The Onset of Satanic Dictatorship

Consciousness and Unity are at odd with the Elites social engineering programs

Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to Healthy People, as Viruses Don’t Kill

Our New World



The Real Pandemic

The chaos Humanity and the Earth are going through is the fall of the tyrants; Draconian Law is giving way to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. The Deep State empire based on old laws has no foundation left, it will fail, taking down all who live within its walls. Those religious, political and corporate businesses that are not aligned with Unity Consciousness or Universal Law, known as “Truth”, will either restructure or fail.


What people should really terrify, is not fear of dying of an infection of Covid -19, but the terror of those who govern the world, and who are scaring all Nations into submission to their purpose of achieving total despotic power in a once-free Nation. Covid-19 or Corona is nothing else than science fiction.


Anything that is not on the specific Earth-frequency for the awakening and healing process meaning open to incoming ascension energies, – incoming golden waves of harmonic frequencies and unity consciousness – will either have to transform or fail. This includes our bodies. This takes into account what usually is called ascension symptoms. This is not fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact. The main question here is, are you aware of the Schumann Resonance?


Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and incited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. If people are out of sync with the Earth’s Frequency, they cannot live in harmony, as they feel and exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness, or restrained immune system, etc. Conversely when humans are in sync the body is in complete harmony, and able to healing itself and to increase its vitality. Further measurements of Schumann resonance eventually arrived at a frequency of exactly 7.83 Hz, which is even more interesting, as this frequency is one that applies to mammals.


The Ancient Indian Rishis the forerunners of the Yogis called 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM, which, symbolically embodies the divine energy, or Shakti, and its three main characteristics: Creation, Preservation, and Liberation. A synapses of the science world discovering what the yogis knew, is explained in more detail here.


When chanted, Om it vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz – the same vibrational frequency found in all things throughout nature, called by the Yogis GAYAN which means; the rhythmic singing of nature, like the singing of the birds, and the howling of the wind. Om is the basic sound of the universe; chanting it symbolically and physically tunes us. And acknowledges our connection to everything in the world and the Universe.


As side note: Today’s music is cabal manipulated and set at 438 Hz, which easily creates fear as it irritates the human soul. Even our environmental frequency 7.83 has been lowered to better accommodate the souls of satanic Luciferians.


Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich taught in 1953 his students about the physics of electricity when they discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces very specific pulsations; the vibrational pulse of planet Earth.


His successor; Dr Herbert König compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields of the environment. And, discovered that indeed there was a correlation between Schumann Resonance and brain rhythms. This relationship between earth frequency and brain waves has been studied by researchers around the world.


The Onset of Satanic Dictatorship

The origins of life go back much farther in time than widely is known — and still is lesser known as episodes of human history. The daring act began beyond the confines of this planet and traces down through star empires, galactic federations, alien species and the civilisations of AtlantisLemuria, Mu and those who have only started being discovered recently.


The Anunnaki from planet Nibiru organised a large battle-group against Atlantis with the plan to explode Earth’s protective force field by setting off explosions in order to take control over the Giza Stargate, to achieve their goal entering planet Earth.


Approximately 450,000 years ago, a group of humanoid aliens arrived by spacecraft on planet Earth. They came from a planet about three times the size of the Earth, which was called Nibiru by the Sumerians. Nibiru was described in ancient Sumerian literature as the twelfth planet of our solar system. The Sumerians were far ahead of modern man in the field of astronomy, declares the Detroit News in an article. The Sumerians also counted the Moon and the Sun as planetary bodies, thus reaching the total of twelve, the same number that the assembly of Anunnaki sovereigns consists of.


These humanoid aliens are Satanists, originating from planet Saturn, abusing Earth’s human beings as their slaves to mine the gold from planet Earth that they use for reasons of long levity. Once the number of people on Earth had outgrown their set limits they reduced the population number. As they did in the past with the Great Flood, when only Noach with his Arc and animals was a survivor thanks to the help of Enki, who had genetically reformed the human being, into homo sapiens as is known till today.


