It’s all about Intuition and Logical Thinking

Energy Filters

Get ready for the biggest transformation into a new reality


It’s all about Intuition and Logical Thinking

Consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. You have this key the moment your consciousness tells you; do it! or, fail! In that moment, you will be alone! No one will judge you or reward you. But you will feel it when it actually happens. It is the end of an era! And the beginning of a new time period.


When people are in good health, the body is in complete harmony, and able to heal itself and increase its vitality. Furthermore, measurements of the Schumann resonance finally came up with a frequency of exactly 7.83 Hz, which is even more interesting, this frequency applies to mammals. Because this frequency converts strange negative forces into positive energies, through the body’s chakra system.


“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word that literally translated means wheel or disc.” To visualise a chakra in the body, imagine a spinning wheel of energy where consciousness and matter meet. They are believed to recharge through contact with flow of cosmic energy in the universe.


Each chakra is connected to a specific gland, organ and body system and also to a specific colour vibration frequency. Moreover, each energy vibration has an important function in creating our energetic balance. These energy centres vibrate at different levels, depending on the individual’s awareness and ability to integrate the characteristics of each into your life. The openness and flow of energy through your chakras are necessary to become fully self-aware and live in harmony with your spiritual nature, creating physical, mental and emotional health.


Since the majority of humanity is unable to activate the impulse in the higher heart by activating the 4th DNA strand, which was disconnected during the period from adolescence to adulthood; caused by chemicals in chemtrails and food, which over time distort the DNA pattern; associated with the creation and spread of diseases due to emotional and physical imbalance.


It is unnatural, when an individual cannot activate the mind and cannot access the 4th strand of DNA; in which case, the Soul Identity cannot be activated.


As a result, they are unaware of why they incarnated on earth, what their higher purpose is, and cannot connect with or listen to their Higher Self, – commonly known as intuition and logical thinking, because their Higher Sense perception is not activated.


Ascension, by definition, is the path of those who choose to consciously move to a higher level of light. It can only be found when the consciousness is truly expanded enough to understand every lesson presented during successive incarnations.


The moment the vaccinated majority discovers they have been misled by their government, worldwide liberation becomes reality.


Below, our extraterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi reports on the latest development regarding our transition from 3D to 5D.




As the days are being counted, human consciousness is now expanding at the speed of Light. We recommend the practice of meditation to evaluate yourself, for what you were yesterday, you are no longer today.


It has also been said here that what used to take centuries now takes place in a few weeks or months. Of course, there is a large section of humanity that still clings to the Planet’s old energy grid. They try to maintain the status quo, known as ‘normal’, at all costs. But what is this normal? Perhaps it is nothing but the so-called comfort zone.


We can assure you that most symptoms of pain, suffering and discomfort are nothing but the resistance that each of us puts up to the changes that are now necessary. Resistance and struggle against these changes makes one’s life much more difficult and agonising.


This is why we always say, “Get into the Flow!” You have incarnated here at the best time on planet Earth. That is a privilege few have had. Living in incarnated form, right in the last period of the Planetary Transition, that gives you a unique knowledge in the infinite Universe.


This knowledge will first be integrated into your higher versions of yourselves, that is, into your Monad. This knowledge, once it arrives at Source, will also be integrated into all the Higher Selves of all the other Monads that exist throughout the Cosmos.


Therefore, understand the magnitude of the responsibility that rests on your shoulders at this moment of Planetary Transition with the ascension of your soul. To fail now would be an immeasurable waste. It would be the loss not just of opportunity, but of hundreds of incarnations, in a world of reconciliations and trials. Going through this learning cycle again is certainly an arduous task for any failed soul.


Fortunately, much of humanity on Earth today is reaching the necessary frequency for ascension. Today we bring some more guidance, to ease the journey in this final stretch of the Ancient 3D Cycle. When we say that the worst is over, we want you to know that the best is yet to come.


Yet each of you may find it easier or harder to cross the final bridge that separates dimensions 3 and 5. The understanding that all existing forms, both material and immaterial, are nothing but accumulated energies gives us the certainty that the human body is materialised energy.


