Consciousness and Unity

Awakening People

Natural Laws


Engineered Social Culture

Humanity needs to re-educate itself to understand what is really happening in the world today. We live in an age of engineered social culture that is leading us to an anti-human death culture. Until humanity has an accurate assessment of where it is coming from, it should not participate.


But those who are awakened by this information do have a responsibility to make the cabal’s intentions known in this last 3D-cycle of the human race on earth. To expose the crimes against humanity that are becoming more and more apparent. Committed by the higher realms in the Inter Galactic Community (cabal) those who operate behind the scenes on Earth and act against the laws of nature. All humanity will have to understand that the cabal has repeatedly violated the laws of nature, and that this has consequences.


What people should really be afraid of is not the fear of dying from a non-existent Covid -19 infection, but the terror of those who rule the world, and who make all people afraid so that they submit to their goal; the application of totally tyrannical power in this once free World.


Unfortunately, facts cannot win over the emotions or the psychosis of fear. The only way to win the battle for truth against this tyranny is to regain control of the narrative.


Those in “power” have turned the entire world population into prisoners through a war of words; manipulation of data; changing of definitions; threats of death from an invisible enemy, backed by lies from those in authority.


There is no pandemic. The required lockdown and social distancing is isolation. In any case, these are not public health measures. In other words, house arrest under recommendation. Vaccines that are not vaccines but poison syringes! Unproven, risky and highly toxic injections to completely the extermination of the human race within three years.


Consciousness and Unity

It is nothing more than psychological warfare using social engineering, applied to infect and control the minds of the masses. This is many times more dangerous than the non-existent virus.


The fact that a large majority of the world’s population still thinks that this is a public health crisis is proof of the power and propaganda of the MSM. The digital passport was not made for Covid; it is the other way around; Covid was made for “the digital passport”. Because once they have control of digital identities, we are forever their slaves. Safely locked away in their dystopian bio-security prison.


Consciousness and Unity are direct obstacles to the plans of the Deep State cabal. That is why they want to take away everything of value from us. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate, which arguments are lies.


If everyone is quarantined and driven around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can control humans better. Be assured that all climate and other new regulations are designed to confine the rest of us to spatially restricted areas.


The benevolent Galactic Federation is observing us on planet Earth from space and they understand that Covid 19 is a pretext for a radical change in Earth’s humanity. There is no such thing as Covid, apart from ordinary flu and there are no real health hazards; everything is a lie and a deception by the corrupt MSM.


An incredible show is now being shown live, a gigantic production of a military alliance that rules the world and allows the media, hospitals, and doctors to poison us.


Waking up people

This demonstration is being used by the patriots to wake people up, to make them dislike the old world and wish for a better one. But rest assured, all governments are now under the control of the military!


The military tribunals in GITMO – Guantanamo Bay, Tierra del Fuego Patagonia, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, the Azores, Diego Garcia, and Crete are running at full speed.

Millions of puppets and related criminals have already been executed without a fight. The most famous figures are clones, in order to keep the sheep population calm.


This general subjugation started about 300 years ago, and grew very slowly. However, especially in the last 50 years, the growth went faster, after the introduction of Zionism, i.e. the false Khazarian Jews from which the Rothschilds and other financial heavyweights originate.


Below is the report of Galactic Federation commander Sananda

You live in an era based on a socially engineered culture that leads to the anti-human death culture. Until humanity has a correct assessment of where it is coming from, no duty can be accepted to participate in it. But those who have been awakened by this information do have a responsibility to spread the knowledge.



Natural law Part 1

The crimes against humanity that are being committed are becoming more and more evident in the higher realms within the Inter Galactic Community, it is those who are operating behind the scenes on Earth and acting against the laws of nature. Total humanity must understand that the laws of nature are repeatedly violated by the cabal with all their consequences.


Humanity must re-educate itself. The benevolent intergalactic community will re-order the present structure in accordance with the laws of nature. The Deep State Elites are the founders of the anti-life ideology, originally spawned from the reptilian mind of exterrestrials. It is the spirit of selfishness, greed and complacency, which does not respect any natural law. Its sole purpose is the destruction and genetic engineering of mankind.


The Global Elites keep genetic material and technology locked away in underground caves at the North Pole and send people to Mars to ensure the survival of the human race for their own use.


Has anyone ever wondered where all the missing millions of people disappear to, each year? Is it any wonder that these Global Elites oppose disclosure?


Disclosure will immediately put an end to all this and to their culture of death that they cherish. We should ask ourselves why the Global Elites are establishing human colonies on Mars for trillions of dollars? While they are destroying the human race on Earth? And, even more so, could use these resources to cleanse and restore the planet.


Humanity must learn from past mistakes and be vigilant against this evil and harmful culture. And, take action so that it is no longer nurtured. We must wake up and realise that we have become programmed beings that submit. A society of created worshippers of agenda 2030, set up for a throw away world in favour of an incredibly destructive angry God.


If we are unable to recognise the lack of ethics and are unable to completely dismantle and eradicate this diseased social structure, it will become an all-consuming deadly virus that will continue to live in every aspect of the human race.


We must come to the realisation that every measure that violates natural law is applied for the benefit of an alien deformation to hide the intentions and the true reason for the extermination of the human race.


Natural law Part 2

In the last hundred years mankind has been re-engineered by routine mind control. By, amongst other things, violent entertainment and pre-programmed soap operas, and negative articles via the media, which have introduced this culture of death.


Social engineering is a form of mind control that deprives people of their right to privacy. Achieved, by the way the information is presented. They want to control what people know in order to eliminate self-awareness. So this fabricated social structure controls the human mind through misinformation so that they adapt their behaviour accordingly.


This promotes purely desirable sensations for materialistic gratification and financial reward. Again, achieved and organised by the media that stimulates the programming, to cultivate this lifestyle. Thus, they have programmed man not to accept responsibility, or accountability. Not to consider ethical considerations that might bring a more peaceful existence.


Instead, their culture, pushed by the MSM, promotes human suffering, pain and drama. As a result, they lead a destructive lifestyle that leads to murder, disease and slavery.


If humanity does not realise what this incredibly sinister self-destructive agenda has done, which ultimately destroys the planet with us on it, then this is what disclosure requires!


Disclosure is humanity’s awakening from a deep harmful dream, whereby nothing will ever be the same again. It is urgently needed, and it is high time.


This satanic anti-life or death culture of society drives out and rejects all that is spiritual in today’s all-devouring society.


Its ultimate goal is to draw you further away from the source God.


If humanity cannot see this, that all living beings are mortally harmed by this, then the human mind justifies this reckless harm, for the sake of personal pleasures.


Anti-life is based on the lack of a vision or purpose for life without self-reproach and respect for living beings. The more traumatised and manipulated you are, the easier you are to be manipulated into killing and destroying creatures to achieve this sinister alien agenda.


The cabal has no respect for human life, animals, etc.  You all are disposable items to them. This sad culture is the promotion of a destructive lifestyle, in line with their reptilian agenda of organic separation strategies to force the heart, soul and brain to surrender. In their attempt to destroy the human species on earth; they care nothing for social behaviour, or human empathy, so they eliminate all responsibility.


There is a major reason for promoting this worship agenda of leaving responsibility to an external source who is their own oppressor, that is the major danger.


When people are spiritually controlled, this is the only life that remains. There is no purpose for higher intelligent consciousness and energy beyond the physical body.


Hopefully, many will resist to exist in this black void. It is the purpose of the Satanists to deliberately generate this bad end thought process. To keep humanity in a never ending consciousness slavery.