Fear is the Cabal’s control weapon

Inflation is Theft

Fake Money is Debt Money

Real money keeps track between past and future

Stimulus is the craziest obsession



The Plan

The facts; the economy is imploding, as well as all the central banks that are owned by the Rothschilds. These banks are responsible for the economic problems. Solution: bring all central banks down together, sequentially bringing down the entire Rothschild cabal financial system. Away from the central banking system and to return to the people’s sound money system. Where, we the people are in charge, and being in control over everything. Most people overlook this aspect of the economy, but it is a major part of the Deep State’s control and income mechanism.


Controlling the currency system of every country is the best way to control the people by being able to creating fake growths, fraud and corruption to line up politicians who are necessary for the maintenance of this control mechanism. That’s also the reason Central Banks don’t want to be audited. Because the banking system is filled with false bookkeeping, crime, corruption, to controlling almost every government that is using their system.


What needs to be done is bringing down the entire central bank economic system and expose the bankers for their crimes. At that moment the people’s economic system can get established. Before the banking system is brought down, Trump is blaming the Central Bank for the bad economy, time and again, to wake up the populace. For now, Trump has tricked the MSM in going along with him when they too are blaming the Central Bank for the deteriorating economy.


Fear is the Cabal’s control weapon

The Central Bankers use fear to control the people. During the BREXIT the Central Bank warned if the people voted for the BREXIT the entire economy would collapse. It didn’t happen. Then the Central Bank – ECB warned that they must accept the EU-deal, or the economy would collapse. – On another tour the Deep State tested their ability to bring down social media, like Facebook and Instagram that went dark twice for a while, but without the expected result.


Through its quantitative easing (QE) program, the central banks have added worldwide more money to the monetary system in the last 10 years than they added in the previous 90 years of their existence. Not only that, by lowering the key interest rate below the level of consumer price increases, borrowing was made more attractive than saving. Borrowed money, to about $20 trillion has been added to each nation’s total debt in the last 10 years, increasing the available money supply. Resulting in the making of more inflation.


Inflation is Theft

By definition, experience and theory; increases in the amount of money in circulation is inflation. But it does not increase the amount of goods that can be bought with the added money. As explained in the previous essay people can expect rising consumer prices. It is not a coincidence that the rich got so much richer in the last 10 years than at any other period in history. In effect, the Central Banks gave them the money.


The only real asset most people have is their time. But by 2018, it took about twice as many hours of work for the average man to buy the average house or the average automobile as was required in the 1970s.


The CB’s inflation blew up the asset prices of the rich; it added not a second to the working man’s time. Nor did it increase the wealth of the economy. Inflation is just a trick, a deceit, because it is plain theft.


The so-called wealth effect coming from higher stock and real estate prices make people feel richer, they’ll go out and spend! But a business can’t really make a profit by selling goods and services to people who can’t really afford them. And it wouldn’t be long before consumers, businesses and investors realise that they have overspent, overbuilt and over-extended themselves. Then, they’d have to cut back, which is producing a bust that would be equal and opposite to the fake boom that preceded it.

Anyhow a recession is coming, the only way the central banks can keep this inflationary expansion going is to inflate more. The situation in which the world has arrived, is Inflate or Die!


Besides, Central Banks cannot really control the economy. They can only influence it. Fixing interest rates at any level, other than that which is derived by willing borrowers and lenders, is distortion of the price of credit, and the price of just about every other financial asset that is priced off interest rates. Distortion of prices always leads to problems – either shortages or surpluses. By fixing rates at ultra-low levels, Central Banks are stealing from one group and giving it to another.


When President Trump says the Federal Reserve should cut rates, for example, he is just calling for more inflation. Without it, he believes, bad things will happen. And endanger his re-election chances. And he’s not alone. As Milton Friedman observed four decades ago, “We’re all Keynesians now.” He meant that almost all economists agreed that they could fiddle with interest rates to provide a little — but not too much — inflation. The outcome, they all believed, would be better than doing nothing.


The Trump Team knows that people need to see some economic improvement in time for the next election. And there really isn’t any. But if he can get the Fed to cut rates a couple times, and all the on going trade wars are settled, they believe the economy will appear to be in great shape for the 2020 election.


Figure out, allowing someone to debase your money how that is likely to result in a satisfactory conclusion? The world is still waiting for someone to show how the economy has been helped by central planning, easy money, negative interest rates, trade restrictions or price meddling by economists. Be assured it is simply impossible.


Governments get revenue in three ways. The first is by confiscating the wealth of its citizens through taxes. There are hundreds of different taxes, and they all are quite high right now. The second way is by borrowing. Governments are incredibly over indebted and un-creditworthy now, and those debts will never be repaid. The third way is by printing money. They will continue to print money because; it is the only way out left to them. So, politicians keep saying; printing money is a good way to stimulate the economy, which in the meantime has been amply demonstrated; to be a lie.


Fake Money is Debt Money

Debt money is a claim on wealth that has never been produced and perhaps never will be. As the quantity of real money increases, society becomes richer and more financially stable. Because it’s real wealth. But as the supply of debt money increases, more people owe more and more money; the economy becomes more fragile, and eventually goes broke.

The only kind of money they can create is the fake kind. Real money must be earned; like wealth, it cannot be printed. That is also true of crypto currencies. Like gold or silver, either you “mine” it – using real-world inputs of energy and processing power, or you trade something for it.


To prevent future economic pain, the closure is required of all loopholes for the creation of money out of “thin air, in other words an economic system run by the people instead of the Central Bank economy with their loose monetary policies.


