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"Political correctness"

Political Correctness

Mind Control Political correctness (PC) is part of the Illuminati’s Control System that is introducing ever more laws, taxes and financials demands to tie the human flies to their web, with the objective mental decline and enhanced mind control. PC means… Continue Reading →

Planetary transition – everything useful remains

Money has value of its own, Currency does not Do What’s Good For You   Money has value of its own, Currency does not Money is not what people think it is. Today, money is “currency” invented by the government… Continue Reading →

Utmost Deception

How your freedom turned into slavery Agenda 2030 roadmap Wolves in sheep’s clothing   How your freedom turned into slavery The preceding article is a one-off analysis on the origins of our slave existence. This requires a lot of knowledge… Continue Reading →

Brainwashing and Mind Control

Thought Control From freedom to slavery Psychological Violence Political Correctness   Thought Control More commonly known as mind control, brainwashing is coercive persuasion, or thought control, thought reform or forced re-education. It is the concept of altering the human mind… Continue Reading →

The secret History of Khazarian Mafia

The shocking truth The powerful Archon families run the world Khazarian mafia infiltrated every institution Age of anti-humanitarianism coming to an end Globally banking collapse by June!!!   The shocking truth The Khazarian Mafiosi have set their importunity on total… Continue Reading →

Tavistock the shadow behind the shadow government

Tavistock Manipulates the Mind of Mankind Docile, easily manipulated demoralised subjects Psychological shock troops Frequent Television Viewers enter a trance-like state of semi-awareness Narco-hypnosis more efficient as tool of government   The Greatest Mass Mind-Control Operation in World History Tavistock… Continue Reading →

Control through mind programming

Political correctness  Governments want to see riots and looting Stripping down Language, Opinion and Culture The words people use are controlling their way of thinking The wealthiest families control global politics and the economy     How people’s minds are… Continue Reading →

The Transition

A prosperous economy is always tied to a strong currency:   The transition of power: With the recent transition of power in the United States, the world is entering into a New Era, a unique energetic time in history on… Continue Reading →

Economic Terror

The terrible accident with flight MH17 requires uncovering the true perpetrators behind it. This accident has great similarity to the 9/11 attacks, which was orchestrated, by the Bush administration, to control the movements of people from A to Z and… Continue Reading →

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