected soon. It is shown that pharmaceutical medicine is a manipulative tool designed to make people sick instead of curing them.


Tools of this manipulation are sophisticated poisons disguised as expensive drugs or vaccines. These are prescribed as necessary medicine, as are radical surgeries, which in turn necessitate expensive drugs.


Follow the trail of money, then it is clear why alternative herbal remedies that cure better and cost less are suppressed or banned. Here is, more information on unnecessary Ritalin Conspiracy, and Statin Scam to inhibit production of cholesterol, while cholesterol is actually good for the body. Moreover, cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, there is no harmful link.


Statins are good for doctors but bad for their patients. The name of this game is; Hypercholesterolemia, which requires assistance from doctors to detect the slightest presence. It is often a health problem that makes patients dependent on doctors. But remember; Doctors have become salesmen for the drug industry. Medicines that make money for the invisible Deep State Cabal that also sits at the top of the pharmaceutical industry.


In order to, eliminate all fraud and dishonesty for good, the new international QFS gold-backed payment system is being introduced worldwide for national and international payments, making market manipulation and paper derivatives impossible and useless.


QFS is unlike anything that has ever been presented to the world before. It has no competitors; it has no equivalent in advanced technology that any other system has ever possessed.


Designed off our planet by our Palladian brothers and sisters, it is brand new on planet Earth. It is superior in applied technology, ensuring 100 per cent financial security and transparency to all currency account holders.


Through the QFS, the world money system, is easily and simply changed into value-backed currencies that completely sidelines the functioning of the old central banking system.


There is no comparable technology to explain and understand the exclusivity of QFS.


Our Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports to us on the latest developments for transition to the new 5D world





Given that humanity on Earth has lived in the world of the Third Dimension since the beginning of its civilisation, it is natural for it to know, that energy only in its densest form, what is matter as it is known to all.


The human body is also of that matter, otherwise the soul could not experience duality in its projected experiences. The eyes of this material body can see only that which is also dense matter, and nothing more than that.


Therefore, incarnated man, has come to believe only in what can be seen, that is, that which is tangible. And so the daily struggle has always been to obtain material goods. All that cannot be seen or touched has become unimportant.


Accumulating resources always gave the false impression of security. And money has become the common denominator that has drawn the dividing line between the powerful in command and the underlings who obey.


A rule has been created that is used to divide humanity into social groups, rich and poor, and put everyone on levels divided into classes.


Although souls incarnated here on Earth strive to learn to live in duality, in experiencing polarity, everyone has also experienced an existence of abundance at one time before, and scarcity in another. That is part of the lessons of this school of souls.


The big problem is that over the centuries incarnated humanity created a set of beliefs and an insatiable desire for power.


Competition was something uncontrollable. This created wars, domination, manipulation of people over people, and all the misery that resulted from this immoral attitude of part of humanity.


Though planet Earth is a school for souls, where the Natural Law is basically that of Cause and Effect or Action and Reaction, it goes, to learn polarities within each action, and not necessary to cross the Ethical and Moral Line. It would be enough to learn what it is like to live in each polarity, without crossing the boundaries of the Divine Laws.


Everything became more difficult for the soul to achieve its ascension when satanic races came to earth, fleeing the Orion wars. It were those races that created hybrid humans through genetic experimentation, mainly with reptilian races. Such people have different genetics in their emotional bodies, including the absence of emotions.


Humans are naturally loving and benevolent. Hybrids, on the other hand, possess coldness and desire for power, much more than what would normally be the case with Adamic humans. And it is these hybrids that have caused mankind the greatest difficulties. All known misery is in fact their creation.


But with the expansion of consciousness becoming clearer every day, we are beginning to realise that it has all been an illusion, for matter will no longer exist in the way we know it. The carbon base will be replaced by a crystalline base, everything is going to change on this Planet.


When the veils are lifted, we will understand that nothing exists outside consciousness and Light. Light is all that creates, for Light and love are the frequency of the Creator, the same energy of Source that radiates everything in the infinite Cosmos.


We begin to understand that we are a soul and not a material body. And this soul is nothing more than a part of this consciousness which is one with the whole. And so we will understand that matter is just an optical illusion seen through physical eyes, which in turn are also matter.


We are now in the great opportunity offered to humanity on Earth. Namely, the time of ascension of souls. All those who understand the lessons and put them into practice within ethics and morality, will leave this illusory school and enter a higher dimension. In fact, this is consciousness expanding and beginning to see and experience the reality of this new Dimension.


We will leave behind a world of pain and suffering, and we will enter a Dimension where there will be no more trials and no more atonements. No more suffering for this group of ascended souls.


It will not be power over others, nor the power of money or the possession of material goods that determine the passport to the Fifth Dimension. It will be the wealth of moral values that open the doors of ascension. There are undoubtedly many who are so poor that all they want is money. But, passage to higher dimensional levels cannot be bought; it can only be achieved through the frequency of each soul.


Many will indeed know humane misery! This misery does not mean lack of material resources, but lack of moral values. Which are present in this hour of complaining and gnashing of teeth.


All will be informed of their fate. Those who know how to use all the resources and all the learning in this school with dignity and ethics will enter the gates of the New 5D Earth.


The others will know that all the power over others they abused in a vile manner was useless, for this is exactly what causes their condemnation to exile.


Banishment from a Planet that eventually achieves Transition to a higher Dimension is undoubtedly a severe punishment for those who neglected the soul’s legitimate prosperity.


A mortal blow to a soul that did not ascend precisely because it misused the resources offered during its apprenticeship. That soul that made its choices in accumulating material goods at the expense of moral values cannot ascend. And so the true human misery becomes known, which is not the lack of material goods, but involves the absence of ethical and moral values.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


For the Awake only!

The book the Great Awakening explains this in all facets, why it after publishing almost immediately was removed from its circulation by the Oppressors.

The book converted into digital format for E-book and PDF is available for free download.

If many make this matter their own and pass it on, another takeover of the most beautiful planet and all others in the Universe may never be possible again.

Read the book to understand that we are now experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which may never return.









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