Not Revolution, but Revelation of systematic corruption

Not Globalism, but individual self-determination

Change beyond France is essential

The Past shows the Future



Citizens’ Initiative Referendum

The European Union is undermining the democratic will of the populace of all member states. This is the reason why since halve ‪November the people who first went out in the streets were wearing Yellow Vests. Initially they were protesting against a hike in gasoline and diesel taxes that would hit people in rural France the hardest. Obsessed with the fake global warming hoax, they used that argument to implement their carbon tax by increasing fuel prices by 25%. That was the last straw that broke the French camel’s back. The movement continued on the basic issue: the right of the people to have a say in measures taken, measures that affect their lives. In one word ‘Democracy’.


None of the parties from the left nor the right, whatever they had promised during their campaign speeches, kept their promises once in office, because their policies were dictated to them by the elites. So, people have lost confidence in all politicians and are demanding new avenues to have their voices heard and wishes fulfilled.


The fuel tax was soon forgotten as the list of demands grew longer. They have been protesting for Macron’s resignation, and the Citizens’ Initiative Referendum (CIR),

under which citizens could propose their own laws that would then be voted on by the general public. The RIC could effectively bypass the French Parliament and even the EU and would be enshrined in the French Constitution. A similar law exists since 1848 in Switzerland and is regularly applied by Swiss citizens. It is a tool to Direct Democracy and any country calling itself a “democracy”, should include this in its Constitution.


The French government has reacted with violence, in an apparent desire to provoke responsive violence in order to condemn the movement as violent. Consequently; on Macron’s orders, the police are becoming increasingly more aggressive, using military suppression to control protesting French civilians. Thousands have been arrested, about ten people have died and hundreds injured by police brutality. Nevertheless, the movement is gaining massive public support of up to 80% of the French population, whom all support the ‘Yellow Vest” idea, which meanwhile is spreading throughout Europe and the globe at large and this is not being reported on in the MSM.


After first sending in government-paid thugs to destroy cars and shop windows, an army of police, dressed in black, resembling robots, have surrounded and blocked groups of peaceful Yellow Vest Protesters, drowning them in clouds of teargas and firing flash balls directly at protesters, seriously wounding hundreds, if not thousands as the real figures are not published. A number of people have lost an eye, leg, or a hand. The government has nothing to say about this.


Despite all these provocations, the Yellow Vests have remained remarkably calm and determined. Only a few people, amongst them a popular boxing champion, lost his temper completely when he witnessed a protester being abused by the police.


Not Revolution, but Revelation of systematic corruption

This may not be merely a revolution, but far more a revelation of the real nature of “the system”.  Power lies with the bureaucrats and politicians meaning; control over the people, economy, religion, finance and capital. These puppets are instructed to reshape human societies all across the planet, in support of the Deep State prerogatives, culminating in the New World Government. By applying economic sanctions, overwhelming propaganda and military NATO force in pursuit of “globalisation” that shapes people’s lives without their consent.


Macron, the French Rothschild puppet is the very embodiment of this system. As Marine Le Pen expressed regarding her anti-EU stance during the last national election, for which the voting results were rigged to enable Macron to win.  Macron, who was groomed by the elite to carry through the actions dictated by the Deep State-Illuminati, to be enforced by the European Union. Macron, under any circumstances, is not allowed to give in. But now that people are awake and are aware of what is going on, they won’t stop either. Contrary to the general decline in education, the French people today are pretty well-educated and quite realistic.


Opposing Macron, Le Pen’s agenda items were: leaving the European Union, ditching the euro, and securing the borders. France is the world’s sixth-largest economy. Le Pen wanted for France an EU exit, for which she had a meeting with Trump. Should Marine Le Pen have won and have been given the opportunity to enter the Elysée Palace, she would have made her first official trip, not to Washington, but to the EU in Brussels signaling the fact that Brussels’ superpower has finally come to an end.


