The Khazarian Warlords

Our Civilisation is at Stake


Money Replaces Religion

From High to Low Deception

Babylonian Money Magic

The Hijacking of the British Banking System

The True Plan

Satanic Jewish Pedovores behind the Covid-Jab Genocide


The Disclosure of the Greatest Evil

It is time for the corruption of our money system, the greatest evil the world has ever experienced, to be revealed. It is also time for the world to work together to eradicate this crime once and for all, using whatever means necessary. The true objectives of the secretly governing Cabal are far more “disturbing” – and “sinister” – than most people can imagine.


Elite psychopaths rule the world! A relatively small group of satanic narcissistic Luciferian psychopaths, organised according to sectarian ideologies of Freemasonry; with unlimited influence and resources at their disposal. These beings have no empathy, possess unfounded logic, are pumped up with lies. Their agenda takes us directly into the swamp of the Archon Bloodline – the Anunnaki and Draco Reptile Control Matrix!


The Khazarian Warlords

Nowhere is the art of making money out of nothing better developed than in the ancient Khazar Empire, which evolved from nomadic raider clans robbing the caravan routes westward in the Caucasus Mountains north of Iraq and between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.


By the tenth century, the Khazarians had already stolen an empire full of riches, stretching north from the Black Sea to the Urals and west from the Caspian Sea to the Dnieper River.


The Khazarian warlords thought that exchanging and lending money would be more profitable, and less dangerous, than robbing caravans. There was a problem. The Khazarian Empire was almost equally divided between Christians, Muslims and Jews. Both Christians and Muslims believed that taxing interest on a loan, called usury in those days, was a sin. Only Jews could openly calculate and tax interest on loans. Whether they did it out of practicality, or out of sincere religiosity, the Khazarian elite aristocrats professed their conversion to Judaism.


“Some scholars believe that the Khazars are the ancestors of many Eastern European Jews”


These include the Rothschilds, who financially plundered Europe for over a century. As, by the way, they still do by dominating the global financial system. They are the supporters and financiers of all the other 13 Archon bloodline families such as the Rockefellers, among others. Important to know; none of these converted Khazars belong in any way to the Jewish bloodline. They call themselves Zionists. More specifically; Real Jews are not Zionists and Zionists are not Jews.


Our civilisation is at stake

The Rothschild bankers intend to seize our civilisation, to exterminate up to 90% of the people through FEMA camps etc., while Islamic mercenaries are being paid a lot of money to take over the EU and the US. – Trump has been assigned the task of eliminating these cabal controlled traitors.


The “secret government” controlled by the Khazarian mafia is carrying out this operation, with the help of negative Draco Reptiles, Black Nobility, the Vatican, Jesuits, and the monarchy. The process is run by the Bush/Clinton Nazis, CIA sections, and corrupt FBI sections. In fact, the whole group of government agencies, such as the Judiciary, judges, lawyers and fake courts are part of their façade, which indisputably violates the rights of mankind, as stipulated by the Creator.


In order to strengthen their secret control over us and plunder us financially, they have tried for hundreds of years to deny us the real answers about who and what we really are, for the sake of their wealth and power, while they themselves commit heinous acts on other members of our society.



Money control measures and methods of the Rothschild banking dynasty, Jewish or otherwise, have been emulated by Globalist financiers for decades. An important part of this control is secrecy.


Using bribed politicians to absorb public anger and scrutiny; most globalists have been able to keep themselves out of the public eye with impunity. To steal workers and others with their fake money and fake wars, to take billions out of the Main Street economy and put them in their own pockets.


And, after their greatest theft in all of history, they lecture the poor victims about global warming, racism, and gender issues.


And, after their greatest theft in all of history, they belittle the poor victims about global warming, racism, and gender issues. Note; these Globalist Parasitecrats have been identified in the walk under names like; illuminati. Jesuits, Freemasons, etc. all insiders in the secret state. Owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM, Cabal, elite, establishment, or Power to Be – PTB; who control the maçonically Jewish central banking cartel, including the CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad; for the purpose of undermining governments, corporations, law enforcement, education, and the media, in their plot to expropriate all wealth, destroy the human race, and enslave the remaining mind controlled population as their slaves.


