Jesuits Involved in Crimes and Murders

The End justifies the Means


Power Structure

Greed, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, wars, how do they get it done? How can a system be capable, where the few make all the important decisions, sitting back comfortably in their immense amount of wealth, while the rest of the world becomes more needy and poorer by the day? In other words; How can a small group of men in neat suits be able to pull all the strings to run our society?


If we want to extricate ourselves from this mess, we must now reclaim our power to make a better world. The amount of fear being spread in our society seems to be at an all-time high! Humanity is evolving rapidly, and many people are thankfully finally waking up. We have arrived at the most exciting time in our evolution within the Universe!


The way the Deep State cabal is able to accomplish all this is achieved through their hidden dictatorship that works as follows:


Rothschild controls the creation of ‘money’ through credit, this way they can control the entire global economy. They can make it grow or crash at will. The 2008 depression is the latest Rothschild creation to further centralise the global financial sector for the sake of introducing a long-planned central world bank.


Once a country becomes indebted to the Deep State bankers by accepting their non-existent credit, the country is forced to hand over control of its affairs to the banks, viz. the World Bank and the IMF. These then dictate economic and social policies at every level.


The World Bank and IMF are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Deep State crime syndicate and have their confidence men at the helm. Poor indebted countries struggling to repay their debt are forced to cut social programmes, health care, education and terminate humanitarian projects to repay the non-existent ‘debt’ owed. to the banks.


Contrary to the bleak conditions the world is in now, there need be no poverty, and even less conflict. Indeed, these are deliberately caused to serve the cabal’s Archon bloodline agenda and route to total world dictatorship.


The bloodline families trade trillions of dollars a day in stock markets around the world and they determine whether markets go up or down, i.e. boom or bust occurs. Market crashes don’t just happen, they are made to happen.


If you know when the crash is coming, because you take care of it yourself, you can sell high to buy back low once the crash has happened. This way, they can gigantically increase their holdings risk-free by acquiring companies at a fraction of their pre-manipulated collapse value.


The origins of today’s problems, clearly show that history does not consist of a random series of events, but proceeds according to a carefully edited ‘design’, carried out to take possession of the wealth, and the resources of the country and its people by a small group of privileged rich people counting on world domination.


This is taking place on such a large scale, in the open that it is incomprehensible that many do not see it, But as an old saying goes,


“The best-kept secret is hidden in plain sight.”



Jesuits Involved in Crimes and Murders

The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult offers, is a document from the Vatican’s secret archives, held by the International Court of Common Law (IGGR) in Brussels. It confirms that the Pope and Cardinals participate in satanic rites.


A ninth circle Satanic cult event led by Pope Francis Jorge Mario Bergoglio took place during the summer solstice on 21 June 2018. Children for this Satanic rite were provided by an international ring of child exploitation, funded by the global elite, run by the mafia, and organised by the Vatican.


This is not the first time Pope Francis has been accused of raping and murdering children. In July 2014, two adolescent women testified in the IGGR Court, claiming that Pope Francis had raped them during child sacrifice ceremonies in spring 2009 and 2010. According to a former Curia employee in Rome, the rapes and murders took place at Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at an undisclosed French castle. A prosecutor had submitted notarised statements from eight other victims who claimed to have witnessed similar crimes.


The court had also received documents from secret Vatican archives, including the Magistrate’s Privilege of 25 December 1967. This canon law statute stated that before each new Pope takes office, he is required to participate in the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child sacrifice rituals. The document specifically referred to ceremonial killings of new born babies followed by consumption of their blood.


Eyewitnesses at the trial also claimed that Queen Elizabeth II, her husband Prince Philip, other British royal family members and Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon attended the Ninth Circle child sacrifices in the presence of Pope Francis and former Pope Ratzinger.


By eyewitness evidence, these terrible facts are no longer a conspiracy:


“A conspiracy is rarely, if ever, proven by positive testimony. When a crime of great magnitude is about to be committed by a combination of individuals, they do not act openly, but covertly and in secret. The designed purpose is known only to those who engage in it. Unless one of the original conspirators betrays his companions and provides evidence against them, their guilt can only be proved by circumstantial evidence… because circumstances cannot lie. ” As quoted in The Trial of the Conspirators.


Another world-class issue includes why the Vatican Jesuits did not tolerate arms sales to Israel? Why did the Jesuit-controlled President Johnson withdraw while the Egyptian army moved through the Sinai Desert to carry out their 1967 attack on Israel?


Because the attack on Israel had to be provoked. That attack was provoked by Jesuit international intelligence by falsely giving Egypt the weakness of the Israeli army and the alleged abandonment of Israel by the US Empire.


The End justifies the Means

The six-day war that followed was designed by Knight of Malta James Angleton. He had one main objective: to take Jerusalem along with the Temple Mount.

The apparent lack of military hardware on Israel’s side provoked the planned attack by Egypt. In response, Israel launched a pre-emptive strike and in six days the holy city was in the hands of the Zionist government in Rome.


If, Kennedy had armed Israel then, the Egyptians would never have been encouraged to go to war against Israel. Without a provoked war, there would have been no Israeli attack. Without Israeli attack, Jerusalem would never have been taken by the Zionists, and controlled by Mossad Jesuits. With Jerusalem in Arab hands, the Zionists could never rebuild Solomon’s Temple on the Temple Mount – unknown to Egypt – but not to the “infallible” Jesuit Pope.



Most of the Jesuits’ philosophy is based on the doctrine


“The End justifies the Means””


expressed as:


“It is by faith that the Pope has the right to depose heretics and rebellious kings. Princes deposed by the Pope are converted into notorious tyrants and can be killed by those who can get to them first.


“If the public cause cannot meet its defence in the death of a tyrant, it legitimises for the first to reach him/her to kill him/her.”


In other words;


“It is acceptable to kill an obstructionist.”


More in the following article, regarding the “Vatican”


More revelations are to follow. Remain alert for this …


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