Avoiding chaos;

Return to the Gold Standard:



The next crisis will be much different:

The next crisis will be very different: The Dow could fall 1,000 to 2,000 points in a single day. And when this happens, the ensuing chaos and panic will be worse than in 2008.


“Because debt is higher today than it was then. Six years ago, the official public debt in the U.S. was less than $10 trillion. Now, it’s about $20 trillion. (Figures that are similar in the EU). Total debt is higher too – about $50 trillion in 2007; it’s now closer to $80 trillion.”


As Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoff points out, the “fiscal gap” – the difference between what the feds have agreed to pay out in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., and the present value of all its future tax receipts – stands at $210 trillion. That’s 1,066% higher than Washington’s official figure.”


In 2008 it was only the subprime debt in the housing market, but now there is more; subprime auto debt, subprime student debt, subprime government debt, and subprime corporate debt. People now are saving money, not spending it. China is slowing down, not speeding up. World trade is fading, not growing.


Consequently, the velocity of money – the rate at which each unit is in circulation, is exchanged from one transaction to another and a key indicator of boom conditions – started going down in the late 1990s. And it’s still going down. These facts mean that when the next crash comes, the economy will be less resilient. Already weak, the economy will sink still lower. What are the central bankers going to do, if they have any choice at all?


Here is the answer with the solution:

Believe it or not, the world is on the brink of something extraordinary happening to our way of life and if you can hang on long enough for it to work through the inevitable birthing pains, you will experience an awakening like never before! – Imagine:


  • A world with no debt.
  • A world with no poverty.
  • A world with no war.
  • A world without disease or hardship.
  • A world free of ruthless controllers.
  • A world where The Golden Rule is law.
  • A world where you can experience your true calling in life.


These are just some of the things that are possible directly following the end of unbacked, fiat money. So, the central banks need to be abolished and money creation should be employed in the self-management of the people, where it belongs. In the 30’s Hitler came to power. He decided to issue the Reichsmark, interest free by the government. Directly opposing the will of the cabal. In one sweep the depression crisis was solved and everyone was at work. He built highways and much more of the infrastructure. Around 1936 with the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany was once again the powerhouse of the world. Herein lies the solution and approach. Every government can start tomorrow and the misery of the crisis and unemployment would be over. This is the world we can create – if we choose to.


Money is an exchange of Energy:

Money is an important theme in our life. If you have plenty to spend or not: there is almost never enough to do everything that you want. A lot of people are sitting in shortfall and feel that they are a victim of money in a big or small way. Some even have a resistance to the whole subject about money. Even though there is nothing wrong with money: it is purely the way we deal with it.

Money is more than the amount you have on your bank account. It is a form of energy. It says everything about where you are standing in life and about the value you attach to yourself. The flow of money in the world is in fact the energy that we exchange with one another. The question is how much do you allow the energy to enter. When you remain stuck in thinking in shortfall then money will not come easily to you, because you subconsciously push it away. Old beliefs are usually the cause. The alternative is to choose to become a person of abundance and that is possible if you capture the subject of money as a nice, interesting challenge.


Debt Free Money:

The solution is as simple as radical – the change from the existing privately managed debt-based monetary system into to debt free money issued by the people through elected governments. Let the TBTF banks – Too Big to Fail – go bust, no rescue whatsoever.

People’s governments must control the quantity of money, and NOT private bankers, who, with their control over money, initiate booms or busts.

Banks should only be allowed to lend the money they have in the bank, and for more money they should have to compete on the open market. Banks should be required to maintain 100% reserves – ‘fractional reserve’, should be abolished. Just we, the people should be allowed to issue our own money, debt free! That, is the answer and the solution!


As matter of fact; rumours go around that next month, alongside the gold backed Yuan, the Russian Central Bank officially will announce their new gold-backed currency by the gold reserves from Russia, China, and India. Indonesia is going to join with their currency backed by the gold reserves of the WDS Collateral Accounts. These moves will put a lot of pressure on the already dead US-petrodollar, and the global Rothschild banking system.

During the Asian trip of President Trump, a secret meeting was held in Vietnam with Putin and President Xi of China. They discussed and signed the agreement for gold-covered digital currency.


Talking about reform! Money issued by the people is the only reform that would make a huge difference to everyone’s life – worldwide. Remember all governments are puppets of the Khazarian Mafia, headed by the Rothschild clan, who want to enslave the people, and cull 90% of the world’s population.

Remember; Governments are the enemy of the people that are kept asleep by lies and deceit through their Mainstream Media Mouthpieces.

Now, the world is on a fault line of change; the system is at the point of collapse, resulting from this enormous debt. Detaching from the system now will significantly increase your survival chance. Read this exposé.



