Corona World Order Regime is Fascism

What will the future look like?

An entirely different World

Ushering in the new People Economy

End of Central Bank Economic Cycle

Donald Trump re-elected as the first President of the New US Republic



Unemployment claims four times higher

All governments in the world except a few have been in a state of bankruptcy to the Rothschild-crime-cabal since the 1930s. These criminals have engineered economic boom and bust cycles for hundreds of years, including the crash of 1929 with the Great Depression of the 1930s, and more recent the 2007/8 crisis. Most economists, who have no idea what is going on, will tell that boom and bust are part of a natural ‘economic cycle’. Which is nonsense; these cycles are systematically planned in advance by special interest groups, like the Rothschilds and their cohorts, who own and control most of all central and big banks.


The economy is devastated right in front of our eyes. Never in history – including the Great Depression – have so many people been unemployed. And the fact that they all became unemployed at once is even worse. As by the end of March, 2020, 7.1 million people had filed for unemployment due to COVID-19.



And still, no one asks the real questions;

“How does the financial system get so bad that a virus can collapse the entire economy?” Or: “Will one-time stimulus actually fix the economy – or just make people even more dependent on the government?”

Or even: “What are the Dollar/Euro and all other currencies actually worth if they can print an unlimited number of those?”


But none of this seems to matter. Everyone wants a quick fix. And an easy hand-out. Politicians are happy to oblige. Unfortunately, this will cause even greater damage to the people they are supposed to help.


Many of the people who lost their job are the ones who are least able to afford it, like hourly workers. Those who work at or around minimum wage are even less likely to have savings to see them through the rough time. New unemployment claims are staggering – four times higher than the previous record set 40 years ago!


The fact is that all governments appear to have lied. Others who became unemployed were initially told they qualified for financial support, but in most cases the application process is proving to be impossible. Many workers, such as Uber and taxi drivers, and similar self-employed workers who work for their own account, are being asked to supply pay receipts, something they just don’t have. It just isn’t how these tiny businesses work.


Those who have applied are waiting weeks to hear back from national unemployment programs. Their applications will likely be rejected, leaving them without any income for an indefinite amount of time. If, they intent to open their small business the police come along to fine and close them down. There is no solution for these workers, who have to feed their family.


Small and medium sized businesses are in big trouble. Those who are not able to find a way to operate during these difficult times, have still overhead expenses and bills to be paid. They have to pay rent and other miscellaneous expenses for their place of business. Many have inventory payments that are due. Restaurants that can’t make the conversion to takeout delivery, fitness studios, gyms, clothing stores, and many more independent businesses may never reopen after the government-imposed interruption.


One by one, families across continents are looking at disappearing income, higher prices, without real possibilities to seek new employment. Unemployment benefit, if and when it comes, is only a short term solution. If ever there was a chance to usher in Universal Basic Income (UBI) people should welcome it with open arms, and this crisis would be it.


Corona World Order Regime is Fascism

Of course, UBI brings with it many problems, not the least of which is a lord-and-serf relationship and a slippery slope toward the fascist-social credit system, and further integration in the New World Order. Right now everyone is looking at short-term effects, but the people will feel the effects of this situation for a very long time. In fact, this is likely to change the economy forever.


The fascist Deep State want socialism, with the power and wealth in their hands. Independent thinking and consciousness is conflicting with their strategies. They want obedient workers and followers, removing any form of self defence. They take it away in the name of saving the planet, climate, and more. The people have given their power away to their government. So take it back by protesting on a grand scale, and awaken many others to do the same.


The Deep State is a matrix system of power over government and agencies going back thousands of years. Their number One of basic strategies is: destabilise nations; ruin their economies; send millions of manufacturing jobs off to places where virtual slave labour does the work; adding insult to grievance by exporting the cheap products of those slave-factories back to the nations who lost the jobs, to be sold to consumers without money on cheap credit, that are buying most of these things they really don’t need in the first place, to further undercut domestic manufacturers, forcing them to close their doors and fire still more employees.


And then solve that economic chaos by bringing order. What kind of order? Of course The New World Order. Which eventually, creates one world order, without national borders, under one management system, with a planned global economy, to restore stabilityfor the good of all, and for lasting harmony. But don’t believe anything they say, they lie and deceive you through their mouth, ears and nose simultaneously.


No doubt the reality is, our power has been given away to governments to relieve the people of personal responsibility, under the slogan of social equality, when government cannot even be taking care of themselves. People has to find out that the majority of politicians in government are corrupted criminals that lavishly live at our expense.


