Why the Free Market Doesn’t Exist:


The Deep State:

There is an energy crisis because governments have created it. Mainstream media controlled by the cabal, alias the ‘deep state’, obviously have never asked themselves the obvious question: ‘Why is it that for a century or more before 1971 there were no energy crises, except during WW2, and the 1956 Suez crisis?’ Consumers have not suddenly become wasteful, and there have certainly been harsh winters in the past. Arab sheikhs have desired wealth as far back as human memory goes. Ever since president Nixon, uncoupled the gold connection with the US dollar in 1971, the US government has imposed maximum prices on crude oil and related products.


deep-stateBe aware of the fact that the deep state fights against the rest of us – to hold on to its power, its money, and its reputation. The deep state’s money system will cut off funds to anyone who challenges it, and it diverts the nation’s output to itself. Watch the plain clothes! It is a nightmare, that’s true!


The quadrupling of crude oil prices was effectuated by the OPEC cartel in 1973. This is the reason that these extortionate prices were left unchallenged. Economists may probably not know how to produce surpluses and shortages. Surpluses are the result of legislation dictating a minimum price that is above the price that would otherwise prevail. This is the case from time to time producing surpluses of wheat, sugar, butter, and many other commodities. On the contrary shortages are effectuated by designating a maximum price that is below the price that would otherwise prevail. This is the reason there are energy crises such as with gasoline, etc. shortages.


The Free Market:

Eliminate all controls on the prices of crude oil, and other petroleum products and the crisis is over. That would really_free_marketmean a free market, which in turn exposes the meddling of government, and reveals that the emperor is naked. Eliminating all controls would reveal how useless and harmful the activities of government are that employs in their department of Energy, multiple tens of thousands of employees to maintain these controls. Furthermore, governments enforce taxation to subsidise oil imported from abroad. Worse still governments force and impose stringent environmental standards on both users and producers with little or no regard for the economic costs involved. Complex rules and red tape contribute greatly to the time required to build power plants whether nuclear, oil, or coal, to bring into production abundant supply of resources by systematically multiplying the costs. Stiffening the production and effective output of energy.


The most effective mechanism to determine whether it is cheaper to explore shale oil or other alternatives is the free market. Private enterprises explore these alternatives, provided they are permitted to reap the benefits and if they are confident that future prices will not be controlled. The thread of price control and regulation is the only important obstacle to the development of alternative fuels by private enterprises. In the end it is the consumer that pays for the energy consumed, and in free market conditions of true supply and demand fundamentals, people will pay far less in total, and have far more energy if they are free to choose for themselves how to use the energy, as opposed to paying indirectly through taxes and inflation, and being told by bureaucrats how to use energy. 


Government is the enemy:

Government imposed wage and price controls and caused petrol shortages. But in 1973, then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger devised a brilliant plan. America had great military might and Saudi Arabia needed protection for government-peoples-enemyits vast oil empire. Kissinger exchanged America’s military might for Saudi Arabia’s promise to sell oil exclusively in U.S. dollars. Meaning, any country that wanted to purchase oil from OPEC was forced to use U.S. dollars. So anytime another country wanted to buy oil from the Middle East, they had to first convert their currency into U.S. dollars. And since oil is required in all modern economies — and the Saudis are a main player in the oil trade — this put the U.S. in a unique position.


Countries around the world had to subsequently export goods and services to get the dollars they needed to buy oil. America on the other hand could simply “print” the dollars it needed to buy oil and imported goods and services. Which means the U.S. could run massive trade deficits because they exported the most valuable commodity in the world, the U.S. dollar, at no cost! Up until the early 1970s America was the world’s largest creditor. But by the early 1980s they had begun to run their first trade deficits. And since the 1990s their trade deficits have grown to trillions of dollars.

saudis-control-oil-priceIn order to get the dollars, needed to buy oil, countries flooded the U.S. market with cheap cars; cheap T.V.s, cheap clothes, etc. As a consequence, in return the US simply flooded the world with cheap paper currency. But there was an added condition devised by Kissinger; OPEC countries were obligated to invest their profits in US treasuries, feeding the demand for government debt, hereby allowing the government to borrow with reckless abandon, creating the greatest Treasury bond bull market the world has ever seen.