Real money keeps track between past and future

The U.S. introduced in 1971 a new form of money called Federal Reserve Notes. These were not tied to gold, which meant that they were not connected to the real world of limited time and resources.


Before then earnings were limited, because there was only so much time, resources and know-how available to earn money, which meant that savings were limited, as was debt.


Real money kept track of the connections between past and future, borrower and lender, consumer and supplier. It guided people, as if by an invisible hand, to reduce waste and increase output.


It was in the early 1970s, that the idea of stimulating an economy began to take hold, first among progressives, later among conservatives. Before then, it wasn’t possible to do much stimulation; the money simply wasn’t available.


Stimulus is the craziest obsession

But the unlimited, fake money opened the gates to chaos. Soon, there were nut-jobs on every corner, and lunatics running the central banks. Who else would believe you could “stimulate” a real economy with fake money? Who else would believe that he would know what interest rate an economy of millions of people need? Who else would be naïve enough to think that negative interest rates were a good idea?


A negative nominal interest rate is impossible, meaning a negative rate before accounting for inflation, implies a weird world, a world that cannot really exist. To lend at less than zero suggests they believe the present value of money is less than its future value, in other words, deflation, under the assumption that the risk of default or inflation is near zero.


This allows governments to build roads or pay pensions with money that cost them less than nothing. How long will this last? – Yet as long rates remain below zero, money is not just free, actually it’s a cost not to borrow!


Imagine, if money has no value, what happens when you hire, a gardener to pull out weeds? Should you pay him? Or should he pay you? How many hours should he has to work for you before you agree to take his money?


In short, negative rates mean, paying people to take their money. But only rich people, big corporations or governments get to borrow at such low rates. Poor people still have to pay 15% interest on their credit cards.


Then again, usually interest rates are meant as a form of compensation for risk over time. The longer the loan period, the higher the interest rate should be. Negative interest rates imply that time runs backwards. This may be your most important discovery of all. How do you do that? Making yesterday tomorrow, and Monday last week’s Friday. Over time people are getting younger, and eventually turn up at their own birth!


This demonstrates the whole idea of negative interest rates is so contrary to nature so bizarre not worth to think about. – Or, not?


As IMF’s Christine Lagarde, soon to be head of the ECB: explains


“If we had not had those negative rates, we would be in a much worse place today, with inflation probably lower than where it is, with growth probably lower than where we have it. […] It was a good thing to actually implement those negative rates under the current circumstances.”


Lagarde is also on record as saying that negative interest rates “improve confidence and financial conditions in the euro area, which will further aid the recovery.”


The world’s markets are a gigantic illusion with negative interest rates and manipulated soaring stock and real estate prices, which we never ever have experienced before! There is only one conclusion; This is the craziest world ever we live in today!


Stimulus can take many different sizes and disguises. But always ends up in inflation, as it adds to the available money supply. Fake money — and the power to “print” it, is the only tool the central banks have.


This usually produces a short-term boom as consumers, businesses and investors mistake the new money for real wealth. If the stimulus is added to the financial sector, there is a boom in stocks, real estate and bonds. If it is added to the consumer sector, wages and consumer prices rise. But every boom built on inflation ends in a bust. Debts need to be repaid. Rising prices nullify the effects of the additional money. And inflated asset prices need to be corrected. The bust may be delayed, denied and disguised. But it can’t be stopped. And the greater the inflation — whether in asset prices or consumer prices — the greater the pain when it dies.


Inflation may help in the short run by providing fraudulent information. Prices go up, and people think there is more real demand. This leads to overproduction, overspending and overextending. These mistakes cost time and money. And when the music stops and the clamour is over, almost everyone has been punished. Investors have been punished by crashing prices. Consumers are unable to pay their debts. Businesses go broke. And as the dust settles the last man standing is gold.


What is needed, is still not provided: The economy needs sound money which is durable, divisible, convenient, consistent, and must have value in and of itself. Based on that, the Greek philosopher in ancient Greece Aristotle 384 – 322 BC believed gold and silver were best suited for use as money.


Knowing and understanding all these diverse aspects what really should be and will be undertaken is the implementation of the Quantum Financial System. The QFS gold –asset- backed money system, away from the Deep State’s debt money system, interferences and influences.


The Quantum Financial System – QFS has secretly been in operation for 2 months, connected to 193 countries. It soon will officially replace the fiat financial system, as all countries undergo GESARA compliance reforms; all currencies will become digital and will eventually be phased out. A Flat Tax Law is expected to be enacted by the end of this year, which will abolish all tax agencies, while the return of the gold-standard will abolish all central banks.

In the meantime, the Earth Alliance has taken over global military and financial control.

According to sources, there is a good chance of the collapse of Deutsche Bank (DB). The implosion of DB will trigger a bounce off effect throughout the global economy and render the Rothschild financial system obsolete. This will be the signal that the Deep State’s financial banking system has come to its end. The people’s economy will be put into operation. The RV must begin prior to any major crash/collapse in the stock market and financial system. All debts are wiped out. Everyone will have sufficient money to start the people’s economy on the basis of sound money. Every market will flourish and as a result, Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020.


And, what could you do? Tell your friends, and they in turn, should tell their friends how the world has been manipulated to the detriment of all the people, and now has arrived in the process of transformation into the people’s economy. Wake Up Everyone, and make it known that we, the people are in charge and don’t accept anymore any lie or trick, the world will be made a better place for all of us to live in!