Centralised Super State:

What long has been termed globalisation is actually centralisation of global power in all areas of our lives; it is a major part of the crime cabal’s secret agenda. So too is the European Union – now practically in its final stage – it is the first power accumulation model. All European independent nations are absorbed in a centralised super state structure that secretly has been transformed into today’s fascist/communist EU – the advanced phase before total dictatorship. A handful unelected dark suits in Brussels dictate the lives in fine detail of more than 500 million people right across the continent. The same is in progress in other parts of the world. The EU was fashioned by stealth out of the free-trade zone called the European Economic Community, or Common Market. This same scam is repeated elsewhere. The North American Union – the United States, Canada and Mexico, are manipulated into being out of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the objective EU break-upbeing a Union for the whole of the American Continent. A Pacific Asia Union is in the making for the Far East, Australia and New Zealand (ASEAN). Putin – another cabal Zionist – has called for a Common Economic Space between Russia and the European Union, and a Eurasian Union to include Russia and other former Soviet Union states. All these structures together – will become the top echelon in the hierarchical pyramid structure for the cabal’s ultimate power grab, called ‘Global Dictatorship’ that would control all these collective super state unions, while the current nation states would be broken up into powerless regions to refute any unified response to the global control structure.



Now the moment has arrived people show their discontent against this totalitarian power grab, and unite to pushing forward the break-up of the EU by making use of its own failures. The climate is ready, with Greece taking the lead and hopefully Spain to follow. It’s urgent to unite; the EU can be brought down by mere words if only those words are being circulated, to put a halt to more power concentrations. Otherwise our future is becoming very grim indeed. With the prospect being compulsory micro chipped, including children from birth, which will have tremendous implications for all of us, as many more freedom restrictions are going to follow.


Today’s dire economic circumstances are favorable to exploit the EU’s weaknesses with a grand scale demolition of the Euro currency. Observing the incapability of the dark suits in Brussels, and seen the latest gambit from the ECB coming on the heels of several other central bank surprises, such as the Swiss shocker, and actions from the Canadian-, and Denmark’s central bank. Apparently the ECB and all those central bankers have NO IDEA what to do! They’re throwing with increased frequency everything at the wall to see what sticks. They’re not even coordinating those moves between them. It’s an all-out banker brawl, with we the people caught in the middle. This is becoming a very dangerous volatile situation. Put your safety belts on, as the world is diving into an unknown abyss of chaos.


Lies all over:

Here some of the lies: The Swiss National Bank (SNB) told the citizens to vote against the referendum requiring an informal link of the Swiss Franc to gold on the 25th of November last, with the argument it would cause them to break the peg of the Swiss Franc to the Euro. The people believed them and voted “no”. Less than two months later, the SNB broke the peg anyway. With the result the price of gold spiked and thereafter was manipulated down. But in this process the Swiss citizens have lost the benefit of that referendum as it now is non valid. The SNB lied about their intentions with regard to the peg with the Euro to the people. Anyhow you are reminded that a bunch of gold in your hands is still a hedge against disaster and uncertainty.



Then ECB’s Draghi made his announcement about €1 trillion QE with a straight face. – In America the average citizen has become poorer than they were before the QE programs began. But all over the world, speculators are running wild. In a single day, following Draghi’s big news, they made a cool profit. Where came this money from?


Corporations are not worth a penny more than they were the day before his announcement. Why would they be? All that has happened is that the European Central Bank has pledged to use money it doesn’t have to buy assets that are already extraordinarily expensive.


“Bonds from Italy, Spain and France are already priced at levels never before seen in human history. On the evidence, never have investors had more faith in European governments’ ability to service their debt… or more faith in the currency in which their obligations will be honored.” According to the Financial Times, there is now $3.6 trillion of government debt around the world with negative interest rates.


This alone makes you wonder. Never before in history have these very same governments been so deep in debt with so little prospect of ever paying the debt back. And never before have their central bankers been so openly committed to devaluing the money they are supposed to be protecting, all of which is mind-boggling and extremely dangerous. The funniest part of this story is that Europe’s QE program is supposed to “counter slowing growth and the threat of deflation.” But how does Mario Draghi know how fast an economy should grow? How does he know what prices should be?


So, in Europe another giant money-printing scam is under way. This will put two of the world’s biggest economies – Japan and Europe – in full liquidity-pumping mode. Meanwhile the US dollar goes higher. Americans are filled with pride – apparently unaware that they are losing the “race to the bottom.”


They too are unaware the value of the US dollar also is manipulated, but this time by foreign central banks in cooperation with the Fed. The Japanese and European central banks print yen and euros to protect the dollar’s exchange value. If all major currencies simultaneous are being printed, the dollar cannot decline. This is pure destruction of money, which is theft of people’s hard earned savings. The dollar only looks good when you compare it to other flawed currencies, like the euro or yen. But at the end of the day, it’s still just a debt instrument — and one that’s increasingly at risk.


