Why Gold is Money

Fiat money creates an immoral society

Money with real value is crucial



Counterfeited Money

The proper definition of money is, a vehicle that functions as a store of value and is a medium of exchange. All of today’s currencies are debt, because none are redeemable for anything by their issuer, nor are there any limits on the quantity that can be created. Only a vague claim “against good faith and credit” of the government under pretence, coupled with the extortion of tax money from their subjects. And under their declaration of faith, they have the ability to destroy the currency through inflation that destroys the credit and eventually reduces it to literally nothing.

All credit leads to debt. Salaries, wages, even capital gains, are forms of wealth that have been earned. But credit is not the same as money; it isn’t earned. Debt is the claim on money that still has to be earned, while all debt must be repaid


The earliest references to honesty regarding money and the significance of gold as money, were recorded three to four thousand years ago in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible written by Moses, which recognises that gold and silver were early forms of money. Since it encompassed the weight of a precious metal, the admonition for “honest weights and measures” was spelled out early and often in the Bible. Not using an honest weight in any commodity transaction was considered theft.


Today, the deliberate debasement of our currency by monetary authorities is theft, and is equivalent to counterfeiting. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America saw counterfeiting as a serious crime, deserving the death penalty.


Worldwide, people are waking up to the fact that the current economic system of debt and fiat money is unsustainable, and they are quietly and secretly preparing for the worst. Governments will do what they always do in a financial crisis: protect insiders and those close to the Deep State.


Average middle-class citizens, are already suffering from the corrupt monetary system, and are scrambling to find the best way to protect their wealth and ensure their safety in these challenging times. The unwinding of history’s largest financial bubble is now upon us.


Governments around the world are bankrupting their country by destroying their own currency. They will never provide for the economic needs of their people. Any promise by them that they intend to do so, should not be believed. Likewise, a bankrupt government, cannot provide physical safety. All government efforts are focussed on, is the clinging to power, by the further expansion thereof.


Motives why Gold and Silver Became the Premiere Money

The importance of commodity money, especially gold and silver, started about 6,000 years ago; at that time, it was a relatively new discovery. Gold and silver, due to their special qualities, were chosen early on as the money of choice to replace the bartering of products, which facilitated more efficient trading of goods and services. Though gold was accepted quite naturally, over time, as being superior to barter, the unique significance of this process was only discovered over time.


Precious metals were voluntarily chosen as money by the people and were not designated as such through government force. Although, once the importance of money became obvious, governments took control of precious metals.


The characteristics of commodity money, that took years to identify precisely, are its functions that truly need to be understood. There are three main functions that should be fulfilled: 1) A store of value. 2) A unit of account to serve as a standard of value, and 3) A well accepted medium of exchange.


A store of value makes money useful and conveys confidence that its purchasing power will not be arbitrarily diminished by the creation of additional units out of thin air by government authorities. Ships have sunk, laden with gold and silver coins, only to be recovered hundreds of years later with the purchasing power of the gold and silver coins still intact. This is not the case with fiat currencies.


Why Gold is Money

Money is simply a medium of exchange and must have the function as medium of exchange, by unit measure, and as store of value, that are based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted; these characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become a standard of widely accepted payment.


Moreover, there are many other advantages of gold as money. It’s by far the most private kind of money; gold coins, unlike paper currency, don’t even carry serial numbers. That makes it truly untraceable. Although efforts have been made to counterfeit gold bars, with tungsten filler and the like. Gold is much easier to authenticate than paper or digital currency. It is part of the Grand Plan that is unfolding before our eyes, that gold will soon become the preferred medium of exchange for all of us once again.


Fiat Currency

The monetary choice should always be made by the people themselves and not imposed or prohibited by the government. Fraud with regard to the monetary unit should never be tolerated. Promises that substitutes, or certificates issued for a currency and backed by a commodity means nothing if there is no guarantee of convertibility. When there is no guarantee, an unbacked currency by a commodity of value will simply be fiat currency.


Various types of fiat currencies have been used for centuries and they all have ended badly. They not only pose a threat to economic prosperity, but they also undermine people’s freedom.


The current dollar standard is the largest fiat system the world has ever seen. Since 1971, when the dollar became a 100% fiat currency, astronomical distortions in the international financial and political systems have resulted. Since the current environment has been built on false information, generated by monetary and interest rate manipulation, made worse by sub-prime lending, the amount of worldwide debt and mal-investments have reached record highs.


Natural market forces always require the liquidation and correction of the excesses that the central economic planners cause by monetary manipulation. If sound economic growth is ever expected to return to the world economy, the excesses of the past 40 years must be dealt with. The problems that will come with this adjustment are huge, and will be both economical and geopolitical.


How long and painful the correction is, depends on government policy, and how serious we are about instituting sound money. Paper money never lasts for long periods of time. Commodity money like gold and silver lasts for thousands of years.


