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September 2022

The Great Transformation has Begun

All Is Revealed   With the Birth of the 5D Earth a new Era has Arrived The Dark Powers, who have had unlimited freedom on planet Earth for hundreds of thousands of years, now face our helpful extraterrestrial brothers and… Continue Reading →

Illuminati Exposed

Emerging economic collapse Position of humanity on polarised planet Negative Harvest Committee of 300 Secret world religion is the Cult of Amon     The Hierarchy of the Illuminati Many do not want to believe that the Illuminati consider it… Continue Reading →

The Black Nobility

Secret societies All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars   Origin and Mission Long ago, when the Anunnaki landed on planet Earth from their planet Nibiru to mine gold on earth, they eventually created their own terrestrial slaves to do this work…. Continue Reading →

Breakthrough after Mass Awakening

Don’t Feel Victim   Turning point in our civilisation We live in a wonderful time! And every passing day approaches the end of a long Cycle. That shows us the New Age. What a privilege at this moment to witness… Continue Reading →

Planetary Shift from 3D to 5D

A major timeline shift has now begun on Earth   Major changes are imminent Despite the usual public complaints ‘nothing changes’, nothing gets better, chaos increases, and so many other stories from those who have no eyes to see and/or… Continue Reading →

The Alien Connection

Conclusion and Future Vision Extraterrestrial beings exist The Galactic Federation The Truth Sets Free   Disclosure To divert attention, lies are published over and over again. Already in 1974 before he died in 1977, Werner von Braun, the German-born NASA… Continue Reading →

How the Deep State Cabal is Destroying Itself

Falling Asset Prices Making Money on the Backs of the People Control Over Humanity   Extremely Unstable Situation The strategy is; the Deep State destroys itself. It is a longer road to liberation from centuries of oppression and manipulation, but… Continue Reading →

Hidden History

Independent Thinkers Will the System Destroy Itself?   Across the 4D-Bridge from 3D to 5D World For many it feels like nothing is changing, the corrupt souls are still in charge and controlling events worldwide, but it seems so, because… Continue Reading →

Real estate shake out

Final Chapter Intrinsic Value Money backed by debt is a crime against humanity Hyper-liquidity becomes hyperinflation   Global Paralysis Lies, counterfeit money, corruption, greed and human folly. The scale of these folies is enormous. Big enough to cripple the financial… Continue Reading →

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