The Economy Is Imploding. Expect all Fingers Pointing at the Fed

Central Banking is the single biggest threat for Humanity

The promise of socialism is the justification to plunder



The Economy is in a Meltdown

The world’s monetary system is being deliberately destroyed. Consequently, the economic signals that guide the markets – which in a free market are supposed to represent the supply and demand decisions of billions of people – have up to now all been totally false. Despite frequent denials by Central Banks and most mainstream economists, these distortions in the markets are the result of intentional manipulations of currency and precious metal values around the world by central bankers, crafted in response to the demand for competing export opportunities, easy money and cheaper credit by governments. The world is indoctrinated to believe that paper money – the symbol of wealth is that can deliver all the benefits of the free market, while gold is a barbarous, useless metal. This, of course, isn’t true.


All central banks are owned by Rothschild. All these banks are responsible for the economic problems. Therefore, all these banks must be brought down together. In other words, we must bring down the entire Rothschild banking system. We must break away from the central banking system and return to a people’s currency system, by implementing a people’s economy. It should be an economy in which, we the people are in charge and in full control of the money supply.


Most people overlook this aspect of the economy, but this monetary system is a great part of the Deep State’s power. By controlling the currency system of every country, the people of the world are easily controlled, with economic growth instituted on the base of fraud and corruption. That’s the reason why these central banks don’t want to be audited.


Bringing down the entire economic system

The banking system is riddled with fraud, crime, corruption, and when one takes a deeper look into governments that are factually based on this Rothschild system, it’s all about crime and corruption. It is exact same thing that takes place in the financial sector. What needs to be done, is that the entire economic system needs to be brought to its knees, while the crimes of the complicit banksters need to be exposed.


But, before they are brought down, Trump is continually blaming the Central Bank for the bad economy, over and over again, in order to awaken the people, so they wake up to these truths and eventually better understand and see this gigantic crime network, working against humanity. Meanwhile Trump has tricked the MSM to go along with him, where they too are now blaming the Fed central bank for the deteriorating economy.


It is impossible to improve the current economy with a financial system based on debt. The whole system has to be destroyed, while the power must be given back to the people. Since all financial schemes are malicious Rothschild inventions, including institutions like the BIS, IMF, ECB, WB, BoJ, and so on. By raising the interest rates, the system will break down, at which time the focus can be shifted to the Fed, ECB, BoJ, etc.


Central Banking is the single biggest threat for Humanity

The central bank is the biggest threat to the world. The amount of control and power that the Central Bank has in each country is simply off the charts. No one else has so much power enabling them to make or break countries, by putting countries into debt. They consequently do exactly what they want, once a country is put into debt, for then they have the leverage to control them. They know this very well. This truly is the single biggest threat to the world. That is the reason, this financial system has got to be destroyed, while at the same time making sure that never again a central bank can wiggle its way into existence.


The people have the right to coin their own currency. Nowadays, governments are devaluing the money constantly, causing everything that people have worked for to disappear before their eyes. We simply need to return to a real asset-backed monetary system, without a private central bank, and let the people take control.


Be warned; understand that Central Bankers use fear to control the people. During the BREXIT, the Central Banks warned that if the people voted for the BREXIT, the entire economy would collapse. It didn’t happen. Now, again, we have the Central Bank warning that they must accept the EU-deal, or the economy will collapse. Unfortunately, no one has had the courage to step forward and say that this is a lie, and that their threats were just fear mongering.


Draining the swamp

Meanwhile, the draining of the swamp continues, some of the awake people are able to see what is happening. For example, Deutsche bank has been raided for money laundering and a multitude of other crimes. Trump has signed trade deals with Mexico and Canada. – Comey has sued to avoid the closed-door hearings, which was predictable, but it didn’t help him. Adam Schiff has projected fear and John Brennan has been screaming and lashing out at Trump, as most of the Democrats are doing with their impeachment efforts.