Fiat money creates an immoral society

Under a fraudulent monetary system, debt in real terms, becomes impossible to pay while the required debt liquidation can only be accomplished by debasement of the currency.

Fake money rewards the special interests most closely associated with money managers: namely the Deep State, the military industrial complex, Wall Street, and the many beneficiaries of government spending.


Unfair distribution of wealth is a characteristic of a fiat monetary system and is being witnessed today in its extreme. As an example; the three richest people own more than the bottom 50% of the world’s population. Fiat money dislikes morality and creates an immoral society. It requires the rejection of a convertible commodity standard, and can only be enforced with powerful legal tender laws.


Economic bubbles are the monsters birthed by fiat currencies and central bank manipulation of the money supply and interest rates. A fiat currency eliminates a definable unit of account which is needed for sound economic calculation.


People who think that peace and prosperity are worthy goals, must eventually reject fiat currencies. – For at least since the 1600s, taxpayer monies have been illegally laundered through what now is known privately owned tax offices, central banks and cabal owned corporations identified as; Washington DC, City of London and the Holy See in Vatican City. Meanwhile elites and politician were filling their pockets along the way. Governments are funded totally through black earning projects, such as drug-trafficking, organ- and human-trafficking, including child-sex-trafficking and the off-budget accounting as published in the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR).


When President Trump finally implements GESARA Law the Federal Reserve and IRS officially would be defunct. Income taxes will be abolished and replaced with a sales tax on non-essential items.

Recovering from the damage caused by the fiat currencies will prove to be much more difficult than rejecting the temptation to initiate a fiat currency as the unit of account in the first place. – Honest money is the essential ally of liberty. Precious metals must and will return to serve as the foundation for the new QFS-system.


The free market makes the choice

The proper course of action would be to make certain that the dictates of governments and central banks are ignored, but rather, free people in the marketplace should make their own choice as to whether we should use cryptos or something else. This process requires the insight that it is imperative to reject the use of force and fraud if we are to have any chance at success.


The greatest challenge will be the accomplishment of providing a currency with a precise definition of the unit of account. It cannot be arbitrary, or confidence will not be achieved with any substitute or proposed reform of the dollar. It was because of the determined effort to maintain a precise unit of account definition of the dollar, that it was abandoned in 1971 and the ensuing dollar became completely fiat, which ushered in the financial/debt crisis the world now is facing.


Money with real value is crucial

A workable currency must convey confidence, because that’s critically important to the average person. A guarantee that the monetary unit can be easily and reliably exchanged for something of real value is crucial.


Throughout history, all currencies, once made popular in the market place, were inevitably taken over by government or a banking entity. Since that will probably continue, every effort must be made to keep the management of the monetary system out of the hands of government officials. The goal should be, to keep all transactions both transparent and anonymous without paying bank transaction fees.


Therefore, now thanks to President Trump, the Patriots and the Q-Anon team, the narrative concerning the central banks is in their hands. They are now in the position to expose the Rothschild Fed and all the Rothschild central banks, revealing that they are the culprits of all the economic disasters that have ever occurred. This was done by design to facilitate wealth transfers from the populace to themselves and their mignons.


Most importantly, the central bank global fiat financial system is being brought to the point of deflation, which will force the Deep State to relinquish their global control. The fiat financial system will be replaced by local currencies, i.e. gold-backed sovereign money systems, based on the QFS. This will be the foundation for the post-fiat, GESARA world.


This Quantum Financial System (QFS) has been successfully tested multiple times, and is fully integrated, operational and impenetrable, with the directive that all procedures shall be transparent. Soon, everyone will be freed from centuries long enslavement, and have plenty of money to enjoy their lives as the Creator intended it to be.


The Deep State cabal has been defeated and all that remains are the remnants. Donald Trump follows the teachings of the great warrior Sun Tsu, his book “The Art of War,” being his favourite. The most remarkable Sun Tsu quote was “Every battle is won before it is ever fought” The remainder of the Deep State knows that they are beyond the point of ever fulfilling their agenda to enslave the people. All they wish for now is the chance to bring us down with them. But they won’t succeed.


The restoration of the American Republic, and the dismantling of the European Union, structured like the Soviet Union, with a bribed, rubber-stamp parliament and unelected puppets in top positions, is happening in real time. A gentle transition is being carried out, for the masses to gradually become accustomed to letting go of the central banking system and the corresponding way of life, which the Cabal designed for us, to keep us in perpetual debt slavery. We are moving away from the enslavement, to a free-market, peoples’ economy, founded on honest money.


What we now are witnessing is really a unique once in a lifetime chapter in world history. In assisting everyone to better understand and apprehend what actually is going on, is my book THE GREAT AWAKENING a good guide. This book has been written specifically for this purpose, and also will be very helpful for future reference.