Khazarian Mafia Vassal State:

Ever since the Rothschild Khazarian Banking Mafia invaded America in 1913, America and all countries of the western world have functioned as Khazarian Mafia Vassal States. Israel attacked America with nukes on 9-11-01 and used nuclear blackmail to create Homeland Security and transform America into Israeli occupied territory for the Khazarian Mafia.


Jesus drove the moneychangers from the temple. We should do the same. When the banksters, for their crimes committed, are brought to justice, they will be found guilty of the most serious crimes, including incitement to war by fraud, war crimes, and other crimes against humanity, false flag operations, and torture. Literally trillions of their wealth and all their land and personal holdings may be confiscated and returned to the true owners, the citizens that have been robbed.


The End of the US-Dollar:

Who is the person most responsible for the crisis we are in today?


“If you are thinking it’s me… YOU ARE RIGHT! And what do you think will be the final outcome of the monetary crisis? I’ll tell you what the outcome is… the total destruction of all debt based monetary assets. Everyone will lose everything held by a 3rd party in a blink of an eye and we will return to our Constitutional Gold Standard.”


Said Alan Greenspan in an interview, during a conference for a select group of investors in Chicago. The US wants nothing more than to destroy the global fiat monetary system because there is no other way to get out from under their massive debt burden. So what Alan Greenspan said makes sense,


The Federal Reserve, the central bank of the US, is nearing the end of its ability to manipulate the US economy without producing consequences worse than those it set out to avoid in 2008. The Fed has no good exits from over ten years of market manipulation. If they apply the policy of reducing the purchases, the Fed reverses course and pauses the taper and later increases asset purchases, it risks destroying confidence in the dollar among foreign creditors of the U.S.

Both outcomes are potentially disastrous. There are no good outcomes on the horizon. This is the result of manipulating markets to the point where they no longer function as markets that are providing useful price signals and guiding the efficient allocation of capital. Today, markets are a mirage, created by the Central Banks, which are caught in a prison of their own making.

As gold and silver are continuously manipulated downwards – Eric Sprott warned that the Bank of England gold vaults are empty and there will be a price to pay for what Western central planners have done. He warned about the banking system too.

Sprott says:


“We have the Chinese coming in and buying an extra 1,500 tons (of gold). We will have a GLD metric that could be as much as 1,000 tons just this year, year over year. The Indians haven’t changed the laws yet but I think that will be forthcoming, and they can get back into normal buying mode…”


France is openly pulling away from the US Dollar. With domestic considerations being agitated, French foreign minister Michel Sapin put it bluntly at an economic conference:


“We [Europeans] are selling to ourselves in dollars, for instance when we sell planes. Is that necessary? I don’t think so. I think a rebalancing is possible and necessary, not just regarding the euro but also for the big currencies of the emerging countries, which account for more and more of global trade.”


Devastating criminal Sanctions infuriate foreign banks:

The dollar’s dominance is a key to America’s ability to bully other countries not just militarily, but economically.

The $8.97 billion fine BNP agreed to pay for an economic sanction was a record amount. But what’s more is that the bank was barred from conducting U.S. dollar transactions for an entire year. That is an even greater penalty than the fine itself, and now annoys all other foreign banks. More than half of cross-border loans and deposits are transacted in dollars, and the US dollar is involved in 87% of all trades worldwide. Freezing a business or country – Iran or Russia, for example – out of dollar trade has a devastating effect.

The reason is; as the U.S. may be more restrained to use force in international policy, it’s becoming more careless about using sanctions and false flag attacks. This is beginning to scare US allies, and infuriate foreign banks. According to the 2012 complaint that accused London’s Standard Chartered Bank of violating Iran sanctions, one of the bank’s executives complained to U.S. officials:


“You Americans. Who are you to tell us, the rest of the world, that we’re not going to deal with Iranians?”


Well, as long as U.S. dollars are used in global trade and investment, any large transaction on the planet will likely involve a U.S. bank at some point or another. And that probably gives the US the power to levy huge fines and penalties on banks like BNP-Paribas.


But wait; what happens if countries and banks stop using the dollar? Then:


“The U.S. dollar hegemony and role as a reserve currency is soon going to come to an end. This will lead to a precipitous fall of the dollar. The further consequences will be severe U.S. exchange controls. It will be virtually impossible for private individuals to transfer any funds out of the United States… The problem is that credit and printed money will no longer have any effect. Thus, when the 2008 problems re-emerge with a vengeance, there will be absolutely no effective measures that governments can take. So if governments can’t do anything, what can investors and savers do?  Well, I and many of the lone voices have for a long time advised people to get out of the banks and also get out of the weak currencies like the dollar, the euro, the yen, and most others.” concludes Egon von Greyerz.