The Feds raided a Clinton whistle-blower, while the Deep State was trying to cover all tracks, but they were too late. Eventually the cabal killed him. We have it all decoded posted Q. – MS13 gang members in the migrant caravan have been arrested. – Bombs were found outside the G20 meeting in Argentina. – Facebook and Instagram went dark once again. According to Q this was not a coincidence. This has been planned for the declassification, most likely the Deep State was testing their ability to bring down social media.


Before the indictments can be carried out, Trump “has to clean up the FBI and DOJ.” 25 top people from the FBI and DOJ have been fired or have resigned for misconduct, including treason in trying to remove Donald Trump from office in a failed coup. Part of the clean-up also includes getting rid of bribed judges and installing judges that will follow the Constitution and the rule of law.


Anyone who thinks that nothing is getting done to get rid of the corrupt Deep State is misinformed. There is not just one case of corruption and treason, but more than a few huge cases. This is bigger than anything else that has been seen in history, ever before. High level officials have been involved in fraud, treason, money laundering, espionage, obstruction of justice, racketeering and subversion.


The Deep State is panicking now, and desperate because they are not hardened criminals. They are turning on each other, trying to cut deals to keep themselves out of prison. Their punishment could also include something far worse than prison for their massive crimes and treason committed.


Trump set the trap

Trump is correct when he says, “The real problem is the Fed and not China.” the Deep State “rigged the economy to implode it” with massive amounts of debt. Meanwhile, President Trump is buying time, to put the population in the best possible position when the entire economy comes down, while simultaneously using this extra time to awaken the masses to this outrageous, grand-scale corruption with his tweets.


The Central banksters wanted to have the narrative about the economy in order to put the blame for the collapse on Trump, but they aren’t going to gain it. – Under President Trump’s presidency, by applying the same fraudulent numbers and tactics as were used before by the Deep State puppets; GDP has doubled, savings rates have risen, and unemployment rates have been cut in half. The economy is not doing poorly and the MSM cannot portray these numbers otherwise. All they can do is resort to giving Obama credit for the improvement and not Trump. But Trump and the patriots have set up this trap in order to gain the lead and control of the economic narrative and force the FED to bring the economy down, by raising interest rates, as they have been saying for such a long time. Now they say it is not necessary, because the economy is much stronger, even although this is all on fake numbers.


The beginning of the next phase

The Central Banks are attempting to figure a way out of this trap, but this has become very difficult, as they have been saying for such a long time that they need to raise rates, and Trump confirmed this by saying that the Fed does what they think is best. This was the set up to let the Fed bring down the economy. In the meantime, congress has presented a bill requesting an audit of the Fed. This opens the possibility of taking over the Fed and all other central banks as a result. It is the beginning of the next phase. Once the Fed crashes the economy because they are pushed into this by raising interest rates, then President Trump and the patriots will control the narrative. All privately owned Central Banks will become obsolete and will be shut down. The whole monetary system will be moved onto the new QFS system, that is ready and waiting in the aisle.


Bankers’ rotten credibility and trust of the banking institutions

Across Europe, greed and corruption has destroyed the fabric of society. Whatever the area of infiltration, the corruption is rampant, whether it be in politics, finance, corporate, match-fixing in European football, or wide spread political bribery in Spain.


The privileged elites have been plundering the nation’s and people’s wealth for too long. Politicians, bankers and corporate bosses have lost all credibility and trust. They are completely rotten to the bone. Like e.g. Carlos Ghosh, CEO and Chairman of Nissan, Mitsubishi and Renault, who since last year in Japan is imprisoned for his gigantic derelictions. Desperately there is a need for total change of both the people in charge and the system.


All the money that has been stolen by the bankers and politicians must be repaid, as incorporated in Trump’s Executive Order; their fiscal protective shield for amnesty will be abolished. Politicians and bankers convicted of fraud or illegal activities will face prison sentences and worse. All they have purported are countless lies. They have reached the threshold of the modern fabrication of their imagination, into one of unwavering truth. Watching this spectacle unfold in real time is both alarming, and enjoyable at the same time.


