The greatest deception



After man’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, God made it clear that the days of free lunches were over. “By the sweat of your forehead shall you earn your bread,” He said.

You have to work, you have to do something, before you acquire wealth. You don’t get your bread first. And so, it came to pass that, through the Illuminati’s gradualism, human liberty was transformed into slavery without people’s knowledge. They know that anything can be accomplished with gradualism, often referred to as the “Boiling Frog Syndrome” There is no need for absolute aggressive submission. Whether it takes 50 or 100 years, the elites don’t care. They’re patient. The question is, how exactly did they do it?


In practice, what has really occurred is that they have siphoned off the real wealth of the people to deliver it into the hands of the few insiders with better connections to the Deep State. They made Governments the vehicle for these few to exploit the many. Created a fake-money system as a major tool, to help them to attain these goals. Made a step by step plan to gradually obtain the longstanding target.


The Step by Step Plan

  • Change the monetary system to fiat paper money. This replaces wealth with fiat paper and transfers it to the Deep State through currency inflation and currency depreciation.
  • Enslave the world with this euphemistically called fiat “reserve currency.” Don’t allow the gold standard anywhere in the world.
  • Implement a progressive income tax.
  • Control the media, and use it to advance the agenda.
  • Use very refined propaganda to sway the public on all issues.
  • Divide and conquer by creating wars.
  • Keep race inequality stirred up through class warfare, and hatred.
  • Destroy the family unit by putting the mother/wife to work.
  • Denigrate women.
  • Promote homosexuality. Glorify it along with any variant such as unisex and/or transgenderism in order to promote all types of perversion.
  • Create government schools under the name of free public education. Dumb the people down so they can’t think. And indoctrinate them through mind control.
  • Promote “brotherly love” on the principle of altruism.
  • Hold and maintain all the historic free-sounding names like constitution, privacy rights, private property, national flag, voting rights, democracy, elected representatives, free press, etc. while perverting the institutions themselves.
  • Keep the public ignorant on gold and silver, which is real money, that must be erased from living
  • Control guns and weaponry. Cultivate the public to fear guns by promoting the idea that guns are dangerous. Inflate gun accidents and gun incidents on nationwide media. Sensationalise the negative.
  • Keep the Deep State trusted crew in power no matter who is elected president.
  • The end result justifies all the means, from murders to lies, treason, deception, for example peace is war.
  • Manipulate government statistics; inflation, jobs, money supply.
  • Promote peace while manufacturing arms for export. Be the world’s number one arms manufacturer and exporter of terrorism.
  • Harass people with “foreign bank accounts” while the use of tax havens should be exclusively for insiders.
  • Call land ownership “private property” but have perpetual and increasing property taxes.
  • Confuse the terms liberal, conservative, socialist, communist, fascist, democrat, republican and especially democracy, and promote anarchy – which is self-management – as dangerous for the public.


The controllers strive to decimate these values and return, behind their triple-tiered masks, to the era of entitled rule. They are the revisionists. They are the oligarchs. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They enlist “the downtrodden” to front for them. They bark and howl about social justice, when justice is the last thing on their minds.


One of the greatest deceptions of all

To suppress the people, deceive the public into believing that there is a “national debt” that has to be repaid. This scam implies genuine accounting. However, the public must not know and must never learn that a fiat system implies default from its inception. How can there be debt when everybody knows that fiat is created by debt to infinity at no cost? If there is no debt, the currency doesn’t exist anymore! Debt is the false premise promoted by the media. There is no lost money. It was spent on exactly what the elites and the deep state desired it to be spent on without the public’s knowledge. The money has simply vanished through accounting.


The same applies to banking. A bank grants “loans” to you to buy a home or some other item and calls it your debt, but is it? The bank just created the account out of nothing. It does not even need to have an equal amount of money in its vaults to make the loan. It cost the bank nothing, but the bank calls it your debt or your mortgage and you believe that you have debt. The bank invests in you without risk. If you are unable to pay your mortgage, the bank forecloses. It has taken hold of real assets under the guise of the consumer having defaulted on the loan without putting a dime of its own money at risk. The banks own a majority of the homes and land and this hoax is called economic freedom.


How the Scam functions:

By design, every government runs on debt money, accumulating more debt every day, which is called “National Debt”. This debt is composed of Promissory Notes, I.O.U.’s, or legal tender and common fiat money, all fraudulently administrated in the criminal government bookkeeping systems.

When someone pays you with a debt note or certificate, namely an I.O.U; synonymous with today’s fiat money, and you accept this debt as payment, a credit is created for this person and a debt is accrued for you. You never get paid for anything until you “pass the buck on” to someone else by using this debt instrument as a means to receive something of real intrinsic value in return.


Think about it in another way; every time a debt is created, a credit of equal amount is created as well. The debt and credit naturally cancel each other out. There cannot be X-Trillion dollars of “National Debt” created without the existence of an equal X-Trillion of “National Credit”.