Marine Le Pen, a 50-year-old lawyer by profession, used as ammunition the growing anti-immigrant sentiment, terror attacks and a faltering economy during her election campaign. The same anti-establishment sentiment alive in France exists in Germany, Italy, Belgium and The Netherlands. As a matter of interest; Le Pen is also a fan of Vladimir Putin, she isn’t sold on climate change, and has called globalisation “another kind of totalitarianism.” Sounds familiar!



Not Globalism, but individual self-determination

Globalisation is not, as its supporters claim it to be – simply the inevitable outcome of modern technology applied to communication, trade, and travel. It is not the world getting smaller. However, it is factually, an ideology and worldview that can only be imposed by tyrannical means.


“Globalisation has made the financial elite who donate to politicians very, very wealthy … but it has left millions of our workers with nothing but poverty and heartache,”


Trump told his supporters.


The European Union is primarily a customs zone, not a free trade zone. The bureaucracy of 54.000 plus bureaucrats in Brussels is hardly necessary to enact simple Pan-European tariff reductions. It is not needed, but for one reason; to begin building what globalism truly demands: a de facto European government, complete with dense regulatory and tax rules, quasi-judicial bodies, a nascent military, and further subordination of national, linguistic, regional and cultural identities.


Ludwig von Mises understood that self-determination is the fundamental goal of liberty, of real liberalism. It’s true that libertarians ought not to concern themselves with “national sovereignty” in the political sense, because governments are not sovereign kings and should never be treated as worthy of determining the course of our lives. But it is also true that the more the link is reduced between an individual and the body purporting to govern him, the less control or more self-determination that individual has.


If it were in any way possible to grant this right of self-determination to every individual person, it would have to be done.


Brexit is a referendum on nationhood, which is a step away from globalism and closer to individual self-determination.


Macron has to go

The protesting Yellow Vests want Macron out of the Elysée. Why is Macron so intensely disliked by his own people? – From 2014 to 2016, Macron was, under socialist President Hollande, Minister of Economy and Finance, a period during which he prepared the very unpopular new “Labour Law”, under which workers may eventually lose most of their accumulated labour rights, for which they had fought long ago and safeguarded. But now they could be hired or fired by the industry without hardly any protection. The law was finally implemented during Macron’s first year in Office.


Previously, from 2008 – coincidentally the year when the cabal-made ‘financial crisis’ began – to 2012, Macron was a successful investment banker at a Rothschild Bank in France, where he learned the tricks of international finance, debt restructuring and, in fact – debt-enslavement.


In hindsight, it is clear that he was prepared for the presidency by the Rothschild clan and the elite accomplices. Campaigning from about mid-2016 to the 2017 for the elections, he was propped up by the banking funded media. He promised a new government of the people and for the people with his new Movement, “en marche”. With the help of ‘false flags’ – i.e. the 14th July 2016 – French National Holiday – massacre in Nice, he promised more security, a permanent Emergency Law, similar to Martial Law, if he became President.


King Macron was dishonestly elected President in the second round on 7 May 2017, with, according to the going ‘democratic system’, a decisive margin – while, in fact, he gained less than 25% of the eligible French electorate votes.


Soon after his election victory, he turned around, disregarded his pre-election promises – which is not unusual for politicians in general – but what distinguished Macron from others, he displayed an abject arrogance, almost an outright disrespect, or even disgust, for the common man, whom he had promised to govern justly. He started slashing taxes for the rich, and imposing new taxes on poor and middle class citizens, reducing pensions, unemployment and health benefits, and so on.


Eventually the new so-called eco-gasoline tax was just about the legendary straw that broke the camel’s back, and Macron’s popularity dropped to below 18%.

Macron eventually rescinded the new fuel tax, and various other taxes, as well as an increase in the minimum wage by €100 per month. All presented on public television with an apologetic face which was clearly fake – a phony gesture that was “too little too late”. Even worse, in his televised speech, he did not mention with one word the new, most unpopular Labour Law he had slipped through Parliament, where his Movement has an absolute majority.


Withdrawing that unpopular labour law, may have just given Macron the credit he missed and still is missing. But his puppet masters, would of course not allow such a profit-infringing concession. Today, the Yellow Vests and about 80% of the French population demand nothing less than Macron’s resignation.