The promise of socialism is merely the justification to plunder

Even the stimulus programs and global warming issues were lies; unnecessarily increasing taxes to further rob people of their hard-earned money and curb their freedom. Governments act like the convicted hedge-fund scammer Bernie Madoff with his Ponzi swindle; he too used fresh money to create the illusion of returns for existing clients. There are no ways governments can comply with their commitments without continuously increasing payroll taxes, eg: robbing the people to an ever-increasing extent.


Many of our world leaders do what they do best; they lie. They are serial liars. They shore up their wealth and power, and are beholden to powerful moneyed interests. They are guided by instructions of the Elite. They propagate popular sentiments, saying: “It’s time to distribute the wealth, all around the world and have more freedom.” Which is utter nonsense and plain socialism, which can never be realised!


Whichever way one looks at it, socialism and individual freedom cannot go together. Socialism is in fact a major threat to freedom. Tocqueville described it as, “an irreconcilable conflict between democracy and socialism.” Government cannot guarantee any benefits or services without first taking it from someone else. That’s why the promise of socialism is merely the promise of plunder, simultaneously promising the curtailment of freedom. The nation as a whole cannot become wealthy through the plunder of its own citizens.


In Hayek’s view, “the danger of the growing power of the state on the lives of citizens, both in economic and legal aspects, represents an unacceptable curtailment of individual freedom and limits the room to develop spontaneous productive activities.”



People must thoroughly understand that we are living with an evil and totally unjust, privately-owned central banking system. We are seen by the banksters as and are living like medieval “serfs”. So, it is vital that all private Rothschild Central Banks are destroyed at all costs and that legislation is implemented to ensure once and for all that no such bank is ever established again.


Furthermore, all issuance of credit has to be tightly regulated to prevent usurious exploitation of the people from ever happening again. All Banksters need to be thoroughly investigated and if found guilty, jailed. All assets should be confiscated on a global scale.


It truly is regretful that people have already forgotten how unpleasant it was back in 2008 and 2009. They also have no idea why it happened to start with. But it happened because government’s fiscal and monetary policies created distortions and misallocations of capital in the economy. It is much more serious now than it was back in 2008 and the consequences are going to be much worse, just one more reason to be prepared.


Now it is widely-known that the Elites’ ultimate plan is to kill 90% of us, who they see as useless eaters, so that they can loot all of our wealth from us, while the remaining 10% can be used as slaves. They are directed and controlled by their handlers of secret ancient Archon family bloodlines, with their pinnacle in the Vatican.


Almost everything that you have been told or taught is a lie, as people will eventually discover on a grand scale.

The entire economic system as we know it, is changing before our eyes. The total collapse of the stock market is an indicator of the imminence of the GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) transition.


The world is approaching a period of time where everything is going to happen at the same time, in a final-phase, global quickening. The Deep State’s propaganda and illusions can only last for a certain period of time, and once everything completely starts to crumble, which is starting to happen now, people will discover the fraud and deception they have lived with in all areas of their lives.


With President Trump continuously blaming the Fed, so he is able to set up and gain the narrative, the central bank is now panicking as they are totally trapped in a catch-22.


This time the situation will be different as the central bank will not control the narrative. In the past, recessions and depression were under the full control of the central banks, providing the narrative, with the help of the MSM and government propaganda that were in full compliance with everything the central banks dictated. This time the Central Banks are left out in the cold with the absence of a plausible narrative and all fingers pointing at them.


Keep in mind; The Federal Reserve Central Bank is the last remaining bastion of the Deep State; the Federal Reserve is its backbone. Reports suggest that the Alliance is preparing for one last push on the Deep State by proposing to end the Fed. This termination will be the final blow that will render the Deep State powerless, ensuring their complete demise. There’s no turning back for them this time. The course of humanity will be changed in the blink of an eye. It will be shocking and many who are oblivious to the truth will be overwhelmed and in disbelief; the beginning of a painful process of awakening for those who are not yet awake.


Encouraging everyone to better understand and learn what is truly going on in the world today, my book THE GREAT AWAKENING is a good guide, with countless links for in-depth research. This book was specifically written for this purpose, while it may prove be very helpful for later cross-references. The book covers a multitude of facets in our corrupt world today, while offering a vast array of solutions.