The Jesuits and the Roman Church, dictate to the world:


The Vatican:

The Holy See and the Vatican have been instrumental in converting all national governments on the planet into national corporations, deceitfully, with the same name in capital letters, operating under the international jurisdiction of the sea and the Roman Curia, that have forged all these fraudulent manipulations into a legal, fictional reality.


Now, it is the sole responsibility of the Holy See and Pope Francis to correct this breach of trust, and to stop the deliberate mismanagement of all corporate nations, as they are first and foremost responsible for their monstrous creation.

They pretend that we the living people are responsible for paying off our debts to them, while they created corporations by deception, while simultaneously creating a Trust with the same name in capital letters, to be plundered by the banking cartels. The truth is that those that have created this mess are responsible for it. They are simply deceptively using similar names and holding positions in what appears to be public office for their private benefit.


Complex Fraud scheme:

The Federal Reserve and central banks, are running the incorporated nations, as a bankrupt pass-through to purposefully advance vast sums of credit, based on people’s assets and their respective earthly nations, and use this fraud scheme to establish covert bonds against us the people. Our property and assets serve as security, as part of the overall fraud, designed to usurp people’s assets and credit to the benefit of the cabal criminals. For this scheme they literally stole people’s identities, by using our names for the creation of companies in a claim to ownership and control of each individual person.


They made the fraud scheme complex, and long term, hidden by deceptive covers of shamming, creating lucrative fraud schemes carried out over decades and even centuries on a mindboggling scale.


The Federal Reserve and central banks, unlawfully converted private accounts of millions of people into corporate accounts, technically belonging to corporate contractors, simply named after living people. This facilitates the seizure of these accounts that banks unlawfully convert into accounts belonging to the central banks, without the disclosure hereof. Eventually these fraudulently acquired accounts are converted into assets of the IMF, all of this being executed without people’s knowledge or consent.


Fortunately, the Germans are beginning to understand, that their country is not sovereign as it should be, but instead, a corporate vassal state of Washington DC and that their chancellor Angela Merkel serves these crooks, their financial interests and the interests of the Roman Curia at large and certainly not the interests of the Germans.


The Holy See:

The abuse of the corporations continue, and has reached legendary proportions, while still there is no comprehensive statement from the Holy See revealing the fictitious nature of these entities that have been spawned under its auspices and without public denunciation of criminality, and there is no visible undertaking to punish, regulate, or liquidate them.


The Holy See has officially been informed for about a decade of the illegal and immoral actions against humanity and against humanity’s lawful governments, which has been ongoing since the 1800’s, as all these covert goals have been accomplished by fraud and deceit.


All these illegally established corporations must be liquidated, without harming the millions of innocents who have been misrepresented, and mischaracterised by them, as willing contractors. Unfortunately, many people still don’t have a clue what has been done in their names and assets, and have never had the opportunity to respond.


It is at the Pope’s discretion, that these evil men continue their actions unopposed, and each day drag more innocent people into the web as accomplices-after-the-fact and still many others fall victim to this system of lies.




The Jesuits are the real spiritual potentates:

The Jesuit controlled Vatican, is the sole owner of all western corporate countries: Satan, through the Freemasons, owns the Vatican, while the Pope is his slave. Catholicism will be eradicated forever, probably sooner than later in the course of this decennium. Throughout history, the Satanic Luciferian Jesuit Order has been tied together with war and genocide. The Jesuits were formally removed from many countries, including France and England, but are still widely present in Spain and Italy.


Researchers claim that the Jesuits are the real spiritual potentates of the New World Order. Their choice for President of The United States is Paul Ryan, which is why the Pope demanded he become inserted as Speaker of the House in October of 2015, as the Vatican was the sole owner of the United States of America Inc., which defaulted on it’s credit facility – the Federal Reserve Bank – in December of 2012 and came out of international bankruptcy in August of 2015.


All Nation-corporations are created by the Roman Curia. It is no problem to trace this back to the Pope. At the same time; virtually all governments and their agencies in the world are corporations and are tied to, and ultimately under the control of the Holy See. Puppet-Pope Francis, a Jesuit and selected by the cabal as Roman Pontiff and leader of the Holy See, basically owns and operates worldwide all these “governments” and their sub-corporations. The Pope is the CEO in charge of this whole criminal fraudulent system.


The Jesuits and the Roman Church:

The Jesuits and the Roman Church have altered history and hidden the rest by fabricating fairy tales about the earth’s real history. One such lie was about Mary Magdalene, who was in truth, the wife of Jesus, and bore him two sons with the names Jesus II Justus, and Joseph, along with a daughter named Tamar. This has been suppressed by the Roman Church. The Church began the procedure of killing scientists in 1600, to change the narrative to serve their goals.


The Holy Grail or Sangreal (Grail) is all about the blood of Jesus, and about the truth of who is a descendant of whom. Many have made false claims to certain Bloodlines, including the Rothschilds and the Monarchs.



Some believe that RH Negative blood comes from the Christ, and that a large portion of the Basques, have this blood type. Jesus was one of the few messengers sent to mankind to enlighten us about what and who we really are, and that if we are to grow in spirit, we must understand this information and drive out the negativity on the planet.