Many of us have become socially engineered to the point where they have lost all critical thinking by misplacing their trust with religions, governments and corporations. Even worse, their beliefs and opinions are formed by the main stream media, as they are too lazy to do their own research in finding out what really is going on. They are the ones that wear face-masks in the believe being protected. Against what?


Nonetheless, the chaos Humanity and the Earth are going through is the fall of the Deep State tyrants, their Draconian Law is giving way to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. As Unity Consciousness is Truth.


What will the future look like?

At this point, it’s pretty difficult to imagine what a future filled with waves of pandemic virus, a devastated economy, and great financial loss will look like. But some of the things that can be expected are intermittent periods of social distancing, periods of interaction. Businesses like restaurants, movie theatres, bars, malls, travel experiences, and sports venues will never be the same and if they survive, will only be able to operate intermittently.


All that was missing is a wakeup call; according to Bloomberg has the wakeup call arrived last week, as retail landlords have been sending out thousands of default notices to tenants, who in turn have experienced a collapse in sales and cash flow due to the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine, and are simply unable to pay their debt obligations. According to Bloomberg, restaurants, department stores, apparel merchants and specialty chains have been receiving notices from landlords – some of whom have gone as long as three months without receiving rent.


The rent a car business is also seriously affected. Hertz announced, it previously tried selling enough cars to stay afloat, and it didn’t work. In early March Hertz sold 41,000 used cars in the U.S., but pumped the brakes as returns shrank and auto auctions stopped as traffic fell off a cliff. Used car prices then fell 34.4% in April, and with a mountain of new inventory on the market will likely push prices even further down, making it extremely difficult for Hertz and others to climb out of the disaster area.


The stakes are enormous, and landlords are suffering, too. An estimated $7.4 billion in rent for April hasn’t been paid, or about 45% of what is owed, according to a recent analysis, which also found that just a quarter of expected rent payments have been received by landlords.


The new focus will be on working from home in businesses where that is possible. Your ability as a business or employee to change in that direction will be the difference between bringing in an income or not, unless you work in some type of essential business or trade. Home-schooling will be a long-term thing – children will not be able to be in a regular school setting during outbreaks.


An entirely different World

People are going to be looking at an entirely different world, one full of six-foot distances, immunity passports, and dystopian tracking methods through their phones.

Remember it has been announced long ago. ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ which has been implemented now. The lives we lived prior to COVID-19 are not going to come back like nothing ever happened. And every day the lockdowns continue diminishes the possibility of that even more.


People need to accept; now is the time they can best figure out how to navigate the post-COVID world that awaits. This doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to be happy again. It doesn’t mean you’ll lose everything. It means that things are going to be different and if you don’t accept that, your adaption period will be dangerously long. The sooner people understand the new rules, the better off they’ll be. Be assured, things will be different. And we will adjust, adapt and survive.


But what is next? Nature has her own program. The COVID-19 will come and go. The number of cases of the virus may have peaked out by now. The dead are buried and life goes on. But the corrupt DS mafia as always is still on top of us.


Bailed-out businesses will not learn to save capital for a rainy day. Instead, they will pass out the loot to managers and shareholders, becoming even weaker. Households, too, will find that free money is appealing; they will come to expect it. Many more people will make more money collecting unemployment than actually working.


Ushering in the new People Economy

But FWC is of the opinion that life after corona will be based on the new people economy, freed from debt slavery, and unnecessary taxes. Life will improve significantly for everyone.


In truth, the whole Coronavirus fiasco has been a pile of complex, indecisive, contradictory information and instructions since the beginning. The blame game won’t fix anything, but perhaps stepping back to examine a timeline of facts and figuring out the details, may bring clarity to the epic screw up of today’s social-distancing.


At this moment in time; Fear mongers are still winning big time. They suck the blood out of the global central bank economy, that is not returning back to normal. Who are the culprits? Your own government, politicians, bankers, they are all in control and people are not allowed to say anything.


The drop in the economy is unique as such has never happened before. This economy is not coming back to normal anymore. A poll learnt; At least a third of small and medium size businesses are not coming back. But the fear mongers are yelling it will be coming back, this will not happen. Worse, they have taken away people’s freedom on a grand scale.

People have no rights, the government is in charge and they decide about everything that you are allowed to do. Just as they did after 9/11, but now even worse for the people. Housing starts fell by 30%, and the equity market went up, although the quality of the equities self went down.


