Bank Fraud Call for Global Currency Reset

Why Fiat currency:

Around 1900 a gang of robber barons, bankers and industrialists, from both sides of the Atlantic devised today’s monetary system. They already knew from all sorts of experience that every fiat currency in the history of mankind eventually failed and Central Bank printingended up in hyperinflation. It is not a question of whether or not a fiat currency will fail. It is only a question of when it will fail and how much inflation will take place before it officially is abandoned and show up as the fraud scheme that all such monetary systems are.


Therefore, when the Federal Reserve and Central Banks started the printing presses they already knew that their respective currency was going to fail and that it was going to be grossly devalued against Gold and Silver. They also knew that gold, is the barometer of paper currencies’ performance in respect to inflation.



Gold theft:

First, they confiscated, stole, and outlawed, the hoarding of all the gold in “depositories” and waited for inflation to devalue the paper currencies, knowing that when the fiat currencies fail, they would show up with “gold as people’s saviour”- and force the grandchildren of the men they stole all the gold from in the first place, to buy it all back with hyper inflated paper money, resulting in vast profits for the bankers.


Gold robberyIn the 1930’s it cost $30 to buy an ounce of gold. Now it costs $1300 an ounce. Count the difference between $30 and $1300, which makes a pure profit of $1270 per ounce of gold. That’s over a staggering 4000% profit for the bankers. And this is the prize they are after, and the reason they set this scheme up for.


Same thing, to a lesser extent, with silver. A dollar of silver equalled a one-dollar silver certificate in 1928. Today, the exchange rate is $17 paper “money” for an ounce of silver? The paper currency is devalued 17 times. When the paper money fails, the bankers holding all the reserves of precious metals cash in, big time, and they parasitize everyone else both going and coming.


They have stolen the value of hard working people’s labour and their country’s natural resources for over a hundred years via the process of inflation of the currency, and now, they will turn around and force you to buy back what should be your own legacy at grossly inflated rates of exchange, in order to get rid of the worthless paper money they imposed on you.


Criminal banking cartel:

Criminal Banking cartelThe whole monetary system was set up with this evil objective. They built inflation into the system. They know it has to fail. They know when it does, they will be holding all the gold and silver reserves, and they know they can sell all that metal back to us for 4000, 5000, 10,000% pure profit when the currency they have promoted is going to fail.


Once more, this is the Problem, Reaction, Solution concept of the Khazarians. They create the problem to enslave the common people, wait for the reaction, which is arriving now, and then present their solution to the problem they have created, reaping the profit they have planned for all along.


Now, things are getting too hot and after applying all the levers and turning all the screws, it’s clear there won’t be a safe place for fraudulent bankers. So they have to find new homes, just like parasites they are. So they’ve moved their operations to China just like they did in the past by moving their operations from Europe to the US.



End of Ponzi scheme:

With the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange in April last, the price of gold and silver will be settled in Yuan, as physical Ponzi scheme enddelivery is guaranteed. The Great Financial Holocaust is coming and ultimately will lead to true discovery for the price of gold as the Western central banksters’ Ponzi scheme eventually comes crashing down. Most of the world will be living in terror as that unfolds, but not those holding physical gold and silver as they will be the survivors of the coming Great Financial Holocaust.


The Chinese banks started their global development lending only about a decade ago. A Financial Times articles concludes:


“If outstanding loans to domestic borrowers from the two Chinese policy banks are included in calculations, then China’s dominance in global development finance becomes even more unequivocal. The CDB and Ex-Imp Bank have well over $2 trillion in total combined assets both inside and outside China.”


China controls the world:

The inescapable conclusion is that to a large extent, China is now controlling world development, something that has happened right under our noses while Western experts were fuming about China’s debt and other supposed problems that actuality China has well under control.

China Controls worldWith China already trading in the Yuan with some developing countries, like Russia, and preparing to set up an oil benchmark denominated in Yuan, means that the Yuan, or more precisely a Yuan that is backed by gold, will be the only way to allocate the enormous amount of materials needed for worldwide development that China is well on its way to control.


The message is clear while gold and silver could dip a bit in the face of a tougher-talking by the Fed, everyone should use any weakness to buy. Owning gold and silver will be your surviving best – and possibly only – defence against China’s stealthy end run, sweeping around an ever more complacent West.


This Monetary system is already based on gold:

In 1933, President Roosevelt issued an executive order requiring anyone with gold to surrender it to a Federal Reserve bank. But under the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, the Fed was ordered to surrender all its gold to the Treasury Department. All the nation’s gold effectively came under direct government ownership.


This is key: As the Federal Reserve actually is a private system, while the Treasury is an arm of the U.S. government. To hand over the gold to the Treasury a “compensation” was issued called gold certificate, issued to the Fed in exchange for its physical gold.


Until today, the Fed carries that same gold certificate on its balance sheet. The Treasury officially values its gold at $42 an ounce. That was the official gold price from 1973, two years after the U.S. abandoned the Bretton Woods system. Of course, the market price of gold today is over $1,200 an ounce.


But taken at face value the gold on the Fed balance sheet, divided by $42 an ounce comes up with a number of ounces, converted into tons, to about 8,000 tons.


That’s highly interesting, because that’s how much gold the Treasury currently owns. The Treasury needs at least 8,000 tons of gold to back up that paper certificate it handed to the Fed back in the 1930s to satisfy the Fifth Amendment.