Money Replaces Religion

The invention of the printing press, for printing money, as well as the Bible, led to the Age of Enlightenment and the downfall of the Roman Church. – Money replaced religion as the new control mechanism of the rich elite.


Wealth gives power, through constant creation of money, which was stolen from the hands of the people and given to the international bankers. This is the main power for oppression of the people.


It makes rich gods and poor citizens. Because of this state of affairs the citizens lost their freedom. To regain our freedom, we must break the power of the Rothschilds, declare the money spent illegal, because it was obtained through the colonial script.


“Banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies”, Jefferson said; and that “the payment of interest on loans and their repayment by posterity, under the name of finance, is nothing but swindle on a grand scale”, Jefferson added.


The money system is nothing but support for the Rothschild money aristocracy. The power of money should be taken away from the banks and returned to the people it belongs to.


Deception from top to bottom

It is all deceit! From top to bottom, and everywhere in between, at every level the lie is different! As a result – corruption exists worldwide, through bribery, extortion, murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, worldwide illegal sales of weapons, mind control, human trafficking, paedophilia and eventually even the Satanic ritualistic Blood Sacrifice of young children, are used to feed present spiritual beings who live on other frequencies, just beyond our reach.


The world counts as many as 200 million chipped public “accomplices” who are either hybrids, clones, or shapeshifters – completely corrupt puppets, who form the middle “management” of this bizarre Extraterrestrial Control Matrix – and carry out everything without knowing the why and how, without any indication to what it leads, these beings are not of this world!


A group of Satan worshippers – Luciferianism – have managed to infiltrate the highest positions of Finance – The Vatican – Governments – the military and before even the ancient secret societies such as the Knights Templar, the Jesuits, Freemasons, and the Knights of Malta. The lie has become so big; that it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the truth!


These people, have also infiltrated the military leadership – bankers – corporate CEOs – Clergy – Media Executives – Top Judges – Top Police, and Top Lawyers – Hollywood producers and actors – as well as government agencies such as NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, KGB, FSB, Mossad, MI5 and MI6. These are all compartmentalised, each being informed of only part of the plan so that they are able to carry out their part of it, but being lied to about the rest of it! For if they were told the full agenda, they would not even want to cooperate!


Through the globally controlled Media, a negative news flow is carefully and ‘continuously’ dosed, that gives them control over our reality.


“All history is about Messianic Judaism (“Chassidism”); which is fabricated. History and politics are one big movie, and they are the directors, making the Old Testament prophecy a reality. They confiscated Freemasonry through the Illuminati (via Rothschild/Jacob Frank/Weishaupt), they made a treaty with the British Monarchy by financing King William III. They placed the British King at the head of Freemasonry, they created modern banking, central banks, and the Fed (through Rothschild), they created Zionism, world wars, the European Union and so on, they rule through their puppets.


Rothschild, whose ancestors were members of the Chassidic sect, and the Rockefellers, are the guiding force behind the CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Society, etc. We are now in the “End of Times”; they are looking for the “predicted” Third World War. – Read more about it here.


Babylonian Money Magic

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is waging an underground war against the people and all sovereign nations through the use of false flag Gladio style terrorism, and through the illegal and Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System of central banks, infiltrating and hijacking all World banking institutions through the application of Babylonian Black Art, also known as Babylonian Money-Magic or the secret art of making money out of nothing through the abuse of power to charge pernicious usurious interest rates on it.


This Babylonian money-magic involved the use of paper-credit certificates in exchange for gold and silver deposits, which allowed travellers to convert their money into an easier form in case they lost or had their certificates stolen along the way.


Interesting to see, how the problem created by the Khazars also provided a solution for them the famous – Problem – Reaction – Solution game. Eventually, the Khazarian king and his small court infiltrated Germany with a group calling themselves “the Bauers of the Red Shield”, who represented the king in executing their Baal-driven system of evil. The Bauers of the Red Shield, who founded their secret bloodline on child sacrifice, changed their name to Rothschild; meaning the “child of Satan”.