If you haven’t taken your vaccination you are not allowed to go on an airplane, or renew your drivers license. The whole market is a joke, totally manipulated by the central banks. It is inflating or dying all over the place.


How about improving your immune system? It is only the people with respiratory problems in elderly homes that die. And for these people the whole nation is locked down, taking away peoples freedom or what had been left of it. Realise we live under dictatorship of our puppet government that stays under the control of the Deep State.


End of Central Bank Economic Cycle

The world is now at what must be near the end of the longest business cycle expansion in recorded history. There are also record high stock markets and real estate prices, after a 10-year march to the top, with prices more than 200% higher than they were in 2009.


Both of these record highs were made possible by a record expansion of the base money supply — in other words plain inflation. Through their quantitative easing (QE) programs; the central banks have added more money to the monetary system in the last 10 years than they added in the previous 90 years of their existence.


Any attempt for revival by pumping additional money in the economy will only initiate inflation and worsen future economic outlook. Debt and speculation at this moment of time are characteristics of the past and won’t apply anymore in the future.


Currently we have entered in the reversal of the economic expansion cycle that is called contraction. (See attached graph). This implicates less consumption, less debt and more savings. And under such conditions the economy turns into depression.


Don’t expect a healthy new boom, the world is witnessing a sick echo of the old one. Governments, led by the attempt to re-inflate the bubble with guarantees and giveaways equalling to an entire year’s annual output of the world’s largest economy.


The public has become disillusioned and wary of the constant flow of lies and deceptions from politicians, supported by negative mainstream media reports, with news coverage that adheres to corporate agendas, which is a blatant understatement


People see their world changing and they want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed so that they can be prepared. They want the freedom to make educated choices, instead of being told what to do by corrupt individuals and institutions that lie and deceive constantly, and have led them unnecessary into the fake Covid 19-pandemic-quarantine. Taking away their liberty of free movement.


Donald Trump re-elected as the first President of the New US Republic

The Trump Team knows that the Deep State have caused this economic downturn to blame it on Trump’s administration, with the objective to destroys President Trump’s chances for his re-election. Subsequently, it is important that people see some economic improvement in time for the upcoming election in November. And there really isn’t any visible yet. But, Trump Team believe the people economy will appear to be in great shape before the 2020 election. When Donald Trump will be elected by default as the new and first President of the New Republic of America.


The old USA Inc. owned by the Deep Sate mafia, is penniless and broke, and will be abolished. This is an important change for the better. Very few know about the true economic monopoly-market model that is in force. A model employed in socialist, communist, and fascist systems. Which, makes today’s ‘competitive free-market’ a fairytale. People that blame the economic woes on free-enterprise capitalism are not aware of this fascist system. Government intervention and control is precisely what is causing the economic crisis the world is experiencing for over hundreds of years.


The New US Republic takes America back to the original Constitution and their own asset-backed currency run on the Quantum Financial System, and the true Free Market, away from intervention and manipulation. The QFS gold –asset- backed money system, stays separate from the Deep State’s debt money system, and is free of interferences and influences.


Be certain the upcoming elections will be decided by the people, and not, as before, where special forces were employed by George Soros to fight for competing corporate mafia faction.


The total global currency revaluation is a critical component to the future of this planet. The fulfilment depends on a ‘level playing field’ that will unfold as the RV happens. Each country has to become financially stable in its own ‘people economy’ and trades equally with other countries. This will be accomplished, by the RV as catalyst for this change.


The QFS has secretly been in operation for some time, connecting 193 countries. Once all countries have undergone GESARA compliance reforms; all existing currencies will become digital and will eventually be phased out. A ‘Flat Tax Law’ is expected to be enacted by the end of this year, which will abolish all tax agencies, while the return of the gold-standard will abolish all central banks.


Q Anon: ‘You’re all about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility. Dozens of people are going to prison. And most of the names are well known. When Trump and Barr are done, no one will ever try this kind of treason again.’


And, what could you do? Tell your friends, and they in turn, should tell their friends how the world has been manipulated to the detriment of all the people, unnecessary locked up at home with hundreds of restrictions on free movement. Now, we all have arrived in the process of transformation into the people economy.


Wake Up Everyone, and make it known that we, the people soon are in charge and don’t accept any longer lies or deception, carried out by authorities. The world will be made a much better place for all of us to live in!