QE encourages foreign investors to sell their sovereign holdings in Eurozone countries, and convert the proceeds in other currencies; it should drive the euro down further and thus reinforce the exchange-rate channel. EU citizens are becoming poorer by the day! – The ECB is going through a lot of pain for not much gain.


So why bother? In the end as there are no other options. Quantitative easing is the only tool left available, with fiscal policies seriously constrained as result of the zero interest rates, only applied because of the need to reduce the ‘original value’ of the deficit.


With sluggish demand, large debts and deleveraging still in progress, deflation remains a serious threat that could push some EU-nations or all of the EU into a dreaded “liquidity trap”— when people postpone consumption on expectations that prices will be lower in the future.


One need only look to Japan’s two “lost decades” for an illustration to understand what is coming. QE is a second-best solution—good enough to keep Germany on board and to please the markets, but not incisive enough to make a real difference.


The European Union’s tough decision:

The EU can only blame them selves for inviting Greece to join the union in the first place. They needed more members to make the new currency work.


Spain and GreeceConsider the sorry state of affairs: The EU is crashing; the single currency experiment, which is a massive failure. The European Central Bank’s latest printing efforts will change nothing, and instead will merely accelerate the capital flight out of Europe, and hence Europe’s collapse.


Moreover, Greece lead by an anti-austerity party — is likely soon to lead Greece to exit the euro, – although still telling not doing so – setting off a domino effect as other European Union countries that are suffering from the austerity begin to see the light of day — and that the only way out of their suffering is to leave the euro behind.


Consider deflation. “It is almost everywhere now, negatively impacting all commodity prices. Nearly every commodity on the board is set for further declines in the weeks and months ahead, among the weakest being oil, which should plunge to the $40 level later this year.”


All what is happening makes you wondering. What else is coming? One thing is predictable with fair reliability – with so much intervention going on – so much new liquidity added to the world’s financial markets – and so many other strange financial phenomena – there are bound to be more unforeseen events coming. And some of them are bound to be pretty exciting.


With youth unemployment at well over 50 percent in both Spain and Greece, for adults a mere 25 percent, and corruption among businesses and established political elite running rampant, are clear signs, despite all the lies no improvement is going to arrive unless movements as Syriza in Greece and Podemos in Spain are rapidly spreading. The danger is that this is seen as “radicalism” that in the past justified support for military dictatorships – General Franco’s rule of Spain from 1939-1975 and Greece’s shorter-lived military junta from 1967-1974.


The EU has no choice but to either kick Greece out of the partnership or risk an unravelling of the currency or to go along with the shaky debt-swap plan, which requires writing off Greece’s debt in hopes that it will spur future payments. This is no different from printing even more euros to replace those that were just taken off the balance sheet.


The EU badly wants to get rid of Greece. But not knowing how the markets will react is paralyzing them. This is a perfect example of a union that is only as strong as its weakest link. Greece’s immediate funding need – including runs on the banking system and an estimated 9 billion euro budget deficit this year – is estimated by Deutsche Bank at €50 billion. The ECB wants to extend the loan and impose austerity on Greece. They are trying to force Greece to accept the terms of a bailout it can never expect to repay.


Alexis Tsipras explained why the ECB’s demands are ludicrous. “Greece’s debt is currently unsustainable and will never be serviced, especially while Greece is being subjected to continuous fiscal waterboarding.” The answer to too much debt has never been more debt. And eventually, the ECB will be forced to take a haircut on Greece’s debt. It either has to strike an agreement or Greece will default. Nevertheless the ECB wants to “extend and pretend.”


Despite the much-harped on socialist roots of Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras and Podemos front man Pablo Iglesias, both one-time members of Communist Youth Parties, neither Syriza nor Podemos advocates the kind of one-party, centrally-planned state that tends to end in cast-iron statuary and the mandatory singing of comradely hymns. Instead, both parties focus on policies that would have been considered centrist only a few decades ago. Both Syriza and Podemos want an end to the austerity policies dictated by the EU and IMF, a renegotiation of national debt, and the institution of more meaningful democratic practices within their countries. Fortunately both are far from “radical” and have a perfectly sound policy in a world where one percent of the population controls over half of total global wealth.


Things are getting interesting in Greece. While the mainstream narrative continues to focus on the face-off between the frugal Germans and the defiant Greeks, the real action is happening behind the curtain. Obama, Putin, and European leaders are all vying to parlay this delicate situation into a geopolitical advantage.


The New Greek government appears to be cleverer than initially thought. It is playing both sides, leveraging its veto power to get what it wants in debt negotiations. Tsipras explicitly said that Greece has no intention of accepting Russian financial aid and that Greece’s only goal is to strike a deal with its EU partners.