Change beyond France is essential

How does this affect the economy? For the protesters and the French people, the complaint is that they are unhappy with the continuous deterioration of the purchasing power of their money and the loss of hard-earned social benefits. They require an outright reversal of the upward transfer of capital from the working class to the elite – a trend that is clearly visible everywhere in the western world.


If the Yellow Vests succeed, that might mean an economic upheaval, perhaps an economic revolution that could spread to other countries. The Yellow Vest protesters are well aware of this, as they call for change and beyond France as well. Already similar protests have started, in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Austria, to name but a few.


In Germany, Chancellor Merkel’s days are numbered. The surging Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) voted to campaign for the country’s exit from the EU. They also want to shut down the European Parliament in its entirety. Anyone who thought the party would always remain on the fringe of German politics was shocked to learn that in just a few years of its existence, as from 2018 it had become Germany the second most popular party throughout Germany, even outdoing the mainstream Social Democratic Party (SPD).


There is a tremendous social discontent in Germany for reasons not much different from the ones in France – declining purchasing power, rising poverty. A large portion of the German population, mostly women, works part time, and many of them, especially single mothers, need at least two jobs to survive. They escape the unemployment statistics. The Deep State-controlled media will not report and inform the people of the truth. Lying has been their bread and butter for years. And this isn’t likely to change anytime soon, unless the system changes.


The Germans also want to exit from the Euro and the EU. The macro-economic benefit for the country would be tremendous. Of course, as with BREXIT, the enormous benefits for the people will not be reported by the mainstream media, because it would be a confirmation that the clowns in Brussel should be removed. It would implicate the necessity to go back to the roots of economics, away from the central bank economy, essentially the return to a people’s economy supported by local production for local markets with a sound local currency and a people-controlled financial system.


People would become motivated to work for their country and their well-being, thereby boosting the local economy and local well-being. If Greece would have taken this step in 2008 to 2009, when the Deep state-engineered crisis hit, with their GREXIT approach. Greece would today have been far ahead in its recovery process, possibly already a prosperous country, or at least well on its way to prosperity, without a suffocating debt.


On the other hand, if things stay the way they are now, with Macron’s few half-hearted concessions, the cost to the French economy is estimated to reach about 8 to 10 billion euros. As long as Macron stays in power, nothing will significantly change for the rich, as he will not reverse the tax system. They put him in the Presidency so he could transmute public wealth into private wealth and shift it upwards.


This means; France has to steal the funds from somewhere, for example, in the former French colonies like Chad, which are still heavily under the yoke of the French Central Bank. These countries cannot control their own reserves, as their economies are hamstrung by the French economy – a very little known fact.


In other words, if the situation stays as it is, without radical breakthroughs for the Yellow Vests, the state of the economy will get worse. Don’t worry, without a doubt, the official propagated version will blame the Yellow Vest protesters for the economic misère, while the extra money needed, will be squeezed from the poor, possibly in the former French colonies.


The Past shows us the Future

The Yellow Vest movement is the opportunity for change that can be spread to other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. We, the awake have the mission to help educate the general public on what is actually going on, and what has gone wrong in the past that has brought us into the crisis situation in which we find ourselves today. The past will teach us about the future.


For this purpose, an easily readable guide has been compiled that contains almost every important move and decision that has been made in the past. It explains step by step how we arrived in today’s financial, social and economic crisis.


Once understood; this knowledge teaches us how we together can make changes. It is not necessary for most of us to go onto the streets and protest in a Yellow Vest. As, many conscientious citizens can educate themselves and others by reading and studying the literature necessary for THE GREAT AWAKENING, that explains in simple logical language all that has gone wrong and how that should be addressed. It shows the way (P1) in which we can use our power to build from grassroots (P2) upward our community into one of self-governance, by running our own economy, without the need for politicians. We don’t want a One World Government and one religion. We don’t want someone who dictates to us. We simply want to reclaim our freedom, create local assemblies with the laws and rules we feel are necessary, while solely being monitored and controlled by ourselves.