The End of a Period and the Beginning of a New Cycle

Your consciousness is the password for entering the world of the 5th Dimension. It will be at that moment when your consciousness says, do! or, fail! In that moment you will be alone! Nobody will judge you or reward you. But you will feel it when it has really happened. It is the end of a period! And it will be the beginning of a new era.


The 3rd Dimension is the world of competition, destructive criticism, selfishness above all else, greed. Control and power are the only goal. Backstabbing, lying, deceit, malicious intent and the proclamation of low frequency beliefs are actions that put big locks on the Gateway to the Fifth Dimension. Wherein, co-operation, assistance, devotion are always directed towards good, pure and clean intentions, with empathy and care for others, that is the track that will lead you to the 5D world.


Nothing and nobody has the power to influence this individual choice. For every individual still exists the freedom of free will. There will not be a single soul who can say that they did not have a chance.


Ascension is by definition the path of those who choose to consciously move to a higher level of light. It can only be found when the consciousness is truly expanded enough to understand each lesson that has been presented during successive incarnations.


Remember, nothing and no one will decide for you.

Our extraterrestrial guest author Vital Frosi, explains this process in more detail.



“Beloved ones!!!

Many of you are worried about the avalanche of symptoms these days. It is so uncomfortable that some even admit that the days of the old energies were preferable. At least back then, everything was much more predictable. Life seemed to drag on, but it was undoubtedly more stable.


Today, we are in the whirlwind of planetary changes. And that gives the impression that we have landed in an icebreaker. The tumult of movements is almost unbearable. Intense and fast, all kinds of phenomena affect our daily lives. Literally: we have climbed aboard the roller coaster that is making the final transition journey on this Planet.


This time we will not discuss the important galactic events that stimulate the ascension of the Earth to the fifth dimensional frequency. Let us limit ourselves to the people who inhabit this Planet, at this moment of the closing of the Old Cycle. A unique event that the Earth has never experienced before.


You are one of the thousands of souls who have now incarnated here to assist in this transition. In this group that is at the forefront of the transition process, there are several missions and opportunities to be fulfilled. The preparation has taken place during many incarnations here on Earth, but also in phases on other planets and stars.


None of you came without this preparation and without the conditions to carry out this most important transition task for Planet Earth. All assurances have been given to each of you who are now making the necessary changes. In opening the Pandora Box, you will truly learn every detail of your mission.


Never thought innate knowledge, will blossom by magic. Wisdom and Intuition will be infinitely strengthened. Charisma and leadership instincts will make each of you the leaders of the New Age, especially now that the old power is beginning to crumble, a situation that is already showing clear signs. Everything is accelerating now and nothing will be able to stop the process, for it is part of the evolution of worlds.


And you are here! Stop the mental turmoil that has tormented you for some time and feel the peace of your heart. Look with the eyes of your soul, in fulfilment of the incredible mission to which you have been chosen in this present incarnation. Feel the latent duty calling to you. Listen to the inner voice that is guiding you through every difficulty you encounter.


Take courage and trust in the Plan! You are not alone! There is a genuine army of embodied altruists around you who are also part of the Great Plan for this beautiful Planet Earth. There are millions of Galactic Brothers and Sisters in Earth’s creative atmosphere, giving full support to those who are embodied like you. In due course, they will emerge and make contact with every Light-worker on Earth. Be sure of that!


Your body is not the same as it was a few years ago. Because of the accelerated shift in energy frequency, you are feeling a whole range of different symptoms. Although they are uncomfortable, they are necessary for the energetic adjustment of the matter of which you are composed. Remember, as has been said here countless times, your body is undergoing a change from a carbon base to a crystalline base, because it needs to adapt to the energy of the New Earth, which is already beginning to take shape.


At the end of 2021 everything will become more intense, because we are approaching the end of the window in which Flash Solar has entered. This window corresponds to a period of 50 years, opened in 1974 and is closed in 2025. Divided into two equal parts of 25 years, with the year 1999 being the axis. It could have happened in either the first or the second half. It is now clear that it did not happen in the first half, so we now have confirmation that it will happen in the second. This now speeds up the final adjustment, because time is running out!


The frequency adjustment is necessary to enable your body to withstand the more intense impulses of Light that are to come and which are preceded by the Great Flash, also called the Great Event. This is why you feel so many unpleasant symptoms. But you should pay no more attention to them than the necessary care it requires.


We are providing here, with emphasis in written text, various recommendations to alleviate some of the symptoms. But above all, it brings more confidence, for many believe they are dying. Remember that nobody dis-incarnates before he has completed the required period, not even before he incarnates. This is from Divine Law.


In the End of Year Portals, the main changes relate to human DNA. Most of the changes are made at night during sleep. So many nights you go to bed well and wake up badly. Or you go to bed bad and wake up good. You may also suffer from insomnia or strange dreams. Some people even think they have obsessions, but that’s not true. What happens is a deep cleansing that can be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.


All the 3D energies that form the old memories are replaced by 5D energies. The trauma and pain experienced in the past must be erased from these memories. This is not an easy job, so it requires a lot of energetic depth, and this causes various unpleasant symptoms.


Everything happens very intensely and also very quickly. Do not despair! Trust! Rest! Relax! Fulfil the needs of your body. For it will guide you on this final stretch of the path before the transition. Then you will be ready for the New Cycle that has been announced.


Among the many symptoms of this DNA adjustment, we will mention the first five. Remember that all these symptoms have no clear cause. When in doubt, a doctor should be consulted to reassure concerned minds. So let us list them:


1- Flu symptoms. The impression is that a flu is coming. Suddenly the symptom starts, such as a runny nose, burning or sore throat or heavy feeling in the head. And the most amazing thing is that as soon as it occurs, as if it comes on suddenly, while for a while it may repeat itself every other day.


2- Palpitations. Many who have never experienced such discomfort before are experiencing it more and more frequently. In fact, it is the Heart Chakra that is adapting to the new planetary energies. While the body has to adjust to these frequencies.


3- Headaches. Many have never had headaches before and are now feeling them more frequently. They are different pains; sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. Sometimes behind the forehead, sometimes in the back of the head. Intense, usually of varying duration, but not very long, although they can repeat themselves intermittently for several days.


4- Toothache. Although not frequent, some people feel discomfort with their teeth. Pain or sensitivity without any cause. This is also a symptom of the change in human DNA.


5- Depression. In fact, it is not an ordinary depression as in ancient medical knowledge. It is a state of apathy and very strong demotivation that occurs suddenly, with intensity, and passes again as if nothing had happened. It may last a few hours or many days. It also comes in waves with varying intervals. But once the adaptation is in operation, it does not come back.


So you don’t get sick. You are transforming into a new human being: the New Earth Human. The human being with a new DNA that becomes GNA i.e. G of Galactic, which means a fifth dimensional human being.


Do not be discouraged now! You are prepared, trained and educated for this mission at the end of the Cycle. You have no idea yet of the importance of your present incarnation. Trust! Courage! Do little! Very little! The light has won! The Earth has become Light, because you have anchored that Light here. Mankind will finally experience its liberation. You have won!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


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