The whole house of cards is upheld by this simple agreement made in 1973 establishing the petrodollar, which actually is the most important issue for the U.S. to preserve. That was the reason to go to war with Kaddafi and now Assad in Syria, both challengers of the petrodollar. The clever Chinese see this as their biggest opportunity to defeat the USA and end the golden age of America by ushering in an era of Chinese dominance.


The end of the petrodollar

America’s License to Print Money is about to be revoked. Over the past three-years, the U.S. has slashed oil petrodollars-endimports from Saudi Arabia. The U.S imported up until December of 2013 some 1.5 million barrels a day. Last year this number was nearly halved. The increase in American oil production in addition to perhaps some oil market manipulation has led to a 62% collapse in the global oil price. Now Russia and most likely Saudi Arabia plan to strike back. The weapon they use could trigger a global economic shakeup on par or even worse than the 2008-2009 financial crisis.


Saudi Arabia could easily price oil in Yuan and then swap the Yuan for Swiss francs or SDRs and use the proceeds to add to its reserves or buy gold. Saudi Arabia could also price oil in SDRs or gold and hold those assets or swap them for other hard currencies to diversify away from dollars.


Russia’s geopolitical arsenal:

russias-geopolitical-arsenalRussia’s most potent weapon may not be its nuclear warheads. The fastest evolving “weapon” in Russia’s geopolitical arsenal is the nation’s hoard of gold, along with their abundant resources, and Russia’s national currency, the ruble, which meanwhile is liberated from the RKM-control. Russia has built up its military arsenal in recent years. Russia has also built up its gold reserves. There’s nothing accidental about this. Gold is part of Russia’s national plan. Moreover, Russia and China have combined their gold reserves to form a gold-backed currency to compete against the unbacked US dollar. This situation does not bode well for the future of the dollar.


Most importantly, oil will no longer be exchanged for just any piece of paper but for paper backed by real wealth, ruble-new-symbolnamely gold. If you don’t own physical gold, you’ll be kicking yourself hard for a long time to come!


As mentioned, Russia has built up its military arsenal in recent years, but has also built up its gold reserves. A new symbol for the Russian ruble, which is the national currency of Russia, has recently been launched. Just as the U.S. uses the dollar sign ($), the U.K uses the pound sign (£) and the European Union uses the euro symbol (€), Russia is about to export its symbol across the world.


OPEC Loses Credibility:

Before the current oil price crisis began in 2014, OPEC had consistently fulfilled its designated responsibility of opec-loses-credibilitycontrolling market oversupply. The bloc’s members control just over 40 percent of the world’s oil, meaning a cut enforced by the industry group would produce a larger effect than any other single country on its own.


However, OPEC will not be able to maintain the credibility of the united front it presented to the world in decades past. Oil-revenue-dependent states – notably, Nigeria, Venezuela, Algeria, Iraq and Libya – require oil markets to recover in order to import consumer goods and pay off international debts. Though, this week at the eleven’s hour Russia has decided to support OPEC by freezing their output in accordance. Oil prices surged as Russian President Vladimir Putin announced, Russia will join the deal to cut or freeze global crude output.


Free Energy:

The world would embrace and use free energy technology to solve all these problems, but the deep state, or more precisely the Rothschilds and Rockefellers being the major owners of Big Oil, have boycotted the inventions of Nicolai Tesla from the very beginning. Progress in this field has been boycotted since its inception about one hundred years ago. But once the world is liberated of the cabal and freed from their manipulations, people will not only enjoy free energy, but also other very advanced technologies; such as healing systems, water purification methods, better schooling; under absolute freedom, a free market and complete independence. –


Soros – Rothschild’s race war propaganda agenda exposed:

You will not believe the George Soros tactics that Hollywood is employing to promote the new movie ‘Birth of a Nation’, and you’ll get a real kick out of what trillionaire Lynn Forester de Rothschild has to say about her puppet Hillary.


diabolic-hillaryHILLARY WILL BRING US WW3 — Harley Schlanger

Hillary Clinton is undisputedly Rothschild’s pick for President and according to Harley Schlanger, Clinton will take the United States in the same direction as Obama did, directly into World War 3. The conflict with Russia in Syria is becoming red hot and Hillary is pushing for war with the Russians. Trump wants a dialogue with Putin, which will save us from Armageddon. Hillary is a diabolic criminal.