Dan Steinhart – Managing Editor of Casey reports: “Syriza, which has close connections with Russia, admires Putin’s defiance of Western institutions. The New Greek foreign minister, Nikos Kotzias, has a relationship with Aleksandr Dugin, a Russian nationalist philosopher with close ties to Putin. As neo-eurasianists, they aim to pry a weak and divided Europe away from US influence. Syriza has openly campaigned for Greece to leave NATO, though they’ve toned down their hostility on that issue recently—presumably to preserve it as a useful bargaining chip for the future.


SYRIZA-Logo_02Greece’s finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is a formidable negotiator. A world-class economist, financial blogger, and one-man media storm, he’s a leading expert on game theory. As James K. Galbraith, Varoufakis’ former colleague puts it; Varoufakis will be thinking a few steps ahead of his opponents. Varoufakis says the only thing that isn’t negotiable is keeping Syriza’s promise to render Greece’s debt sustainable, “even if the term haircut is replaced with euphemisms, like ‘debt swaps.’”


Greece’s relatively conciliatory approach appears to be paying off. President Obama is supporting Greece’s push for a debt restructuring, and France’s finance minister, Michael Sapin, concedes that Greece has a legitimate right to lighten its debt burden. Even the EU Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, appears to be prepared to scrap the troika.


At this point, it seems possible—and maybe even likely—that Germany won’t get its way in debt negotiations. “Larger strategic matters are at stake. Russia’s influence in southeastern Europe is already growing, and it’s unlikely that NATO would accept a strategic defeat simply to preserve Germany’s small-town fiscal righteousness.”


Either way, we could be nearing a historic turning point. The EU, the Euro and the Ukraine crises are converging, and Putin is watching closely. If we people push harder we all together could put the EU over the cliff and break it up into more viable pieces.


“The EU carries at the deeper levels of its psyche the fear that if Rome crumbled, the same can happen to the most superb modern civilizations. And we all know, this current non-elected Eurocrat-ravaged EU – which despises Greece, antagonizes Russia, stumbles in the mire of Empire of Chaos vassalage, and treats most of its citizens as heavily taxed garbage – which hardly could be described as “superb.” Europe is slouching towards anxiety and war.”


The Talks:

Greece talksIt’s getting very interesting, as meanwhile the talks between the EU and Greece have fallen flat. Greece only has a few days left to either agree to an extended EU bailout, or walk away from its European partners and seek other assistance, possibly Russia or China, or other BRICS countries. Finance ministers from the EU will meet with Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis on Friday February 20 to either extend the current bailout program or sign a new deal. If no progress is made, Greece could be forced to leave the euro currency.



Reminder: The lesson of history is that citizens are capable changing course of history, so become united in recuperating and preserving our personal freedom.


The Hero:

The Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis seems to be a Hero like Perseus who was the first Greece hero. He defeated various archaic monsters providing the founding myths of the Twelve Olympians – his gambit wouldn’t be to slay the Medusa while it’s asleep – Masters of the Universe never sleep; it would be to unilaterally default on a significant portion of the debt. If Perseusdiplomacy fails, Brussels will then have to impose sanctions – they’re very good at that; as seen with Iran and Russia – but ultimately kick Greece out of the euro – is the nuclear option that Eurocrats dread more than the Black Death. For the moment, German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel is definitely bluffing, warning Greek Prime Minister Tsipras that the Eurozone could survive without Greece –As he stated: “We no longer have to worry like we did back then.”



If, however, Brussels admits a de facto, even partial, default, it would result in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and scores of other EU sufferers screaming, “We want the same deal.”



Precaution is required:

The Crime Cabal often creates conflicts and is master by controlling ALL PARTIES TO THE CONFLICT. By managing the entire conflict they can truly monitoring the outcome of the conflict in the direction they desire.


Currently are rumours that SYRIZA is coached and funded by none other than George Soros, one of the heavy hitters of the Crime Cabal. What the objective might be is not clear yet. It could be that the conflict is to create as much CHAOS as possible and woes in the Eurozone so the population of the EU will eventually beg for more centralization and power for the EU to preventing such misery. No one can tell for now, but be alerted not to support the wrong site in this treacherous game with the power hungry cabal. The idea could be that SYRIZA may be used in a new interaction, in which ultimately the Northern EU countries should cede a large part of their wealth to the PIIGS countries; otherwise the euro cannot continue to exist.


Paul Craig Roberts: “…if the new Greek government is able to stand its ground and to prevent the continuation of the horrific looting of the Greek people, assassination of its leading members is not unlikely. Washington will not permit any independent governments to arise in Europe. If a Greek government succeeds in standing up for the Greek people and actually representing them, the idea might spread to Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland, and then into Eastern Europe. Washington’s control over Europe would unravel.”


The Whole System Is About To Collapse. Think For Yourself, Don’t Trust Authority




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