Our choice will define the unfolding of our future

Taking away criminal Deep State, governments and politicians

The war against the invisible corona enemy is social suicide 

Vaccine Damage does not Produce just one Single Symptom

The final stage of “Our Awakening Plan”


People must wake up en Masse 

The world has become an insane asylum but the majority of society is too much asleep to notice the insanity about what is happening with the Coronavirus pandemic. Just as insane dreams are not questioned, some people never question their insane lives. The implications of mass sleepwalking are obvious: with billions of people asleep, those in power who are awake have the advantage, as sleeping people are easily controlled.


The Corona pandemic was not deadly for humanity, but had a deadly effect on economics: international mobility screeched to a halt, which devastated industries like tourism, travel, hotel & restaurant business, breaking down global supply chains.


The bought criminal and corrupt puppet governments increased their authority by imposing watertight rules and restrictions on the wearing of face masks, social distancing and body temperature checks in public areas such as airports, train stations and supermarkets. Even after the virus had subsided, this authoritarian control and oversight continued or was even intensified.


Four aspects are becoming increasingly obvious to those awake: People are being programmed and mind controlled to accept incremental loss of their freedom and prosperity. The pandemic is leading up to total medical martial law, with forced weaponised vaccinations, designed for imminent disablement and ultimate mass culling. This is all part of the Deep State’s occult ritual for re-enslavement, to disempower and ridicule humanity to losing more of their freedom step by step. It is the worst tyranny in our society not only committed by your government, but also by the medical martial law puppets now showing themselves at all levels for what they really are – the people’s greatest enemy!


Because all levels of government have been subverted this much by those whose intent is to destroy our society and its people, then we the people need to wake up and reconsider our political contract with our surrogate governments and overthrow them. Humanity has to fight for justice, truth, peace and freedom according to universal laws of our Creator, in whose vision we are sovereign beings.


The majority of people have their conscious soul locked up in a mental prison, only connected for time, labour, and energy. Those people possess little or no freewill because they have neglected their awareness when necessary to use it. They keep acting like sheep, and never will break away from the madness. Wake up and stay firm to fight for your freedom, in a free world without dictatorship.


Take notice: There is no single saviour of this world. There are many saviours, when many people wake up en masse. Begin to look at the world today; it is tempting to think of it as a hidden regime that is falling apart.


Our choice will define the unfolding of our future

We the people are in a transition process. Humanity is moving into higher consciousness, from the third dimension into the fourth dimension, while some awake have arrived in the 5th or even 6th dimension of consciousness.


These dimensions are best understood when compared with the dial screen of a radio where multiple stations emit and transmit at the same time but in the 3rd dimension only one station at a time can be listened to.

In higher dimensions, multiple stations can be followed at the same time and in the 5th dimension, multiple frequency bands together are included, to be followed simultaneously.


Higher consciousness gives more positive energy and wider views over the planet, eliminating all negative energy that has been implemented upon humanity during thousands of centuries. Throughout this period of time, the majority of people have functioned from an old, negative consciousness of war, violence, cruelty, and the need for power. This is now changing. The change may seem slow but be assured, humanity is shifting toward peace, cooperation, and kindness.


Taking away criminal Deep State, governments and politicians

The hidden shadow government is showing themselves in the open and is losing its grip of fear upon us, as more people awaken from their induced slumber. This could mean that in the coming months, unprecedented revelations will be forthcoming, both in scope and magnitude without historical precedence, that could cause a revolt under the un-awakened of humanity.


We have arrived at the most important intersection in world history; our choices will define the unfolding of our future. On one side is the continuation of the Deep State power control structure heading towards destruction of our liberties as we can see is happening now with mandatory mask wearing, social distancing and costly travel restrictions, which are intended to crush our morale and to end step by step our prosperity.


This is the most important collective decision we all are about to make. Nothing like this has ever been witnessed before in the history of humankind. Without the help of at least 50% of the populace the corrupt Deep State, its operatives and cronies cannot be removed due to the potential of chaos.


It is important that all people try to stay as positive and optimistic as possible. Still too many switch each night on their TV-set to become indoctrinated with lies from the MSM-fear mongers with their misleading images. Those people are unconsciously accepting the mainstream media propaganda that brings actualities that are based on anger, anxiety and fear. Keep eyes and mind open and be aware that the world is manipulated by our elected authorities who are in charge, and have been hired, bribed, manipulated and mind controlled by the Deep State cabal. This includes many of the well-known politicians, and also involves all ‘admired’ royalties from every country with a monarchy.