Consciousness and Unity are at odd with the Elites social engineering programs

In reality, the pandemic is affecting social consciousness. Some understanding is necessary to help identify the social engineering programs, the plans of the global elite, and how not to fall victim to them. The global elite want the population to be reduced by 90%. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their hands. Consciousness and Unity are in direct obstruction to their plans. That is the reason, they want to take away from us everything of value. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and its climate. If everyone is quarantined and moving around in electric vehicles with limited range they can control us better. Be assured all climate and other new stipulations are designed to confine the rest of us in limited designated areas.


The global Corona or Covid-19 quarantine is the first step in this direction. There are only two possible scenarios here. That explains the cabal’s attitude: Either, it’s a disaster and thousands of people are dying from this cold virus, about they don’t care! Or, the whole thing is a hoax, but you idiots will believe anything, so they are going to rub it right in your stupid faces, by telling people to wear a facemask and to socially distancing themselves! And indeed they were right, as about 90% are obedient stupid followers.


If a face mask is worn for hours, it can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness, as happened to the hapless fellow who drove around in his car wearing a mask, causing him to pass out, and to crash his car and sustain injuries. Be sure that there are several cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out, leading to more Corona deaths.


Wakeup folks, this quarantine is tyranny, where healthy people purposely are locked down. Protest your government en masse to let them know you disagree and otherwise send them home.


Face Masks Pose Serious Risks to Healthy People, as Viruses Don’t Kill


“By wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses will not be able to escape and will concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves and travel into the brain.” — Russell Blaylock, MD



People are severely brainwashed and fed with numerous kind of fears and conflicting measures, sometimes as absurd as forcing young children to wear face masks.


Researchers found that about a third of the workers developed headaches by the use of the mask, most had pre-existing headaches that were worsened by wearing the mask, and 60% required pain medications for relief. As to the cause of the headaches, while straps and pressure from the mask could be causative, the bulk of the evidence points toward hypoxia and/or hypercapnia as the cause. Meaning; a reduction in blood oxygenation (hypoxia) or an elevation in blood C02 (hypercapnia).



What kills can be any condition such as pneumonia or heart failure triggered by something called a cytokine storm. – Cytokine is the physical process of cell division. –

Causing a severe immune reaction, against new types of toxins in which the body releases too many cytokines into the blood stream too quickly. Cytokines play an important role in normal immune responses, but having a large amount of them released in the body all at once can be harmful.


New types of toxins are not recognised, so there is no specific defence, once the body is severely swarmed, cytokine production becomes a hundred or even a thousand times greater than normal, which is what doctors call cytokine storm. Ultimately, the immune system itself becomes the killer. But this only happens when confronted with an unknown toxin that has not previously been experienced in large quantities.


Viruses don’t kill. The coronavirus is real, but not as severe as originally has been planned for by the Deep State cabal, because unknown to the DS, the patriots secretly have removed the toxins and changed the virus into a mild version. People should be grateful that this unknown dangerous toxin has been removed, as the Satanist’s intention was to kill with this event up to 90% of the populace, and to chip the survivors with a poisonous vaccine.


And unbelievably, in the midst of the biggest health crisis of the last 100 years, hospitals report an increase in empty beds. Nurses are being laid off. And doctors report such a dive in their income that many are unable to pay their rents.


Also, people are made poorer because of the lockdown, they have less money to go to the doctor or dentist, or to spend on nutrition and sanitation. How that will affect their lives, isn’t known yet. But a headline of a UN report warns that;


“Economic devastation could cost more lives than virus itself.”


It should not be surprising that people are starting to lose faith in what they are told.

Of course our alternative voices are being called ‘conspiracy theories’ by the MSM.

Among those are university professors, serious scientists, level-headed researchers and highly qualified doctors.


Simply concluded; apply, Hydroxychloroquine HCQ which is the answer, cheap and effective, and no vaccines as is promoted to have people RIFD chipped for better control and mind manipulation.


The life we have lived prior to COVID-19 is not returning like nothing ever had happened. And every day the lockdowns continue, it reduces the possibility even more.

