Healing through Frequency Therapy

Anyone who is not on the specific Earth frequency for awakening and healing, i.e. open to incoming ascension energies; i.e. the incoming waves of harmonic resonances, which lead to unity consciousness, will either have to transform or fail.


This process consists of body and soul, and is not a fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact, called Schumann resonances. Those are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and stirred up by energies from our Universe, among others visible as lightning.


A method to treat physical complaints by means of radio frequencies, is supported by very advanced and avant-garde equipment, as a treatment, to prevent, and to cure. This cure is deliberately hidden from public view, because it does not benefit Big Pharma.


In the near future, every city will have many medical beds and Tesla rooms capable of curing defective DNA and all other ailments.


These Holographic Medical Pods or Med Beds are automatically programmed stations where a medical expert ‘Healer’ selects the type of procedure to be performed from the computer database. The patient lies down in the Pod or Bed and the Machine performs the medical operation or procedure.


Upon completion, lasers close the entrances from which the procedure was started. The Med Beds diagnose, treat and perform a wide range of surgical procedures with ultra-fine laser cuts guided by anatomical 3D scanning. This 3D scanning has refractive lenses that create live scans of the body to perform various medical procedures.


The technology of the Holographic Medical Pods does not come from planet Earth. It is not a man-made technology. It is a technology given to humanity by our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters.


Our extraterrestrial guest author Vital Frosi tells more about this.




Dear people!

Everything we have written and published for 10 years is intended as information to clarify things that still have resistance in human minds, because they suffer from limiting spirits to convince them.


In the Third Dimension, a characteristic of consciousness is restriction in order to forget past lives. If this were not so, it would not justify a soul incarnating on this Planet of Penance and Trials. Because learning actually takes place from acquired experience of duality, that is, through polarities.


Only now, as we approach the end of this long learning cycle, is human consciousness beginning to expand and we are learning, little by little, a little of the history of our souls. When Kardec codified Spiritism, he brought a little Light into the darkness that surrounded every incarnated soul, by showing that we are in fact an immortal soul, and that what dies is always only the physical body.


Christ Jesus himself said in his time:


“The end of an age will come, and a new earth will arise. The meek and the pure in heart will inherit the new earth.” He also said, “Before the end of time the consoler will come.” The saviour is in fact spiritualism, because it comforts us by showing us that life continues after the grave.


This continuing life is divided into the existence of the soul in physical bodies. Today we already have information from the Angelic Helpers that confirms this. On average, each incarnated human being has between 600 and 1,100 incarnations alone here on Earth.


The soul stops reincarnating here when it reaches the level of consciousness that enables it to breathe in a higher Dimension. This gives it the right to ascend. And now, with the transition of the Earth into a World of Regeneration, there is also the possibility for a large proportion of souls to make their Ascension.


During the planetary transition, favourable energetic conditions activate the expansion of consciousness. This enables us to understand the information that is coming in, to instruct us for what is happening and what is to come. But it does not happen to everyone to the same extent, because there are different degrees of consciousness.


At this moment it is already possible to see the large number of people whose consciousness has been greatly expanded, and this process only tends to grow. There is a large number of people who understand the process of continuing life, and who know that we are a soul and not just a physical body. They understand that we have had many lives here, even in other bodies.


Today I am going to tell you my story. Perhaps it will help some of you to find some clarification or guidance in the present and in the days to come. I remember that 20 years ago, I too was a sceptic and had no interest in the topics that have been raised here in recent years.


Let’s go to my personal testimony of healing, which I was given permission by my Spiritual Team to report publicly to you who follow me here. I hope this gives you at least a little encouragement and confidence in what is to come.


I was born into this present existence in the year 1953. Grandson of an Italian immigrant, living in the Serra Gaúcha, Brazil, son of small farmers, large family, and with few living conditions in a mountainous place, without any technology other than manual labour. Isolated from everything, conditions were very limited.


Of the male children, I was the oldest. Even before I went to school at the age of eight, I remember that working in the fields was daily, as it was the only way for the large family to survive. Then our father would give us targets, and if we achieved them, we would get Sundays off. Of course, with much effort, the goal was always achieved. And so the boys could meet on Sundays in the small community to play football.


But there was one problem: every Sunday, I suffered from an unbearable headache, so I could not enjoy the free time. This went on until I was 23, when I got married. Then the headaches were not only on Sundays, but also on some days of the week.


And so it got worse and worse, until by the age of 35-40, it was almost daily. The only relief I could get was from work, because work relieved the pain a little. There was nothing that could make this pain disappear. There was also nothing in the medical tests. It really looked like something supernatural.


Because of the severe pains, I could not have a social life. So I worked seven days a week, to the point that for 21 years I took no holidays and did not miss a day. It was the relief I needed and it relieved me.


This remained unexplained until a few years ago. In 2008, at the age of 55, I radically changed my life. I have written here before about the death and rebirth we can experience even without changing our bodies. That is what happened to me 14 years ago.


Immersed in the present mission I took on in 2008, I began to understand life as one, even though it is divided into hundreds and even thousands of existences. The reincarnations of the soul, made me understand the laws of cause and effect. And so in 2016 I received the first Spiritual information about my headache.