Disgrace of Debt:

China, Russia and other emerging economies are also ditching the dollar. Another important step away from the US dollar was discussed at the BRICS summit in Brazil. The five member nations have formed their alternative to the US Dollar, and the World Bank. With $50 – soon to be increased to $100 – billion, the BRICS Development Bank will invest not only in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but also throughout the developing world.


“The model is the Brazilian BNDES, which supports Brazilian companies investing across Latin America,” explains Pepe Escobar at the Asia Times.

“In a few years, it will reach a financing capacity of up to $350 billion. With extra funding especially from Beijing and Moscow, the new institution could leave the World Bank in the dust. Compare access to real capital savings to U.S. government’s printed green paper with no collateral.”


This makes it clear; the BRICS are eliminating the dollar as the world reserve currency, which will make the US Dollar worthless.


“Why use a currency that has nothing to back it up?


History has shown that when a government starts to devalue its currency, it is on the way out. These fools in Washington are cutting every Americans’ throat. Look what happened to Germany in the early 1930s. Don’t think it can’t happen in the USA, because it can. In today’s situation, the way things are developing, it could happen before people become aware of it through economic desperation.


Over the preceding thousands of years, humans have learned three important lessons:


  1. That they could not rely on authorities to manage a paper currency; it had to be backed by gold;
  2. That governments must not run large and expanding deficits; and
  3. That markets must be allowed to freely discover (interest) prices, rather than have them set by authorities.


After so many episodes – over such a long time – causing so much misery – only a mental defective would now ignore these lessons. But that’s exactly what authorities have been doing all the time. The trouble comes when it is needed. Markets never move only in one direction indefinitely. Sooner or later, they need an incentive to turn around. The longer the trouble is held off, the more trouble there is waiting to explode in the future.

Debt is meanwhile at all time highs. And the cost of capital, expressed in interest rates – is at an all-time low. Something is clearly wrong. Debt is always and everywhere a worry and a threat. It must be repaid. The more of it that is outstanding, the more cause for worry. If the debtor isn’t able to pay, and consequently doesn’t pay, how about his creditors? Are they still solvent? What if the currency goes down? Or deflation arises? Debt raises questions, which makes the financial system horrendously unstable.

When the quantity of debt increases, usually the quality goes down. It doesn’t make sense to increase the amount of debt, as the price – interest – of it doesn’t increase simultaneously. It is contrary to the most basic law of supply and demand. But soon the price of debt will go up, even as the supply of debt worldwide reaches historical levels.


In a world with a total debt of between 1.200 – 2.500 trillion, including unfunded liabilities and derivatives, which is totally unprecedented – this global debt to GDP is in the range of 31 – 1, and can never be repaid out of conventional revenue growth.


This problem was deliberately created in 1913 when the Fed was created, and again intentionally intensified in 1971 when gold no longer backed any currency.

Soon, as credit and printed money no longer have any effect, a lot more people will realise that wealth preservation and insurance in the form of physical gold and silver is highly essential. The moment the 2008 problems re-appear with a vengeance, there will be absolutely no effective measures that governments can take.


This will push gold to $5,000, $10,000, $20.000, and eventually, possibly much, much higher. At that point in time, the whole world will want to own gold. As always, it’s important not to wait for the herd, but to take action now. Again, get out of the banks and out of the weak currencies as the dollar, the euro, the yen, and most others. Physical gold and silver should be held outside of the banking system. That will be the best form of wealth preservation and insurance for you.


A helpful way to think about asset and savings allocation is to imagine the world without the current system of fiat money and ponder on what people would really value and use in their daily lives. Common sense compels us to store water, food, energy, safety, and shelter, these being the most sought after basic needs in times of crisis. Make sure you have access to these basic necessities. Bear in mind; gold and silver will play major roles in whatever monetary system emerges from the ashes of the current one.


Reinstate your Personal Sovereignty; Abolish Central Banking:

For as far back as can be remembered, people’s collective awareness has been disempowered through the illusions of external authority, which has governed every aspect of life. Due to constant manipulation and deception, our society has been transformed into the source of a benefit-flow to the authorities themselves, the Host to a parasitical Governing entity. Consequently, many struggle, with the realisation that people can script their own lives, rather than relying on outside authority. So, WAKEUP and integrate your soul into liberation, embodying your personal sovereignty, and learn to act from within. Learn to practice and apply your own free will. Start by realising that our money is an illusion in the false belief that it has real value. But in reality, it is the creation of central banking – owned by the Khazarian Mafia – that is practiced and consequently deserves the greatest public wrath and should be abolished rather sooner than later.


Preaching The Truth About the Federal Reserve