The Hijacking of the British Banking System

They then infiltrated and hijacked the British banking system, and subsequently hijacked the entire English nation through the false result of the Battle of Waterloo. Bauer/Rothschild had five sons who infiltrated the European banking system and the City of London with the Central Banking System through various cunning covert operations, including a false report that Napoleon was victorious against the British when in fact he had lost. This enabled the Rothschilds, through fraud and deceit, to steal the wealth of the English nobility and landed gentry who had made business investments through banking institutions in the City of London.


The Rothschilds established a private Fiat banking system specialising in making counterfeit money out of nothing – to tax that money with pernicious usury to the British people. Money that was, in fact, already theirs.


This is the black art of the Babylonian Money Magic; they claimed to insiders that this technology and secret money power was given to them by Baal, because of their frequent child blood sacrifice rituals to honour Baal. Now known as PizzaGate.


Once they had infiltrated and hijacked the British banking system, they planted themselves with the British royals and thus infiltrated and hijacked all of England including all major institutions. Some experts believe that the Rothschilds committed genocide against members of the Royal Family by organising secretly-led illegal adulterous breeding by their own Khazars to replace the Royals for their own claims to the throne.


The British Empire

The Rothschilds secretly controlled the British Empire and devised an evil plan to steal the vast quantities of gold and silver that were to be paid to China in exchange for high quality silk and spices not available elsewhere.


The Chinese opium addiction, created by the Rothschilds, supported the opium sales to China, which caused China so much damage that China went to war twice to stop it. These wars became known as the Boxer Rebellions, or Opium Wars. – The money that the Rothschilds made from selling opium was so much that they became even more addicted to the easy money than the opiate addicts were to opium.


For the past 70 to 100 years – there has been close cooperation with the Archon – Anunnaki – Draco for the fulfilment of Agenda 203. Both human and non-human, have been working very hard behind the scenes to genetically create a brand new human body form, which can live on earth in an even more controlled way.


The “old” genetically degraded human body form – the ones you see walking everywhere on the planet, the body form in which we all incarnated – is no longer suitable to suppress consciousness on a low vibration level. For when we humans awaken en masse, we are literally and figuratively free from their grip, in which they have held us for centuries! This was the main intention of our Creator.

But, the cabal will not let us go so easily!


The “old” genetically degraded human body form – the ones you see walking all over the planet, the body form in which we all incarnated – is no longer suitable to suppress consciousness at low vibrational levels. For when we humans awaken en masse, we are literally and figuratively free from their grip, in which they have held us for centuries! This was the main intention of our Creator.

But, the cabal will not let us go so easily!


The True Plan

Their real “plan” – is known only to the highest members of the KM cabal – which is to get rid of the old violated body form, by killing 90 percent of the population of the earth, and thus eradicating the old body form, which no longer works for them!


Then – they will introduce the “new” body form – i.e. the human 3.0 version, which is already ready and waiting in the underground laboratories, to literally “control” all the souls, who for their re-incarnation cannot free themselves from the earth’s gravity, when these newly created, robotic bodies are transformed. The Deep State problem is then solved again.


The human hybrid is a very successful creature, created tens of thousands of years ago as an experiment carried out by various aliens. The truth is that the Anunnaki came to planet Earth tens of thousands of years ago to mine gold, work they did not want to do themselves, for which they created an experimental being they called “Human”.


The domination, the deceit, the exploitation, the enslavement, in short, all the power that the Deep State exercises over others will cease to exist


Finally, the time of Abundance and Prosperity has come! All dominating powers will be dissolved and competition will cease to exist to make way for cooperation.


The resources are available. And even for those countries where they will be released, it will not be for all people at once. There are important criteria that are taken into account, the most important of which is morality.


Old fiat coins will lose their value. The money known so far will no longer serve any purpose. Those who have obtained their money illegally will become the new poor of planet earth.


There is another important aspect to mention: all those who possess resources and even wealth earned within ethics and morality will lose nothing. Such resources will be added to the new values that will be made available to all. It also seems fair and reasonable that this should be so. No one ever loses what is truly his.


What is occurring had to be shown to the people so that they could actually see for themselves that their future was of oppression and elimination by these horrible beings.


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Satanic Jewish Pedovores behind the Covid-Jab Genocide

A Pedovore eats children. Similar to Omnivore and Carnivore.