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October 2022

The five-dimensional world

Individual ability will be the only limit 5D is the beginning of our new positive World The planetary transition is taking place now Message for humanity   Ascension of planet Earth to the 5th Dimension If the question is, what… Continue Reading →

The End of a Long 3D Cycle

Is it Value or Price?   Global Financial Armageddon Everything looks perfectly normal; your neighbours are still living in their priceless big houses, driving the kids to and from school in brand new luxury cars, leaving no one thinking about… Continue Reading →

A new world without rules

Disclosure World payment system based on debt Pope says; People can’t handle money properly Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution The Secret of Oz   Everything is a lie We live in a time that is out… Continue Reading →

True Historical Development

Papal Hierarchy Jesuitism is the most absolute form of despotism Knights of Malta and Jesuits working together!   Who controls the world? People will be astonished when the truth is revealed in the time to come. The Jesuits and the… Continue Reading →

Vatican Cheaters

The Vatican Bank and the Nazi gold Antichrist infrastructure aimed at extermination of humanity Magnetic Illusory Environment   Banco Ambrosiano Scandal This Vatican bank is officially known as the Institute of Religious Relations, from 1971 to 1989 its President was… Continue Reading →

Jesuit Pope

Jesuits Involved in Crimes and Murders The End justifies the Means   Power Structure Greed, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, wars, how do they get it done? How can a system be capable, where the few make all the important decisions,… Continue Reading →

The Great Change

Planetary Liberation Event Powerful Light coming in! The largest DNA-upgrade is upon us   Big changes are coming Despite the usual complaints that nothing is changing, nothing is getting better, chaos is increasing, and so many other stories from those… Continue Reading →

Power Requires Mastery

Mastery is Responsible Use of Power   Misuse of Power The real purpose of governments and agencies, always and everywhere, is to enable the few to exploit the many. The current Deep State money system is the most cunning way… Continue Reading →

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