The soul, on the other hand, is immaterial energy. Yet, there is a constant interaction between energies, which intermingle, and are matter or not matter.


We can say that energy constantly passes through the consciousness of every human being to be worked out and creates every projected result. And if everything is energy, this explains the theory that we are co-creators of our reality. So we are all individuals, because there is individuality in every human being on earth.


There are certainly no two consciousnesses alike. The soul embodied in a physical body is that individual consciousness. When we say that the ascension of the soul depends on the state of its frequency, we are in fact indicating that the ascension is individual.


Every consciousness will reach a necessary level of frequency to obtain the vibration with which it can pass through the Ascension gate. By vibrating in unconditional love, compassion, respect, solidarity, charity and gratitude, the frequency rises sufficiently, at least to ensure the level of 40Hz for the Fifth Dimension.


But today we are going to bring you some information, on how to filter the energies. You are constantly bombarded by high-frequency energy, coming directly from the Light.


But you are also attacked daily by low-frequency energies sent to you by the Lords of Light. Like a real wrestling match, you find yourselves between these two forces. But know that only you can decide which side will win this fight. And you are the winner’s trophy.


In this ongoing battle, your conscience, i.e. your soul, is at stake. It is up to you to make this dispute less painful, because the side of no Light, does not measure the consequences that may fall on you. The more pain and suffering you feel, the more energy from the negative side of the dispute it gives you. The more fear, anger, resentment, guilt and hopelessness you feel, the more energy you will give to the one who wants to avoid your release from this World of Atonements and Trials.


Remember that the physical body is only the resonance box of the soul. All energetic imbalance takes place in subtle bodies before it manifests in the physical body.


Filter all energies before they take over you. Identify the frequency of every situation, every person, every piece of news, every feeling and especially of every piece of information. Yes, today humanity is experiencing the final battle of the 3D Cycle, in which everyone is engaged, on one side a soldier of information, and on the other a soldier of disinformation.


Choose which Lord you want to serve. Remember the phrase that says: “You cannot serve two Lords at the same time”. Either you inform, or you dis-inform. There are not two seats for every soul on the stand of life. But there are two very clear Timelines, and here it your choice. You will choose according to your frequency, because there is no other way to do it. And once you have chosen a Timeline, nothing can distract you from it.


One will take you to the New Earth, and the other will take you to exile, that is, to another 3D Planet of atonement and tribulation.


Watch how the two armies play. It has never been easier to perceive and identify one or the other. Identify the frequencies of both sides. Feel what resonates within you! Don’t try to guess, because there is no need to waste the precious time that is now pressing. Just feel how it resonates with your inner vibration.


No external force, no matter how powerful, will be able to change that frequency. There will be no mistaking it, so don’t be afraid to follow the timeline you choose.


Although your current frequency has been built up in successive incarnations, there are still choices in the present. Choices that can ease your discomfort. Identify the frequency of everything you are told, everything you read, and especially everything the Media allows you to reach. These are the weapons in the war of disinformation versus information.


If you already have the frequency of the New Earth, absorbing energies of misinformation will slow you down a bit in crossing the Dimensional 4D Bridge and also cause you unnecessary pain and discomfort.


Filter everything and do it quickly, anytime you receive information. Feel in your heart whether or not it resonates with what you believe and know. Even with the limiting beliefs imposed on you over the centuries, you do have the innate ability to feel. Feeling never deceives. Feeling is the updated quantum programme that exists within you.


Those who still vibrate in the old energy are bound to tune in to misinformation, because it always triggers the regression of evolution. If you are vibrating at the new frequencies of the Earth, you will naturally feel sympathy or not for the message or news brought.


Today’s Earth is something we can compare to a radio set, which has only two wave frequencies on its tuning scale. Your soul will now choose one. It will choose the energetic vibration without noise, it will choose the station it is comfortable with.


Nothing and no one can prevent this choice. It is the exercise of the free will of every consciousness. But remember: No one will appear before you and tell you which choice to make. You are not dependent on anything external to do that. Your frequency will do it automatically, through atonement and sympathy.


Use your Energetic Filter! This tool has always been available to you!


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!




Get ready for the biggest transformation into a new reality

That has just begun…