It was a Sunday, (as I said, every Sunday I had the mentioned pains) and suddenly, as always, there came the migraine. It was so strong that I had to lie down. And I also had a blackout, as they say. I don’t know how long I stayed like that, not remembering anything, but it was a few hours. When I came back from the blackout, I didn’t feel any pain, but one word kept haunting my mind: Ashtar Sheran. Ashtar Commando.


I had never seen words like that before. I could not imagine what it meant. But a few days later I got a message from someone who was also a therapist, and he told me that he had a message from Ashtar Sheran and that he should pass it on to me. Anyway, I won’t go into the procedure so as not to go on too long. In short, I learned of my connection with the Pleiadians and the Ashtar Command.


I was also told that 2,700 years ago I visited the School of Knowledge of Master Confucius, Master Lanto and Master Kutumi. I prepared myself then to be incarnated now for the mission of enlightenment, at this moment of completion of the planetary Transition. And that today I know that Master Lanto is one of the Mentors of my current Team.


I was also told that in a certain incarnation, after I had gone through the apprenticeship in the School of Knowledge, I had to practice this knowledge, and I got carried away by ego and vanity, and used this knowledge for my own benefit. This caused pain and suffering for many people, and the ransom chosen for this current incarnation was the severe headache that accompanied me since childhood.


The recommendation then was to work for forgiveness, because many souls were still suffering and wanted revenge. A long work started there. The pains lessened, but did not stop.


A few years went by. In 2018, I asked my Spiritual Team, why this was so. The answer took a few months, but it came. I was told exactly these words,


“You are a healer. You help people by instructing them. But how could you do it better without going through your own self-healing experiences? That is an opportunity you have. Take advantage of it and heal yourself.”


So it was indeed an opportunity to learn how to relieve pain, if a crisis occurred. Relief through techniques and not through medication, because that was the learning curve. And so I discovered techniques of breathing, meditation, relaxation, understanding and forgiveness, and also through herbal teas that were always intuitive, depending on the moment.


As always, the pains stopped with practice, but eventually they came back. Although the number of crises became less and less, they kept coming back. And I had to find out what was still missing. I also worked a lot on healing the ancestors. But I still had to face the pain at least once a week.


In the second half of 2021 I wrote a text here about the symptoms, and techniques to alleviate the effects. I don’t remember the date, but it was almost the end of the year. There I mentioned the medical beds. I described that they are available on Ships around the Earth and that you can ask for them before you go to sleep, to be taken there in your sleep and undergo the necessary cures. And many get the merit and are healed. Although not everyone is able to do that yet, we know that everything is a matter of frequency. When one reaches such a frequency, healing is certain.


 In that text I did not mention my experience, because it was not yet the right time. In fact, I had to be sure that the information was correct. And today, I have been given permission to report it here for all of you. In this way, I hope that at least some of you may also benefit from this further technique of self-healing. Remember, all self-healing is certain when you reach the necessary frequency.


It was the month of October 2021. I was here doing my daily work of reading and responding to the hundreds of messages I receive daily, and suddenly I was hit by a strong headache, an old one. I stopped everything because there was nothing more I could do. I started meditating and asked my Spiritual Team what they wanted to teach me.


Unlike the previous times, the answer that day was immediate.  I was told,


 “you know what medical beds are. You know how they work. You have written about them and you have told your readers that they can go to them in their sleep to get cures. But why do you have to go in your sleep? Why don’t you go there now, consciously? You can do that. Just do it.”


That is exactly what I did. I went into meditation and uttered the following words: I am Vitale Frosi. In the name of my soul; in the name of my Higher Self; in the name of the Source and in the name of all Beings of Light, I ask permission to receive the Pleiadian Medical Team on the Healing Ship and undergo the healing of this headache. I ask that you give me permission to be taken to the Med Bed.


Consciously, I went to a ship and entered it. I went to a compartment where there was a medical bed. It looked just like the tomography equipment you find in hospitals on Earth. I went in and saw it closing. As the material is transparent, I could see 6 Pléiadiens around it, 3 on each side, operating the healing machine. I could feel it working. It made an incredible scan of all my bodies, including the non-physical ones.


I came out and returned the same way I went in, in my mind. I took a deep breath and returned to a normal state of consciousness. And something amazing happened.  the headache had magically disappeared. This was proof that the technique works. I was really elated.


But I needed the assurance of healing. I needed trust and patience. I needed to wait, because before it was over, it would come back. And the days went by. Today there are already five months without a headache. And now I have been given permission to write about it. Remember that I chose a Pleiadean ship, but there are also Arcturian healing teams. They also work with medical beds.


The information they give us is that soon medical beds will be available here for everyone, in all cities and enough so that there is no waiting list. However, it is not yet time, because Big Pharma has control over the laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry. Everything will change in due course. Hopefully, very soon. But while they cannot come to you, you can go to them. Whether you are asleep or awake. And this is possible because I have proved it to myself. Try it yourself. If you don’t succeed the first time, hang on! If you reach the necessary frequency, healing is certain.


I have waited more than 60 years to get the result. Unfortunately, I see people giving up after a few days or a few months.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!

Hugs of light!


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