The Patriots are now rounding up those who are involved in treason, sedition and crimes against humanity. There is an ongoing operation under way regarding arrests and executions of well-known personalities, who for the time being cannot be identified through reliable Intel sources. The indication is that President Trump will confirm all those by year end. It is also understood that all Royalties either have been or soon will be removed, arrested, or executed. Many former and acting Prime Ministers will be among those being arrested or executed with the known exception of Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary. In addition, it has been reported that numbers of Rothschild bankers have been arrested in Zurich Switzerland over the last couple of days.


The war against the invisible corona enemy is social suicide 

The latest example of conspiracy galore is the corona crisis. That is playing out in front of our eyes, a worldwide lockdown of everything, followed up by almost every government on the globe with similar severity, quarantine, and confinement at home of almost everyone under the pretext of “protecting” us from an invisible enemy called a coronavirus. Every government knows it is a disaster for their national and world economy – it is social suicide. Yet they go along with it – under the orders of whom? The Deep State cabal, who think that they still are in control, but they are not. Now it is important for the public to discover and perceive who really is their enemy, that impose unnecessary restrictions on their freedom.


As most of us who look for our own sources of information outside the mainstream dominated media know, the MSN is dictated to and supported by governments and is full of lies, false data collection and statistics on COVID infections, as well as death rates. The awake know that these numbers are vastly inflated and willingly falsified, to increase the fear factor and prolong the all destructive lockdown. This horrendous cheat is not just actively practiced in the USA, but also in Europe. A case in point is Italy and Switzerland.


Children have a 0.00% chance of dying from COVID but are harmed for life by social distancing. A global study found that COVID-19 has never been passed by children to adults. According to another study, transmission of the disease from people who are unaware they have it, is non-existent. Therefore, social distancing at schools is not justified. Isolation creates depression, lack of sleep, poor cardiovascular function, cognitive decline, and impaired immunity. It also weakens that part of the brain that controls learning. The CIA found out that isolation was the ideal way to break down a prisoner and that it had a psychological effect similar to being beaten or tortured. Watch this video. 


Vaccine damage does not produce just one single symptom

Basically, the coronavirus was a treatable respiratory disease, not deadly, it could be prevented and cured; risk groups, the elderly and those with chronic illnesses, would need to get special attention and treatment. There was no need to lockdown the entire world to overcome this coronavirus, thereby destroying the economy and livelihood of millions of people, which would have a collateral damage way outweighing the number of corona victims.


Dr. Moulden (murdered by Big Pharma) was convinced that the widespread use of large numbers of vaccines did not mark the beginning of a new age of disease-free living; rather they introduced a new era of universal sickness.


Vaccine damage does not produce just a single symptom; rather the reactions are many and varied. Additionally, vaccine reactions can occur shortly after receiving the injection or they can occur years later. Often, the reactions only become noticeable after many doses of different vaccines have been given. The variability in reactions and the unpredictable time frame for reaction gives the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment the impression that they control, the statistical confidence to assert that vaccines do not produce harm. If they don’t see a large number of adverse reactions of a single type within a specific short time period, then they conclude that harm was not produced.


The public has become disillusioned and wary of constant doomsday media reports and news coverage that adheres to corporate agendas. People see their world changing and they want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed and therefore be prepared. They want the freedom to make educated choices instead of being told what to do by the individuals and institutions that constantly lie and deceive, and have led them into chaos.


The final stage of Our Awakening Plan

The faulty monetary policies, economic policies, and political policies have caused this on-going economic crisis on purpose, and kept continuing. The primary perpetrators are the central banksters.


People don’t understand what is going on, but all is part of the PLAN, to wake up people in the final stage. It is important they go through very uncomfortable situations, that brings them to the edge and makes some of them angry or upset. And that is what we are witnessing now. The Deep State and the MSM still think they are in control and that this is going exactly the way they have planned. It is not. This is to make the population uncomfortable so that they can see and understand it for themselves. This is the process of awakening, how people wake up from a deep sleep! With emotions knowing this isn’t right. Without the people seeing, feeling, and being angry we cannot wake them up. We need the majority woken up, and that will be the final stage of the PLAN; the total removal of the hidden government and politicians, collectively known as The Deep State.

Be a Patriot and share this article with everyone you know. The sooner that 50% of the population is awake, the faster the world will be liberated. It is Now or Never!