This means that things are going to be different and if you don’t accept that, your acclimation period will be dangerously long. The sooner people learn to understand this, the better off they’ll be. For sure things will be different. But people will adjust, adapt and survive, as always has happened.


This brings us to the only possible conclusion, authorities in governments are either idiots, dancing on the graves of the deceased, or conspirators, participating in a deadly hoax.


Further, an analysis about the the total death since 2015 from all causes has remained unchanged so far in 2020. That means the huge numbers of reported COVID-19 deaths either never happened or they were deaths from other causes mislabelled as COVID-19. Hospital records show that almost all the COVID deaths were attributed to people with other medical condition, that could have been the cause of death. The fact that the overall death rate did not increase proves that the pandemic is a hoax. As happened, in the past with the totally false reporting of HIV deaths in Africa.


People are faced with the following choice – continue to follow the government mandated lock down while watching their life savings erode, or get back to work.


People must realise they have given their power away to governments to relieve themselves of the personal responsibility of taking care of themselves. Only to find out that the majority of them are really corrupt and morally rotten narcissists who only take care of themselves at our expense.


Our power has been given away to the elite, and mega corporations with one agenda, profit at any expense. More for them, less for us! All undertaken, at the expense of humanity and nature. So the only correct conclusion is to take back your power now and disobey the government.


This Virus-event is similar to the 911 trade tower destruction, but a million times worse. Removing even more from personal liberties, confirmed by social distancing. In order to priming us for the lockdown for the rest of live. To display your gratitude and respect being still alive, people should protest on a grand scale, and dismiss their government and politicians. Let us hope this has been the very last Deep State attack on humanity. Thanks to President Trump, the Patriots, Q-Anons and Earth Alliance we still are alive.


Already in many cases people realise in their heart that something must be wrong. Because the little pieces of worthless paper are against Universal Law. The only value these have is what people believe they have. Some people have become socially engineered to the point where they have lost all critical thinking misplacing their trust in religion, government and corporations. What is even sadder is that so many depend on the main stream news to form their beliefs and opinions, seen as emotional stimulus. It is like a drug. Wakeup and realise that perfect power always perfectly corrupts.


MSM-journalists of almost all major media outlets are members of influential Councils and Secret Societies, shaping our fake world. But, the truth is coming out in front for all of us to hear and see. Unless people ignore the obvious, as many have been doing for too long. Be ready, the foundation of society will be shaken, even if people look the other way, because everyone is going to face a new reality.


Watch, how the Deep State/MSM is struggling to keep this Corona event alive, hearings are held, while it is becoming a disaster for those pushing fear.


Our New World

All over the planet there will be no more room for lies and deception, or running away from the truth. Humanity is soon to learn the irrelevance and stupidity of the current financial system that has enslaved everyone since the Anunnaki arrived on Earth. Fear doesn’t exist any longer.


Soon people will discover who and what really has been going on, and who they really are, when they are discovering their true origin. – On one side, there are the Dark Forces that have had almost unlimited free reign on the surface of the planet for hundreds of thousands of years, whereas on the other hand there are the Light Forces – the Patriots that are making great efforts to remove the dark negative forces off the planet, as soon as they can.


The patriots have been fighting for an amazing future, that is real and going to happen. To name a few things that are coming; Free Energy, Interstellar Travel, Tele Time Travel, an asset-backed QFS-monetary system, natural cures to healing, ending the money-racket of chronic diseases on the planet such as cancer, methodologies to clean up the atmosphere from poisonous and disastrous Chemtrails effects of geo-engineering and the exposure of the dangers of GMO foods, with a return to 100% organic foods, bringing nutrition without poisons, termination of 5G, as well stopping toxic vaccinations programmes, in other words a real Golden Age is upon us. Many phenomena that were hidden will be revealed, and much of history that has been lost will be found and revealed.


Help reduce the number of stupid faces wearing a face mask. It is very important that all people understand the nonsense of social distancing and the wearing of face masks! As long as there are 90% obedient crazy followers, the world will not be liberated anytime soon. Once successful, the world will become a healthier place to live, everything will improve.


Be helpful and share this article with everyone you know and motivate your contacts to do the same with theirs. It is imperative that people wake up.