Major changes are occurring now to restore our standing, and teach us about what has been done to us by the Crime Cabal, which includes Draco Reptilians, Grays, and other creatures from a universe that has been intentionally hidden from us by these dark beings. Pope Francis preached recently that his god is Lucifer.


On earth the light workers have restored much of the truth, and it has rectified the Sangreal treaty of 300 A.D. proclaiming that all of earth’s people are sovereign, and should be treated as such.


This will be the end of the Phony Elites and their Slave-Scam that they have been running to the detriment of the people of the world for many centuries. – Scientists know that there were nuclear wars thousands of years ago, and that radiation still exists in small quantities in the Middle East as a result thereof.


Movies like “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind” are true stories along with the alien abductions and the existence of multidimensional creatures, like Bigfoot and its ancestry, whose planet Marduk was obliterated and now forms our asteroid belt.


The cabal uses the Divide and Conquer strategy to get groups to fight each other, by creating a problem, like today’s bashing of Russia, hoping to spawn the destruction of humanity with WW3.

Fortunately, many of their plans have been thwarted, like the nuking of Charleston South Carolina in 2013, and the recent attempts to open a wormhole (CERN) propelling earth into this funnel.


Many will be stunned when the truth of our history is revealed in the near future. Stay tuned.


Deep State Hierarchy:

The Roman Pontiff and all his war criminals, some pretending to be Jews, who are in reality Khazarian Mafioso, Royalty, Nazis, and Pedophiles, are in truth Satanists. They hold office in the Vatican, the City of London, Washington District of Columbia, and the United Nations City State – located in New York City. This information was received from an insider who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous:


All those in positions of absolute power like the Queen of England, The Rothschilds, The Bushes, The Clintons, The Rockefellers, The Pope, the hidden Jesuit Hierarchy, etc. they are all ONE big happy blood family. They are all cousins, nephews, uncles and nieces to each other. I know some of these people so don’t let them fool you!

They are like Medusa, one single but intricate brain with many little serpent heads attached. The main figures are not even in the public eye. The top of the pyramid is known as the black nobility – the Ancient Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty Rulers; The Saturnalia brotherhood, “The Real 13 Zoroastrian Bloodlines of the Illuminati”

The crime families are in total control of the company of Jesus – Jesuits, High Grey Council of Ten, the Black Pope, the White Pope, and everything else often talked about including all kingdoms around the globe. These are the families that make up the intricate brain/head of the serpent. The self-designated Luciferian Demi-Gods who rule over their own G.O.D. (Gold-Oil-Drugs):


The Rothschilds don’t make it to the top 13. But they were appointed by the Vatican, and that’s how it started. There are of course other powerful crime families like the Maximus Family, The Pallavicini – Maria Camila Pallavicini is more powerful than Queen Elizabeth.


Yes, indeed Queen Elizabeth is a subordinate to these people. The most powerful man in the world is The Grey Pope, his name is Pepe Orsini and he lives somewhere in Italy, most likely in Venice and The Vatican. He controls the Black and White Popes who are now both commoners. The Grey Pope always remains unseen!


The Knights of Malta, ostensibly a charitable organisation, are the oldest military order in the Catholic Church, and the fascist faction of that order has been secretly responsible for controlling world leaders through a combination of bribery, threats and murder. In other words, they have been one of the main enforcement arms of the secret world government. They have also exercised strong influence over the US military, as many top brass are Knights of Malta.


Many of these top people now live in Asia, mainly China, India, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. What does that tell you? Is this to create a New NWO with Asia at the helm? This is perhaps why they slowly moved all the US manufacturing infrastructure to Asia and China over the years.


In reality, the Black Pope is the President of this world, and the Bourbon King of Spain is the Monarch of the world – Not Queen Elizabeth as most believe. The King of Spain controls the Vatican through the Jesuits -The Spanish Borgia’s created the Jesuits. The King of Spain is also known as the King of Jerusalem. What does this reveal about who secretly rules the Zionist-Khazarians’ state of Israel? The Grey Pope is the “designated” Ruler of it all!


If you are wondering why it is always the Italians and not the Spaniards who rule the Vatican City, it is because their modus operandi is always to run the show from behind the scenes, without any publicity, or public acclaim and so as to not arouse the 500+ age- old Italian hatred for the Spanish. For details of this, see the history of the terrible reign of Pope Alexander VI and also The Divorce of Henry VIII of England- from Catherine of Aragon – Spain. – This short video, the Pyramid of Death, will enhance your insight about what is happening behind the scenes.


We need to stop looking at Countries as enemies and start tracking down these bloodlines and their foot soldiers such as the Committee of 300, the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, etc. as the true enemies not only of the human race but of all life upon this planet!



If we really want to create the Power vacuum we need at the top of the Pyramid of power, to effectively start implementing some real changes, we need to make a move on these diabolic, malevolent people.


One last note, the best US political leader we have is by far, Ron Paul. He has proven to be the ideal leader for the USA; a leader of utmost integrity! Research him thoroughly. Let’s not support another clown for office.


Paul Ryan or any military man would be a mere continuation of the present fiasco. They only know how to follow orders. It is astonishing how mind-controlled the military people are, always following orders blindly.


5 Most Powerful families that control the world:


Who really controls the world, are not the Rothschilds, but the Vatican.