If taken, the 8,000 tons on the Fed balance sheet in the form of this gold certificate, and market to market at $1,200 an ounce, mounts to a staggering $300 billion. When that is added to the Fed’s capital something amazing happens. – The Fed’s leverage drops from over 100-to-1, to about 12-to-1. That’s in the range of a good commercial bank. In other words, it’s actually a healthy bank on a mark-to-market basis. So the secret to the Fed’s balance sheet is its “hidden gold asset,” which is the gold certificate received from the Treasury in the 1930s. This keeps the Fed from being insolvent.


Nobody talks about this or admits it. But actually the whole monetary system is based on gold. Says Jim Rickards.


The final days of paper money:

There is no question the ongoing central bank policy regime will eventually lead to a catastrophe. There will be no NIRP, ZIRP, or other kind of interest rates that can protect paper currencies.


All these artificial interest rates are ludicrous. They cannot possibly be real, or lasting, because they flagrantly violate the most basic rules of economics. Nobody willingly lends capital and pays the borrower for the privilege of doing so. The fact that these rates exist and that government bonds are trading at these absurd prices is proof that the entire paper money system is completely manipulated and corrupted.

Final days of paper currenciesThis is what happens when governments go broke and cannot finance their obligations in legitimate ways. Thus, it’s only a matter of time until similar policies show up in more government bond markets like in Germany is the case, and now the world’s biggest collectors of capital are looking for a way out.


The only real and permanent way-out is buying gold and silver, and to stop a global run on banks that is on its way, is by backing major currencies with gold and defending the value of the currencies at a reasonable level.


This is going to be the end of the 1971-2016 ‘grand experiment’ with paper money. It also will be the end of the “great inflation.” For many, many people, this will be a catastrophe. – But not for you if you own gold and or silver.


You can think of the looming changes in terms of occurring problems, a crisis, or you can see the inevitable end of the current monetary system, through its imminent collapse. Rather than thinking of this as the end, you better choose to see it as a wonderful new beginning, a return to sound economic policies, low debt levels, high currency values, less taxes, and market volatility.


Global Currency reset by sound money and free markets:

Replacing of the corrupt monetary system and subsequently the “bubble” economics with sound money and free markets shouldn’t be something anyone fears. It should be a change to celebrate for all of us. And you will. But only if you know what to do, right now, to make sure you’re one of the big winners in the coming monetary revolution.


As you meanwhile know it will be the biggest legal exchange of wealth in history that is about to occur. Either being the beneficiary or the victim, is entirely up to you.


The WDS already have reacted by, offering the US Khazarian Fed at least 20,000 tons of gold at a 13% discount on the condition of absolute world peace, as mentioned before. The holders of this gold are the Chinese military who say they will not hand it over to either the Chinese communist government or to Chinese corporations. They say apart from the 20,000 tons, that has been refined into 99.99% pure 12.5 kilogram bars, there is a lot more gold still available… The Chinese military report to the White Dragon Family, as both CIA and Chinese government sources confirm.


The man who is blocking the new financial system and preventing the use of Asian gold for the benefit of the planet is Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild. He is the head of the Khazarian mafia octopus that controls the issuance of US dollars, Euros, Japanese yen and many other currencies, except the Chinese Yuan and Russian Rouble. It was he who stood in the way when the Asian elders offered gold at a 13% discount some month ago, to implement the global currency reset. Although this plan received support from the majority of RKM controlled agencies and Archon family members.


There are still people in the US military industrial complex who think the United States has no need to accept this offer and that global_currency_resetnow that they have taken over the Federal Reserve Board, they can print dollars to solve US problems. Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is apparently one of them. On May 9th Trump said on CNN the following:


“People said I want to go and buy debt and default on debt – these people are crazy. This is the United States government. First of all, you never have to default because you print the money, I hate to tell you, okay? So there’s never a default.”


Apparently Trump hasn’t been informed that his money printing idea ends in hyperinflation, even worse, all the US dollars held abroad that will become obsolete will return home, as amongst others the Chinese are buying up all American assets they can lay their hands on. These are quantities of trillions of US dollars that certainly on their own will cause an incredible hyperinflation. – Topping it all off, Economist Michael Hudson, makes it clear;


Countries should finance their infrastructure and any productive investment by creating money not debt. The use of government debt simply allows private banks to create the money, and the debt has to be serviced with interest paid to the banks, which drains the economy of spending power. Moreover, the debt can end up in hostile hands and be used to destabilise the economy.


All these perils will be avoided when the global currency reset is achieved, read the details in the latest intelligence report sent to Neil Keenan, here.


New World Order is Shaken and Gives Up Massive Wealth:

The concentration of wealth is the problem.


Criminal Bankers Threaten Entire World Economy

By Helen Chaitman – Published on May 24, 2016

Attorney Helen Chaitman, who represents victims of the Bernie Madoff $65 billion fraud, contends the big banks are like mobsters. Chaitman says, “There is no question about it. They operate illegally because they can generate huge profits by doing so. They go from one crime to another, and when they get caught committing one crime, nobody gets fired. Nobody disgorges bonuses. They just take those people and put them in a new area where they haven’t yet been prosecuted.”
What will happen to the customers of the big banks in the next financial meltdown? Chaitman warns, “The customers will be destroyed, and if the banks still have enough money to buy Washington, the government will protect them just like it has since 2008.”