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Consciousness and Oneness

Consciousness and Oneness are the greatest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their false Covid pandemic is affecting people’s social consciousness. Some knowledge and understanding is required to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite, so as not to become a victim of them.


The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of everyone’s life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.


Consciousness and Oneness are a direct obstacle to these plans. Therefore they want to take away everything of value. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate. Arguments that are pure lies. If everyone is quarantined and driven around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can better control the people.


Be assured that all climate and other new regulations are designed to confine the rest of us to restricted areas. For which FEMA camps, among others, have already been established.


What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid-19 infection, but the terror that rules the world, terrifying all people until they submit to the totally tyrannical control in the once free World.


The false Covid-19 or Corona is nothing but Science Fiction that has changed the world. It is a manipulation of the Deep State that uses Corona as a pretext to bend planet Earth to their will in the now penultimate phase before final implementation of Agenda 2030, namely their New World Order.


They have discovered that health statistics provide greater leverage for their despotism and deception than all economic indicators combined.


Your awareness was learnt in the school of the third dimension; those who pass the final exam go on to the new world of the fifth dimension where life is sovereign. Love, affection, respect, sincerity and helpfulness are the pillars. Many 3D relationships break up when one person succeeds and the other has to repeat the 3D school on another 3D planet. New more enduring relationships are the norm in 5D. It is expected that only a third will succeed in one.



Our returning extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi is below helping humanity on Earth to prepare for the new 5 D World.






Beloved ones!

Light is the spark that creates life. The Source is everything, nothing else but where the life of everything that exists in the immensity of the Universe originates. Light is a frequency. The Light is also a consciousness. And you are part of this consciousness, therefore we say that we are all one.


Right now you are just a fractal of this consciousness because your Higher Self has decided to participate in the creation and evolution of Worlds. In fact, you are following the recommendation of the Creator, for He said:


“Go and create, and spread your seed throughout the Galaxies and beyond!”


You are never forced to do anything, for there is nothing and no one above who can demand it. You are part of the whole and therefore you are sovereign. You have decided to experience life in the environment of a Third Dimension World where consciousness is so limited that it no longer knows who it is.


You have decided to explore and experience a world of duality, where trials and reconciliations are the rule and the lever that drives this learning. A world of polarities in which this consciousness evolves through opposing experiences.


You are incarnated sometimes in one state, sometimes in another.


You are brave! You knew that the Terran School is one of the most difficult in the universe. But you also knew that you would never lack for support, even if you forgot who you really are. You were never alone!


A true protective mechanism has always accompanied you and will continue to accompany you until the end of the journey, i.e. until your return home.


You walked through other worlds before coming here to Earth. There, learning was not enough to climb the steps of ascension and return to the higher versions of yourself. So Earth was more of an option. And here you are!


You feel that something different is happening now. It often feels like a metamorphosis transforms your consciousness. You used to walk like a caterpillar, now you feel like a butterfly that can fly.


When the awareness that you have become larger, the wings grow and the flight goes higher. There are times when you rise to the point where you see how limited the world was that you previously thought was real. New horizons reveal themselves as you rise. New realities emerge before your eyes.


This is heartening! But it can also bring with it a never-before-felt fear. Besides the expectation that something new always brings, even more so in the case of a Planetary Transition, simultaneous with the ascension of the incarnated soul.

It is a unique event that the Galaxy is experiencing, and this further increases the excitement that the great spectacle will offer to every incarnated person on Earth.

You have gone so far that you have reached the boundaries of the Nebadon Universe. You have travelled to the periphery of this Galaxy. You experienced all the lessons that the dark night of the soul offered you. You went as far as you had to go! You have made it. You are a winner!


You knew it would not be easy! But you decided to accept the experience to become one of the Ascended Masters of Earth. Such knowledge will be integrated into your higher soul versions, and then merged into your higher self.


Therefore, after your Ascension, you will be able to practise all this knowledge, as compared to others who are still in transit in lower Dimensions.


At this moment you have already arrived at point zero. Now the return begins. Your consciousness is still confused because it has not yet freed itself of all veils. But every day, one by one, all these veils will be removed. This will give a wider vision of all that you have experienced, and even of ‘who you really are’. You leave behind the necessary illusion of 3D.


From now on, despite the doubts that may still temporarily torment you, everything will be more real and faster. Soon your consciousness will be able to absorb more and more information, and the past will seem like a fairy tale. You will understand that everything was just a staging post to experience a Third Dimensional World.


Trust! The difficulties from now on are nothing more than frequency adjustments. There will be no more Tests and no more Expirations for those who have already made the turn at Point Zero. On the way back there will be nothing more to learn. On the way back what has been learned will be evaluated.


The way back will be very fast. It is like an outward journey on foot, with the return journey in an aeroplane. So, what was yesterday is not today. And what is today will not be tomorrow either.


You are anxious and restless. You are also anxious, because you are like that student at the end of his course, waiting for the results of his exams. But if this subject interests you, do not doubt that you did well in those tests. You will not be short of marks for your final approval.


Keep faith and determination, for some will still give up, even if they are on the last straight stretch of this walk.


Go ahead, soul brother! Have courage and confidence because you are on the right path! Even if someone tries to distract you, keep going! You are a beacon. When you made the turn at Ground Zero, your light was lit again. And now it shines bright enough to show you the way and also to light the steps of those who decide to walk beside you. You are a lighthouse!  You are the consciousness of light! You never stopped being Light, even when you walked through the dark night of the soul. Believe and trust in it! You are a winner!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


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