Mind Controlled

Consider this question taken from a 1952 CIA MKULTRA memo: “Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against the fundamental laws of nature, such as self-preservation?”


You can pick any False Flag event you want and they are all done by the same group: Trade Centre Bombing – 9/11 – JFK – Pearl Harbour – Las Vegas Shooting – Boston Marathon – Sandy Hook- all the school and campus shootings – Paris – Berlin – Stockholm – London – oil spill in the gulf – earth quake in Haiti – fires in California – flood in Dallas – hurricanes Andrew – Katrina – Hugo – and many more – Fukushima – the recent Jet crash in Russia, too many to be mentioned here. The list just keeps going on and on, for sure there are many more obvious false flag events and yet very few can see the elephant in the room. It is always the same group CIA, MI6, and Mossad behind these events.


All these events are based on the MK Ultra Program that abducts a victim and is being ‘chipped’ with a micro chip in the brain so they can be activated remotely by operatives for False Flag Shooting Events. This is why often the shooter is killed by the operatives, as dead bodies don’t talk. And in the event a shooter survives he is dazed or confused, and can’t remember anything.

Teens on mood drugs also experience these symptoms they are trying to get rid of, but get prescribed more drugs to become more psychotic. Drugs, distorting the mental health of a living person, is designed to kill other people.


The New World Order

The worst part of all of this is the misery it causes among many intelligent people. They give in to the idea that massive mind control of populations is inevitable, and nothing can be done to stop it. They submit to this conclusion because they have given up on the right to their own freedom. They have formed an inherently self-defeating world view. They’ve decided that Technocracy, which results in dictatorship is irresistible. In effect, they’ve joined the tyranny, through submission. Sophisticated minds would, of course, understand that “togetherness” is the true answer to human problems. Meaning: non- dependence on centralised power. Centralised and globalised power is the New World Order.


To justify the expansion of Globalism, Socialism, Fascism, and Technocracy and to put a humane façade on this quadruple catastrophe, it is necessary to proliferate the number of victims with needs; and what better way to do that than by demanding Western nations to take in and support unlimited waves of migrants?


Well, that’s exactly what the controllers are looking for. As Gary Allen points out in his brilliant book, None Dare Call It a Conspiracy, one of the cardinal propaganda ideas permeating worldwide Socialism/Fascism was, and is: INEVITABLE. That fallacious notion has been used to wear down the opposition. “Fascism is taking over the world, and nothing can be done about it.”


Our Freedom Will Return

Freedom, in the elites’ eyes, is the resistance, plain and simple. It is archaic and dangerous. It is ignorant and senseless. It is primitive. Nonsense of course.


We did not arrive at this stage and time in history, being so close to the point of eradicating the cabal for once and forever. We must take back our freedom. This requires as a consequence, a people willing to depend on self-reliance, self-sufficiency, sacrosanct private property, and the protections expressed in the Constitution.


With the global political and economic changes at hand, it will be appropriate to reckon on a 3-month window where things could get tough for the average citizen. Make sure you have sufficient food storage organised.

The US Treasury has signed off on the RV/GCR. The Chinese quantum hosted new monetary system is 100% hack proof. Quantum computer technology cannot be hacked without equally advanced quantum technology, that the Cabal lacks.


The cabal-owned monetary system of today is based on creating “money” out of thin air; controlled by the government and central banks, which ends up in the hands of Deep State cronies and the elite. It creates an economy that runs on credit, not real wealth or real output. It can only grow by increasing the level of debt, and is thereby damned to its very own destruction.


Last week several corrupted Cabal bankers were arrested. The recent stock market plunge was a successful Alliance operation to seize essential Cabal stocks. This dealt a crippling blow to certain Cabal individuals who owned these stocks.


“There is a list of 6,782 Illuminati members, the list of which has been given to the black ops Seal teams, Black Water, snipers, and all paramilitary personnel; so that if anything happens to Trump, they all are hunted down or arrested.”


Money is a medium of exchange and a store of value

At $1,300 per ounce, the nation’s gold holdings can’t even cover a year’s deficit. And consider the fact that at some point all currencies will need to be redeemed by something, if they’re going to retain any value.

The price of gold – if gold is going to be fixed to the dollar again, at least for the purpose of trading with foreigners, with foreign governments – is going to have to be much higher than it is today. Of course, the first question is whether the dollar should exist at all, or if the U.S. government should even be in the money business; it just confuses the issue.

Money is a medium of exchange and a store of value – it shouldn’t also be a political football, and a means for the State to finance itself. Gold itself should be used as money. Remember that the dollar – like the franc, the pound, the mark, and what-have-you – were just different names for a specific quantity of gold.

So a six-to-one shot from here is not at all unreasonable over the next several years. And that would mean very good things for gold, silver and their respective stocks.



“New Gold-Backed Currency Worldwide in the Works”

The Alliance intends to roll out a new gold-backed currency in addition to terminating the Federal Reserve and the United States Treasury according to Arthur, my Alliance insider.